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Chapter 443 – A Berserk 20 Seconds

Huang Shaotian was already about to slice him to death, but Loulan Slash was still unable to free himself from the shock of seeing so many people watching him. During the match, he was unable to focus despite his constant self reminders. These thoughts couldn’t be controlled and he couldn’t help but keep the crowd in mind.

“What are all these people here for?” Finally, in the end, Loulan Slash was able to focus his thoughts.

“God, what are you doing?” Loulan Slash didn’t think about it for himself and directly asked Lord Grim.

“You’re not busy? You still have the time to chat with me?” Ye Xiu replied.


“It’s a rare opportunity. Don’t waste it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah! You found these guys for us?” Loulan Slash felt moved.

“No…….” Ye Xiu explained the misunderstanding, “Huang Shaotian came over to look for me. The others weren’t busy and ran over to watch. I saw a rare opportunity and let you guys have it!”

“Can we fight all of them?” Even though the opportunity had been made in passing, Loulan Slash was still very moved.

“That…… depends on whether they’re willing or not. Give a good performance!” Ye Xiu replied.

A good performance…… Loulan Slash felt upset! He only had ? of his health left and hadn’t been able to give Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain any significant damage ever since the start of the match. Such a poor performance made him look like a complete noob. Would all of the momentum he had gained from his advertising disappear just like this?
“Why aren’t you talking? What are you doing just standing there doing nothing? You’re not my opponent! Give me Ye Qiu!!!!” Huang Shaotian blabbered.

Once the crowd realized that Huang Shaotian’s opponent was someone to be noted, the pro players began discussing amongst themselves. The players they discussed with were from the same team, of course.

“How is this Berserker?” In Team Blue Rain’s group, captain Yu Wenzhou asked the All Star Berserker Yu Feng.

“He wasn’t able to do anything. As soon as the match started, Huang Shaotian suppressed him. His awareness isn’t bad though. He had the right idea in a lot of places, but he just wasn’t able to grasp the rhythm.” Yu Feng replied.

“Yes……. A common weakness among rookies. Moreover, the current environment is only making it worse for him.” Yu Wenzhou said. Let alone Loulan Slash, even these Gods had never been in such an environment before.

“What do you think? On Team Tyranny’s side, Han Wenqing had been quietly watching up until the two sides stopped. Only now did he ask his vice captain Zhang Xinjie’s opinion.

“It’s only been two minutes.” Zhang Xinjie said, “His performance is even worse than most rookies.”

“The opponent’s circumstances should be considered.” Han Wenqing said.

“True…… and the room isn’t muted either.” Zhang Xinjie said.

On Team Tiny Herb’s side, Wang Jiexi thought about it alone. He didn’t have anyone to discuss his thoughts with.

Each of the 20 teams had a few players there and were all discussing amongst themselves while the two weren’t fighting.

Little Bei and the others were feeling somewhat uneasy. After another half a year, they would be a part of the pro scene, but now that they were mingled in with them, they suddenly felt like they were a bunch of children in a group of adults. They couldn’t help but feel weak and helpless. Loulan Slash’s performance didn’t help their morale either. As time passed, they felt more and more cornered.

“I’m going to kill you now and then have Ye Qiu come up! Don’t be shameless!!” Huang Shaotian made a proposal to Loulan Slash. He was here to witness an unspecialized character. He had only patiently fought a match because he realized that his opponent was Loulan Slash. But now that the fight had reached this stage, Huang Shaotian felt that it was enough. He didn’t want to be bothered with him anymore.

Loulan Slash couldn’t refuse him, so he replied with an “Okay.” Then, he raised his Greatsword and his character began to shake with rage. He had used the Berserker skill Enrage and entered a Berserk mode.

The Berserk mode lasted 20 seconds. His strength, attack speed, and movement speed would be greatly increased, but his defense and resistance would be decreased. In normal circumstances, against a stronger opponent, Berserkers would use this skill with cautious. However, Loulan Slash only had one fifth of his health left. He was clearly planning on risking everything for this one move.

“Whoa! You’re putting everything on the line! How fierce!” Huang Shaotian obviously recognized this skill. He mumbled how fierce his opponent was, but he didn’t say that he was going to run from the fight.


After a Berserker turned Enraged, the aura around him would thicken. It looked as if the air around him had transformed into a dense mist of blood. Loulan Slash leaped into the air and pounced forward with a Collapsing Mountain

This skill was extremely tyrannical and in a Berserk state, his skill would have Super Armor. You could attack to deal damage, but your attacks wouldn’t interrupt him.

Huang Shaotian naturally wouldn’t receive the attack directly and jumped back gently. When the Collapsing Mountain crashed to the ground, a shockwave rippled out. Huang Shaotian’s jump had dodged the shockwave with pinpoint accuracy.

“Hu!!” Loulan Slash got up and quickly followed with a Backwards Slash. The heavy sound produced by a Berserker’s sword splitting the air differed from the crisp, clear sound produced by a Blade Master’s.

Under normal circumstances, such a combo would be easy for Huang Shaotian to dodge, but with Loulan Slash’s Berserk state, his attack speed was multiplied. His attack might have hit nothing but air before, but his increased attack speed made up for it now. Huang Shaotian was unable to use a skill in time to interrupt the Backwards Slash and could only choose to retreat.


Another loud sound reverberated. Loulan Slash grasped his Greatsword with two hands and smashed the ground with an Earth Shattering Slash.

The Enrage skill not only directly increased stats, but it also had another function. In a Berserk state, numerous skills had different effects than when used normally.

Collapsing Mountain had Super Armor. Backwards Slash would have a longer range. Earth Shattering Slash launched quicker.

The instant his sword touched the ground, multiple cracks in the ground quickly formed. Huang Shaotian didn’t have any time to do any careful thinking and hastily jumped again, just barely dodging the Earth Shattering Slash. But following afterwards, Loulan Slash’s left hand swiped across Swordpoint and a blood arrow shot out.

Berserker Skill: Blood Sword.

According to Glory’s class description, Berserkers were bloodthirsty warriors and sacrificed everything for victory. Using their own blood to make their moves stronger was nothing to them.

Blood Sword came out quickly in an artful angle and was extremely difficult to guard against let alone in this type of situation.

Huang Shaotian’s reaction speed truly was exceptional. The instant he jumped, he raised his sword up and blocked the incoming Blood Sword. Under such circumstances, he had actually been able to successfully complete a Guard.

Loulan Slash let out a gasp of admiration. Even with all that he did, he had still been unable to hit his opponent. He could only admit that his opponent was far more capable than him. His little tricks didn’t work on his opponent.

Loulan Slash rushed forward and attacked again twice. The Blood Sword had forced Huang Shaotian to act and this time he was unable to adjust in time. The two attacks connected. However, these two attacks were like little presents and wouldn’t impact the overall situation in any significant way. After these two attacks hit, Huang Shaotian was able to easily escape from any further pressure and was even able to make a counterattack. Even though Loulan Slash was able to avoid it, his Berserk state had ended and he had returned to his normal state.

“Oh? That wasn’t bad!!”

Just when Loulan Slash was feeling sad, the watching pro players gave a round of praise.

The Berserker’s Enrage skill only created 20 seconds of a Berserk state. Defeating the opponent in these 20 seconds obviously wasn’t possible. The most optimal result would be to pressure the opponent, seize the initiative, and bring the opponent into one’s own tempo during those 20 seconds.

Loulan Slash wasn’t able to obtain the most optimal result, but his opponent was Huang Shaotian, after all. Let alone a rookie like him, no Berserker in the Alliance would be able to completely suppress Huang Shaotian during those 20 seconds.

Against a God-level player, pressuring the opponent and dealing some damage, while not receiving any was already quite a good result. Loulan Slash had undoubtedly accomplished this. Unfortunately, Loulan Slash had succeeded with an attack with only a fifth of his health left. With the difference in health and skill between the two, these two attacks wouldn’t affect the overall situation.

“After turning Enraged, you played quite well. What do you think? Aren’t you sad that you only have 20 seconds? Ha ha ha ha, I recommend that you don’t run because you won’t have any chance to wait for your skills to go off cooldown. During this time, I’ll end you!” Huang Shaotian was talking to himself again. He had already began moving when he said “What do you think?” When he said “don’t run”, he had already swung his sword four times. Loulan Slash hadn’t intended to run away to stall for his cooldowns, but Huang Shaotian chattered as if Loulan Slash was.

Gore Cross!

Colliding Stab!

Turn Around Heavy Hit!”

Loulan Slash didn’t run and instead, used low-leveled skills to stall. Without much health left and against a strong opponent, he didn’t dare use any powerful skills because they were easier to interrupt. He had already put his feelings in order. He focused and thought about his actions carefully as he stalled against Huang Shaotian.

Huang Shaotian wasn’t wrong either. Loulan Slash wanted to wait for Enrage to come back off cooldown. But instead of running, he was stalling by defending against his opponent.

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