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Chapter 444 – Round Robin

“Loulan Slash! You can do it!!!”

Upon seeing Loulan Slash’s revitalized performance, Little Bei and the others became all fired up. They jumped out of the corners and shouted wildly in the public channel, cheering for Loulan Slash.

20 seconds….

15 seconds…

10 seconds…

Loulan Slash observed his opponent carefully, paying very close attention to the smallest of details. He fought extraordinarily well during this short amount of time and there were no mistakes. Every attack he made was just right. He neither get hit nor did step into Huang Shaotian’s traps. His only wish was for Enrage to come off cooldown. Other than Troubling Rain’s movements and the cooldown for Berserk, there was nothing else in his mind.

Only 5 more seconds….

In that moment, a spark of excitement ignited in Loulan Slash’s heart. He had survived! He had actually survived this long without taking any damage!

And my opponent is Huang Shaotian! Loulan Slash felt quite proud of himself.

If I can do it once, then I can do it twice!

I have to value these 20 seconds of being in Berserk state. I’ll have to be careful, just like before. If I continue to do this, maybe I can even win?

Loulan Slash’s confidence was reignited instantly.

5 seconds passed in the blink of an eye. Enrage’s cooldown had come off. Loulan Slash knew he couldn’t afford to be reckless. After a few more carefully played exchanges, Loulan Slash saw a chance and activated Enrage!

The air around Loulan Slash shook. His character was engulfed in an eerie crimson light. Loulan Slash felt like he could feel the power and the promise of the skill. It was as if he could feel his boundless strength. In that moment, he felt as if he were invincible.

With a turn of his camera, Loulan Slash was ready to unleash his planned attacks, when suddenly a storm of blades covered the sky in welcome.

No words could describe Loulan Slash’s emotions in that split second.

The icy blade froze all of his boiling ambitions and recklessness faster than he had ever thought was possible. In that next moment, everything shattered into oblivion.

Loulan Slash had lost.

With the reduction in defense due to the Berserk state, Loulan Slash had no chance of withstanding such a powerful attack. He hadn’t even last long enough to see the last strike. Huang Shaotian didn’t need to finish this Formless Phantom Blade either. Right after the killing blow landed on Loulan Slash, Huang Shaotian stopped the frozen sword in his hands with pinpoint precision.

Ice Rain!

Loulan Slash knew the name of Troubling Rian’s Silver weapon. Although the Fixed Field would balance their equipment stats, Loulan Slash could still see the extraordinary icy glare from the frozen blade as his character fell limply. Which did this glare belong to? The sword? The character wielding the sword? Or even further? Like the one behind the screen?

“You’re not bad, but I’m better.” This final sentence was surprisingly short for Huang Shaotian. There were actually no repeated words or phrases.

Loulan Slash felt as if he had suddenly awoken from a dream.

My opponent is Huang Shaotian!

Loulan Slash had the exact same thought just moments ago, when he was doing well. This thought granted him a lot of confidence and ambition. Now, after his dream had being choked into nothing, he had the exact same thoughts once again.

My opponent is Huang Shaotian, the most famous opportunist in the Alliance.

Loulan Slash was still too careless in the most critical moment. That chance that he took to use Berserk, was it really a chance for him? Apparently not. It was a trap through and through.

In front of Huang Shaotian, whenever a chance appears, one always has to consider the question: Is this chance for me? Or is it a chance for him?

“Huang Shaotian! How dominant!!!”

People yelled in the public chat. Because this wasn’t an official competition, most people did not take sides. Aside from getting to know Loulan Slash, everyone was there just for fun. Upon seeing Huang Shaotian win the match, the audience gladly sent their congratulations.

“Hahaha. It’s nothing. Ye Qiu! Where are you? Why aren’t you down here yet! And this brother here, stop pretending to be a corpse. Hurry up and make room! Don’t go and miss the next match! It will really help you improve. Hahaha.” Huang Shaotian replied energetically.

Loulan Slash wasn’t holding the space grudgingly. It was just that after he had lost, Little Bei and the others sent messages in order to comfort him. He had been way too busy replying to the messages that he forgot to step out of the ring. When Huang Shaotian started to taunt him, Loulan Slash immediately left the ring without making any objections.

As a result, Loulan Slash stepped out and Little Bei’s Homeward Bound entered the ring.

“Battle Mage?” Huang Shaotian was confused, “Ye Qiu?”

“Why did you come with a Battle Mage?! Who the h*ll wants to fight your Battle Mage?! I want to vomit just thinking about it. Get your unspecialized out! Unspecialized Unspecialized Unspecialized!!!!!!” Huang Shaotian was mad.

“No……” Little Bei responded meekly, “I’m not God Ye Qiu.”

“Then who are you?”Huang Shaotian was astonished.

“I’m with Heavenly Justice too.” Little Bei spoke.

“GOD D*MMIT!!!!” Huang Shaotian’s patience had finally met its end. He typed non-stop in the public chat, “Ye Qiu! Get down here! Why another Heavenly Justice player? Do you want this senior to kill them all one by one?! There are thousands of them! When will it end????”

There were tons of emoji in the game too. All at once, another long train of “laughing wildly” emojis followed Huang Shaotian’s message.

“It’s a round robin! Shaotian, accept your fate!”

“Yeah! Yeah! This is an RPG after all. The final boss should only reveal itself when you’ve cleared all the levels.”

“Good luck! Shaotian! Everyone is watching! Try not to embarrass yourself!”

“God Qiu, how many levels are there?”

“Five or six! “ Ye Qiu replied calmly as if this situation had nothing to do with him.

“Isn’t that too little! There are ten thousand players in Heavenly Justice! Even if it’s 1%, there still should be a hundred levels!”

“Yeah, yeah. 100 levels! 100 levels!”

“100 levels, no excuses!”

“100 levels +1 no excuses!”

“100 levels +2 no excuses!”

The number pulled up with astonishing speed. All of these messages were posted by pro players, all of whom possessed nimble hands. In just a few seconds, the message already said “100 levels +50 no excuses!”. No matter how fast Huang Shaotian could talk, he still couldn’t match up to the speed at which the messages were sent. The anger filling up inside of him made him want to cough blood. The shy Little Bei watched, unsure about what to do.

“I say you should hurry up. Look how much time you’re wasting. Zhang Xinjie has already left for bed.” Ye Xiu said.

“What does that have to do with me!” Huang Shaotian shouted.

“He needs to go to bed and so does everyone else here. If you won’t start, all of us are going to go sleep.” Ye Xiu continued.

“Yeah yeah, bedtime.” Everyone agreed.

“You people can get lost! Ye Qiu, you stay!” Huang Shaotian growled.

“That’s no good. We’re all pro players. We have to stand united.” Ye Xiu didn’t need to reply. Everyone had already grabbed Huang Shaotian’s weakness. This guy really wanted to fight Ye Qiu’s unspecialized character.

“F*ck! Why am I so unlucky?” Huang Shaotian was helpless.

“Come come come. Hurry up. Homeward Bound? Ha! I’ll send you home crying!” Huang Shaotian started attacking before he even finished his sentence. Little Bei was totally unprepared. This time, Huang Shaotian was clearly not in a good mood and wasn’t polite at all. After a while, Huang Shaotian felt that the Battle Mage in front of him was similar to Ye Qiu. Both of them were so shameless. Poor Little Bei became a sandbag and was given a ferocious beating by Huang SHaotian to the point that many pro players couldn’t bear to watch anymore, “Isn’t this is a bit too harsh? So brutal!”

“Brutal +1”

“Brutal +2”

“Brutal +3”

The message soon displayed, “Brutal +50”

“F*ck! Are you guys done yet!!!!” Huang Shaotian fumed. He started to flood the public chat with his angry messages as he beat up Little Bei.

“Oh no! OT!!”

“Your mom’s an accident….”

The pro players cried as the flood of words drowned out their voices. The words on their screens were rapidly scrolling up. Loulan Slash and the others had already turned into stone. Little Bei was a tragic sight to behold, yet Huang Shaotian still had the ability to flood the chat. Just how terrifying was his hand speed and his ability to multitask?

“Room owner! Who’s the room owner? Mute the chat!” Someone finally remembered the ultimate solution and called out constantly in the channel. The pro players who saw it understood right away and joined him. No matter how amazing Huang Shaotian was, there was no way a single person could match the united efforts of so many. Seeing his entire screen filled with demands, Loulan Slash felt his head going dizzy. He didn’t dare delay and muted the chat as fast as he could.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but they soon realized that without the public channel they couldn’t discuss anything together. Watching the match by themselves without any discussion was a bit boring.

“We can continue here!” Someone suddenly messaged.

“Oh! Yeah! We still have here!”

The message came from the group chat in QQ. The pro players turned off full screen for the game. This way, they could watch the match and chat simultaneously with no issues at all. On the other hand, Huang Shaotian definitely wouldn’t be able to switch between chatting and battling at the same time.

“We should have done this earlier!”

After a few chats, everyone turned their attention back to the match.

“This little Battle Mage isn’t that good!”

“It’s because Huang Shaotian is being too fierce! He’s venting out all his anger onto him.

“Poor guy.”

“That’s why he’s a brute!”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

“Hey hey! What are you people talk about?” The were a few confused newcomers.

“We’re watching a show. Log into the game.” Someone directed the newcomers.

Consequently, there was another wave of pro players who logged into the game. By the time that second wave found the room, Huang Shaotian had already defeated Loulan Slash’s group.

The pro players finally gathered their thoughts together and stopped horsing around. This was because they saw that Lord Grim, a character with a class that had never appeared before in the pro scene, had finally entered the ring. At this moment, Loulan Slash and the others, finally figured out why so many professional players had decided to gather here. Loulan Slash re-opened the public chat and told everyone so. He hoped that he could see the pro players discuss the match here.

“Mm. It’s about time. Ready to go to bed?” The first one to speak up was Ye Xiu.

“F*ck! I WILL FIGHT YOU!!!!” Huang Shaotian shouted as he unsheathed his sword.

Credits to Ray and GT (of The Nine Cauldrons)!

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