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Chapter 442 – Poor Loulan Slash

Xiao Bei and the others, who were standing outside of the stage, could feel nothing but shock as they watched a flood of names pour in.

The room had a password. Even though the password was simply the room number, the password shouldn’t have been cracked by that many people all at once. Even if that had somehow happened, why were they here?

Loulan Slash’s group had been aiming to be pros from the start, unlike Tang Rou or Steamed Bun Invasion, so they recognized these names. Some of the names weren’t as famous as those Gods, but they still knew these seniors. The entire Alliance only had 200 players in total, so it wasn’t to hard to remember them all. But what really stunned Loulan Slash’s group was that of these 200 pro players, dozens of them had joined their room in an instant. They tried to look for a name that they didn’t recognize, but were unable to find one.

As for these pro players, the QQ group chat had brought everyone together, but there had never been a time where all of them had gathered together at one spot. For a moment, they all felt like it was a new experience and the crowd buzzed with excitement as everyone greeted each other.

“Why are you still here?” Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie asked Ye Xiu when he saw Lord Grim on the list of names.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” Ye Xiu asked back. They even knew of each other’s living habits as a result of being rivals for many years.

“There’s still four more minutes.” Zhang Xinjie replied.

“Are you going to change your mind to see the match?” Ye Xiu was curious.


“What a pity.” Ye Xiu sighed.

Other people also realized that Troubling Rain was already in the ring, but the one who stood in front of him wasn’t Lord Grim. They were a bit puzzled, when they suddenly recognized Huang Shaotian’s opponent.

“Loulan Slash? Isn’t he that Loulan Slash?” The people in the crowd began whispering to one another.

Recently, in Glory, there were two important names: Lord Grim and Loulan Slash. Both of them were still only in-game characters. However, based on Glory’s popular search results these past few days, these two names had been searched even more than of some of the God-level players and characters.

Who in the Glory community didn’t know that Loulan Slash was creating a team?

The match had already started, but neither side had moved yet.

Loulan Slash had blanked out in shock from seeing the flood of pro players, while Huang Shaotian was puzzled just like everyone else in the crowd. He was here for Lord Grim, so why was there a Berserker standing in front of him?

“Ye Qiu! You liar!” Huang Shaotian messaged in the group chat.

“Shaotian, go up! Test him out.” The crowd shouted.

“Who is he? Who is he?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“You’ve never heard of Loulan Slash?” Someone asked.

“Hm? Really?” Huang Shaotian cut back to game. His opponent’s ID could be seen quite clearly. It was just that when Huang Shaotian entered the ring earlier, he had only glanced at the name. Upon seeing that it was not the expected “Lord Grim”, he had immediately jumped back to the group chat to vent his anger. His mind hadn’t registered the name “Loulan Slash. Now that he looked back more carefully, Huang Shaotian immediately recognized his opponent.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this?” Huang Shaotian shouted.

Loulan Slash had no idea how to respond. The crowd of pro players watching made him very nervous. His usual agile hands had turned stiff.

“Why aren’t you talking? AFK? If you’re AFK, how’d you start the match? Is it automatic?”Huang Shaotian continued to chatter.

“I’m still here…” Loulan Slash muttered weakly.

“Start? Start?” Huang Shaotian said.

“Start.” Loulan Slash took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, but to no avail. He always subconsciously shifted his gaze to the crowd. There, he could see Brilliant Edge, the character of Team Blue Rain’s Yu Feng. He was the All Star Berserker and Loulan Slash’s favorite pro player.

“Let’s go! Here I come!” Huang Shoatian didn’t care if Loulan Slash was prepared or not. After a shout, he suddenly moved. With a Shadow Step, Troubling Rain blurred into six figures, each with a blade aimed at Loulan Slash.

Shadow Step was undoubtedly a very troublesome skill, and it was even more so when used by a top tier Blade Master like Huang Shaotian. But the real headache was still Huang Shaotian’s mouth. Huang Shaotian never stopped moving his mouth as the six shadows rushed towards Loulan Slash.

“I heard that you’re building a new team. That’s pretty amazing you know? Is that the account you’ll be using? Ah! Swordpoint! Luckily, this the Fixed Field! Otherwise, it’s be very scary!”

When the first syllable slipped out from Huang Shaotian’s mouth, six shadows had blurred into existence. When the last syllable came out, the six shadows had surrounded Loulan Slash from six different directions.

Loulan Slash wasn’t even able to gather his thoughts together in time, but as an experienced player, he was still able to react out of instinct. He immediately jumped up and crashed down with a Falling Light Blade.

“Ah! How quick! This is hard to dodge. How unlucky!” Huang Shaotian continued to blabber. It looked as if he really wasn’t going to be able to dodge. The shadows were hit by the shockwave from Falling Light Blade. However, the shockwave only passed through them, making the shadows flicker for a moment.

All of the ones hit were shadows, so where was the real one?

Loulan Slash was completely surrounded. If all of the shadows in view were fake, then where was the real body? He didn’t have enough time to differentiate them apart. At this moment, he could only rely on his experience.

Loulan Slash immediately jumped forward. He believed that the real one must have circled around behind him.

He jumped up and turned 180 degrees in midair, but then a sword light suddenly flashed in front of him.

Too fast!

Loulan Slash’s original plan was jump forward, turn around, and then counterattack with a Collapsing Mountain. He didn’t think that his opponent’s attack would come so quickly. Collapsing Mountain was too slow and would definitely be interrupted. Loulan Slash immediately Guarded and his sword swung up. A metallic ring resonated as the attack was deflected.

“You blocked it? You really do have some skill! But I haven’t gone all out yet. Brother, be careful!” Huang Shaotian continued to chatter. His talking never interfered with his attacks. When he gave the warning, he had already begun moving with a Triple Slash and quickly arrived in front of Loulan Slash.

Loulan Slash rolled away, just barely dodging the attack. When he stood up, his opponent was nowhere in sight.

“On top of your head!” Loulan Slash heard the warning and looked up, but the tip of his opponent’s sword had already stabbed through his head. Loulan Slash was already crying inside. It hadn’t been a warning. It was just Huang Shaotian narrating his moves.

Huang Shaotian was an expert at seizing opportunities. His offense wouldn’t simply end with just that single attack as an unceasing torrent of skills followed. Loulan Slash watched anxiously as the number of combos leaped up. But the more anxious he was, the harder it would be to find the rhthym.

In Glory, combos weren’t guaranteed. They depended entirely on the player’s skill. Thus, in theory, there was no such thing as an unbreakable combo.

In that moment, Loulan Slash could see each attack clearly and knew how to counter each attack. However, his hands couldn’t follow his thoughts. To make matters worse, Huang Shoatian was shouting out the names of every skill he used. The noisiness was disrupting his thoughts and making him feel dizzy. After a while, Loulan Slash began unconsciously thinking of counters for each skill Huang Shaotian named. When a huge mistake suddenly happened, Loulan Slash realized that the skill names Huang Shaotian shouted out weren’t in the same rhythm as his actions. Sometimes, the skill name he yelled out didn’t even match up with the actual skill he performed. What he was saying and what he was doing were two completely unrelated matters.

“Shaotian! Slow down! Don’t be such a bully!” Someone in the crowd typed.

“Shaotian! Why are you so quiet today? Where are your speech bubbles?” Another person shouted.

“This is the in-game Arena! The room shouldn’t be muted, right?” Someone pointed out.

As a result, someone checked the settings in this room. The person came back with a solemn news for everyone, “The room isn’t muted…”

“Poor guy.” Everyone offered their grievances to Loulan Slash.

Because of how the match was progressing, no one really cared about the results of the match. The reason was that Huang Shaotian had taken control of the match from the very start, so they weren’t able to what type of skill Loulan Slash possessed. Of course, his first few responses weren’t bad, but if he couldn’t even do that, then he wouldn’t have any chance in the Pro Alliance.

In comparison, Xiao Bei and the others were all sweating like mad.

Loulan Slash was the strongest among them, but against Huang Shaotian, it looked as if he couldn’t even find which direction he was facing. Against a God, they no longer had any dreams of beating him, but they at least hoped they could put up a fight and not just get tossed around like three legged cats. But watching this match, it looked like they really were just three legged cats. They had a long way to go!

Thinking about this, they all felt a bit disheartened. Suddenly, the clear sound of a dragon’s howl thundered across the stadium. A beautiful circle of swords spread out from around Troubling Rain as Loulan Slash flew through the air.

“Chance!” Loulan Slash’s friends shouted in their minds.

The attack had blown Loulan Slash too far away and was an opportunity for him to steady himself.

Loulan Slash succeeded. He stabilized his position and camera. However, they were unable to celebrate because they discovered that Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain hadn’t chased after him to follow up. This meant that his mistake was an act of mercy. He had intentionally let Loulan Slash get away.

“Any thoughts, brother?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“You’re…… so noisy……” It wasn’t that Loulan Slash had no respect for the God. He was just feeling too unhappy not to spit it out, especially when he was directly asked to say his feelings.

“F*ck! Did Ye Qiu throw you here for me to completely crush your confidence? Are you two even friends?” Huang Shaotian said.

Loulan Slash’s heart tightened. Lord Grim really was Ye Qiu. Even though he had already been convinced, hearing a God say it eliminated any remaining doubts. The appearance of this crowd of pro players must have had something to do with Ye Qiu. What exactly did Ye Qiu want to accomplish??

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