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Chapter 430 – Overwhelming Victory

Everyone was prepared to watch a patient and drawn-out battle, but the momentum suddenly shifted. The Blade Master, who had been looking for an opportunity, was suddenly hit by the Launcher’s strike. No one thought that it was too serious, but the Launcher’s followed up with one attack after another. Layer upon layer of dust from the explosion lifted. The Blade Master was like a struggling boat in a storm, violently bobbing up and down, until it was smashed into pieces.


The glowing word flashed across everyone’s eyes. Everyone stared with their jaws dropped. They had thought that they were watching a Launcher playing dirty, but then he suddenly comboed the Blade Master until death in one single breath. All of this happened too quickly. The crowd went from thinking nothing of the match to realizing that something wasn’t right to staring dumbly at the already dead Blade Master. They had only just woken up from their dream.

“D*MN!” someone cried out.

“Did anyone record that??” another person shouted.

In the Arena, the system didn’t record the match by default. Someone had to choose the record option for it to work. In addition, the room owner had the right to prohibit recording. Most players didn’t use this right though.

At this moment, when the mention of a recording came out, everyone finally realized what had happened.

The Blade Master had lost. Everyone already knew this result, but how did it all happen? They were all a bit confused and wanted to look back to watch, but they needed a recording to do that. However, when the match started, no one had predicted something like this would happen.

Ma Chenyi’s expression was extremely ugly. In truth, he hadn’t seen the instant the momentum shifted either, but he at least knew that they had lost. He had challenged everyone in the Internet Cafe, but he had already lost after their second opponent. In addition, the loss hadn’t been close. Ma Chenyi still looked straight ahead. He tried hard to not turn his head and look at Chen Guo.

The crowd was unable to recall that brilliant instant the momentum shifted and could only look at the player who did it all. The arrogant person had been stepped on. This would always be something people liked to see. As a result, Ma Chenyi discovered that not looking at Chen Guo was useless. The crowd’s gaze was difficult to bear and his pride was fiercely stepped on.

In comparison, the Blade Master’s expression was more natural. He even stood up and looked in the direction of the opponent he had lost to. The crowd saw this and felt like he was an expert who had seen the wide world. It wasn’t possible to never lose in such a duel. In victory and defeat, he displayed proper behavior and it was the mark of a mature expert.

Ma Chenyi might not want to look at Chen Guo, but Chen Guo was certainly going to look at him. At this moment, she laughed out loud at Ma Chenyi: “Boss Ma, why aren’t you shouting anymore? I’d say this match was even more beautiful than the last match, don’t you think?”

“Don’t be so happy. Say it after you beat both my people.” Ma Chenyi was unwilling to give up until his death, but he no longer had the same confidence as before. In reality, when he heard Lord Grim’s name, Ma Chenyi had already lost most of his hope toward Sweeping the Field. Even if Lord Grim wasn’t there, so what? If Lord Grim had been here, even if he won, when Lord Grim came back, Lord Grim could easily win back their face. The current Ma Chenyi was already in an unwinnable situation.
In the Arena, the Blade Master had already left to spectate the match, while the Sharpshooter entered the room. But the Launcher he was supposed to fight had unexpectedly left.

Just when everyone looked over, the person said: “We’re switching people.”

“Boss Ma, it wouldn’t be fair if you could have two people, while we can only have one, right?” Chen Guo said.

As this was said, another character had entered the match. Everyone looked and saw that it was a Witch this time. Everyone looked around to see who it was. The challenger took the initiative to stand up to let everyone know and then asked: “Can we start?”

Everyone immediately ran back to their seats and this time, they didn’t forget to click the record option.

The match began and was fascinating from the start. The two players clearly preferred to play aggressively. Witches and Sharpshooters had some similarities. Both had close combat skills and also long-range capabilities. Witches could fly on their brooms, while the Gunner classes could use Aerial Fire. These were all unique movement options that other classes didn’t have. The two never paused to stop while they battled.

If they were at close-range, they fought. If they were at mid-range, they fought. If they were at long-range, they still fought. From the start of the match, the battle never stopped for a moment. They moved in all sorts of ways, but they never moved too far apart. The two characters were always in each other’s range.

However, this type of continuous fighting meant that it wouldn’t be a long match. Amidst the dazzling attacks, everyone was easily able to see how the Sharpshooter had been suppressed by the Witch. The Sharpshooter tried to rely on returning fire in order to take back the initiative, but it was to no avail. The Witch cornered him with a few Sweeps and the Sharpshooter no longer had room to move around freely in. The Witch had already prepared an arsenal of magic items to throw down and then ended the match.


The glowing word flashed out.

This time, the crowd wasn’t too amazed. This was because the match had been exceptionally clear. From the beginning to the end, every detail in the match was easy for everyone to understand. The Launcher had suddenly comboed his opponent to death in one breath, which made everyone feel something wasn’t right. But there was nothing to say for this match.

It was clear and obvious that the reason the Witch won was because he was better. Every part of the match was visible. Everyone could understand what had happened at a glance. Not many people went back to watch the recording.

When the match ended, Ma Chenyi had thoroughly withered away. No matter how stubborn his mouth was, Ma Chenyi couldn’t say anything that wouldn’t make him lose face. In the end, he could only quietly say: “I’ll send you the account cards in a bit.”

“You’re going to leave just like this?” Chen Guo laughed.

Ma Chenyi was about to say something, when the Blade Master suddenly said: “No hurry.”

Everyone was startled at this, including Ma Chenyi.

This Sweeping the Field could be looked on as a joke, but the two Sweepers were very calm. They didn’t look as ashamed as Ma Chenyi. The Blade Master continued: “We can’t sweep this field, but the expert you have here really is incredible. We want to ask him for some advice. You don’t mind, right?”

“Of course, I don’t mind.” Chen Guo smiled and then looked towards Ma Chenyi: “Boss Ma, would you like to stay and continue watching the show?”

Ma Chenyi stared blankly, but he felt like this way, his originally very embarrassing situation wouldn’t be embarrassing. His two guys lost in style. With their modest attitudes, the crowd couldn’t despise them.

“Then I’ll stay for a bit longer!” Ma Chenyi nodded his head.

“You two, how do you want to fight? The two from before?” Chen Guo asked.

The expressions of the two moved: “Boss, do you have any other experts? If it’s convenient, let us have a try!”

At this moment, they weren’t the only two who wanted to see any other experts. Ma Cheny,i as well as the crowd, was very curious to see what other incredible experts Happy possessed.

“Okay!” Chen Guo nodded her head and an Assassin entered the Arena room.

Assassins and Blade Masters were both close combat characters. In comparison to the two previous matches, the strikes were powerful and their blades were soaked in blood. Amidst the blossoming blood, the match was still as clear as the last match. Not longer after the match began, the Assassin clearly held the advantage. Seeing this match, if that Blade Master hadn’t crushed the very first match and shown his skill, no one would have thought that he was any expert. It showed just how terrifying Happy Internet Cafe’s experts were.

After the Blade Master lost, the Sharpshooter substituted in. Next up for Happy Internet Cafe was a Striker. Everyone sucked in a cold breath. This Happy Internet Cafe had so many powerful experts!

Ma Chenyi’s expression darkened even further. He had felt that the Blade Master and Sharpshooter that he had were exceptionally skilled. Why else would he be confident in running over to try Sweeping the Field?”

But when he got to Happy, one expert after the other appeared. Seeing their ID and person, none of them were the same. When did they all come to Happy?

Just one of these incredible experts was amazing enough to see in an Internet Cafe. Chen Guo actually had four of them. How many more did she have? Let alone that mysterious Lord Grim with a Silver weapon…

While Ma Chenyi was thinking, the match had already started. No one felt at awe at this match. It was another clean victory by Happy’s expert. After the Striker closed in, he comboed the Sharpshooter into helplessness. This match had been the quickest to end.

At this point, no one cared about who would win or lose, but who would be next for Happy.

After this match, Chen Guo smiled: “Is that good enough?”

“Is that it?” the two asked.

Chen Guo smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“Then can I have a match with the two I hadn’t fought?” the Blade Master said.

“Same for me.” that Sharpshooter requested.

“Sure!” Chen Guo nodded her head.

Without any new characters going up onto the stage, the crowd’s interest had immediately gone down. Happy’s experts were too powerful. These two weren’t their opponents. A match without any suspense wasn’t very interesting to watch.

However, it was still nice to see an expert’s performance. The crowd might not be as interested, but they still watched the rest of the matches. And just like how everyone predicted, these two lost again and again. In the end, each of the four experts won two matches, totaling to eight victories.

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