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Chapter 431 – Pry

“Amazing, amazing……” The expressions on the two Sweepers who had lost eight rounds in a row weren’t as ugly as the crowd thought, which made the spectators view them in another light. The scene they had created had even benefited Ma Chenyi. It didn’t make their loss look as embarrassing.

After observing the matches, next was to observe the experts. However, the four experts seemed as if they weren’t aware they were being watched and simply sat at their own seats without moving. It made everyone feel that they were true experts. Things that everyone else thought was amazing were just trivial matters to them.

The crowd didn’t mind it. The two Sweepers got up and then met with the four experts, giving them their sincere respect. Afterwards, they politely expressed that they should have another match when an opportunity arises and then left with Ma Chenyi. Due to the two Sweeper’s graceful display, the three leaving didn’t seem too shameful. Some people even sympathized with them. Under this sort of circumstance, Chen Guo wouldn’t mock them as they left like villains. Ma Chenyi may have lost this time, but he hadn’t lost face.

Once the three left, the four experts gave Chen Guo a look and then returned to their seats to continue playing. Quite a few curious players wanted to have a match with the four experts, but the four politely refused them. There was nothing that they could do. The Sweeping the Field crisis passed by just like this.

Tang Rou had been operating the cash register at the front desk, so she couldn’t log into the game to watch the matches because her character was still in the tenth server. The Sweeper battles had been done by Heavenly Domain characters and had taken place in the Heavenly Domain Arena.

The normal Glory Arena was cross server, but the Heavenly Domain one wasn’t. The Heavenly Domain Arena could be interpreted as the higher ranked Arena. A player’s win-loss record on the normal server Arena was separate from the Heavenly Domain’s Arena. The two Arenas also had different rewards.

Tang Rou could only watch someone else’s screen. She had originally thought that she was going to go up and battle for this Sweeping the Field, but then she discovered that Chen Guo had no such thoughts.

Tang Rou recognized those four so-called experts. Among them were frequent customers in Happy Internet Cafe and Happy Internet Cafe employees. Tang Rou had been in Happy for a long time and she knew very well that those four definitely weren’t experts. At the same time, she also knew that Ma Chenyi had never seen these four before. Chen Guo had diligently arranged this. Tang Rou had basically figured out what was going on.

“Watch over the place for a bit. I’m going up.” Chen Guo knew that Tang Rou had probably guessed what had happened. She gave her an eye and then ran upstairs.

At Room 213 on the second floor, Chen Guo pushed open the door and her first thought was: the ventilation in this room isn’t good enough. I need to make it stronger.

She hadn’t left for long. How many cigarettes had he smoked? The smoke made Chen Guo cough a bit and she even felt like it made it harder finding Ye Xiu.

“Hm? Did they leave?” Even Ye Xiu’s voice seemed hazy amidst the fumes.

Chen Guo pushed the door wide open and stayed outside of the room. All four computers in the room were turned on. The two screens that Chen Guo could see were stopped on the desktop wallpaper.

“They left.” she said.

“What was their reaction?” Ye Xiu asked.

“They didn’t really have any reactions. They admitted their loss and then left.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu replied simply.

“What are you doing?” Chen Guo asked.

“Looking at the eight matches I just played.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo mustered up her courage. She stepped into the room and sat down next to Ye Xiu. On Ye Xiu’s computer was the match he had just played. However, his studying wasn’t nearly as meticulous as when he studied the pro matches. The recording was played on 2x speed and he wasn’t looking around in different angles either. In the beginning, Chen Guo thought he was looking in the player’s perspective. She wasn’t wrong, but it was in the opponent’s perspective, not his.

“How are these two?’ Chen Guo asked.

“They’re not bad, but they’re still far from being at the pro level.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course, they’re not at the pro level. Why would a pro player go to an Internet Cafe?” Chen Guo said.

“It doesn’t matter who it is. Did they record it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“They did.” Chen Guo, “Every single match.”

“It seems like my guess is correct!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“But how did Grand Internet Cafe get mixed up with them?” Chen Guo said.

“That doesn’t really matter, does it? It was just a reason to come over and do this.” Ye Xiu said.

“How did you play these eight matches?” Chen Guo asked.

“Four different styles.” Ye Xiu said, “A normal person might not feel it, but if a pro player analyzed it, he would definitely think that they were done by different people.”

“Excellent Era’s people should be very familiar with you though!” Chen Guo said.

“They’re only familiar with One Autumn Leaf.” Ye Xiu said bluntly.

“Could you be just as proficient with other classes as your Battle Mage?” Chen Guo asked in astonishment. It was true that Ye Xiu was called a Glory Textbook, but this was mainly because he had been playing Glory since the start of the game. At that time, the Pro Alliance hadn’t even been created yet. Glory was still purely an online game. In those days, he was already an extremely popular player and had a lot of influence on the meta. After the Pro Alliance was created, he had used the Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf for around seven years. His nickname of being a Textbook stuck around, but the majority of people knew him as the Battle God.

“Not at all.” Ye Xiu replied, which made Chen Guo relax a bit.

“But they’re close.” These added words from Ye Xiu made Chen Guo stir again. If they were close, then didn’t that mean he was at a pro level with all of the other classes?

“You can’t have that much time!” Chen Guo exclaimed. With 24 classes, if he practiced each class for an hour, he wouldn’t have any time to do anything else.

“Over time.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo nodded her head.

“And of course, talent.” Ye Xiu added.

Chen Guo’s gaze returned to her screen. She didn’t want to bother with him. However, she had to admit that all of these top tier Gods in Glory had to have talent.

“I really want to see their reactions when they see those recordings!” Chen Guo clicked in boredom at the desktop icons.

It had taken her quite a bit of effort to borrow these accounts and organize everything, but she wouldn’t be able to see the results. It was quite depressing to think about.

Club Excellent Era.

After the two Sweepers left Happy Internet Cafe, they apologized to Ma Chenyi.

What could Ma Chenyi say? He had personally witnessed their skill and had thought that challenging the entire Happy Internet Cafe wouldn’t be a problem. How could he know that Happy had so many freaks these days? If he had to blame anything, he would have to blame not scouting out his opponent first and just charging in to try Sweeping the Field.

Moreover, the two might have lost, but their performance made it so he didn’t lose any face. For the loser, Ma Chenyi, this was already quite a good result. It had to be known that when he found out that Happy Internet Cafe had Lord Grim, he felt like dying. But after losing miserably, they were able to peacefully leave. After making such an arrogant challenge, they hadn’t been treated so bad.

As a result, Ma Chenyi thanked the two of them and welcomed them to come and play at his Cafe. The two sides split up afterwards. Ma Chenyi went back to his Internet Cafe. The two walked around for a bit and then slipped into Club Excellent Era.

At Club Excellent Era’s guild studio, when Chen Yehui saw the two come back, he immediately leaped out of his chair.

“How was it?” Chen Yehui immediately asked.

“We did it.” After returning to their seats, the expressions on the two of them finally turned ugly.

“Okay. Come with me.” Chen Yehui had the two follow him. Even though it was his studio, the things they needed to talk about still weren’t convenient to talk about here. The reason was because their opponent was Ye Qiu, Excellent Era’s former God. Chen Yehui could only secretly discuss how to deal with Ye Qiu with his most trusted friends. Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. Quite a few core members from other guilds knew about this. However, in Excellent Dynasty, Chen Yehui didn’t dare tell anyone.

“What’s the situation?” Chen Yehui asked as they hastily headed towards the team.

“There are four experts!” the two said.

“That can’t be right.” Chen Yehui stopped in astonishment. He had even forgotten to walk.

“Both of us saw it.” the two swore.

Chen Yehui hesitated, but then continued walking until they met with Liu Hao.

“We’ve scouted Happy.” Chen Yehui went right to the point.

“Oh?” Liu Hao was quite interested.

Chen Yehui didn’t continue and had his two trusted friends say the words for him.

“Happy Internet Cafe has four experts!” the two immediately said.

“Experts? How good?” Liu Hao was more calm than Chen Yehui when he heard this. A pro player had seen more things, after all. The game had too many so-called experts, but in the pro scene, these so-called experts would just be like fleeting clouds.

“We have recordings.” the two said.

“Let me see.” Liu Hao said.

One of them went to use the computer and logged into an online file hosting service. He had saved all the recordings here. The recordings were quickly downloaded. This person got up and moved to the side: “One Launcher, one Witch, one Assassin, and one Striker.”

“Is the Launcher Chasing Haze?” Chen Yehui interjected.

“No…… all four are male……” When the two were assigned wit this task, Chen Yehui had talked to them that Chasing Haze was important to ask about. But they didn’t even figure out who Chasing Haze was and there were four more experts…….

Liu Hao had already opened up one recording; it was the Launcher match.

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