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Chapter 429 – Meeting the Challenge

“What did we bet last time?” Chen Guo asked.

“It’s been too long. I can’t remember.” Ma Chenyi’s face darkened. Just one look at him and you could tell that he wasn’t too sophisticated of a person. All of his emotions were displayed on his face. He had previously been in high spirits, but as soon as Chen Guo asked this, his face immediately darkened. It was very obvious that he hadn’t forgotten at all. He just didn’t want to think of it again.

Last time, he had lost quite miserably. The crowd was very certain of this.

“It wouldn’t be good if it was like last time, right? We’re still celebrating the Spring Festival, after all. Why not this? 24 Heavenly Domain account cards. One for each class. How about it?” Chen Guo said.

“What are you going to do with so many account cards?” Ma Chenyi was curious.

“What? We haven’t even fought yet and you’re already admitting your loss?” Chen Guo grinned.

“Who’s admitting their loss!?” Ma Chenyi shouted.

“If you haven’t admitted your defeat, then how do you know that the account cards are going to be given to me?” Chen Guo said.

Unsophisticated people weren’t very sharp in battles with words. One just had to look at how Ma Chenyi had used the same script over and over again for several years to know that he wasn’t very skilled in this area. Chen Guo had taken the topic and mocked him with it. For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond. The watching crowd saw him lose his composure and burst into laughter.

Just from this short exchange, Ma Chenyi had clearly lost greatly in the battle of words. He was quite strong as well though and didn’t fall after being mocked. He continued to stand firm and finally had something to counter back with: “What am I going to do with a bunch of account
“You can have something else.” Chen Guo said.

The two were mainly battling for the energy. Their bet was to add hail to the snow. They weren’t actually here for all this. If Ma Chenyi really wanted something, he would be asking for Happy Internet Cafe’s location, but such an unrealistic condition couldn’t be used. The two weren’t going to bet this.

24 Heavenly Domain account cards weren’t cheap, but to these two Internet Cafe owners, it wouldn’t be considered as a large expense. The main reason was still for the energy.

“It’s fine. I won’t bicker with you. Account cards it is!” Ma Chenyi said and then announced to the crowd: “Brothers, in a moment, we’ll have 24 account cards! We have no use for them, so we’re going to be giving them out. If you’re interested, come to my Grand Internet Cafe and help us think of how to give them away.”

“You’re very confident!” Chen Guo grinned.

“Naturally.” Ma Chenyi laughed. After laughing, he suddenly began to think. It made sense that he would have confidence, but how come Chen Guo seemed to be fearless? Something wasn’t right. Where did her confidence come from?

“Is it just these two?” Chen Guo didn’t give Ma Chenyi much time to think deeply and pointed to the two standing beside the front desk.


‘Okay. Let’s start then. Is anyone here interested in trying?” Chen Guo called out to the Internet Cafe. Ma Chenyi had challenged the entire Happy Internet Cafe, so Chen Guo didn’t need to organize it. She could first pick anyone curious player out there to give it a try.

There were obviously many of these types of players. Even if they weren’t frequent customers of Happy, it was very common for them to run over and give it a try. Many people immediately got up, asking if they could try.

Those who were willing to go up were all max level characters in the Heavenly Domain. When the two logged in, Chen Guo went up to look. One of them was a Blade Master, while the other was a Sharpshooter. They were both very popular classes in Glory.

A room in the Arena was quickly set up. Spectators were welcome, of course. The people who would be watching were obviously going to be Happy Internet Cafe’s players.

“Do you want me to open up a computer for you?” Chen Guo got onto a computer and was also spectating like the other customers. This type of spectating would let them see a more general picture of the match.

“No need.” Ma Chenyi stood behind his two players and was planning on watching the two play from their screens.

The match quickly began.

The first to come on stage was that Blade Master. On Happy Internet Cafe’s side, the challenger was a Witch. Everyone followed the countdown filled with anticipation. For someone to dare challenge everyone at the scene, he must have some real skill, right?

The reality wasn’t too far off. This Blade Master really did have some skill.

Both of the participants were Heavenly Domain players. Unless they had bought their accounts, they wouldn’t be noobs. This Witch player couldn’t be considered to be an expert, but he was still quite good. But as soon as the two sides fought, the Witch never had the advantage and was easily cleaned up by the Blade Master. Even though it wasn’t a full health victory, the difference between the two sides was obvious.

Some of the crowd members who were hoping to watch a comedy show couldn’t say anything. This Sweeping the Field guy wasn’t just talk.

“Beautiful!” Ma Chenyi roared when he saw the word “GLORY” appear on screen. It was once again loud enough for the people on the second floor to hear. He also glanced at Chen Guo to see her reaction.

“Not bad. He’s quite good!” Chen Guo smiled.

“He can play.” Ma Chenyi said.

“Who else wants to try?” Chen Guo asked.

After seeing the match, it was quite easy to see how skilled this Blade Master was. The curious players discovered that they clearly weren’t opponents for him and would be crushed as well. No one replied when Chen Guo asked this question.

“Oh? I thought Happy Internet Cafe had a lot of experts? What’s wrong? Did they all disappear?” Ma Chenyi taunted.

No one knew if he said this on purpose or on a whim, but it really was quite hurtful. Chen Guo also became a bit sad. When she looked around at her customers, there weren’t many who were angry or anything. She also didn’t recognize any of the faces in the crowd.

Chen Guo knew that in the past, the experts that helped her at Happy were huge fans of Excellent Era. Ever since she refused to stream Excellent Era’s matches, many of them were offended and had stopped coming. After that day, many of the faces she was familiar with had disappeared from Happy Internet Cafe.

“Hmph, what’s there to be arrogant for?” Chen Guo hadn’t yet replied, when someone from the crowd suddenly shouted.

Someone who would call out like this would always make others look forward to him. Everyone’s eyes turned towards the speaker. The speaker was looking disdainfully at the two Sweepers.

“With just that skill, how could they be opponents for Lord Grim?”

As soon as he spoke, the entire crowd fell over. This guy wasn’t talking about how amazing he was. He was talking about someone else! With how high and mighty he was talking, it was as if he thought he was the second coming of Christ.

Chen Guo looked at the speaker and saw that it was that guy with the character called Ascending. When he saw Chen Guo look over, he immediately called out: “Boss, Lord Grim! Call him over. That guy will beat these two punks easily.”

“Lord Grim……” When this name came out, everyone was shocked.

In Glory, there were very few players who didn’t know the name ‘Lord Grim’. However, the info that Lord Grim was from Happy Internet Cafe wasn’t something that had spread around. When Ma Chenyi heard this, his expression was as if he had been stepped on. After a long pause, he said: “Lord Grim is one of your people?”

Lord Grim had ignored the 20 level difference. He had a Silver weapon in his hands. In the Heavenly Challenge, he hadn’t lost a single time in the Arena. He had already become a legend. Ma Chenyi finally understood why Chen Guo was so fearless. She was hiding such an incredible expert.

“What? You admit your loss?” Chen Guo laughed.

Ma Chenyi really was afraid because the tales of Lord Grim’s deeds were unprecedented in Glory history. The crucial point was that he had never lost a single round. This was a true Sweeper.

But since things had already gotten to this step, going back on his word would be more embarrassing than losing and then leaving. Ma Chenyi was truly sad. When he recalled how arrogant he was when he walked in, he wanted to slam his head into the wall.

“Lord Grim is just Lord Grim. I’m not scared for you.” Ma Chenyi was afraid, but his mouth was still as stubborn as before. His face already looked like a joke to the crowd though.

“You wish. It’s a pity though. Lord Grim isn’t here today.” Chen Guo said.

“Not here?” Ma Chenyi was puzzled. If he wasn’t here, then Chen Guo shouldn’t have that sort of tone? Why was she still so confident?

“But I never said that Lord Grim is the only expert here!” Chen Guo said.

“What do you mean?”

“See. He’s here?” Chen Guo pointed at the screen.

The Blade Master had just won the match. Even though there were quite a few spectators, most of them were Happy Internet Cafe’s players and knew what was going on, so no one left the room. At this moment, someone suddenly entered and faced the Blade Master.

“Who is this?” Ma Chenyi asked.

“My people.”

“Where?” Ma Chenyi looked around.

“Here.” Someone raised his hand, “Can we start?”

“Start!” Ma Chenyi said fiercely.

The challenger was a Launcher. When the match started, the player immediately began wandering around. The Launcher was a long-range class. In order to win, Launchers had to maintain some distance from their opponent. However, Launchers were a slower class. In order to maintain a high speed, they had to be very skilled with Aerial Fire.

And this Launcher had completely done this. Amidst the sounds of repeated firing, the Launcher maintained a distance away from the Blade Master, slowly killing the Blade Master from afar. This type of strategy leaned on the dirtier side. But whether or not this strategy could be kept to the very end was another question. The Blade Master’s expression was also very patient, waiting for an opportunity to arise.

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