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Chapter 410 – Heavenly Domain Challenge, Start!

Apart from the Thousand Chance Umbrella, the other equipment on the Level 50 Lord Grim was very ordinary. Because he didn’t have a class, he couldn’t wear class-specific sets, so he simply switched equipment whenever he found it convenient to. Ye Xiu had more than enough money to buy these common equipment.

As a result, he had equipment of all different kinds and of all different levels. This was what other experienced players did as well though. Before reaching max level, very few players cared to buy the best equipment for themselves. The reason the top guilds would do this was because one, they needed the best conditions for challenging the dungeon records and two, they had many players and plenty of resources. Most of the resources didn’t need to be spent on the majority of the guild members, so the guild could allocate a bit of it to buy the most optimal equipment for their elites.

But now that Lord Grim was Level 50 and Ye Xiu had plenty of time to spare, he could carefully prepare a set of good equipment for himself. There was no need to get the best, but finding a proper set of equipment could increase his Level 50 battle strength by quite a lot.

Ye Xiu went to the main city and began searching the market.

The tenth server had opened for two months and the market could be considered as stable now. The new players that had come at the opening of the server had played for two months now and the majority of them weren’t as nooby as before. They had a basic understanding of the prices for different types of equipment and which equipment were useful. As for uncommon materials, which was always in need, even idiots knew that these materials weren’t trash.

When Lord Grim leveled to 50, it was already the latter half of the night. The market was still bustling with activity though. However, most of the characters at the vendor stalls weren’t active. Players would often go to sleep and leave their characters in the game with a vendor stall.

Ye Xiu obviously knew this, so as he moved through the market, he wouldn’t bother haggling over any prices that weren’t too ideal. He simply skimmed through the stalls as he walked. With the production capability of over ten million players, apart from items dropped by wild BOSSes, which only spawned a certain amount of times per week, there was more supply than demand. As long as one had patience, one could find anything in the market. Ye Xiu wasn’t looking for anything too great and understanding this idea, he patiently scoured around. He opened his money bag again and again, buying equipment after equipment.

After walking through one street, the equipment on Lord Grim looked completely new now. Ye Xiu opened up his stats page and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“What’s the logic behind your equips?” Chen Guo asked. She had been quietly watching Ye Xiu buy equipment the entire time. She had wanted to speak several times, but she never did because she wanted to rely on her own knowledge to figure out why. However, after observing the whole times, she couldn’t understand, so she could only ask.

Ye Xiu turned his head to look at Chen Guo and said: “By a price to stat ratio……”

Chen Guo had lost again. A price to stat ratio……. was a very practical reason. It was just that Chen Guo had thought that a top-tier God would look at things from an overall perspective. However, looking at things based on a price to stat ratio wouldn’t be good for that purpose, which was why Chen Guo hadn’t thought that Ye Xiu would choose equipment based on that logic. Even when she saw Ye Xiu buy an individual equipment and thought of this, she threw away that thought every time. Who would have thought that it really was just like that. A great top tier God bought equipment based off of its price to stat ratio. Chen Guo felt like Ye Xiu was unworthy of his treasure trove of uncommon materials.

“This is good enough for the Heavenly Domain Challenge.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh?” Chen Guo was surprised, but quickly understood: “Are you comparing the price based on the difficulty of the challenge?”

“Mm.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. He went around the city, preparing his equipment, and received all of the quests for the Heavenly Domain Challenge.


Quest chain.

There were two parts to it.

As a result, when Ye Xiu passed by the Arena entrance, he had Lord Grim look around even though he clearly knew he was the only Level 50 character in the tenth server. It could be seen that even God Ye Xiu was a person. Even he hoped that pie would fall from the sky sometimes.

In the end, there was nothing to be found in the Arena, so he began the quest chain.

There were many steps in the quest chain. The first step was to return to the Beginner Village and find the NPC to receive the quest and help him find his money bag, which he lost in the creek nearby.

It was a very common quest. After receiving it, the player simply followed the directions given by the NPC and then the player would reach the quest scenario.

The Heavenly Domain quest scenario were actually dungeon-like in nature. However, it had to be completed alone, so there was no need to worry about anyone else messing up your Challenge and there was also no need to try asking others for help.

Finding the money bag sounded cute, but in reality, it tested the player’s ability to jump.

The scenario was set in rapid flowing water. The player could only jump on the rocks to move forward. If the player accidentally jumped into the water, the player would immediately be carried by the water to shore and the player would have to try again. The money bag was located on one of the rocks in the creek.

The arrangement of the rocks and the money bag’s location was random. This made it so that it wasn’t possible to make a guide for it. The player could only rely on his own strength to jump around and find it.

Chen Guo had been stuck on this quest for a long time, when she was attempting the Heavenly Domain Challenge. She had fallen into the water countless times, but in the end, she was able to find the money bag. Now that there was a God in front of her, Chen Guo obviously wanted to watch him play. She saw Ye Xiu get to the scenario, charge towards the river bank, and then directly jump, without stopping to look.

He never paused. By looking at Ye Xiu’s screen, Chen Guo could see just how fluid and quick Ye Xiu was with these movements. His screen was never in the same place for even one second. His camera constantly turned. Chen Guo didn’t know if he was looking for the money bag or looking for a place to land. His character jumped non-stop. Chen Guo no longer knew which direction he was heading in.

After three minutes, Lord Grim jumped back onto shore and then left.

Chen Guo was dumbstruck. She stared at the screen dumbly and after a minute, she confirmed that Ye Xiu was heading back to the Beginner Village. She asked in astonishment: “You’re done?”

“Done!” Ye Xiu said.

“The money bag?”

Ye Xiu opened up his inventory. Because the money bag was a quest item, the name was in a different color, so it was easy to distinguish it from the other items.

“When did you pick it up?” Chen Guo hadn’t seen it.

“That…….” Ye Xiu felt that it was hard to describe.

“I didn’t see it at all!” Chen Guo said.

“If you told me earlier, I could have gone slower……” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was speechless all the way until Ye Xiu handed over the money bag and started the second quest.

The second quest was a battle, but there were restrictions. Only normal attacks could be used. No skills were allowed.

At that time, this quest had made Chen Guo cough up blood. For Gunners, normal attacks were a type of style. Even though they could be fired in all sorts of positions and movements, the only way to do damage was to hit the opponent with the shots.

A Gunner without skills was like playing a game of Counter Strike.

It was a 1v100 game. You only had one life bar. If you died, you had to start over. The only good thing was that if you died, there was no penalty. If there were penalties for dying in the Heavenly Domain Challenge, the Glory company would certainly be under terrorist attacks.

This 1v100 quest had a storyline to it, but Ye Xiu obviously didn’t care. He took the quest and skipped all of the talking.

Chen Guo switched positions and prepared to admire a performance by a God, but very quickly, tears streaked her cheeks.

She had used Lord Grim before. How could she have forgotten about the Thousand Chance Umbrella?

One class only had one set of normal attacks, but Lord Grim had six sets. Every form of the Thousand Chance Umbrella was another set.

Melee and ranged attacks, all around attacks, even shield attacks.

The 100 enemies weren’t BOSSes. In reality, they didn’t even have the strength of Level 70 monsters. Lord Grim was only Level 50 though, so against 100, from a level comparison, he was at a disadvantage.

But apart from the Thousand Chance Umbrella, Ye Xiu was also a beast.

What was a small difference in levels to him? They were just trash, that’s all they were.

Ye Xiu’s Thousand Chance Umbrella continuously switched forms. Every change wasn’t like how when Chen Guo used it; she sometimes just changed forms for fun.

For Ye Xiu, every change of form had a purpose. After switching forms, the weapon would immediately use an appropriate attack to deal with the enemy.

On his screen’s quest list, the 100 number kept decreasing.

Lord Grim’s health also continued to decrease.

But Chen Guo knew that it wasn’t because Ye Xiu couldn’t hang on, it was because he didn’t care. He had more than enough health to wipe out the 100 monsters. He didn’t need to care about his health. It wasn’t like the system cared how much health he had left at the end.

The second scenario was quickly passed. Chen Guo looked at the time. His progress compared to hers at that time were like night and day.

Ye Xiu directly entered the third scenario.

The third scenario was also a battle, but this was a one versus one with no restrictions.

But the opponent was a BOSS.

The Midnight Phantom Cat, Green Forest’s hidden BOSS. Of course, it wasn’t Level 10 like the one encountered in Green Forest. If it really was Level 10, even if it was a hidden BOSS, it would be obliterated by any Level 70 player.

The Midnight Phantom Cat had grown to Level 70.

A Level 70 hidden BOSS against a Level 50 character, but the player was a top-tier expert in Glory. In any case, it was a very unusual match up.

Chen Guo held her breath and watched Ye Xiu fight without any hesitation.

The Level 70 Midnight Phantom Cat was like a crying mouse in front of Ye Xiu. Chen Gou could even hear the cat’s shrieks and cries.

“The system has no way of stopping him…….” Chen Guo quietly thought as she watched the fight.

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