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Chapter 409 – Excellent Era Is Just That

So far, Tyranny had won two points, while Excellent Era had won three points. However, Excellent Era fans weren’t happy. For the current Excellent Era, points were no longer significant. Playoffs wasn’t possible and their standings weren’t so bad that they were at risk of falling to the last two places and getting eliminated from the Alliance.

Excellent Era fans hoped to see a moving match. In reality, they didn’t even need to win versus Tyranny, but they had to give Tyranny trouble. For Excellent Era, which no longer cared for their standings, their fans only wanted to enjoy the match and no longer cared for the results.

The break before the team competition was always relatively long. The commentator Pan Lin and honored guest Li Yibo discussed this issue. These two experiences professionals understood the two teams’ situations quite clearly.

The audience in Happy Internet Cafe were also in a discussion. The atmosphere in the past when broadcasting Excellent Era games had somewhat reappeared. Truthfully, Chen Guo missed this type of atmosphere. Seeing the customers joining forces to support Excellent Era, Chen Guo showed a reminiscent expression.

After a 20 minute break, the team competition finally began. Both sides sent out the arrangement they usually used for the team competition.

Happy Internet Cafe quickly began growing excited, shouting and cheering for Team Excellent Era. But who could have thought that this team competition was like a splash of cold water to Excellent Era fans.

At the start of the match, Team Excellent Era charged forward, giving their fans a sense of confidence and spirit. But after a few minutes of fighting, anyone who knew even a little bit about Glory could see that Exellent Era was at a complete disadvantage.


The decisive factor for this match wasn’t spirit, confidence, mechanics, performance, or experience, but tactics.

It goes without saying that the person to look out for was Team Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie.

Tactics wasn’t something that was easy to see from a direct observation like an amazing play that was seen in two or three seconds, instantly pumping up the crowd. There was more to see in tactics. It’s like a story filled with foreshadowing. The beginning might be dull and tedious, but once everything came together, the true importance of tactics would be revealed. The unceasing attacks from then on would cause the crowd to think back to the dull and tedious parts in the beginning and figure out what their purpose was.

The match turned out to be just like this. The first few minutes seemed like a normal confrontation, but after getting past this point, Tyranny began to continuously gain the advantage. The commentator and honored guest had been analyzing possible tactical intent at the start, but once the moment arrived, they connected the moves from the first few minutes and thoroughly analyzed the tactical plan.

“This is what you call brilliant.” Ye Xiu praised.

“You’re right.” Chen Guo nodded her head. Because she had already abandoned her identity as an Excellent Era fan, she wasn’t as dispirited and downcast as the other Excellent Era supporters in the Internet Cafe and appreciated Zhang Xinjie’s tactical plan objectively.

“A lone wolf like Sun Xiang fears this type of preparation and fears strategy and tactics with direction to them. Don’t look at how Tyranny was never worse than Excellent Era in terms of strength. Even Thunderclap might be able to gobble up Excellent Era.” Ye Xiu said.

‘Because they have Xiao Shiqin.” Chen Guo obviously knew the names of the four famous Master Tacticians.


“What about the current Excellent Era? Is there anyone there good at tactics?” Chen Guo asked.

There might not be anyone in the entire Alliance who could answer this question with more authority than Ye Xiu. After a few seconds of silence, Ye Xiu slowly shook his head.

“Hmph…… retribution.” Chen Guo said impolitely. Excellent Era originally had a Master Tactician. Ye Xiu was one of them, but after Excellent Era kicked him out, a lot of problems arose. Chen Guo obviously felt happy about it because she no longer liked them anymore.

“For this season, Excellent Era is just that.”

As Ye Xiu made this remark, the team competition ended with Tyranny winning. If the results were looked at on paper, it looked like Tyranny only barely won with only two of their players left at the end. But as long as one saw how the match progressed, one would know that the results may have been close, but it was a closeness that had been predetermined. It’s not like it mattered how many players were alive at the end of the match. This was why sometimes, trading blows to end the match could be a very direct and effective strategy.

In the news briefing after the match, the briefing expressed how rare it was for the two bitter enemies to not have a tense fight, but those were only words for appearance purposes.

Tyranny gave a few simple words towards the match and then talked about the end goal for this season and their plans for playoffs. These were all things that Excellent Era didn’t have for this season. A few reporters believed there was another meaning behind these words and felt that Tyranny was trying to say that Excellent Era was not at the same level as them, so it was beneath them to talk about Excellent Era.

Excellent Era had less of a voice as the losers. Excellent Era politely praised Tyranny’s incredible tactics and then added in as if by accident that it was because they were playing on Tyranny’s home grounds that Tyranny was able to prepare such fine tactics. Then, they said how it was a pity that they wouldn’t have any more chances to fight against Tyranny this season and hoped that next season, the two teams would have another intense match.

The reporters once again noticed that their statement implied that Excellent Era was like a nobleman taking revenge, even ten years wouldn’t be too late.

Excellent Era understood what their fans were feeling and didn’t want to recklessly make a call. A loss was a loss. Still making remarks like a dead duck was very unclassy. Even though Excellent Era hadn’t touched the Championship Cup in four years, they still had the glorious record of having three Championship titles to their name and had always considered themselves as the number one team in the Pro Alliance.

The news briefing ended peacefully and Happy Internet Cafe’s broadcast also ended. The crowd began to disperse as well. Seeing how all of them looked so dejected, Chen Guo really wanted to go up and ask them: “Do you miss Ye Qiu?”

In the end, Chen Guo decided not to do so because Ye Xiu was sitting right there! She felt like standing out like that wouldn’t make anyone feel grateful towards her. It was much more likely that they would hate her.

After sending off a large batch of customers, Ye Xiu and Chen Guo returned to the game. Today, the Cafe had gotten loud for a bit because of the match, but then the business returned to the usual. The later it got, the fewer customers there were. There weren’t really any new customers that came. When it was almost midnight, there wasn’t even a single person left in the Internet Cafe. Before and after this, a lot of young kids without any proof of identity came to go on the computers. Chen Guo naturally shooed them away. At 11 o’clock, a large group of youths came and discussed with Chen Guo the conditions for an all nighter at the Internet Cafe.

Chen Guo refused to budge and just like everyone else, if they didn’t have any proof of identity, then they would have to leave. There was no room for negotiation. When the last customer left, she rolled down the shutters and closed the door.

During the long vacation, she had fun with her idol and played the game with her. Even though Chen Guo didn’t always accompany them for an all nighter, her usual sleep schedule had been broken. Right now it was 12 o’clock. In the past, she would already be in bed, but she currently didn’t feel like sleeping.

What should she do? There was only Glory……

She tidied up the front desk with Ye Xiu and then the two sat at their usual computers and played on their accounts.

“How’s it going? Has anything happened recently?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo shook her head and then turned around to look at Ye Xiu’s screen: “What level are you?”

“Level 49. I’ll rush to 50 tonight.” Ye Xiu said.

The time for history to be made had finally arrived. Chen Guo decided that she wouldn’t sleep today in order to remember this moment of glory.

“What do you plan on doing after getting to Level 50?” Chen Guo asked.

“I’ll do the quest chan first and then wait for everyone else to level up.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a waste of time…….” Chen Guo sighed. Normal players often had to repeat the content in the quest chain several times before succeeding, which was why they usually felt that it took so long. But for Ye Xiu, Chen Guo was certain that he would be able to pass it on his first try. He wouldn’t need to repeat anything and finish it step by step. The quest chain for the Heavenly Domain challenge wouldn’t take too long. However, for the Arena portion, he would have to wait for the majority of the playerbase to reach Level 50, which would usually take about a month. Right now there were events for the Spring Festival. However, most players wouldn’t be like Ye Xiu and play all day everyday, so their leveling speed couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu’s. Even with the event going on, the majority of the players would still need half a month. During this half a month, Ye Xiu would have nothing to do.

That night, Chen Guo didn’t sleep. As she did quests, she paid attention to Lord Grim’s experience bar. Finally, she personally witnessed this historical event. Under the white light from the computer screen, Lord Grim reached Level 50, becoming the first in the tenth server to get to Level 50.

Due to the nature of the Spring Festival, the accounts from the top guilds weren’t being played on 24/7. In the past few days, Ye Xiu actually played more than them. With Chen Guo helping Ye Xiu level, while he was sleeping, during these seven days of vacation, Lord Grim had become the tenth sever’s number one player.

But unfortunately, the tenth server didn’t have any event for begin the highest level. Even though Lord Grim was the first to reach Level 50, he didn’t get any rewards. He only received a few gasps of admiration from a few players.

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