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Chapter 411 – A True God

Ye Xiu passed the third test with ease. This was something that didn’t surprise Chen Guo. Soloing a Level 70 hidden BOSS sounded too excessive even as a test to enter the Heavenly Domain. If it really was as difficult as it sounded, the Heavenly Domain would be a dead server.

The Midnight Phantom Cat really was a Level 70 hidden BOSS and had the strength and power of a Level 70 hidden BOSS. The only thing it didn’t have was a BOSS’s health.

Health was a BOSS’s greatest advantage. A BOSS without a second bar behind its first health bar could hardly be considered a BOSS.

The Midnight Phantom Cat of the third test was this type of BOSS. His health value couldn’t be put together with the other BOSSes.

The Level 50 Lord Grim had a 20 level suppression facing the Level 70 monster. Who knew how many times weaker his attacks and skill effects were. In the end, Ye Xiu still defeated it quickly. The Cat rarely had the chance to hit back before becoming a corpse. The corpse became a quest item and was thrown into Ye Xiu’s inventory.

The third test was complete.

Ye Xiu was as calm as ever, while Chen Guo was indescribably excited.

Seeing Ye Xiu roll through the Heavenly Domain Challenge that gave other players headaches trying to beat it made Chen Guo feel delighted. It was like if she had been bullied by some big kid for a long time and then someone else came and beat the kid up in one punch.

It was such a thrilling feeling of justice!

If it wasn’t just the two of them and clapping wildly would look stupid, Chen Guo would have already started clapping.

“The fourth test, the fourth test.” Chen Guo urged Ye Xiu to hurry up.

The fourth test was given just before leaving the Beginner Village. The quest was a delivery.

The fourth test was set up along the delivery route and took place along a narrow, rugged mountain road. On both sides were bottomless abysses. If the character fell, the character would die. This test tested the player’s ability to move precisely. For this test, Chen Guo had moved one step at a time, slowly crawling forward. Even with this, she had fallen to her death countless times.

Chen Guo was confident that Ye Xiu would beat it in a few minutes again.

But the way he passed it was even more astonishing than what Chen Guo had imagined.

On such a narrow and rugged path, one slight misstep would cause the player to miss the road and fall. Ye Xiu actually had the nerves to use Aerial Fire. Chen Guo couldn’t even imagine how it was possible to use Aerial Fire so precisely. Every landing he made was completely on point.

Speaking of this, Ye Xiu had played as a Battle Mage! Why was he so skilled at using Gunner techniques? Chen Guo didn’t doubt that Ye Xiu was proficient with every class, but having such proficiency was a bit too much, no? Chen Guo felt like even a pro Gunner might not have the confidence to use Aerial Fire to move along this road. In addition, he flew forward without ever stopping.

It has to be known that this scenario was just like the first scenario in that the road was created at random. The curves along the road were different for everyone. So not only was it impossible to use a guide, it wasn’t possible to practice along the same road. It completely depended on how proficient the player was at using Aerial Fire.

Chen Guo stared at Ye Xiu inconceivably. She had thought that she wouldn’t look at the God this way ever again. She had thought that she understood just how great the God was. Now from the looks of it, his skill seemed bottomless.

When the fourth test was passed, Chen Guo was completely speechless.

Ye Xiu also let out a sigh of relief. He got up, went to get a drink of water, and lit up a cigarette. After walking around and finished smoking, he returned to his seat.

“Let me try a test!” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu. She suddenly had the urge to do one.

“Go ahead!” Ye Xiu didn’t mind.

As a result, Chen Guo switched to Ye Xiu’s computer and began controlling Lord Grim.

For the Heavenly Domain Challenge, many players repeated every test many many times before eventually passing it, so they all had a deep impression of it. Chen Guo didn’t need any reminders. Her memory of the entire quest chain was excellent and she quickly received the fifth test.

The content for this test wasn’t a battle. Chen Guo didn’t think that she was good enough to beat a Level 70 opponent with just a Level 50 character. If she had that type of skill, she wouldn’t have thought that completing the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50 was inconceivable. This inconceivability was mostly towards the battles. The running and jumping wasn’t any different for a Level 50 and a Level 70 character

The fifth test was another one that tested the player’s technical skills. This time, the main technique that would be tested was rolling.

Many of the obstacles in the scenario were too high to directly walk past. Crouching and walking was too slow. Lying down and crawling…… was even slower, so it could only be done with rolling.

This test shared the same design as the previous one. The player couldn’t miss a single one.

For this test, if the rolling wasn’t timed correctly such as if the player hit the obstacle, the player would immediately be killed and would have to start again.

At that time, Chen Guo had passed this test by herself. Ye Xiu passing the past four tests in one try made him look so mighty and powerful. She also wanted to try and see if she could show such might herself.

Reality proved that this wasn’t a possibility.

Even though Chen Guo had passed the tests before, it was clear that Ye Xiu had passed these tests entirely relying on his skill, while normal players partially relied on luck. They didn’t completely pass through with ease. They had gotten through a few parts by coincidence.

If they tried again, unless their mechanics had actually improved, they could only pray that they were lucky again.

As for Chen Guo, not only was she unlucky, her condition wasn’t great either.

Staying up all night wasn’t one of her strengths. It was already late at night and she was already tired. Apart from that, Ye Xiu was watching on the side too, so she was also a bit nervous.

“Don’t look!” Chen Guo turned her head.

“When was I looking?” Ye Xiu asked back.

Chen Guo was speechless. Ye Xiu really hadn’t been looking. He was playing on her Chasing Haze!

Suddenly, Chen Guo felt like she wanted Ye Xiu to look. But she had just said “Don’t look”, so changing her mind was a bit embarrassing. She could only try again.




Chen Guo continued to fail. She had gotten through only six obstacles on her best run.

Chen Guo stole a glance at Ye Xiu, who was playing quite happily on her Chasing Haze account. He really wasn’t paying attention at all. Chen Guo continued to try and continued to fail. In the end, she wasn’t able to take it anymore.

“Hey!” Chen Guo shouted.

“Hm? You’re done?” Ye Xiu turned his head to ask.

Chen Guo cried: “I couldn’t pass it.”

“Then let me try.” Ye Xiu and Chen Guo switched seats. After two and half minutes, Lord Grim exited the scenario. Chen Guo only hated how she didn’t have the Sharingan and couldn’t copy Ye Xiu’s gaming skill.

“Do you want to try the next one?” Ye Xiu showed his care for Chen Guo.

“I’m going to sleep!” Chen Guo got up and decided that she wouldn’t anger herself.

“You’re going to sleep?” Ye Xiu looked at the time, “Is the Internet Cafe opening today?”


“When?” Ye Xiu asked.

“At noon.” Chen Guo said. Because the Internet Cafe didn’t have many customers in the morning anyways, Chen Guo didn’t force her employees to wake up early and hurry over to work after the break. As a result, she decided to open up the business again at noon.

“Are you going to be able to get up at noon? Do you need me to stay until noon to open up the doors?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No need.”

“Okay.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and continued to play the game.

Chen Guo began to hesitate again. In reality, she wanted to watch Ye Xiu do the Heavenly Domain Challenge. Seeing the God crush the missions that gave normal players an unbearably difficult time was very exciting. She had decided to sleep because she had been somewhat upset, but now she felt like it would be a waste to sleep and it would be better to keep watching. But Ye Xiu reminded her that they had to start the business at noon. This was a big issue for her.

Business would always be there, but there was only one chance to see Ye Xiu do these quests.

In the end, Chen Guo persuaded herself with this reasoning and came back to watch.

Seeing Ye Xiu look at her incredulously, Chen Guo glared at him: “What are you looking at? I don’t feel like sleeping, is that not okay!”

“Then what do you want to do?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Watch you do the quests.” Chen Guo said before noticing that Ye Xiu had logged out of the game. On his screen was a video of a Glory match.

“Huh? Why aren’t you doing the quests?” Chen Guo asked.

“There’s no hurry!” Ye Xiu said, “There’s plenty of time to do it.”

“What video are you watching?” Chen Guo was curious. After looking at it for a moment, she was surprised: “Wasn’t that tonight’s match between Tyranny and Excellent Era?”


“Team competition?”


“Didn’t you already see it?” Chen Guo was puzzled.

“I want to study it again.” Ye Xiu said.

This was another difference between a casual and a professional. A casual would see it once and be done. A professional would see each match as a material to study. Observing the opponents and studying them. Even though Ye Xiu wasn’t in the Pro Alliance right now, he still did this.

“Tell me what there is to see in this match.” Chen Guo said.

“Are you sure? With your aptitude……”

“What are you saying!” Chen Guo was unable to restrain her anger.

“It’s like this. See, last night, Li Yibo said that the diagonal charge forward by Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust was when Tyranny began reaping gains from their tactics. That actually isn’t correct.” Ye Xiu said.

“Mmhm.” Chen Guo nodded his head.

“What are you mmhming for? You don’t actually remember do you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I remember!” Chen Guo shouted. She didn’t have any way to prove she did, so she could only use her voice as justification.

“Okay, that’s good. Then look. In reality, Tyranny began holding the advantage from here. See Immovable Rock’s position? Do you see it?”

“Zhang Jiexi’s Immovable Rock.” Chen Guo nodded her head.

“I asked if you see his position.”

“I saw it!”

“Then what does this position tell you?”

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be explaining?”

“You can’t think about it for yourself?”

“With my aptitude……” Chen Guo darkened.

“Oh, that’s right……” Ye Xiu said with a face that implied “I know.”

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