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Chapter 407 – Spring Festival Long Vacation

“Hey hey hey! Go up and sleep.”

“Hey hey hey! Go up and sleep.”

Ye Xiu patted to the left and to the right. The one on the left moved to the left and the one on the right moved to the right. Both of their mouths were muttering something. In any case, they were in a deep sleep and had no intentions of moving.

Ye Xiu patted to the left and right again. The two still ignored him. Helpless, Ye Xiu ran upstairs and grabbed blankets for them and then went back to the game.

Just like Su Mucheng said, for Ye Xiu, soloing a dungeon wasn’t a problem, but it was still more troublesome. Ye Xiu didn’t have any other choice though, so he pressed on forward through the dungeon. Moreover, Su Mucheng may be sleeping, but her character wasn’t dead. In order to not waste experience, Ye Xiu had Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist follow behind Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu let out a sigh of relief after getting out of the dungeon. Even though he had the ability to solo the dungeon, it taxed him heavily and certainly wasn’t efficient. Still running over to solo a dungeon was very stupid, especially while an event was going on. Ye Xiu hadn’t drunk much, so he was still clear headed. When he exited the dungeon, he had Su Mucheng’s character log off and then went to do quests.

The Spring Festival events weren’t difficult in the first place. If it wasn’t a problem for normal players, how could it be a problem for Ye Xiu? After mechanically repeating the quests over and over, he had even gotten on TV a few times, but he didn’t really get anything worth being amazed at. Experience was Ye Xiu’s main priority though and from this perspective, the efficiency was very satisfactory.

Early in the morning, Chen Guo’s and Su Mucheng’s alcohol and fatigue had eased up by quite a bit because of the sleep and the two woke up.

“Go up and sleep!” Ye Xiu called to them.

“Oh……” Chen Guo was struggling to wake up.

“What are you doing?” Su Mucheng was also trying hard to open her eyes.

“Doing quests!” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll go do some too. I don’t want to be left behind.” Su Mucheng rubbed her eyes and extended her hands out to grab the mouse.

“Don’t worry! When I get to Level 50, the Heavenly Domain challenge will take me a long time to finish.” Ye Xiu said.

“The quest chain won’t be bad, but the requirements for the Arena might be troublesome in the new server.” Su Mucheng checked the level standings and said this after studying the tenth server’s character levels. Lord Grim was too high leveled. He was at the same level as the top guilds’ elite accounts and those accounts probably wouldn’t go the Arena at Level 50.

“A blessing yesterday, a misfortune today!” Ye Xiu sighed.

Ye Xiu couldn’t think of a way. Su Mucheng couldn’t either. She could only be helpless along with Ye Xiu. On the other side, Chen Guo was struggling to stand up, but after seeing that Su Mucheng didn’t intend on sleeping, she stretched and then sat back to down to log in.

“What, you’re not going to sleep either?” Ye Xiu asked.

“All nighter. What sleep?” Chen Guo opened her eyes wide, but she couldn’t open them very wide. She simply didn’t have the energy to do so.

“All nighter it is!” Ye Xiu wouldn’t urge her and quickly returned to his game.

As a result, the three each took a computer station and were able to complete the all nighter tradition. Many players used this as an excuse to play games all night.

And tonight, the might of the Spring Festival events could be seen. On the level standings, those who were online all day since the start had a huge advantage over those who hadn’t. Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s character had both risen up several ranks.

After the sun came out, the three logged off and went to sleep. Su Mucheng had originally planned on sleeping at Ye Xiu’s place, while Ye Xiu slept on the sofa, but Chen Guo stubbornly refused. Under her invitation, Su Mucheng went to sleep together in her room, while Ye Xiu slept in the usual storage room.

When they got up, they ate some food and then went to play Glory. For dinner, Chen Guo had reserved a restaurant again and so the three headed over there to eat another feast. They didn’t party as hard as yesterday and the two girls didn’t get so drunk that they were tipsy. After returning, they went to play Glory. This time, they didn’t insist on playing all night and went to rest if they felt tired.

This lifestyle went on for three days. The pattern remained the same, but they were quite happy with it. After all, Glory was their favorite hobby. During a long vacation, doing what you liked without having to worry about work was what most people did for their vacation. Their way of celebrating the holiday wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

On the fourth day of the Spring Festival, Chen Guo had to go out. It wasn’t like she didn’t have relatives. It was just that she wasn’t very close to them. She still felt like she had to visit them for New Year’s. Chen Guo left in the early morning. When Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng got up, they only saw a slip of paper left by Chen Guo.

“Oh, today there’s only us two!” Ye Xiu read the slip of paper.

“What should we do?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Have you bought any new clothes for the New Year’s?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I haven’t!” Su Mucheng said.

“Let’s go shopping then!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Su Mucheng didn’t refuse.

As a result, today, the three didn’t sit at the Cafe playing the game all day. Chen Guo went out to visit her relatives. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng went out walking around the city. They ate and took a stroll. It was like a vacation from the game.

Chen Guo finished visiting her relatives in one day. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng didn’t have any new goals after walking around the entire day either. The three returned to their previous life and played Glory during the vacation.

The long vacation for the Spring Festival usually lasted for seven days. But for the Pro Alliance, the vacation only lasted five days. This was because the Alliance wanted to take advantage of the vacation to add to the players’ fun. The seventh day of the Spring Festival was a match day.

On the night of the fifth day, Su Mucheng had to go back to the team to get ready. During these few days, Chen Guo had been able to establish a deep friendship with Su Mucheng. Being able to become friends with her idol was something she had never dared of dreaming about before. Right now, her dream had become a reality. She had a smile on her face the entire day. When Su Mucheng left, Chen Guo had sent her who knew how many things as a gift. Ye Xiu watched, a bit speechless: “I say, it’s not like she’s leaving to somewhere far away! She’s just across the street.”

“What do you know. It’s not convenient for Mu Mu to come over, especially because we’re at an Internet Cafe.” Chen Guo said.

“How could I not know……” Ye Xiu looked up at the sky. The boss was regarding him less and less like a pro player.

“It’s really too much. I can’t carry it all! I’ll leave it here for now and I’ll come pick it up when I have time.” Su Mucheng said.

Her other reasons could be accepted. The four words “when I have time” made Chen Guo unbearably happy. She obviously welcomed Su Mucheng to come over often, so she quickly split the gifts: “So it’s like that…… Okay, you can come pick these up later!”

Su Mucheng left. Now it was only Chen Guo and Ye Xiu that remained in the Internet Cafe. Chen Guo had given her employees seven days of vacation. Her reason for closing the Internet Cafe these past few days was mainly in order to concentrate on taking care of Su Mucheng as a guest. Now that Su Mucheng had left, Chen Guo could feel at ease opening up her Internet Cafe.

The Internet Cafe’s business was doing quite well today. In particular, there were many young faces. Many of them couldn’t even take out their proof of identity. They tried every way possible to try and trick their way in. Clearly, after receiving their New Year’s money, they wanted to go out and spend it. Chen Guo was very lawful towards these people though. She wouldn’t care about that small amount of business. Those who didn’t have their proofs of identity wouldn’t be able to enter. The helpless kids could only take their red envelopes and leave the line. Who knew how many kids she had to send away today. Chen Guo wasn’t so soft.

On the seventh day of the Spring Festival, the final day of vacation, the Glory Pro Alliance specially prepared a match day in order to give their Glory fans a happy ending to the vacation. This day had been carefully considered long ago during the planning for this season’s schedule. The entire day was filled with highlight matches.

Excellent Era versus Tyranny. Even though their current placings were very uneven, their many years of rivalry made this match a match worth seeing. No Excellent Era fan or Tyranny fan would miss this match.

Tiny Herb versus Samsara. After Excellent Era’s dynasty, the new generation two-time Champion team would be facing the up and coming Samsara. It would be a match between the old and the new.

Blue Rain versus Thunderclap. Both teams had Master Tacticians leading. Even though in terms of individual strength, Blue Rain had the advantage, the existence of Thunderclap’s Xiao Shiqin would give any team trouble. How the two Master Tacticians would devise their battle plans would definitely attract countless players who were interested in strategy and tactics.

Hundred Blossoms versus Misty Rain……

Mysterious Fantasy versus Bright Green……

Every match had something to be noted. Whether that be drama or controversy, all of the matches were filled with hype. The only unfortunate thing was that the competition schedule had been set before the season started. Many hot topics that came out during the season couldn’t be arranged into the schedule.

For example, Tang Hao versus Lin Jingyan, the fight between the new generation and the old generation was a fight that had only erupted during the season. Moreover, the two were both powerhouses in their respective teams. If this had been known earlier, a match between Hundred Blossoms versus Wind Howl would have definitely been arranged for today.

Such a dazzling array of hyped matches to watch would make any player very conflicted on which one to watch. The TV station had chosen to broadcast the match between Excellent Era and Tyranny. However, this season, Excellent Era’s record was quite poor. The two teams weren’t on the same competitive level. The match was entirely on their history as rivals. This wasn’t something that the people planning the season schedule could have predicted. The highlight match that had been planned for the Spring Festival had lost a lot of hype because of this reason. Luckily, the drama between Sun Xiang and Han Wenqing during the All Star Weekend made it so that there was something to look out for in this match. Even Chen Guo, who no longer liked Excellent Era, decided to choose this match to watch.

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