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Chapter 406 – New Year’s Eve

Things with rankings always aroused competition. It was the reason why the Christmas Event turned into a huge war between the top guilds. However, the Spring Festival wasn’t like this. Players quietly did their quests and the system quietly gave out the rewards. Players could form parties with each other to do quests, but it wasn’t necessary. You could easily complete the entire quest chain playing alone.

It could be said that the Spring Festival event had temporarily turned Glory into a single player game. Everyone could play on their own without any interaction. Of course, seeing others obtain beautiful rewards would make anyone envious, but there was nothing that could be done about that. The event quests were right there though. If they were envious, then they just had to complete them. The system gave out the rewards for the event fairly, so that more players would participate in the event.

But no matter how great the rewards were. The later it got today, the fewer the number of players there would be online. Just before six, Ye Xiu took one last glance at his friends list before he logged off. All of the names were gray. Not a single one of them was online, even those enthusiastic fans from the top guilds.

Soon afterwards, three people headed over to the restaurant Chen Guo had reserved and went there to eat dinner. Chen Guo suddenly felt like she was in a dream seeing the two guests in front of her. If this was in the past, she would never have thought that she would ever get the chance to eat with the two of them, let alone eating with them at New Year’s Eve.

Chen Guo was obviously very excited, but she also knew that Ye Xiu and his brother were both a mess with alcohol. As a result, even though she poured alcohol into Ye Xiu’s cup, it was only a little bit. She didn’t force him to drink either. Ye Xiu spent most of his time drinking other drinks to dilute it.

The three chatted about Glory.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were two top tier pros. Who knew how much gossip and secrets they knew about in the pro circle. Just from the two gossipping, Chen Guo had her eyes opened to a new world.

Though for gossip, the top tier God Ye Xiu couldn’t compare to Su Mucheng. Su Mucheng deserved to be called a girl. Her ability to gossip was far better than Ye Xiu’s.

That night, none of them talked about any serious topics. The atmosphere was even more harmonious than when doing the Spring Festival quests. At the end of the dinner, the two were clearly drunk. They repeated the same piece of gossip five times and were still laughing at what they were saying. Ye Xiu had drunk very little alcohol, so he was wide awake. Seeing that the other two were having fun, he didn’t stop them and just quietly sat there on the side.

“Ah? There’s no more alcohol.” Su Mucheng picked up the alcohol bottle and shook it around for awhile. She was only able to shake out two more drops. Then, she peeked through the bottle opening to look at the back of the bottle and then raised it up announcing her findings.

“Then, shall we go back?” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Su Mucheng immediately stood up.

“Aw……” Chen Guo had wanted to say they could get more alcohol, but seeing that her idol wanted to leave, she swallowed what she was about to say and shakily stood up using the table as a support.

“Careful……” Ye Xiu saw that the two girls were unsteady and didn’t know which one he should help. In the end, the two girls supported each other and swayed left and right towards the exit. Ye Xiu followed behind them, ready to rescue them at any time.

They paid the bill and then left.

It wasn’t early and it was still quite cold at night, but the two drunk girls couldn’t feel it. After leaving the restaurant, they didn’t hurry to get back home and walked along the road. The two laughed and giggled the entire way back. Ye Xiu, who was following behind them, was too distracted to hear what they were saying clearly.

“Will it be far if we go back through there?” Ye Xiu heard Su Mucheng say this clearly and was so frightened, his body broke out into cold sweat.

“Hm, it’s quite far. We can walk for a bit and then get a taxi!” Luckily, Chen Guo still had her common sense.

“Oh, oh. Let’s walk for a bit.” Su Mucheng said.

The two girls continued to walk forward in large strides. Ye Xiu didn’t stop them and just followed close behind in case they tripped or something.

Looking at both sides of the street, all of the houses had their lights turned brightly on. In the night, the lights shined even brighter than the stars. Suddenly, there was a “Bang!” and then from who knew which window, a string of fireworks shot into the sky and exploded, dimming the stars even further.

The string of fireworks was like a signal and one after the other, all sorts of fireworks were set off. The sound of firecrackers also sprung up from all around, filling up the area with booms and crackles. Among these sounds was the sound of a clock. It was finally midnight!!

The two girls were almost within reach and Ye Xiu could see them opening their mouths and shouting something, but their voices were drowned out by the other sounds around them. Even worse, after the fireworks exploded into colorful flowers, raindrop like things began falling. Chen Guo was the first to be hit.

“Oh no!” The nearby Ye Xiu was able to hear Chen Guo shout this out.

“Run!!” The two girls called out to Ye Xiu. The two had already begun running. But the problem was that along this road, besides business buildings, the residents were all firing off their fireworks and firecrackers. This “rain” was dropping all along the road. Where would they run to?

The two girls didn’t seem to understand this logic. As they ran and dodged, they were having a lot of fun. Ye Xiu followed after them and finally understood. The two were pretending this was a game!

Ye Xiu paid attention to the road. During this special occasion, there were very very few taxis around. Even though he was looking for one, there was still no sign of one even after a long time.

“I’m so tired. Let’s rest a little bit!!” The two girls ran towards a bus stop to take shelter and then looked up together to see the skies filled with colorful flowers.

“Look over there. That one looks good.”

“Yeah, yeah. Over there!”

The two pointed around and continued to laugh, swaying from side to side. Ye Xiu also took cover at the bus stop and looked up. The beautiful flowers covering the sky truly was very gorgeous to look at. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the flowers were, they would only stay for so long before fading away.

The three under the bus stop watched the show put on by the neighborhood families. After the show was done, everything became exceptionally quiet. There would occasionally be a few sounds of fireworks going off, but it only further showed the emptiness after moments of beauty.

“It’s over……” Su Mucheng mumbled as she looked into the sky.

“It’s not done yet! We still have some at my home. Let’s hurry back and set them off!” Chen Guo said.

“Really?” Su Mucheng immediately became excited again.

“Hurry up and find a taxi.” The two impatiently urged.

But it wasn’t easy to find a taxi. The three waited for a long time before they found one. By the time they got back to the Internet Cafe, the families who didn’t care to see the New Year had probably gone to sleep already.

The two excited girls didn’t care about this though. After returning to the Internet Cafe, Chen Guo took out all of the fireworks she had bought yesterday. These fireworks had been bought based off of how good their names sounded to Chen Guo. She didn’t actually know what they were like though. After pushing them all outside, the two girls went to ask Ye Xiu to light them up.

Ye Xiu lit two of them, one for each of the two girls. The two girls played around with them, firing them off and commenting on them. Previously, they had been spectators. This time, they were participating. Even though no one else was really doing it right now, the two still looked for that type of fun from competing with others and expressed how their fireworks looked better than the others from before.

“Not bad, not bad.” Ye Xiu added and acted as the fire giver.

Chen Guo had truly bought a lot of fireworks. The two girls set them off for a good half an hour. They were finally satisfied and then went back to their rooms to rest.

“What should we do next?” They were done playing with the fireworks, but they clearly weren’t ready to stop yet.

“We can dungeon……” Ye Xiu suggested.

The two looked at each other and thought about it for a bit. They really didn’t have anything to do, so they accepted Ye Xiu’s suggestion.

When they came on, quite a few names on the friends list had lit up. Tang Rou wasn’t there though.

“Oh? There’s only us two.” Ye Xiu said to Su Mucheng.

“Then let’s go with just us two!” Su Mucheng didn’t care.

“You won’t fall asleep halfway right?” Ye Xiu wondered. The two girls had played crazily and had kept up their high energy the entire time. Now that things had quieted down, if the alcohol got to them, they would probably doze off.

“You’ll be okay by yourself, no?” Su Mucheng said.

“Okay, let’s go then!”

The two dungeoned together. Chen Guo hated how she couldn’t play with them. She could only go on her Chasing Haze and play by herself.

Ye Xiu’s worries had been right on the mark. Not long after they began playing, Chen Guo, who had been playing by herself in the Heavenly Domain, was the first to get sleepy and she struggled to keep her eyes open. In the end, she wasn’t able to hang on and she slumped in her chair and fell asleep.

As for Su Mucheng, because she was playing with someone else, her situation was better than Chen Guo’s. But halfway through the dungeon, she began struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Hey hey!”


“Hey hey hey!” Ye XIu repeatedly reminded. Right now, Su Mucheng was no longer his best partner, but the dungeon’s secret spy, giving Ye Xiu trouble from time to time.

“Hurry up and go to sleep.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’m not sleepy!” Su Mucheng struggled. She lifted her cannon and began firing at monsters. Ye Xiu had his character turn around and run. The monsters at hand hadn’t been completely killed off, yet she pulled another mob over…….

Trapping them using the terrain, moving around, kiting, pulling a train…….. Ye Xiu used everything at his disposal and with great difficulty, he was able to clear away the giant mob. He turned his head to urge Su Mucheng to go to sleep, but discovered that she had already fallen asleep on her chair.

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