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Chapter 408 – Su Mucheng’s Transformation

At Happy Internet Cafe, everyone was still on break. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo were the only ones working. When it was about time for the match to be broadcast, the two bustled about, running back and forth and had even let out a little sweat doing so. Luckily, Chen Guo had plenty of experience. In the past, she had tried doing everything herself like this and knew what troubles would happen with just a few people helping out. As a result, she took precautions beforehand, so they wouldn’t miss the match’s broadcast.

However, because she had offended many of the Excellent Era fans, even though today they were broadcasting an Excellent Era match, there weren’t many who came today specially for the match.

Chen Guo didn’t care about this. It was true that the Cafe had lost that atmosphere from before, but there was still a good audience size, especially since Excellent Era’s match was being broadcasted today. A few passerbyers saw this and joined in.

As a business, someone had to watch over the front desk. The two weren’t able to get a good seat, so they sat together at the front desk.

The commentator and honored guest had already begun doing their pre-game talk. There was a lot less to talk about though because of Excellent Era’s poor season record. Right now, the commentator and honored guest were discussing the challenge from Sun Xiang to Han Wenqing at the All Star Weekend, hoping to arouse their audience’s feelings.

Reality confirmed that it worked. The Excellent Era fans in Happy Internet Cafe were bubbling with excitement. They hoped that today, Excellent Era would be able to crush Tyranny, especially Tyranny’s captain Han Wenqing. The uglier the loss, the better. It has to be known that at the All Star Weekend, Sun Xiang had taken the initiative to challenge Han Wenqing, yet Sun Xiang was the one to lose. This defeat was something that Excellent Era fans could only lower their heads, even when Tyranny fans laughed at them. The battle had received not just a few mocking remarks from Tyranny fans, but the Excellent Era fans could do nothing in retaliation.

Win the match versus Tyranny!

After the All Star Weekend, this had become the number one hope this season for Excellent Era fans. As for making it into the playoffs, it was only a possibility in theory. They didn’t have any hope of it actually happening.

A match that was looked highly upon by supporters would make it an important match for the teams too. Excellent Era had expressed their confidence and determination in the pre-game briefing.

The match soon began. For the first round in the individual competition, Excellent Era started off with Su Mucheng and her Dancing Rain. Chen Guo immediately put down her task at hand and stared attentively at the match.

Having not projected Excellent Era’s matches in a while, Chen Guo only felt that it was a pity because she couldn’t watch her idol play. Even though she later found VODs to watch, it wasn’t as exciting as watching it live. Today was a rare opportunity. Chen Guo would give her a good cheer.

“Wow, Excellent Era starts off with Su Mucheng! Speaking of her, ever since the All Star Weekend, Su Mucheng has been performing exceptionally.” The commentator said.

“Yes. You’re right.” The honored guest affirmed.

“Do you think that it has anything to do with Ye Qiu appearing at All Stars and expressing his return with a Dragon Raises Its Head?” The commentator began instigating the drama, obviously for the audience to listen to.

“It might be because of that, but it’s only a guess. In recent interviews, Su Mucheng always avoids answering these types of questions.” The honored guest said.

“There’s already rumors that Ye Qiu is preparing to create his own team and return to the Pro Alliance that way. If that’s true, with Su Mucheng’s and Ye Qiu’s relationship, she’ll definitely be a central part of Ye Qiu’s team, no? Coach Li, what do you think?”

Today, the commentator and honored guest was once again Pan Lin and Li Yibo. In the Glory eSports scene, the two were well-known casting duos. They would often be sent out for the more exciting matches.

“This…… the earliest Ye Qiu can come back would be next split in the winter. It’s not possible to directly have his team enter the Alliance at that time. In other words, if Ye Qiu creates his own team and plans on joining the alliance, if everything goes well, it will have to be at the tenth season. As for Su Mucheng’s contract? She still has half a year left. When the tenth season arrives, her contract will have expired. It really is possible. In terms of time, there aren’t any hindrances. However, there’s still half a year of time. Even if Ye Qiu creates his own team, it’s only a rumor right now. We can’t make a conclusion so easily.” Li Yibo’s words were spoken in a somewhat roundabout way. The current him no longer made conclusions so bluntly. His words would often have many extra words to them.

“Oh oh. Let’s first pay attention to the match.” After introducing the players who would be appearing on stage, the first round of the individual competition began and the commentator Pan Lin immediately switched the topic to the match.

“Coach Li, don’t you feel that Su Mucheng’s style has changed after the All Star Weekend?” Li Yibo’s commentating style had changed, but Pan Lin’s was still the same. Pan Lin often brought up topics for Li Yibo to talk about.

Li Yibo was quite confident with this question. He didn’t answer in a roundabout way and replied directly: “In truth, when Su Mucheng partnered with Ye Qiu, she spent the majority of the time supporting him. But recently, she has clearly become much more proactive, whether she plays solo or with the team. She now looks like a main attacker.”

“Then Coach Li, do you feel that this change is due to some type of breakthrough she’s made as an individual? Or do you think it’s because the team requires it?” Pan Lin asked.

“That’s hard to say, but I believe that no matter the style or strategy, every player has victory as their end goal.” Li Yibo elaborately avoided answering the question.

In the past, Chen Guo had liked to hear what the commentator and honored guest analyzed, but after hearing Ye Xiu’s explanations and deductions several times, when the time came, she turned her head out of habit to see what Ye Xiu had to say.

This time, Ye Xiu didn’t say anything. Chen Guo didn’t like this and tapped Ye Xiu’s shoulder: “Hey, say something.”

“Say what?” Ye Xiu was puzzled.

“They’re saying that Mu Mu’s style has changed.” Chen Guo and Su Mucheng had become good friends and now addressed her as “Mu Mu”.

“They’re correct. Her style has changed.” Ye Xiu said.

“How has she changed?” This was the question that Li Yibo had avoided.

“She’s gotten better as an individual.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really?” Chen Guo was happy, but she quickly realized that Ye Xiu had something more to say: “Then what about from a team perspective?”

“They’ve already said it. She’s changed from a support role to an attacker.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is that change good or bad?” Chen Guo asked.

“That can’t be seen from a 1v1 match. You have to look at the team’s situation to see.” Ye Xiu said.

“Just tell it to me straight!” Chen Guo was anxious.

“For the current Excellent Era, this type of change has probably increased the team’s strength!” Ye Xiu said.


“Because currently, Excellent Era’s core player is still a relatively solo player. In the past, Su Mucheng’s supportive play style didn’t just revolve around the core player’s tempo and add to it. Her play style required both sides to work together. When the core player attacked, the core player had to consider what she would do. Sun Xiang might have the ability to do this, but right now, he doesn’t have that type of awareness, so Su Mucheng’s playstyle wouldn’t be very effective. It’d be better if she became an attacker to increased the team’s battle strength.” Ye Xiu said.

“Sun Xiang is a piece of trash!” Chen Guo immediately disdained.

“If he really was trash, then there’s no one in the Alliance that would dare call themselves good.” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Trash is trash!” Chen Guo violently cursed.

“Let’s watch the match.” Ye Xiu said helplessly.

The first round of the individual competition wasn’t short or long. Both sides played well, but Su Mucheng had seized a crucial opportunity and helped Excellent Era win one point.

“Beautiful! Amazing!!!” Chen Guo clapped wildly.

“Yeah yeah!” Ye Xiu added.

“So halfhearted!” Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu’s tone.

“Yeah yeah!” Ye Xiu repeated himself to save time.

Chen Guo restrained herself from picking up her stool and throwing it at him. She could only glare viciously at Ye Xiu and wait for him to explain.

“I understand your reaction as a crazy fan, but from the actual content of the match, your reaction is too exaggerated.” Ye Xiu said.

“If everyone’s like you. Where’s the fun in watching a match?” Chen Guo curled her lips.

“That’s why I’m a pro and you’re a spectator.” Ye Xiu said bluntly.

Chen Guo lost again…….

Chen Guo was beginning to feel conflicted for the second and third round. Excellent Era was a team she didn’t like, but the team had players she liked. For a moment, she wasn’t sure whether she should be hoping for Excellent Era to win or lose. Previously, when she didn’t watch Excellent Era’s matches, she didn’t have this type of conflict. But now that she was looking at one, she didn’t know what she should be feeling. The match made Chen Guo feel vexed.

During her moments of trouble, Excellent Era lost two times in a row. Chen Guo immediately made a conclusion and looked down on the two Excellent Era matches that had come out, while praising Su Mucheng.

The group arrangement for the Group Arena was standard. The two team’s players with Han Wenqing and Sun Xiang last as the anchors.

The competition quickly began. This time, Excellent Era’s two players who went up didn’t give a chance for Chen Guo to look down on them. Their performance was exceptional. Not only did they defeat their opponents, they even acquired a huge advantage. In the third round, they fought against Han Wenqing and were able to take down half of the health of Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust.

Next was Sun Xiang’s turn. This matchup was something that everyone had been looking forward to, but with Han Wenqing’s Desert Smoke only with half of his health left, the disadvantage for Han Wenqing was too great. Sun Xiang used this advantage to form a steady strategy. In the end, Sun Xiang defeated Han Wenqing and won his team the Group Arena victory.

However, beating a half health Han Wenqing didn’t make any of the Excellent Era fans satisfied with the revenge. They only felt like Sun Xiang had done something that should have been done. In order to appease their resentment, it would have to be Sun Xiang at half health beating a Han Wenqing at full health.

As a result, everything depended on the final team competition.

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