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Chapter 405 – A Peaceful Spring Festival Event

Ye Xiu soon logged into the game. He wasted yesterday sleeping and didn’t use today’s dungeon runs yet. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist was the same, as was Tang Rou. Both of them were online and hadn’t run the dungeons. Horse Shooter and Thousand Creations weren’t online.

The level gap still existed between the players who participated in the Christmas event with Ye Xiu and the others. This gap eliminated any open teams. The only hope for a full five person team was to join the players of the other guilds. However, it was New Year’s Eve today, and each major guild was going with their own agenda. Ye Xiu glanced down at his friends list. A few of the guild leaders of the tenth server were online. He sent messages to every one of them, asking if they had any open teams. In the end, none had any available. Some already used up the dungeon runs while the others didn’t have space for three.

This wasn’t a big problem for Ye Xiu. If there was no team open, then he would manage. With his level of skill, three people was more than enough to challenge a five-person dungeon. The only downside was the efficiency, which wasn’t going to be very satisfactory.

On the other hand, considering this was a special occasion, he didn’t need to hold such high expectations. However, this was the first time Chen Guo had ever participated in work with such high difficulty. In addition, she was using Su Mucheng’s account. If she accidentally killed her idol’s character, she would surely die of guilt. As a result, Chen Guo was clearly way too nervous. Her maneuvers were rigid, her mind was often half a beat too slow, and she made countless careless mistakes. She only survived because of Ye Xiu, who had to save her frequently.

It was fortunate that Chen Guo sat right next to Ye Xiu. Through the latter’s constant hints and reminders, she soon recovered. She quickly realized that this was much easier than she had expected.

Chen Guo was no amateur, so she quickly figured out that this dungeon raid was easy because Ye Xiu took care of most of the difficulty. The rest was split between Tang Rou, who took the majority, and Chen Guo. Chen Guo obviously wouldn’t be dealing with anything too hard.

Nevertheless, three people running through a five-person dungeon was pretty slow. After three times, it was already noon. The special event for New Year started on 12:00 pm sharp. Tang Rou had already left to fix lunch. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo also called for delivery.

“What are going to have tonight?” Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo while munching on the delivered food.

After all, today was New Year’s Eve. The dinner on New Year’s Eve, according to Chinese traditions, was one of the most important meals throughout the year. Fast food would be a miserable excuse for such an important feast.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered.” Chen Guo replied.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu was curious.

“I made a reservation at a restaurant. “ Chen Guo spoke.

“Will it be okay? I mean, if there are any Glory fans, especially ones like you.” Ye Xiu insisted.

Chen Guo glared angrily at Ye Xiu for awhile, then added, “I reserved a room. It should be fine.”

“Mm, not bad.“ Ye Xiu approved Chen Guo’ s decision. Chen Guo rolled her eyes and said nothing. Ye Xiu had no chance of being discovered by fans. It was Su Mucheng who was the problem. On the other hand, Su Mucheng was Chen Guo’s idol. How could Chen Guo not have considered everything?

“The event is about to start. What do you think of it?” Chen Guo asked.

“From the information released, there are no shortcuts. We can only rely on our luck and skills this time.” Ye Xiu explained.

“So there is no chance of repeating what happened last Christmas?” Chen Guo continued.

“Nope. That would be impossible.” Ye Xiu shook his head confidently.

“What level do you think you’ll be by the end of this event?”

“Do you think I’m some sort of god? I can only tell you things after doing the quests for some time. How can I know all of the things just by looking at the quest chain?” Ye Xiu complained.

“After level 50, you’ll be starting the Heavenly Domain Challenge right?” Chen Guo checked.

“I have to. Otherwise I can’t continue to level up.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Will it be hard?” Chen Guo inquired.

“Nope. It’ll just be like killing time. “ Ye Xiu responded.

Ye Xiu had said a while ago that he would be doing the Heavenly Domain Challenge once he reached Level 50. Chen Guo thought he was crazy then, but she found it easier to accept his casual reply now. For a top tier God like Ye Xiu, killing time was a fitting description for such a task.

The Heavenly Domain Challenge consisted of two parts.

One part had to do with the Arena. It required that the player achieve a certain number of victories. However, there was another criteria: the opponent’s level cannot be lower than one’s own level. Ye Xiu was having troubles with that requirement. His level was too high. He was in the group of players with the highest level in the tenth server. Even when that group reached level 50, there still wouldn’t be a lot of people that matched Ye Xiu’s criteria. In addition, these people were all the elites of the top guilds. They had old accounts in other servers. These job of these players was to level up their tenth server account as fast as possible to fight for the dungeon records. Arena was just something they did to waste time, so they rarely went.

As a result, Ye Xiu was in a bind. It’s just like how the best craftsman can’t make anything without the basic materials. There was no doubt that he can obtain that many victories, but the problem was that there were no opponents to beat. What could Ye Xiu do? Challenge someone over and over again? Unfortunately, the system of Glory had already thought of that. There was another rule: after ten victories against the same opponent, any more victories against the same person wouldn’t count.

The officials always treated the Heavenly Domain very seriously. The goal of the Heavenly Domain Challenge was to test the true skills of the player. Thus, the Heavenly Domain Challenge tried its best to avoid any loopholes. The only way to cheat was like Chen Guo, who asked someone else to do it for her. The officials of the game couldn’t do anything about that.

The other part of the Heavenly Domain Challenge were the PvE quests. Even these quests tested for the player’s skills. For example, some missions asked the player to collect a certain number of monster drops.. These items would not drop unless a certain criteria was met, such as a certain number of combos. No one could rely on luck to fulfill the Heavenly Domain Challenge.

Ye Xiu had no problem with these quests that tested for skill. Ye Xiu’s problem was killing the monsters. The Heavenly Domain Challenge always matched the level cap. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was only level 50, while the mission’s level was 70. This disparity would cause a huge level suppression on him, making every battle extremely difficult for Ye Xiu. He wasn’t worried about combos though because each battle demanded a tremendous amount of time, which would be more than enough for him to fulfill all the combo requirements. The only thing he had to worry about was endurance.

Endurance didn’t just indicate life and mana, but also Ye Xiu himself. He needed to be highly focused the entire time to ensure no mistake was made.

Even if Ye Xiu could accomplish all of that, he could not change the fact that the battles were going to be extremely long. This was the reason why Ye Xiu said this was going be a time killer.

“I hope everything will go smoothly…….” Chen Guo shuddered at the thought. On the other hand, Ye Xiu seemed to be thinking of something else.

At 12 o’clock, the special event for New Year started. Ye Xiu, Chen Guo, and Tang Rou all returned to the game. Ye Xiu checked his friends list again. Most people were on break for the holiday. Much to Ye Xiu’s satisfaction, Steamed Bun Invasion stayed online constantly.

After the last Christmas event, Steamed Bun Invasion had been left behind. Ye Xiu had always found that to be a pity. Ye Xiu even asked for Steamed Bun Invasion’s phone number to avoid such a tragedy again. Steamed Bun Invasion had logged in early today for this event, so he wasn’t late for it.

After completing the quest chain several times, Ye Xiu got a pretty good idea of the event. This year’s New Year event was just as good as the past years. The speed of leveling up for this event was way better than usual. Plus, there was a super high chance of getting all sorts of goodies.

Much to Ye Xiu’s disappointment, there was no loophole to take advantage of. This event definitely gave him no chance to get more stuff than others.

When the event first started, all the players participated excitedly. There weren’t a lot of people on his friends list, but Ye Xiu still felt that the maps were overcrowded when he completed the missions. The global chat was changing constantly, boasting of rewards good enough to make any player who missed the event regret.

The clearest proof of this was Chen Guo. Chen Guo was extremely focused on playing her idol’s character, but after seeing all the fancy rewards, she couldn’t help but want to abandon Su Mucheng’s account and log in on her own account.

Chen Guo didn’t have to struggle over this decision for long. An hour after the event started, Su Mucheng woke up and took over. Chen Guo immediately logged into her own account and started doing the quests in the Heavenly Domain.

“How do you do the quest?” Su Mecheng asked right after she got her own account back. She hadn’t read the description for this special event.

Under Ye Xiu’s guidance, Su Mucheng soon finished the first round of missions. There were a few battles here and there, but they posed no threat for a pro player.

“It’s not very interesting.” Su Mucheng commented after the first round.

“Yep. The rewards aren’t bad though.” Ye Xiu answered.

“It’s the same every year. “ Su Mucheng sighed and then started her second round of quests.

Both Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were experienced pro players, so no reward would surprise them too much. Chen Guo, sitting next to the two, was feeling the pressure though.

There were several times where she wanted to cry out in joy for the rare items the two won, but after seeing no reaction from the winners, Chen Guo felt embarrassed for over reacting.

“Actually, the best thing about New Year’s event is that there is no conflict.” Ye Xiu suddenly spoke.

“True. It’s a holiday, after all! No one wants to have a bad time during the holidays! For the Spring Festival, peace is very important.” Su Mucheng agreed.

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