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Chapter 397 – Words That Hadn’t Been Seen in a Long Time

Life in the game continued, players continued to clear dungeons, kill monsters, and complete quests. After all, these are the three main parts of Glory, everything else is just to make these more interesting. These basic frames have never been changed.

All of the guilds agreed to step down, but Ye Xiu didn’t loosen his guard. Since the moment he established the guild, he knew that the other guild leaders would be his enemies forever. They were only temporarily stepping down. It was just that they hadn’t found any ways to fight back yet. If they ever thought up a new scheme, a violent offensive would immediately be carried out, without any warning, of course.

The best method of collecting information was to use someone condemned and hated by everyone — a spy. But Guild Happy had just been established. It wasn’t that there wasn’t anyone who could be trusted. Even if there were, they weren’t high enough leveled to join any of these guilds backed by Clubs.

However, from this point, it could be seen that Guild Happy was actually very high end. It had been established not too long ago, yet it was already considered as an opponent to those guilds backed by Clubs. This had never happened before in the history of Glory, even in new servers.

Guild Happy could only develop step by step because those sorts of methods wouldn’t work. Blue River went back to his Blue Brook Guild Leader account. Peerless Looks hadn’t logged in since then. However because Ye Xiu disabled the join guild feature, the number of members stopped increasing. The existing members had all been organized appropriately by Blue River. Everyone was simply grinding monsters to gain experience now. The guild atmosphere was happy and fun. No unexpected problems occurred. Compared to the first few days the guild was established, the excitement had fallen a bit. This could be seen from the guild experience bar. These days, the enthusiasm for doing guild quests had calmed down. It wasn’t like the first few days, where guild missions were everything.

It wouldn’t be good for Happy to force them to do anything; letting the guild grow peacefully was for the best. During these few days Ye Xiu was keeping an eye on the situation at Thousand Waves Lake and also asking other guild members on the situation at other leveling areas. The atmosphere in the game was unusually calm as if all conflicts had disappeared from the game.

In a blink of an eye, five days had passed and Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter successfully joined Guild Happy. Once midnight arrived, Guild Happy could begin challenging the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon record as well.

During these five days, the Thousand Wave Lake’s dungeon record had been broken a few times. Ye Xiu noticed these, but he was certain that as soon as he came up to the stage, beating them would be easy. It wasn’t like the walkthrough he sold was imperfect. Ye Xiu would be using the same strategy as the guide. The difference was in technical skill.

The higher the level, the harder the dungeon. The elite players of other guilds were experienced players, but level 40+ dungeons were already too difficult for three of their players to beat. In newbie areas like Green Forest and Spider Cave, three of their players was more than enough to beat the dungeon with ease. The more difficult the dungeon, the more Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and even Tang Rou would stand out.

This could directly be seen by the fact that Ye Xiu’s party still didn’t need a Cleric. While for the other dungeon teams, few dared to go without a Cleric at this level stage.

The closer things got to this moment, the more careful and cautious Ye Xiu became. The main reason the other guilds hated him was because of his ability to monopolize dungeon record. The other guilds must also know that Guild Happy was going to seize the dungeon record in Thousand Waves Lake. They might have had plans for this long ago, but were waiting for this moment to use!

The clock finally hit midnight. Ye Xiu’s five man party arrived at one of the Thousand Wave Lake’s dungeon entrances. Ye Xiu checked carefully around, but didn’t find anyone from other guilds. In that case, he didn’t have to worry about getting ambushed when they came out of the dungeon.

“Is it really going to be this peaceful? I’m not used to this.” Ye Xiu scratched his head, while saying this to his team.

“You aren’t happy it’s peaceful? Is it because your name isn’t red that you’re not feeling comfortable?” Chen Guo look at him disdainfully. For such an important day like challenging a dungeon record, Chen Guo felt that as the boss behind the scenes, she should personally give some advice.

The several players at Thousand Waves Lake were used to suddenly hearing a woman’s voice from Ye Xiu’s character and apparently, she was Ye Xiu’s boss. Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter were terrified after hearing this. Ye Xiu’s boss? What kind of background did she have?

Hearing the voice today again, they know the boss was personally watching the battle and she clearly considered this dungeon record as something very important. The two of them sat up straight, not daring to make any careless mistakes.

“Cough, let’s enter the dungeon” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim entered the dungeon first and the other four members followed afterwards.

Challenging the dungeon record was something Tang Rou liked to do. Because it had been awhile, she was in high spirits. But she also knew how important every detail was when challenging the dungeon record. This was something Ye Xiu had reminded her before. The five of them had run the dungeon together these past few days, so they were already very practiced with the strategy. If they had wanted to, the record could have been made a few days ago. It was just that in order to get the record under Guild Happy’s name, they had delayed it. After all, it was just the five of them. If they had broken the record earlier, it was hard to say if they could do it again. This was something that even Ye Xiu couldn’t say. Surpassing oneself wasn’t easy to do.

Ye Xiu was confident with this team beating the record. Although Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter weren’t as skilled as Steamed Bun Invasion, Steamed Bun Invasion’s newbie playing was like a ticking time bomb. Setting a new record required precision. Ye Xiu would actually feel more worried bringing Steamed Bun Invasion. Even if Steamed Bun Invasion practiced well to the dungeon, Ye Xiu was afraid Steamed Bun Invasion would do some weird stuff. Ye Xiu felt more at ease with experienced players like Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter.

In accordance with their daily practice, this time, everyone went all out. Ye Xiu ran to the front. This was the position for the tank in a normal team, however all his teammates knew that Ye Xiu wasn’t a normal tank. A normal tank used skills to pull aggro and control the monsters. Then, the DPS classes in the team would have to be careful not to off tank or attack the wrong monster.

However Ye Xiu’s tank, pulled aggro through pure damage, so his teammates didn’t have to worry about going off tank. It could be said Ye Xiu himself took most of the difficulty of the dungeon. His teammates had much less to worry about. With this strategy, Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter would be embarrassed if they made any mistakes because the tasks they had to do were too simple.

Two Battle Mages and two Launchers. They were both DPS classes. With Ye Xiu being the core, and Su Mucheng as the support, they rolled through the dungeon at full speed.

Although Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter had cleared the dungeon with them many times, this was the first time they noticed how pro players really played.

“Amazing!!!” The two of them praised. Of course they were talking to different people. Thousand Creations was a Ye Xiu fan and Horse Shooter was a Su Mucheng fan.

But this wouldn’t change relationship between the two because everyone knew that Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were very close. If their fans couldn’t remain peaceful, wouldn’t that be a slap to their idols’ faces?

Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter fought in excitement, killing all the small monsters. In a blink of an eye, they reached the boss. They weren’t worried at all. With godlike teammates, they couldn’t feel the difficulty of the dungeon at all. All they had to do was look at their cooldowns and mana.

Boss number 1 was killed quickly. Chen Guo looked at the time and was very excited. The only problem was that she couldn’t find anyone to share the joy with. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou were both focusing on the dungeon, so she didn’t want to disturb them.

The dungeon progressed smoothly. The second boss was killed even faster. Chen Guo looked at the time and she couldn’t help but run to get a drink to celebrate.

The latter part of the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon was in the water. This was another advantage for Ye Xiu. In PvE, the elites might not feel as awkward in the water, but they couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng in this area. As for the others, they were already familiar with this part of the dungeon.

Advance, advance, advance. Chen Guo wasn’t looking at the fight anymore. She just stared at the time, while drinking.

This Level 40 dungeon had three mini bosses and one final boss. After the second boss, they slaughtered their way to the third one too. Although the strategy wasn’t the same, the result was the same. There were no trip ups and the third boss fell.

“The final part. Everyone stay focused!”

This was the first time Ye Xiu spoke from the beginning to the final boss. The whole team worked together perfectly. There was no need to speak.

“Yessir! “ Everyone replied.

“Keep up the good work!” Everyone also heard the boss behind the scenes speak.

“Go!” Ye Xiu only said a single word. As always, Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist started the aggro and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim followed up.

Gunfire, battle spear!

Because of the duplicate classes, the effects repeated a lot. In terms of visual effects, it didn’t look as beautiful as when multiple classes burst forth. However, in terms of efficiency, they wouldn’t lose out one bit. The final boss’s health bar wasn’t being slowly whittled down, but instead fell rapidly at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

“Die die die………” Chen Guo didn’t dare to make a sound, holding her mobile with both hands, muttering silently in her mind.

“ITS DEAD!!!” Finally, she didn’t need to control herself. She could shout out this sentence. The final boss in Thousand Wave Lake had fallen.

A system announcement flew out: Congratulations to Guild Happy’s players Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Chasing Haze, Thousand Creations, Horse Shooter for breaking the Thousand Wave Lake dungeon record, time: 30:25:41.

Having not seen this for a long time, Tang Rou smiled in satisfaction.

Chen Guo looked a bit regretful. She saw Ye Xiu and Tang You look at her and said: “Guild Happy…..It doesn’t sound good, we should have called it Happy Valley or something……”

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