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Chapter 398 – Too Silent

While everyone was happy that they broke the record, this boss behind the scenes suddenly talked trash about the guild name. This was something that even the experienced Ye Xiu hadn’t expected. Chen Guo’s sound had been directly relayed to everyone from Ye Xiu’s mic. The whole team was in an awkward silence.

After a moment of silence, the first to talk was the experienced Ye Xiu. He continued with the trash talk on the guild name: “Let it be right what it is right now! We can change it when we reach the Heavenly Domain. After all, that will be our main server.”

“That’s reasonable.” Chen Guo nodded her head and then spoke again as if she had thought of something, “Then should we create our guild on the other servers, too?”

Ye Xiu said with a handful of sweat, “It’s still too early……”

“Okay……” Chen Guo answered. She had finally stopped talking. However, the random trash talking had killed everyone’s excitement. Continuing to be excited after all that felt a bit dumb. In the end, Ye Xiu faced the rest of the squad like a great general and said: “Let’s keep dungeoning……”

Only a single run had been needed to beat the record. They still had two more chances to run the dungeon, so, of course, they would use them. It was a very logical choice. The other four members didn’t have any objections. As a result, while their guild members were still celebrating the new record, the five main characters were already back to their usual leveling life.

If truth, their excitement hadn’t calmed down that quickly. It was just that they had been interrupted by a random thought and didn’t know how to continue. For example, after beginning their second run, Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter couldn’t help but open up the dungeon record rankings, admiring their own names in the Thousand Wave Lake dungeon record, as well as the time of 30:25:41, and giggle to themselves.

Due to that, the two weren’t focused enough and weren’t able to keep up with the team, making mistakes here and there. Their second run clearly wasn’t going to be good enough to beat the record. Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter immediately apologized. Ye Xiu told them not to worry. The current record was more than good enough. The time of 30:25:41 was already four minutes ahead of the second place time. It could be said that this was mainly because of Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng’s strong control over the monsters. In addition, the synergy between the two was considered to be at the top, even on the professional stage.

It was that same reason again: the harder the dungeon, the bigger the advantage Ye Xiu’s team had because of their skill as pros.

Ye Xiu was already very satisfied with the record, but he felt like the reactions from the top guilds were somewhat strange. It was too quiet. So quiet that it didn’t fit the game. The moment that they had exited the dungeon, Ye Xiu had paid close attention to his surroundings, but didn’t notice any movements. Had the guilds really given up on competing with him?

Ye Xiu couldn’t believe it, but that’s how it seemed to be. With Ye Xiu’s experience, there had to be some scheme going on. The top guilds weren’t making a move because they had a plan in mind that was waiting to be used.

What could it be?

Ye Xiu thought as he sent a message. The first person he would contact was, of course, Blue Brook Guild’s tenth server guild leader, Blue River.

“What do you think? Amazing, no?” Ye Xiu began the conversation like this.

“What?” Blue River answered.

“Record! Did you not see it?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh, I saw it. But that’s expected.” Blue River replied calmly.

“Oh, so what are you guys planning to do?” Ye Xiu asked.

Blue River understood what he meant, but saying it in such a straightforward manner left him speechless. He could only use “……” as a reply.

“Come back on Peerless Looks when you have time. A lot of our members miss you and they often ask where you are. See, if you had told them that Blue River is your main account, they would message Blue River directly and that wouldn’t be convenient. After all, you’re a spy, no?” Ye Xiu said.
Blue River was speechless again. This was really weird! The boss knows you’re a spy, yet still takes care of you. It was really…… weird! Blue River couldn’t find any words to describe his feelings right now.

“Then let it be! Everyone is going to be out of Thousand Waves Lake soon. Do you have something planned for the next leveling area? To be honest, I’m really looking forward to it!” Ye Xiu added a “hopeful” emoji to his last sentence.

Blue River’s heart stopped beating for a second upon seeing this.

They had tried countless number of plans, but Ye Xiu managed to outsmart them and take advantage of them every time. From this point of view, it was quite reasonable for Ye Xiu to look forward to their plan.

“It looks like you’re going to be disappointed this time…….” Blue River replied.

This reply surprised Ye Xiu. Did it mean that, this time, the guilds won’t be making any moves?

Giving up Thousand Wave Lake made sense because the skill gap in a water battle was too large. They were truly helpless. But for levels 44-46, the map went back to the ground. There was no reason for them to be so obedient!

Ye Xiu could not understand their plan at this moment. He could only go step by step.

Two days after breaking the record for the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon, everyone in the party reached level 44, which meant that they could begin setting the record for the next dungeon. The other guilds’ elite members had already left Thousand Waves Lake. But the war in Thousand Waves Lake left a side effect. The deaths had caused characters who were originally around the same experience level to have significant differences between them. The guilds used to level at the same speed, but it was all messed up now. However, even though there was an experience difference, they were still ahead of Ye Xiu. Their characters were all gathered together already.

The new dungeon was their main task after midnight. This time, Ye Xiu obviously stopped selling his dungeon guides. With him participating, the guide wouldn’t be a guarantee for breaking the record, so no one would buy it. The guide had become an exercise for Concealed Light to train his researching skill.

“Everyone, be careful.”

Midnight was about to arrive. Ye Xiu and his team had already grouped up. He reminded them as they headed toward the leveling area and dungeon.
Because of the difference in levels, the new leveling area was still controlled by the ninety nine characters. Here, Ye Xiu’s team would not have an advantage in the water because there was no water. If they gathered their forces and attacked Ye Xiu’s five player team, it would not be easy to deal with. Ye Xiu understood this, so starting from this level, he had to be more careful in every aspect.

It turned out that level 44-46 level up area Gloom Forest was like its name – quiet and gloomy. Besides the monsters hiding in the forest, Ye Xiu didn’t find any threat from other players.

The more peaceful it was, the more focused Ye Xiu became. Chen Guo, who was beside him, saw his expression and asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. But that’s what’s wrong.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Could they be scared?” Chen Guo said.

“Even if they’re scared, because of the competition between Clubs, they still have to think of a way and move forward. It’s just like a pro match between a weak and a strong team. The weak team can’t just surrender and not fight. They still have to think of a way to win, no?” Ye Xiu said.

“But this isn’t a pro match with rules. It’s just a game……” Chen Guo replied.

“Game…….” Ye Xiu mumbled the word while his character and his team arrived at Gloom Forest’s dungeon entrance.

“What should we do?” The other four were waiting for instructions from Ye Xiu.

“Let go in then….” Ye Xiu couldn’t do anything. If nothing was happening, he could only follow the normal route.

Level 44-46 Gloom Forest dungeon. Even if Ye Xiu wasn’t selling walkthroughs anymore, he still had to break the record. Therefore, he needed to do research. It was the first time that the team was clearing the dungeon, so it wasn’t that easy. From the beginning to the end, how to aggro, who to attack, etc. Ye Xiu explained every little detail. For the first time, no results came out. His team could not remember every single thing Ye Xiu said. They missed a few details here and there. Three times a day was not enough practice.

This was the same for the other guilds. Gloom Forest’s dungeon record was still the system’s for now. Tyrannical Ambition got the First Clear record though.

The next day was the same as the previous day. However, Ye Xiu’s strategy was based on the synergy between Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng. Su Mucheng did not need Ye Xiu to remind her of anything a second time. The two didn’t need any time to get used to the dungeon. With the two of them at the core, the tasks for the other three were very simple. As a result, Ye Xiu’s team was able to get used to the dungeon very quickly, even when practicing the strategy.
On their last run of the second day, they finally managed to get on TV and the system announced that they had set a new record.

The world was filled with admiration and astonishment towards Lord Grim. There was no doubt that Lord Grim was the number one player in the tenth server. The guilds who fought for the records as if it were a life-or-death struggle were nowhere to be seen.

On the third day, they broke their own record. Three runs, two new records. Guild Happy had the first three places on the dungeon record standings.

On the fourth day, they set a new record another two times and occupied five places on the standings.

The fifth day….

The sixth day….

Ye Xiu was intentionally breaking their record over and over again. On Gloom Forest’s dungeon record standings, the same guild and the same characters dominated every spot from one to ten. It was incomparably beautiful. But the top guilds were still as quiet as before.

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