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Chapter 396 – Winner


A single giant word appeared on the projection screen as if it were about to pounce towards everyone’s faces. It wasn’t just Ye Xiu and Chen Guo. The players who had been watching Excellent Era’s match all let out a breath because this intense match had finally ended. For this type of match, even if the spectators didn’t care about any of the teams, they would still feel extremely satisfied watching such a spectacle.

All of the spectators watching the match forgot to turn back, seeming to have forgotten that Excellent Era’s match was still going on.

“It really is like you said……” Chen Guo told Ye Xiu as she watched the match’s replay and listened to the commentator’s and honored guest’s post match discussion.

Ye Xiu nodded his head and didn’t say anything more. He had said everything he could say earlier. At the final stretch of the match, Huang Shaotian intentionally gave up his chance to attack in order to break the balance, but Wang Jiexi was able to seize this chance to end the match without giving Huang Shaotian any chance to find an opening. There was nothing Huang Shaotian could do. He could only struggle and try to create an opportunity, where there were no opportunities. However, this really wasn’t one of his strengths, especially when he was against Wang Jiexi, who wasn’t any less skilled than he was. In the end, he was defeated.

So far, Team Tiny Herb had won four points, while Blue Rain had only won one point. The team competition though was worth five points. The competition only counted points, not victories. Even though Blue Rain had only won one pitiful point so far, the team competition was another beginning. Five points could still be fought for.

However, several defeats in a row would definitely have a serious impact to their morale. Blue Rain’s fans watched on with heavy hearts.

The break after the group Arena was relatively long. After all, the players participating in the team competition were usually the six players in the individual and group arena competitions. They were allowed to play again, so they were given some more time to rest.

Ye Xiu got up and strolled around, smoking his cigarette. Only then did Chen Guo look for her employees to confirm their losses tonight. When the two returned, the host and the guest were still chattering about the previous battle between Huang Shaotian and Wang Jiexi. But after hearing Ye Xiu’s simple analysis, Chen Guo could only feel like the two speakers weren’t good enough. They kept on talking about this and that, but they didn’t get to the point.

After a short wait, the team competition officially began. Because of the brilliance of the match, when the team competition began, the players watching Excellent Era’s match were beginning to glance at the projection screen again, conflicted on which match to watch.

Just as expected, there weren’t any major changes towards the player roster for the two teams. It was basically the same players from the previous rounds. The only difference was that one of the players on Blue Rain’s side was switched out to the team captain, Yu Wenzhou.

This switch was a common occurrence for Blue Rain. Yu Wenzhou’s hand speed was innately bad. If he actually fought one on one, he would be at a huge disadvantage, so Yu Wenzhou rarely went up on stage for the first two rounds. But in the team competition, this Master Tactician was never absent. Not only that, ever since his first showing, he was often the opposing team’s first target to kill, commendable yet worrying at the same time.

The match soon began. Besides the two reserve players, ten players entered the map and set out.

Looking at Ye Xiu, who was staring at the projection attentively, Chen Guo endured for a good while, before asking: “How is it?”

“Boss, with you like this, what’s the point in watching. You should go to sleep. When it’s done, I’ll tell you the results.’ Ye Xiu said helplessly.

“No. I just want to listen to your opinion. I can’t do that?” Chen Guo said.

“If you keep on asking for my opinion, then this will turn into a spoiler!” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Even though Ye Xiu had seen through the situation and predicted the result on more than one occasion, saying that his analysis was like a spoiler was too shameless. Chen Guo didn’t know how to respond. The golden image of her God crumbled a bit more. Chen Guo felt that if she and Ye Xiu continued with this sort of close relationship, in at most a month, her respect for her God would completely disappear without a trace.

“Let’s watch quietly. It’s started.” Ye Xiu said.

The brilliance of the team competition wasn’t any worse than the match between the two Gods. It was true that Yu Wenzhou was one of the four Master Tacticians of Glory, but if the number of Master Tacticians wasn’t limited to four, the fifth Master Tactician would certainly be Wang Jiexi.

From this, it could be seen that although Wang Jiexi didn’t have this type of title, he had the skill. Leading Tiny Herb to win two Championships wasn’t an accident.

This team competition had both strategy and skill matchups, sneak attacks and brute force. The map was enveloped in flames of war with hundreds of bright patterns bursting out. Not long after, the fight had progressed midway. The camera repeatedly switched points of view. The broadcast crew didn’t have it easy either. There were too many brilliant moments to see. Giving up even a single segment made them feel it was a pity.

“Wang Jiexi…… is carrying too much of the weight.” Ye Xiu suddenly said at this moment.

“Hm?” Chen Guo replied absentmindedly. She watched this team competition very attentively and had even forgotten to ask about his opinions.

“It’s not looking good for Tiny Herb.” Ye Xiu said.

“No way? You saw through it again?” Ye Xiu wouldn’t say it when she asked. Now that she didn’t ask, Ye Xiu ran over to become a talk host.

“Wang Jiexi truly needs someone who can help share the burden!” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? What about Deng Fusheng? Li Yihui?” These two Team Tiny Herb players had been chosen as All Stars.

“Whether you believe me or not, if they weren’t in Tiny Herb, they probably wouldn’t have been chosen to go to All Stars.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re saying……”

“The All Stars selection isn’t on skill, but rather popularity. The fans make the vote. Even though they need to have good performances too, there are other areas to consider too. For example, in a weak team, it’s easier to see an individual’s skill. But in a strong team, the team’s outstanding performance might cover up their weaknesses.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re saying Deng Fusheng and Li Yihui belong in the latter category and that it was only because of Team Tiny Herb’s Champion status that they were chosen?” Chen Guo said.

“I’m mainly saying this so you understand that being chosen for All Stars doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the most skilled. For example, I feel like Team 301’s Xu Bin is better than Deng Fusheng’s Knight.” Ye Xiu said.

“Grind King Xu Bin…….” Chen Guo obviously knew who he was.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded his head, “If Tiny Herb doesn’t have Wang Jiexi or if Wang Jiexi performs badly, they will lose miserably. They rely on Wang Jiexi too much.”

“Nowadays, Glory can’t be won by a single individual hero. The gap between players is continuously shrinking. One plus one is greater than two. That’s the sort of strength a team has to have in order to be outstanding.” Ye Xiu continued.

“Do you feel like any team in the Alliance has that sort of strength?” Chen Guo asked.

“Blue Rain.” Ye Xiu said without hesitation, “The team closest to this sort of development is definitely Blue Rain. But it’s also somewhat unfortunate……. Team Blue Rain’s captain, Yu Wenzhou, is extremely key. But because of his crippled hands, he also holds them back.”

“I’ve heard.” Chen Guo nodded his head. Yu Wenzhou’s crippled hands, similar to Huang Shaotian’s chatter, weren’t a secret.

“But….. luckily his weakness is his crippled hands. He’ll definitely be the longest player to stay in the Alliance. In truth, with his hand speed, there’s no way it’ll go any lower. I’m really wondering whether this guy is intentionally not practicing hand speed in order to maintain his crippled hands condition and prolong his ability to stay in the pro scene.” Ye Xiu said.

The two chatted and the match didn’t show any signs of stopping for a rest. As the battle progressed, it went like Ye Xiu predicted. One of Team Tiny Herb’s players was the first to fall. In a team competition, this was definitely a dangerous sign. It became even more clear as the fight went on. By the time Tiny Herb had finally killed one of Blue Rain’s players, Tiny Herb had already lost three.

Three versus five. Against a strong team, turning around this type of situation was extremely difficult. In the end, Blue Rain defeated Tiny Herb, winning their team five points. The late-comer lives above. Blue Rain won a total of six points, beating Tiny Herb by two points.

“If a long term problem isn’t resolved, the opponents will take advantage of the weakness to win.” Ye Xiu commented. He was naturally pointing towards Tiny Herb’s weakness of depending on Wang Jiexi too much. Meanwhile, the commentator and honored guest were discussing the gains and losses for the small details in the team competition. The accumulation of these led to Tiny Herb’s eventual defeat. Out of all of these, they picked out which was the decider for the match. However, from start to finish, there was no mention of the issue Ye Xiu had talked about.

Chen Guo listened in a trance. In truth, she had heard what Ye Xiu said, but she couldn’t see it. On the other hand, she felt like the analysis of the commentator and honored guest had substance to them. Ye Xiu’s words sounded far away to her.

“It seems like I’m just not good enough……” Chen Guo grieved. If this was before, she would have questioned whether Ye Xiu was just bragging. But now that she knew Ye Xiu’s identity, even though he was somewhat shameless, Chen Guo felt that his words felt more weight to them than the commentator or the honored guest.

“Okay, done!” Ye Xiu stood up and waved his arms: “Time to level.” Before he finished speaking, he was already walking towards his fixed seat.

Chen Guo felt conflicted when she looked at him walking away. He was someone who could completely see through those Gods’ intent and could even predict who was going to win, yet he was stuck in her Internet Cafe in a new server killing monsters and doing quests like a normal player. What a waste!

“He has to make it back!” Chen Guo turned her head back to the projection screen and shook her fists.

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