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Chapter 391 – The Breeze is Still, the Waves are Calm

The guilds felt a bit dispirited towards the dungeon records. There was no way to stop Lord Grim from forming a dungeon team. They felt like no matter how hard they tried, second place would be the highest that they could ever achieve. There was no fun in that. As a result, some of the teams didn’t care about having five players in a team before dungeoning. Eight players could be split into two teams of four. A team of four was enough to beat a dungeon.

However, Blue Brook Guild had one less player because Thousand Creations had left. Seven players split into two teams meant one team of three and one team of four. Unless there was no other choice, they didn’t want the team of three to struggle on their way through the dungeon.

“You guys form one first. Bound Boat and I will look for players from other guilds to party with.” Blue River was a kind guild leader. He made arrangements for the subordinates first before thinking about himself.

“I say that there won’t be any other guilds to party with.” Bound Boat said.

Blue River stared blankly before remembering. In Thousand Waves Lake, besides God Ye Qiu’s group, only Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition hadn’t finished their three runs for the day.

“Aren’t there players from Tyrannical Ambition? They just happen to have three extra. We can form a party with them.” Blue River said as he messaged Cold Night. But it turned out that the other side had split their eight players into two teams of four and the two teams had already entered the dungeon.

“It seems like our only option is to struggle our way through the dungeon with just three players.” Bound Boat said helplessly after learning about the situation. Blue River also sighed. The seven of them could only split into one team of four and one team of three. The two teams entered the dungeon. In the end, Blue River ignored Ye Xiu’s invite.

Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu’s invite get rejected. Why did Ye Xiu want to invite him? It was because their team had Su Mucheng, whose free time was limited. There were three reasons for why Su Mucheng had a high level. One reason was because when she first started, Ye Xiu had spent time to carry her through. Another reason was because she was good at the game. Her leveling speed was a bit faster than normal players. The third reason was because of the Christmas event. However, even though Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou had gained by far the most in the Christmas event, it could still be seen from the level standings that no matter how skilled they were, they couldn’t compare to the top guilds’ 24/7 leveling.

Ye Xiu saw that in the end, only four players would enter the dungeon. Su Mucheng’s character wouldn’t be able to do this run, so she would definitely fall behind in experience. If she kept on doing this, she would naturally fall further and further behind. Chen Guo couldn’t help but be concerned: “If you guys go dungeon now, what about Su Mucheng? When she comes back tomorrow, she won’t have anyone to dungeon with.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t wait for her. She doesn’t have time tomorrow either. She has a match to play.” Ye Xiu said.

“She’s so busy. It must be tough.” Chen Guo felt her heart ache for her idol.

“It’s not too bad. She doesn’t spend too much time online. She can make it up with her skill.” Ye Xiu said.

“No matter how good she is, she can’t compare to the top guilds’ 24/7 leveling, no?” Chen Guo used to be a part of a top guild, so she knew of this, too.

“That’s true.” Ye Xiu acknowledged.

“Actually, my Chasing Haze is at the maximum level and I’ve also just left the guild, so I don’t have a set team to dungeon with. I can let her sit there for now.” Chen Guo was speaking as if her tongue were in a knot. It wasn’t at all like her usual unrestrained self.

“Hm? So you’re saying, you can help her level?” Ye Xiu understood what she was trying to get at.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Chen Guo nodded her head furiously. She was a bit excited. Playing on the same account as her idol, how fun would that be?

“You would have to keep on moving the card around. You won’t find that annoying?” Ye Xiu said.

“Not at all. Not at all.” Chen Guo shook her head furiously and became even more excited. This was another reason to be happy about! In Glory, the account was tied to the card. To get someone else to level it required handing over the account card. This would mean that she would be able to see her idol every day. Thinking of this, Chen Guo couldn’t help but smile.

“Boss, how old are you?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked.

“What?” Chen Guo couldn’t understand why he asked this question. Her age? Didn’t Ye Xiu already know it?

“Boss, you’re so old already, yet you’re still acting like a little girl chasing stars?” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you looking to die!!” Chen Guo jumped up in anger. She looked around, but couldn’t find anything she could grab to hit someone with. The mouse and keyboard in her hands were newly bought for her to use and she liked them very much. The monitor, too expensive. The chair, too big. Too much commotion wouldn’t be good.

“Cough, cough. Your words make a lot of sense. If you help her level, you’d take a big load off of our shoulders. The guild’s development is at a crucial moment right now. Boss’s decision is very wise.” Ye Xiu hastily corrected himself.

Tang Rou had turned to look at them and was holding back from laughing. Ye Xiu’s bunch of words had calmed Chen Guo down a lot. Chen Guo sat down, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry: “Then how do you think we should do this?”

“For leveling, my character is actually the most crucial! Boss, if you really care, help me level!” Ye Xiu said.

“Help you…..” Chen Guo’s interest had clearly gone down. If it was before, she would have gone crazy from excitement if she could help Ye Qiu level. But after knowing that Ye Qiu was Ye Xiu, Chen Guo’s adoration for the God had weakened.

“Okay……” She still agreed though.

“Don’t sound so disheartened. My account is very fun to play! See……” Ye Xiu quickly switched forms for the Thousand Chance Umbrella, showing what parts of Lord Grim were “fun”.

“Got it.” Chen Guo nodded her head. The Thousand Chance Umbrella really was fun to play with. It was just that Chen Guo wasn’t familiar with other classes. The few times that she had played on Lord Grim were all played as if Lord Grim were a Gunner. If she was going to substitute level, then she could try some other things.

“Let me tell you something first! I can’t play as crazily as you guys. When you’re not using it and I get tired, I won’t be leveling it.” Chen Guo bluntly stated her condition.

“What if it was Su Mucheng’s account?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo narrowed her eyes. Are you saying, how can I be compared to her? Ye Xiu was helpless. He was clearly more of a God than Su Mucheng.

While Ye XIu chatted with Chen Guo, he was also playing in the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon. Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter were veterans. They didn’t need Ye Xiu to tell them much. His hands moved effortlessly and the Thousand Chances Umbrella continuously switched forms. All sorts of low-level skills were used. He was definitely the team’s nucleus.

With him watching over the team and no beginners to mess things up, their team easily cleared the dungeon.

At this moment, Blue River was feeling quite down. He had taken care of his subordinates as a kind guild leader, giving the position to be in a four-player team to others. His dungeon run was filled with dangers and frustrations. In the end, they were unable to hold off the second BOSS. Someone made a mistake and the BOSS wiped their team out.

The difficulty of the dungeon was much more difficult than leveling out in the wild. Dying was a very common occurrence. There was no benefit in dying to a dungeon. Players would still be penalized. At the start of the game, quite a few players criticized this setting. But Glory was ten years old now. The veterans were completely used to this setting and were too lazy to say anything about it anymore.

The only convenient part about dying in a dungeon was that after reviving, players would be sent to the dungeon entrance. They wouldn’t be revived back in the city, where they would have to run back to the dungeon if they wanted to try again. Right now, the three were gathered outside of the dungeon entrance. They consoled themselves, while waiting for the Critically Ill state to wear off. At this moment, Blue River received another message from Ye Xiu: “Died?”

Blue River stared blankly. If his death had been known, could that mean that one of the two brothers in front of him were from the other side?

“How did you know?”

“The level standings……”

Blue River immediately flipped open the level standings and looked. He hadn’t leveled much on his account these past five days. With his death, his experience slid down. Lord Grim and Tang Rou had surpassed him now.

“Oh……” Blue River replied after looking at the level standings.

“We’re lacking one player……” Ye Xiu repeated.

Blue River stared blankly for a bit and then said to the other two: “You, go with Lord Grim’s team. They have a spot there.”

“Ah?” That player was startled.

“Bound Boat, you go with Flower Lantern’s team. It seems like they’re having some trouble without a Cleric.” Blue River said to Bound Boat. Their team of three had a Cleric, which would help keep them safe. However, because of the Cleric, their damage output would be weak. But without a Cleric, they weren’t confident in beating the dungeon just through skill alone. This was why their team composition was a bit difficult to deal with.

“What about you?” the two said nearly simultaneously.

“I haven’t leveled in five days. Missing one day won’t be a big deal. I’ll go dungeon at Sin City.” Blue River said to the two of them. He contacted Ye Xiu and sent their guild member over.

“Oh, what about you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ll go look around somewhere else.” Blue River was quite relaxed.

“You don’t have a team? That means you have nothing to do! Why not help carry some players?” Ye Xiu suggested.

“Get out of here! I’m busy!” Blue River set off.

“…..” Ye Xiu sent him some ellipses.

No more words were said that night. After finishing the dungeon, everyone leveled at Thousand Waves Lake and everything was finally peaceful again. The top guilds were still a bit nervous, but after seeing that Lord Grim really wasn’t going to attack them because he had received their materials, they gradually began to relax. He would even say hi sometimes, when they came near.

However, his greetings were too nasty. Their names were right there, but he never said them. He always yelled something like you died two times, you died three times, you died four times. What a God! He had even counted how many times the little shrimps had died. That was too improper! Everyone could only silently curse in their hearts.

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