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Chapter 390 – Accept Surrender

The same problem with the same result. After carefully pondering about the issue, the seven guild leaders chose to eliminate the third option.

This risk for it was too high to take. Apart from the pressure they had previously, there was still a harsh reality right in front of them. If any of the seven guilds switched sides, they would be like Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition and immediately switch sides to take advantage of their misfortune.

Don’t look at how they were all despising and indignant at Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition. If they had been in the same situation, any guild would switch sides faster than flipping a page in a book, especially in an online virtual environment. None of them would even feel bad about it at all.

There was no such thing as an eternal friendship, only an eternal interest. They thought about how if they continued to push forward with their current situation and other guilds switched sides, they would be under even more pressure. No guild would dare continue wasting their resources at Thousand Waves Lake like that.

Next was the issue of retreating or agreeing to the terms.

Retreating meant leaving the Thousand Waves Lake leveling area and agreeing to the terms meant paying Lord Grim materials. The former would result in a loss of experience while the latter would result in a loss of materials. There was only one option that could be chosen. From an emotional standpoint, agreeing to the terms felt more oppressive. Even though the guild leaders put their interests first, they couldn’t ignore their guild members’ feelings.

At this moment, Lord Grim’s identity as God Ye Qiu provided them with comfort. After eliminating the third choice, whether or not they would retreat or agree to the terms was no longer an issue of weighing the advantages and disadvantages, but rather the feelings of their guilds. The seven guilds also knew that they wouldn’t gain anything from delaying, so they quickly came to their decision. Ye Xiu received messages from five of the seven guilds, probing him out, asking what they should do, as they didn’t want to continue on like this.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anything and simply sent them a list of materials.

The five guild leaders who received the list were already prepared. But when they saw it, they couldn’t help but grind their teeth. Compared to the previous price, there were clearly more materials on this new list. There was nothing that they could do. Times had changed. A price increase wasn’t something that the five guilds hadn’t expected.

The five guilds could only curse angrily in their hearts, but no one made any objections. They replied, giving their approval.

Soon after, the two sides agreed on a trade location. The location would be in a safe area in the city; naturally, this was to prevent any traps. When they arrived, five players from the five guilds were all gathered together. All of them were in the top 100 places on the level standings. Even though these guilds had a frustrating day, mixing up the level standings, the list of names hadn’t changed. However, if they had continued resisting, it would be hard to say that new faces wouldn’t appear on the level standings.

“It’s been a long day, everyone.” Ye Xiu had come alone. Even though the other side had more players, they had already accepted their full defeat. No one said anything so in the end, Ye Xiu began. His words made everyone choke.

“Who wants to come trade first?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ll go…….” One of the characters walked towards Lord Grim. It was only an in-game character, but he gave a sort of dejected feeling. They discovered that it really was as if they had accepted surrender and were currently paying reparations.

“Oh, oh, it’s you.” Ye Xiu looked at the first player’s name. He flipped open his notebook: “You died four times! It must have been very difficult.”

The Misty Castle player who died four times hastily finished the trade and hurried away in tears.

“You died three times! It couldn’t have been easy.” The second player, who was from Herb Garden, was commented on by Ye Xiu, too. He too quickly completed the trade and left.

“Four times.”

“Two times.”

“Wow, not bad. You never died once? What do you think? Want to join our Guild Happy? Our guild is in need of lucky people like you.” The last player to come up didn’t have any “X”s next to him. Ye Xiu was amazed and even tried to rope him in, but the other side left angrily after the trade.

“You’re too evil.” Chen Guo watched as Ye Xiu received the materials. She knew that Ye Xiu wasn’t sincerely trying to rope him over, but rather mocking him. In game speak, this was a type of trash talk. She laughed, while looking down at how shameless Ye Xiu was.

“Five guilds…… There are still two guilds left. It seems like they’re not willing.” Ye Xiu looked at his notebook. In the end, only 301 and Howling Heights hadn’t contacted him.

“I’ll confirm.” Ye Xiu had both guild leaders on his friends list and immediately messaged them. The replies from the two were practically the same. They were going to hide.

“A shame.” Ye Xiu sighed. He obviously preferred that they give him materials. By retreating to a different leveling area, their leveling speed might slow down, but Guild Happy wouldn’t be able to gain much from it. They were on a different level than Guild Happy! Their retreat probably made the other guilds that were backed by Clubs happier. As for Ye Xiu, he would rather have these types of material goods.

“Our rewards were quite good!” Ye Xiu was very satisfied with his bag filled with materials. Even though the materials he had obtained weren’t all necessary for his Thousand Chance Umbrella, with this capital, he could buy or trade the materials he needed. Next, apart from a few extremely rare materials, the remaining ones had been obtained. He could completely upgrade his Thousand Chance Umbrella to Level 50 without a problem.

But the more important part was how he would upgrade it later. This was because Ye Xiu would no longer have a clear list of materials that was needed to upgrade the umbrella. The path would require thinking, researching, and testing. During this process, it was possible that he might choose the wrong materials and ruin his Thousand Chance Umbrella. If that happened, his only choice would be to start over, which was why he couldn’t stop accumulating materials. Ye Xiu wasn’t confident that he could succeed in the Level 50-70 stage on his first try. Even if he did succeed, he might not be completely happy with the result.

For upgrading the Thousand Chance Umbrella, Level 50 and below only required that he get the materials. After Level 50 was the true beginning.

After thinking through this, Ye Xiu put his newly acquired materials into the storage room. In the beginning, he had earned materials by substituting in. Later on, he had bet with Wang Jiexi. Then, he moved on to selling dungeon guides. Finally, he received reparations from this time’s surrender. His storage room was filled with materials from bottom to top. Moreover, these were all uncommon materials. The glittering treasures made Chen Guo’s eyes fall off. She was only a normal Glory player so all of the uncommon materials she had gained over her many years of playing wouldn’t even come close to that amount.

“How do you play this game!” Chen Guo felt like she was going to cry.

Ye Xiu left the storage room and received a message. Cold Night was still happily reporting his findings.

“Oh, there’s no need anymore!” Ye Xiu replied.

“What?” Cold Night asked.

“They won’t be looking for trouble anymore.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ah……” Cold Night immediately understood. He couldn’t help but think of something though: weren’t you the one who was looking for trouble?

Everything had been dealt with. On Thousand Waves Lake, 301 and Howling Heights had already left the leveling area. Pretending to leave and then sneakily coming back to level was an option, but no guild was in the mood to do that. The guilds were done with leveling while being on high alert at all times.

After telling Cold Night, Ye Xiu messaged Blue River: “There’s no need to report anymore.”

“What?” Blue River also asked.

“They won’t be looking for trouble anymore.” Ye Xiu replied in the same way.

“Weren’t you the one who was looking for trouble?” Blue River wasn’t like Cold Night and directly said his thoughts.

“You guys started it!” Ye Xiu said.

“You dug out our players first!” Blue River reminded.

“I didn’t. I only said that I was Ye Qiu. They left themselves. Can’t you ever say the truth?”

Blue River wanted to cry. He had lost again.

“We’re going to dungeon. There’s a spot. Want to come?” Ye Xiu asked Blue River. The guilds had finished their three runs. It was almost two already. Su Mucheng had a match tomorrow, so she had to go to sleep early and had already logged off.

“……” Blue River.

“If you guys put five players on a team, there are still three players left who aren’t in one, right? Want me to carry one of them?” Ye Xiu continued to ask.

“If you carry one, what about the other two!” Blue River exclaimed angrily.

“Oh……” Ye Xiu replied and quickly followed: “Both of us messed up. After five players form a team, there will only be two left.”

Blue River stared blankly. Then, he realized that there was Thousand Creations, who had left the guild, so there were only two players left.

“Two players can’t run the dungeon, no? We can carry one.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about the other one!” Blue River asked.

“Find another guild to party with?” Ye Xiu suggested.

In truth, the first string troops often formed a mismatched team. This was because each guild had eight first string players. In order to beat a record, they would need five players. The remaining three could clear a dungeon, but it would be difficult. And since they were the only ones there, they didn’t want to waste time, and many just formed parties with members from other guilds. Ye Xiu’s suggestion was a common measure that the guilds took. It was just that Blue River felt that forming a team with Happy’s players would be setting a bad example for the others.

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