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Chapter 392 – What’s So Good About Excellent Era?

A peaceful night passed. The nervousness that was felt from that day had calmed down. When the light came out and it was time for everyone to rest, the guild leaders suddenly received a message from Lord Grim: “Don’t forget tomorrow’s materials!”

“WHAT!!!” All of the guild leaders were taken by surprise. The wind whistled and roared and their hands trembled. They were unsure about how to reply.

Another message soon followed: “I’m just joking.”

“F*CK!!” Some of them accidentally typed it into the global chat. Those who didn’t know about the situation didn’t know the reason for the curse. Of course, those who knew about the situation knew who the curse was supposed to have been sent to.

Everyone logged off and their substitutes came on. On Ye Xiu’s side, Chen Guo had been with him the entire time, enjoying the show and had even slept even later than Su Mucheng did. When daylight came, she still hadn’t gotten up yet. Tang Rou still had to go to work later that day, so she didn’t delay and logged off in order to rest. Ye Xiu leveled by himself for awhile, up until Chen Guo woke up. In accordance with what they had discussed last night, Chen Guo took over his character to continue leveling.

“I’m telling you, again. If I don’t want to play, then I’ll stop.” Chen Guo emphasized.

“Yeah, I know. I pretty much haven’t done any of the quests yet, so you can do the quests while leveling.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Chen Guo nodded her head and started her work as a substitute leveler. As someone who was straightforward with what she said, the reason Chen Guo stressed her words was because she had played Glory for many years. She had experienced practically everything in the game, so it was very easy to get tired and bored of playing by herself. Apart from special events, there were very few people who could patiently level the entire day like Ye Xiu and Tang Rou could.

Chen Guo felt like she would stop playing after two or three hours, which was a testimony to how well she understood herself. Whether it was doing quests or killing monsters, nothing was new to her. Sure enough, she quickly got bored. The only thing that allowed her to hang on for so long was because of the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

“I’ll stop once I finish this quest.” Chen Guo carried this type of mentality with her and continued…… all the way until Ye Xiu got up. Chen Guo was still busy running about, doing a quest. She had no idea how many times she had said to herself, “This is the last one. Once I finish this, I’m done.”

“Not bad. You level very quickly. You really deserve to be called a veteran at the game.” Ye Xiu said. However, Chen Guo had her headphones on and was too focused on killing monsters to hear him.

“Boss, it’s time to get off work!” Ye Xiu could only get closer and yell in her ear.

“Ah?” Chen Guo leaped up in surprise. She turned her head and saw Ye Xiu behind her. With a look of astonishment, she looked at the time. It was almost three o’clock in the afternoon already.

“Didn’t you say you’d stop playing once you got tired? You had that much energy?” Ye Xiu saw the experience bar and knew that Chen Guo pretty much, hadn’t rested. If not, she couldn’t have gained so much experience.

“Ah, yeah……” Chen Guo said.

“You’re still not tired? If you’re not tired, you can continue.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s yours.” Chen Guo got up. She was quite surprised when she left. When did so much time pass? She had gotten bored quite a while ago. What had allowed her to continue playing for so long? Chen Guo walked around in a circle. In the end, she came back to see what Ye Xiu was doing. Ye Xiu was just continuing to level, killing the monsters that she hadn’t killed and doing the quests she hadn’t completed. It was nothing out of the ordinary. There was nothing to say. Even so, Chen Guo still stood there stupidly for a long time. She discovered that her current situation was: leveling was boring, but not leveling was even more boring……. Her interest in Glory seemed to have entirely gone into the tenth server, into the tenth server’s Guild Happy, and into Lord Grim, an important member of their future team.

“Unspecialized……” Chen Guo scratched her head. If Lord Grim really did appear in the Pro Alliance, what a sight that would be. Against the famous Vaccaria, Desert Dust, Troubling Rain, and even One Autumn Leaf, how would Lord Grim fare against them?

“Oh? You finished this quest.” Ye Xiu suddenly interrupted Chen Guo from her daze.

“Hm?” Chen Guo looked at the quest Ye Xiu was talking about and nodded her head in confirmation, “Yeah, I finished it.”

“Okay……” Ye Xiu didn’t say anything more and continued with his business. Chen Guo pulled a chair over to the side and sat there like a general giving out orders. Even though she knew that she was only displaying her slight skill in front of an expert, she was still full of enthusiasm, especially when Ye Xiu did as he was told. It was truly an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

When dinner arrived, a different sort of excitement took over the Internet Cafe and it became even louder than usual. This was because it was another pro match day. Happy Internet Cafe projected Team Excellent Era’s match today like a movie theater. This had already become a big feature of Happy. Whenever this day came, there would always be more customers than usual. Those at a computer had to play. As long as one didn’t block another’s view, then anywhere else was fine to stand around at.

Today, after dinner, Chen Guo directed the employees to begin setting everything up. The broadcast began a few minutes before the match began and it was projected directly onto a screen. The host and the commentator were already chatting with each other. But once everyone heard the content, they felt like something wasn’t quite right. The customers who were paying attention and watching the broadcast had already begun calling out.

“Boss, what’s going on?” Questions began being asked one after the other.

“What do you mean, ‘what’s going on’?” Chen Guo stood next to the projection screen with her hands at her waist.

“Excellent Era! Today’s TV broadcast isn’t showing Excellent Era’s match. Hurry and switch it to the online stream.” someone shouted.

The Glory Pro Alliance had a total of twenty teams. When match day came, ten matches would be shown at the same time. The TV broadcast was limited. It would choose the most popular match, the match with a feature, or a match that had to be broadcast by contract. That was the best way to get ratings.

For example, today, one of the matches was between Tiny Herb and Blue Rain. A match between Excellent Era and a weak team couldn’t compare to this. If one wanted to watch Excellent Era’s match, it could only be watched online. The online streams showed all ten matches, so one could watch whichever match one liked.

At Happy Internet Cafe, Chen Guo had always projected Excellent Era’s matches, so the audience members were all loyal fans of Excellent Era. As long as there was an Excellent Era match, they wouldn’t watch a match like the one between Tiny Herb and Blue Rain. But today, Happy Internet Cafe was projecting the TV broadcast, Tiny Herb versus Blue Rain, not the one everyone wanted to watch. Of course, they would hurry and remind the boss.

“Excellent Era is fighting Bright Green today. What’s there to watch? Good matches can’t be missed, so we’re obviously going to watch Tiny Herb versus Blue Rain.” Chen Guo said loudly.

The entire audience was completely astonished. They had come for this special event and were undoubtedly all frequent customers. How could they not know that the beautiful boss of Happy was a loyal fan of Excellent Era? There were also rumors that she often fangirled over Su Mucheng. In private, it was quite a topic for discussion.

But today, the extremely loyal fan actually said that there was nothing to watch in Excellent Era’s match. Did some sort of devil curse her?

After a moment of astonishment, someone finally yelled out: “Boss, don’t joke with us. Hurry up and switch the match. It’s about to start.”

“Yeah! Yeah!” A bunch of shouts sounded out. Many of them thought that Chen Guo was only joking. There was no way they were going to miss Excellent Era’s match.

“Who’s joking? Today, we’re showing Tiny Herb versus Blue Rain!” Chen Guo’s voice held no doubts, making them feel that she really wasn’t joking.

“EXCELLENT ERA! EXCELLENT ERA!!! WE WANT EXCELLENT ERA!!!!!” Quite a few audience members protested intensely, shouting and yelling, whistling and booing, throwing around stuff.

But Chen Guo didn’t cower back. She rushed towards the projection screen and jumped onto a chair: “We’re watching Tiny Herb versus Blue Rain! If you want to watch Excellent Era, go back home!”

The fans were clearly more loyal to Excellent Era than the Internet Cafe. Seeing that today, the boss really wasn’t going to show Excellent Era’s match, they became furious. Quite a few clamored, “I’m never coming back”. After a few more shouts, the majority of the audience left. Some had even trashed the place, throwing mice and smashing keyboards, breaking all sorts of things. Chen Guo saw this, but she couldn’t do anything to stop them. She didn’t say anything as she sent them off.

The remaining customers, besides those who weren’t watching the match, were more mature. They wouldn’t be so angry over something like this. The match wasn’t going anywhere. If they wanted to watch Excellent Era, then they could just look up the match on the computers and watch, no?

On the projection screens, the two powerhouses had already begun fighting. The Internet Cafe had turned cold and cheerless in a mess. Keyboards and mouses were on the ground. There were countless broken ones, too. Some of the monitors had been smashed. Luckily, the computers were locked inside the table, otherwise they would have been destroyed as well.

The employees in the Internet Cafe quietly cleaned up. They were thinking that with the boss’s temper, she might collapse from anger and were too scared to call out to her.

Ye Xiu got up from where he had been playing and walked to directly in front of the projection screen. He grabbed a chair and sat down in a comfortable position. His mouth moved: “You’re very right. There’s nothing good about Excellent Era’s match today. Of course, you have to watch Tiny Herb versus Blue Rain. They don’t know what it means to appreciate a good match. The ma’am over there. Could you move to the side? You’re blocking the screen.”

“Ha…..” Still standing on the chair, Chen Guo unexpectedly laughed. After jumping down, she pulled over her chair and sat down next to Ye Xiu without even wiping her chair.

“Cough……” Ye Xiu suddenly coughed.

“What is it? Do you need to smoke?” Chen Guo narrowed her eyes.

“No……. Don’t you think that we’re sitting a bit too close?”

Chen Guo raised her head and looked up at the gigantic projection screen. She nodded her head: “A bit.”

“Let’s hurry up and get farther away in case they feature Wang Jiexi. If not, his two disproportionate eyes will scare us to death.” Ye Xiu said.

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