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Chapter 389 – Three Choices

The top seven guilds persisted under the increased pressure. They felt that Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had been telling Lord Grim about their whereabouts since long ago, so the general situation hadn’t changed much from how it was before. It had been a mistake on their part to have their players take the initiative to look for trouble though. In the end, the problem laid in their weakness in the water. They had no way of killing their targets fast enough, thus giving their targets enough time to stall till Lord Grim arrived.

The guild leaders of these top seven guilds were all very flexible people. Once they saw that their actions weren’t working, they despised Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition, then they decisively changed their plans. They would then continue with their previous hiding plan and would not take the initiative to attack.

Going back and forth had only caused more trouble for them. Ye Xiu’s side was completely unconcerned. They continued to level while still wandering around and reporting their situations. Any single enemy that they met would be killed. A bit later into the night, Su Mucheng came online. With another overwhelmingly powerful killer, the pressure only increased for these top seven guilds.

Time passed. Ye Xiu’s group was as happy as ever. Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition were also in high spirits. Against other guilds backed by Clubs, this type of pressure they exerted, which made their opponents run away on sight of them without any intentions of fighting, was truly something that they hadn’t felt in a long long time. They deeply felt, through experience, how comfortable it was to cool in the shade under a large tree.

Midnight arrived and finally, it came time for the dungeons to refresh. The players from those top seven guilds had been tense the entire day. Dungeon running was usually the time where they had to concentrate and focus, but now it felt like a resting time for them. In the dungeon, they wouldn’t have to worry about someone suddenly popping up out of nowhere and attacking them.

“Dungeon! Dungeon!” The elites from the guilds eagerly cheered.

“We can finally rest……” The branch guild leaders from those top seven guilds muttered in their hearts. They were a part of the elite teams and had been tense like the others for the entire day.

“Form two parties of four!” The higher up guild members passed on the order. PvE wasn’t a problem for players of their skill level. A party of four would clear a dungeon with ease. However, there was no chance for them to beat the dungeon record. Though with their current conditions, entering the dungeon was the same as taking a vacation. They didn’t have the energy to go all out for a dungeon record.

The branch guild leaders from these seven top guilds hadn’t thought that their orders to do this would strike a huge blow to their guilds. After finishing their first runs, they were then ambushed. Against top-tier experts like Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu, they didn’t even have a chance of entering the dungeon again. Two teams had been wiped out by these two players. At the other dungeon entrances, Tang Rou, Thousand Creations, Blue Brook Guild’s players and Tyrannical Ambition’s players had been waiting to ambush them. Through their numbers advantage, they were able to wipe out another two teams.

One dungeon run resulted in four teams being wiped out. The four teams had belong to four different guilds, immediately causing those four guilds to go mad. Soon after, they realized that just before midnight came, their opponents had already begun to monitor their movements at the dungeon entrances. When they saw a team enter, they didn’t reveal themselves. Instead, they dispatched troops to wait for them to finish the dungeons and then ambush them.

The players from these top seven guilds had been on high alert the entire day and were exhausted. When midnight came, their only desire was to enter the dungeons and relax. They had been too impatient and too careless. Not a single player had thought about taking precautions against such a simple move.

It was too late to regret it now though. The four guilds who had their teams wiped out immediately thought that if their opponents were only able to guard those four entrances, then it meant that they didn’t have enough manpower to cover every single entrance. In terms of numbers, their opponents had around 20 players. In theory, it was possible for them to know the whereabouts of every one of their teams.

Thinking about this, those four guilds immediately notified the other guilds to take advantage of the fact that their opponents weren’t there waiting and to hurry up and find a different dungeon entrance to enter.

The teams of the three guilds that weren’t affected were too late after hearing this news. Their players had already entered the dungeons a second time. It was already too late to change dungeon entrances. If they exited the dungeon forcefully, they would waste one of their runs. In addition, it wasn’t worth it for them to enter an endangered status. But if they cleared the dungeon, came out, and met an ambush, they would also suffer many losses. If they wanted to run away safely, they could log off in the middle of the dungeon.However, if they did that, they wouldn’t be leveling, and would suffer even greater losses.

Helpless, the guilds could only face the dangers. First, they would clear the dungeon and then hope that their team’s whereabouts hadn’t been discovered.

As a result, after coming out of the dungeon for the second time, the teams who hadn’t encountered anyone cried out at their good luck. The teams who had encountered players though could only accept their deaths. This time around, two teams had been caught and killed.

The seven guilds saw this and knew that their opponents really had known where they were beforehand and came again to clean them up. They immediately had their teams change positions.

They did what they could. But after suffering heavy losses two times, the teams all felt uneasy. Dungeoning had originally been their time to relax, but they became so nervous that some of them made serious mistakes, causing their team to wipe out. Unfortunately, Ye Xiu didn’t know about of this. If he had, he would have drawn a few more “XX”s on his notepad.

After the last run, another round of both happiness and sadness came about. Some of the teams had been noticed and the result was still the same. Midnight was supposed to be their time to relax, but it turned out to be the time for the peak of deaths. The players from the seven guilds spat out blood with ashen-colored faces.

The experience loss from one death would take several hours of leveling in order to make up for it. The leveling speed of these seven guilds had clearly slowed down. The top 100 characters on the level standing had a huge change. Even though there was a lot of luck involved in who was killed, in general, the elites from these seven guilds were steadily dropping.

During the peak of deaths, their three runs at Thousand Waves Lake finished. Everything was in chaos for these guilds. They had no idea what to do next. After taking a hit in the experience area, everyone’s morale was extremely low. Even those who hadn’t been killed during the peak didn’t feel happy at all.

The elites were split into two sections. One section had just died and revived back at the city. They had no spirit left in them and didn’t want to come out. The second section’s players were safe, floating around on Thousand Waves Lake like lonely ghosts. They were just happy to be getting by.

At this moment, the guild leaders of these seven guilds didn’t feel good saying stuff like “Don’t give up”. Because what was the point in persisting? Everyone had been very careful and on high alert, but they were all killed anyways. For the dungeon ambushes, even if they had predicted that it would happen, there wasn’t much that they could have done about it.

Just when everyone was pacing back and forth, the tenth server guild leaders from these seven guilds all received a message from Lord Grim: “You’re still not going to give in? Is there any point?”

Yeah! What was the point?

The seven guild leaders received this message, but none of them became angry. After thinking about it for some time, the seven all felt the same. There really wasn’t any point in persisting.

Their original motive was to kill Thousand Creations, so that Guild Happy wouldn’t be able to create a dungeon team. But the result? Not only were they not able to kill Thousand Creations, bur Guild Happy’s God attacked back terrifyingly all day long. Right now, their goal had turned into reducing their losses at Thousand Waves Lake by as much as possible. As for Guild Happy? They were attacking them nonstop, while their dungeon team was formed because of Thousand Creation’s and Horse Shooter’s addition.

What was the point in acting like this? If they had done nothing, they might have been able to level up peacefully. But they had to bring trouble on themselves and turn a nice, peaceful leveling area into a bloody danger zone.

Their leveling speed had slowed down and they didn’t have the ability to snipe at Happy’s dungeon team. Their efforts were no longer towards gaining any benefits, but rather reducing losses. There was nothing that they could do to avoid these losses either. The guilds all shared the losses. Some were lucky and some were not. Some had died miserably, while some had laughed sneakily. However, this wouldn’t be the only day. It might not even end on the fifth day. These sorts of days would only end once they leveled out of the Thousand Waves Lake leveling area.

They could retreat and level at Sin City or go to the leveling area higher than Thousand Waves Lake. However, the veterans chose to stay at Thousand Waves Lake; naturally because it was the most efficient place for them to level. Retreating would be taking a loss.

Now, they had three choices in front of them.

One, they could retreat and go to a lower or higher leveling area than Thousand Waves Lake, which would make their characters level slower.

Two, they could negotiate with Lord Grim and pay him materials for their safety. They would lose materials, but would guarantee just about everything else.

Three, they could continue to bear the pressure and the dangers, hiding from Lord Grim’s company and level. They had no idea what would happen if they chose this option. This option depended on luck. For example, Misty Castle had suffered the most, but Royal Heritage hadn’t suffered very much. Compared to the first and second choices, this third choice might be the best for them.

The seniors of these seven guilds once again started discussing.

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