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Chapter 388 – To Move a Stone and Stub One’s Foot

“Blue River, how despicable!!” Plantago Seed suddenly came to a realization. Blue River had been blindly wandering around, waiting for help. And the help he got was way too excessive. It was so excessive that Plantago Seed was so powerless to do anything that all he could do was roar angrily on top of the lake. Soon afterwards, his character could no longer be controlled. A spout of water lifted his body up as Plantago Seed was launched into the air. He turned his camera to look and the same situation that had befallen his three allies as well.

How had Lord Grim blasted all of four of them into the sky at the same time? Plantago Seed couldn’t imagine how. The instant he looked down, the fifth player shot out of the water. On top of his head was the hateful ID “Lord Grim”.

Plantago Seed only had two thoughts on his mind.

One, how much he despised Blue River.

And two, how he was going to escape.

There’s got to be a chance…… Plantago Seed shuddered. Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, that much was true… But they had four players. If they all scattered and ran, at least three of them should be able to escape, right? Who was going to be the first target though?

Plantago Seed was trying to guess, when suddenly he saw that Lord Grim had decided to swim towards his direction. He immediately wanted to cry, but then again, there really wasn’t any need to guess. As the guild leader, who wouldn’t go after him? Was there any need to think about who else the opponent would attack?

Seeing that it had already been decided, Plantago Seed could only take responsibility as the guild leader and shout: “Hurry up and run!”

“Run where?” someone responded to him. This voice was different, but the tone was very familiar. Plantago Seed heard it and wanted to rip his hair out in anger. The voice was Blue River’s, but the tone was the same as when he had previously been chasing after Blue River and throwing Magic Missiles.

“Blue River, you have no future! I despise you! If you’ve got the guts, 1v1 me!” Plantago Seed shouted.

Blue River wasn’t having an easy time either. Originally, he hadn’t wanted to help God and gather intelligence for him, but the enemies had started to come look for him. First, the opponents were from Herb Garden, and Blue River didn’t like them. Second, God had come asking him for intelligence at that time, so Blue River gave him a report because it was convenient for him. As a result, God provided him a direction to go towards. Blue River had swum madly in that direction and received his welcoming. In an instant, the situation turned around, but Plantago Seed’s denouncement made Blue River speechless.

In the end, Ye Xiu replied: “1v1? You think this is a competitive match? In this game, it’s the many who bully the few. And you call yourself a guild leader. Your comprehension skills are too poor.”

After saying this, Lord Grim received the falling Plantago Seed with an attack. The scene afterwards would make those who saw it terrified.

“F*ck your mother! You can keep me in the air endlessly from the water?” Plantago Seed cried. He didn’t even get the chance to fall into the water.

“Don’t be too fascinated by me! Pay attention to the player that is in your hands! I’m talking to you, Thousand Creations!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Ah? Oh!” someone replied from a different direction. Thousand Creations had been distracted and the opponent that he had been fighting all along had slipped away. He hastily chased after him.

Plantago Seed suddenly realized that Lord Grim wasn’t the only opponent there. Soft Mist, Thousand Creations, and Blue River were there, too. Those three each took care of one of his three brothers.

Plantago Seed was completely speechless. Even a God like Ye Qiu was playing with others. What could he say?

Finally, Plantago Seed dropped into the water. He had run out of health and with a heart unwilling to accept it, he revived back at the city.

“How’s it going? Can you guys hold on?” Ye Xiu turned to ask the other three.

“It’s no good. Hurry and help me.” The person to speak was a female voice, which naturally meant that it was from Soft Mist. Those who were familiar with her would be very surprised, because how could Tang Rou say something like that? In truth, it was because the person controlling Soft Mist wasn’t Tang Rou, but Chen Guo. Tang Rou was currently working at the cash register at the front desk. It was currently during peak hours, so she didn’t have time to play the game. As a result, Chen Guo took the chance to play on her account.

Chen Guo respected Ye Qiu very much, so she liked the Battle Mage class. She had even leveled up a low-level account. But in truth, she had never played it seriously, so she wasn’t familiar with the class. Plus, the opponent in front of her was an elite from the top guilds. They were more skilled than her, so fighting against one was extremely difficult for her. If she continued to fight, she would be the one to die.

Luckily, Ye Xiu was lightning fast. It had taken him less than a minute to take down Plantago Seed, and this Herb Garden elite wasn’t good enough to beat the experienced Chen Guo in less than a minute. Ye Xiu rushed over to help and the situation immediately became as simple as one plus one equals two. Chen Guo also took the chance to take revenge. However, because she was in the water and because she was unfamiliar with the class, many of her skills hit Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. Fortunately, attacks from players in the same party didn’t do damage. Otherwise, Lord Grim would probably have taken the same amount of damage as their opponent.

With a second one dead, next were the other two sides. Blue River was fighting steadily and was revolving around his opponent. For now, the battle was even. On the other side, Thousand Creations was currently chasing his opponent because he had been distracted previously. He was relying on his Battle Mage’s movement speed buff from the Chasers in order to gradually close the distance.

Ye Xiu saw this and immediately controlled his Lord Grim to rush over to Thousand Creations’ side, while telling Chen Guo: “You go help Blue River.”

“Okay.” Chen Guo listened and swam over. She raised her arms and used a Dragon Tooth. But the waves crashed against her and her character moved over to the side. The Dragon Tooth, which was supposed to be towards the Herb Garden player, slipped and stabbed towards Blue River. Luckily, Blue River had moved a bit, too. The Dragon Tooth didn’t connect and swiped past him.

“Sister, which side are you on!!” Blue River cried out in surprise.

“Sorry. It was an accident.” Chen Guo apologized in shame.

“Hurry up and add me to the party. Add me!” Blue River shouted. Lord Grim and the others were in the same party, but Blue River wasn’t. He would still take damage from them. If the Dragon Tooth had connected, it’d be the same as if an enemy had injured him.

“Add him to the party.” Chen Guo was afraid that Ye Xiu wouldn’t hear her, so she turned her head to give Ye Xiu a shout. Ye Xiu was currently chasing after his target and trying to cut him off. He sent a party invite to Blue River, which Blue River immediately accepted.

Chen Guo controlled Soft Mist and kept a distance away from Blue River. She was familiar with Ye Xiu, so it didn’t matter. But in front of a stranger, Chen Guo couldn’t lose too much face. Her following attacks were much more careful.

Blue River’s skill had originally been above his opponent’s. Now, with a bit of help, his superiority was clear and he quickly seized the advantage. The opponent didn’t want to fight either. He knew that no matter hard he fought, once Lord Grim came around, he was a dead man, which was why he had been trying to escape the entire time. However, Blue River was an experienced player and didn’t let him get a chance to run. Finally, after getting Chen Guo’s help, the elite wasn’t even able to last until Lord Grim got there and died under Blue River’s sword.

“Blue River, you’re shameless!” This brother didn’t forget to pass on their guild leader’s spirit when he died.

Being told like that in front of a lady was quite embarrassing for Blue River. Chen Guo didn’t care though. Seeing that the opponent had been taken care of, she immediately looked towards Ye Xiu’s and Thousand Creation’s direction: “How’s it going over there?”

“You think there’s any suspense?” Blue River wasn’t worried at all.

“Stupid! Why am I watching like this.” Chen Guo’s words made Blue River somewhat confused. Chen Guo turned her head to look at Ye Xiu’s screen.

Ye Xiu had just caught up. And just like what Blue River had said, there wasn’t any suspense. A bunch of attacks came out. In Chen Guo’s eyes, Thousand Creations’ help only ruined the beauty.

“You guys are done over there?” Ye Xiu easily cleaned up the remaining player and asked Chen Guo.

“Done.” Chen Guo put her thumbs up.

Ye Xiu nodded his head and messaged Blue River: “Not bad, not bad. Pulling four players at once. You’re quite a good taunter!”

“……” Blue River had no words to say.

“Keep up the good work!” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Still no words.

“Don’t be too scared. There are a lot of options in the water. Most players aren’t good in the water either, so as long as you can stay alive for awhile, I’ll be able to rush over.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’m going to level……” Blue River didn’t want to say anything.

“Go ahead, go ahead. If anything comes up, call me!” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River’s misdeeds had naturally been exposed by Plantago Seed. The seven top guilds condemned Blue River, but as time went on, they discovered that Blue River wasn’t the only one to do this. Every player from Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition did this.

These two guilds had entered the struggle again. However, this time, they were standing on Lord Grim’s side and were bullying the other guilds. This made these seven top guilds even angrier, but there was nothing they could do. Killing a player in the water wasn’t easy for them. Now, the players from these two guilds could call on Lord Grim for help if they ever got targeted.

For such a God like Ye Qiu, he wasn’t acting proper in any way. He was like a summoned creature and would arrive whenever he was called upon. The players from those two guilds were no longer his targets, but his bait.

The most shameless ones were the bait, who were acting extremely arrogant. They went around Thousand Waves Lake showing off. Any fish they discovered would be chased after. And then, Lord Grim would quickly be summoned over and the fish would be caught.

The players from the seven top guilds cried.

They had originally wanted to carefully hide from Guild Happy’s few players. But the number of players they had to hide from now were too many. Attacking the players from those two guilds were like moving a rock to stub their own toe!

“Did it make a difference?” A guild leader was still comforting himself: “Those two guilds had already chosen to stand on that side. Even if we didn’t chase after them, they would have helped Lord Grim look for us. Whether or not we went to kill them didn’t matter, no?”

“It didn’t make a difference, but the problem is that we can’t compare to Ye Qiu in the water. Not only did we not make a comeback, we suffered even more losses. How many of our players have been killed today?”

Everyone went silent. They didn’t have the heart to count how many of their players had died. On the other hand, Ye Xiu had taken note of every kill in his notebook.

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