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Chapter 383 – Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Outside of the Sin City dungeon, more and more players began to gather together. There were always lots of players outside the dungeon, so no one noticed the change.

The extra characters just stood there in front of an entrance. Their viewpoints were pointed towards the dungeon entrance, as if they were going to go in at any time. However, those who paid attention to them would discover that these characters had already been standing there for at least twenty minutes without going in.

Time continued to pass. Players without a team, who were busy organizing wild parties, began noticing these strange fellows.

They seemed to be in a party and no one was sure if they had enough players. Others sent them requests, but they didn’t seem to even look at them and just left them. All of their energy seemed to be focused on that dungeon entrance.

Among this crowd, players gradually began to notice a few characters. These characters were on the tenth server level standings, so quite a few players recognized them. Quite a few of them were here.

High-level characters still needed to train. Sin City was a suitable dungeon for them, so that wasn’t the strange part. The strange part was that these players were all pushed into this one dungeon entrance. In addition, they were the same as those extras. They just stood there, staring without any response.

A few curious players had already begun paying attention to these characters.

They moved!

The curious players suddenly discovered that these characters suddenly moved.

Their feet shuffled forward a tiny bit as if they were ready to rush forward at any minute. Their hands were raised up a bit as if they were going to attack at any time. Their viewpoints all focused towards a certain direction.

The curious players also moved their viewpoints in that direction and saw an even more famous Lord Grim.

Even though Lord Grim wasn’t the player with the highest level in the tenth server, he was most definitely the most famous player there, and was undoubtedly the strongest as well.

Were these players waiting for Lord Grim?

The curious players were wondering this. Then, they saw that Lord Grim had a few characters beside him. They weren’t able to see their names, when their characters disappeared.

If a character disappeared in front of a dungeon entrance, then they obviously went into the dungeon.

Outside of the dungeon entrance, the strange fellows turned into statues again.

The faces of the leaders of these strange fellows, the overall guild leaders of the seven top guilds, turned ugly.

“He’s clearly playing with us.” Herb Garden’s Arisaema gave his opinion.

Misty Castle’s guild leader, Misty Lock, had the ugliest expression on his face. Their guild had suffered the most losses tonight. He had been the one to look for the other guilds and set up this operation. He had thought that they would be able to cause a ruckus. But all that ended up happening was them being forced to stand outside of the dungeon entrance.

His train of thought was very simple. This was because their Clubs cared very much about their image. After Lord Grim created his guild, they had the clear advantage in overall strength. On the surface, they had to follow the rules, and could only resort to backhanded methods.

And now, Lord Grim’s group was attacking back and killing them. They had chased them all the way from Thousand Waves Lake to Sin City.

Thousand Waves Lake didn’t have any other players; the top guilds could ally together and fight. But in Sin City, they couldn’t hide from the public eye.

However, if Lord Grim was the one to take the initiative and attack their players in Sin City, then fighting back was completely reasonable. No one could say that they were in the wrong.

Once they knew that Lord Grim’s group had chased them all the way to Sin City, Misty Lock was first filled with grief and anger and then quickly came up with this plan. He had the ability to gather up the other guilds backed by Clubs. Crying wasn’t his only skill.

Misty Castle wasn’t the only guild to notice Lord Grim’s appearance at Sin City. After knowing this, they had also begun discussing a countermeasure. This was especially so for the other three guilds that had been attacked at Thousand Waves Lake: Herb Garden, Royal Heritage and Void Walk. Even though their losses hadn’t been as great, they were still very sad and angry.

At this moment, Misty Lock contacted them and told them his plan.

The other guild leaders heard him and immediately felt that this was a good opportunity as well. If they took advantage of this opportunity well, they might even be able to use this as an excuse to attack Guild Happy and utilize their advantage in overall strength.

As a result, the top guilds deployed their troops and sent everyone who was at Sin City’s level stage to gather there. Even if they couldn’t use this as an excuse to attack Guild Happy, they were determined to use their advantage in numbers to wipe out Lord Grim’s group.

But first they needed Lord Grim to initiate.

The guilds backed by Clubs also had their own annoyances. It was like those large sects from Wuxia stories. All of their actions had to be proper and reasonable. They couldn’t be like those bandits who did whatever they wanted to do.

Before this, everyone had been working their hearts out to avoid Lord Grim killing them. Now, at a different place, they were impatiently waiting for Lord Grim to hurry up and attack them.

But it seemed like Lord Grim was completely uninterested in these not even Level 40 extras. The guild leaders knew that their opponent’s goal wasn’t here, so they also sent Level 40 and up characters to attract his enmity.

But then they watched as Lord Grim’s group just enter the Sin City dungeon.

The guild leaders, who had been filled with hope, immediately turned cold.

“Maybe he didn’t see us?” someone guessed.

“No way. How could he not have seen us?” Their plan had been executed very on point. The guild leaders had no idea why. They had personally seen the plan through. Their high-level characters stood out in the crowd, showing off their might. How could they have not been seen?

“Should we wait?” someone suggested.

“Let’s wait. Get ready and wait for them to come out.”

As a result, the scene in the beginning appeared again. Everyone just stood there staring stupidly out into space. They were all waiting for Lord Grim’s group to come out of the dungeon, and were hoping that Lord Grim would attack them, so they could use this as an excuse to fight back.

The heavens didn’t disappoint those who tried. The time had finally come. Some were ready to attack. Some stood in a position that was easy to be attacked.

But Lord Grim didn’t even turn his head to look at them and entered the dungeon again.

Herb Garden’s guild leader, Arisaema, had previously been doubtful about whether Lord Grim had seen them or had chosen to ignore them. This time, he was sure that they had been played.

“In this half hour…… Not only have our elites not leveled, our second-string teams haven’t done anything either.” Arisaema said.

“This…… This guy’s too crafty!” Misty Lock said helplessly.

“He also understood our thoughts and wasn’t tricked by us. He also used this opportunity to waste our time.” West Riding Wind said gloomily.

Everyone went silent. It was true that normal players may not understand some of the choices that guilds backed by Clubs had to make. But how could a pro player like God Ye Qiu not know? He already knew that there was no way that they could attack him at this place. If they did, it would have to be some open accounts. However, at this point, most of their open accounts had been sent to infiltrate the other guilds. The remaining few could deal with a normal player, but they were against two All-Star-level pros, who also had the level advantage. Sending their open accounts to attack was just asking to die. It wasn’t as if the top guilds hadn’t thought of using their open accounts. It was just that their strength wasn’t enough.

All of this might have been completely seen through by their opponent, which was why he wasn’t afraid. Every step he made, whether he fought or not, caused their top guilds to suffer losses. And him? At Thousand Waves Lake, they were clearing monsters. In Sin City, they were running the dungeon. Even though they weren’t completely focused on leveling, it didn’t delay them too much.

The guild leaders couldn’t come to a conclusion. They could only quietly make their own orders. The players outside the dungeon entrance gradually went away.

The curious players had thought that there would be something fun to watch and were now stunned. During this time, those players just standing there seemed to have moved for a single instant when Lord Grim appeared. And now they just left. Had they been waiting there the entire time for Lord Grim to look at them? Was this some sort of deep love?

When Ye Xiu’s group came out of their second dungeon run at Sin City, they saw that those bunch of characters had left.

“They all left…….” Tang Rou’s voice carried a bit of lament. She felt that it was a pity that they hadn’t fought.

“Too bad……” Ye Xiu also had the same tone as her. He obviously didn’t feel that it was a pity that they didn’t fight, but rather that he had wasted only a bit of their time. If the other side had stood there stupidly all night, Ye Xiu would have been much more satisfied.

“Do we continue?” Tang Rou asked.

“We still have one more. We’re all here, too, so let’s go. We have to use this time well.” Ye Xiu said.

As a result, the five once again ran the dungeon again. After coming out, it was very late. It wasn’t convenient for Su Mucheng to play all night, so she logged off. Horse Shooter had come because of Su Mucheng, so he followed after his idol. When he saw that Su Mucheng had left, his enthusiasm died and he also logged off after saying bye.

“It’s just us three now. There’s nothing to do here, so let’s go to Thousand Waves Lake!” Ye Xiu said.

“Are we going to keep on causing them trouble?” Tang Rou asked.

“Leveling is our main priority. Causing trouble will only be when it’s convenient.” Ye Xiu said.

“Understood!” Tang Rou replied.

“How is it? It’s fun, no?” Ye Xiu asked Thousand Creations, “You probably feel very happy stirring up trouble everywhere, right?”

Thousand Creations was speechless. Was he really the type of person that liked to cause trouble? But after thinking for a bit, Thousand Creations discovered that he really was that type of person……

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