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Chapter 382 – One Battle After Another

Ye Xiu’s orders continued to be carried out. Even though there were lots of problems with this method, it was more than enough when facing against these two opponents. The two players who were caught by Tang Rou were the Knight and Elementalist. Right now, they had no means of resisting. Their only thoughts were to get onto land. However, it seemed as if the water was doing damage to them. Every time they swam a stroke, their health went down a chunk.

The two obviously knew that all this was due to Soft Mist’s attacks. But what could they do? In the water, they already had a deep scar in their hearts. Seeing Soft Mist move so agilely in the water, their hearts wanted to sink into the depths. How could they have any thoughts about fighting back? The only thing the Knight could do was swing his shield around randomly, hoping that he could block a few of the attacks. However, under Ye Xiu’s experienced eyes, trying to win through sheer luck was just a dream. Soft Mist’s attacks avoided his random shield swings and continued to directly strike him.

“It’s no good……”

The two had already drunk their best potions. There was nothing they could do about their potion cooldowns and their Cleric had died. What hope could they have?

“What about those two?” The Knight’s health finally dropped down to zero and his character floated in suspension. He knew that the Elementalist would definitely die with him, but it seemed like the two Ghostblades had successfully escaped.

His dead spirit’s viewpoint slowly floated higher. The Knight saw that the two Ghostblades had climbed back up onto the island and were currently standing on the shoreside, looking helplessly towards the water.

“What are you doing? RUN!” The Knight quickly revived and messaged the two of them.

The Elementalist was going to die. With only the two of them remaining, whether it was on land or in the water, they still weren’t going to be Soft Mist’s opponents. They should be using this time to run, not stalling around, waiting to die.

The Knight only regretted that they didn’t immediately run. Otherwise, they might have had to sacrifice one player, but two fewer players still would have died.

“I underestimated the opponent too much……” the Knight cried. After reviving in the city and telling the two to hurry up and run, he left the game and went into the QQ group chat to give a report.

When he went into the group chat, his comrade Cleric was already wailing remorsefully inside! Their guild leader hadn’t said a word the entire time. The Knight wasn’t sure about the current situation was, so he sent an emoticon of a crying face.

“You also died?” The Cleric asked after seeing it.

The Knight typed out a “Yeah” and then saw the Elementalist’s name pop up, too. He didn’t cry. Instead, he sent an angry face: “I died, too.” The group chat suddenly fell into silence. No one said anything.

And at the same time, Su Mucheng was going along a route based off of her initial observations. She didn’t find her original target, but she happened to bump into someone else.

The guys from the guilds knew that they all had to flee. Every one of them had hidden their guild names. But what did that do? All of these characters were on the tenth server’s level standings. Even if they died another ten times, their names would still be there. Su Mucheng saw him and wanted to confirm. She opened up the level standings and checked the player’s name. After five seconds, she confirmed who it was and saw that he was from Royal Style.

Su Mucheng had encountered a combined total of two guilds. The previous two players that she had killed were both from Herb Garden. After fleeing far away, this Royal Style player was praising himself for his outstanding luck. However, if he had just gone straight instead of going on this random path, he wouldn’t have bumped into Su Mucheng. His luck really was outstanding!

Su Mucheng Aerial Fired her way over. The waves split apart, causing this lucky talent to turn his viewpoint to look over to see Cleansing Mist behind him. He had originally thought that he had escaped from danger but his mood immediately turned from heaven to hell. Smashing his face to the ground wasn’t enough to vent all his emotions.

Fight back? He didn’t have any thoughts of doing that. This player also thought about playing dive deep down to see if he could hide. But as soon as his head entered the water, a cannon shot lifted up the waves, carrying him into the sky. The scene appeared that much more eye-catching on the calm surface of the lake.

He never went under the water ever again. He became like a skipping stone, bouncing around on top of the water. When everything turned still again, his health had dropped to zero.

“I caught one. It doesn’t look like there will be anyone else.” Su Mucheng messaged, while looking around to see if luck would give her another one.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have gone with you.”

Ye Xiu hadn’t found anyone at his dungeon entrance. He had already given up and was now wandering around randomly to see if he could bump into someone.

“I killed four of them. I’m currently heading towards where the fifth one is going. I might be able to catch up.” Tang Rou also said. Ye Xiu obviously knew about her situation. Her report was just for the others on the team to know.

“Which direction? Do you need me to help block him?” Su Mucheng asked.

“No need. I might bump into him.” Ye Xiu was now heading towards that Ghostblade’s direction.

The two Ghostblades had split apart. Tang Rou could only catch one of them. She had chased one, the same one as Su Mucheng. As for the other one, she had remembered which direction he had gone off to. After finishing off her target, she could try and chase towards that direction.

Ye Xiu saw this and, since he wasn’t doing anything, naturally went over to intercept him.

At this moment, three of them were busy. Only Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter were sitting on their island, silently going around in circles.

Ye Xiu hadn’t forgotten about these two. He messaged: “I don’t think anyone is dungeoning anymore. Thousand Creations, Horse Shooter, you two can leave. Go to Sin City. If you meet any other guilds, do what you want.”

“Sin City?” The two questioned, but immediately understood.

“Of course, Sin City.” Ye Xiu chuckled.

Sin City might be of a lower level than Thousand Waves Lake, but the experience from Sin City’s dungeon was still much better than killing wild monsters at Thousand Waves Lake. This was why, no matter the level, players always ran two dungeons. One was suitable for their level, while the other was a grade lower. Some even ran three dungeons. After all, aside from the experience in dungeons, better items would be dropping, too.

“If you’re going to Sin City, then hurry! You might be able to directly intercept them.” Su Mucheng said.

“Yeah, everyone head towards the shore! But if you run into someone on the way, don’t miss an opportunity to kill him. It’s just these players anyways.” Ye Xiu said.

The five players were all in different locations, so they all headed towards the shore in different directions.

Thousand Waves Lake was so vast. With less than a hundred players there, finding someone by chance was very difficult. The five continued to scout as they swam, but didn’t find anyone else when they reached the shore. On the shore, they scouted around once again, but didn’t find anything. As a result, they headed straight for Sin City.

Sin City wasn’t as empty as Thousand Waves Lake. In normal circumstances, this was where the highest leveled players would be at. There were numerous players in a server, so there would naturally be many at the same level stage. Right now, Sin City was packed with players.

“There are so many players here. How troublesome!” The five were outside of the entrance to a prison, Sin City’s dungeon. When they looked, there were quite a few dungeon teams and quite a few of them were from enemy guilds. Seeing them, Thousand Creations immediately called: “Ah! So many guild players. We’re going to be found out!”

Thousand Creations, who loved to kill steal monsters, was the most sensitive to being found.

“Stay calm.” Ye Xiu said, “Even if we’re found, don’t worry.”

“Can we still kill them?” Thousand Creations said.

“Even if we can’t, we can at least let them know.” Ye Xiu said.

At this moment, there really were quite a few players who noticed Lord Grim’s group and they immediately reported it to their guilds. These players had only received orders to pay attention to Lord Grim’s movements. The higher ups didn’t say what to do if they found them. After all, getting pressured by Ye Xiu’s group wasn’t anything glamorous. The guilds backed by Clubs cared about their appearances, so they hid some things from their members. The players from the new servers weren’t as loyal though.

The top guilds pretty much received notifications that Lord Grim’s group was at Sin City’s dungeon entrance. None of their reactions were alike.

“F*ck me! What do these guys plan on doing? What are they planning?” Misty Lock was quite sad and angry. They had suffered greatly at Thousand Waves Lake and chose to retreat. Retreating didn’t mean that they were just going to stand there and do nothing. They went to the lower grade leveling area and ran over to run Sin City’s dungeon. It had only been peaceful for a short while, when suddenly the other side unexpectedly started chasing after them. It was too unlucky.

“Did you guys offend Ye Qiu somehow?” Misty Lock talked to Hazy Mist. He was already at this step.

“No….. we didn’t……” Hazy Mist said. When they had come into contact with each other, he hadn’t known that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. He was a bit angry when they were haggling over dungeon guides, but Hazy Mist didn’t think that he went as far as to offend Ye Qiu.

“Then why does he keep on focusing on us?” Misty Lock said.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence?” Hazy Mist said.

“How could it be so coincidental!” Misty Lock didn’t believe it. He felt like he was right.

“What now?” Hazy Mist asked. After this information came, the five brothers in the dungeon were notified as well. Reports said that they had narrowly missed getting wiped out in the dungeon because of nervousness. After clearing away a mob, the five stopped their advancement and went into the group chat to talk about what to do. Hazy Mist didn’t want to say that they had no ideas in front of everyone, so he opened up a private window with his guild leader.

“Tell the dungeon teams in Sin City to not go into the dungeon. I’m going to contact the other guilds.” As the manager of a guild backed by a Club, he wasn’t an idiot. Misty Lock was finally going to make a move!

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