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Chapter 384 – Even Sitting Idle is Scary

This night had not gone well for Herb Garden, Howling Heights, Misty Castle, Blossom Valley, Royal Heritage, 301, and Void Walk. Normally, they were the mighty top-tier experts in the game, but tonight it was as if they were in a nightmare.

With their levels, after running their dungeons, Thousand Waves Lake was the most suitable place for leveling. These seven guilds didn’t want to agree to Lord Grim’s conditions. They hoped for good luck and played hide and seek.

Their plan wasn’t that risky either. Thousand Waves Lake was such a large leveling area. There was a very low chance of coincidentally bumping into someone else. After Ye Xiu’s group returned to Thousand Waves Lake, they also completed quests and cleared monsters to level. However, they weren’t like others, who only went around in a small area. They were wandering around the entire leveling area with the purpose of coincidentally bumping into someone.

It was quite unfortunate for the characters that they came across. Ye Xiu always had a method to close in on his opponents unaware. Even when they discovered each other at the same time, with Ye Xiu’s skill, he was able to catch up to his target.

It didn’t happen often. All the way up until the day lit up, this had only happened three times. Three times might not be a lot, but it proved that it was possible that it could happen. They had originally thought that completing quests and killing monsters would be a very relaxed task, but because of this, they had to take precautions. That night, they circled around and around until their minds went dizzy and their hands became sore. There was nothing else that they could do! They had to keep a lookout around them at all times in order to prevent being bumped into.

As for Ye Xiu’s group, their night passed by like any other. It might have even turned out better. Besides clearing monsters and completing quests, they also held hopes of finding someone else. It was a small plus in the course of their leveling. Being filled with hope was a wonderful feeling.

“The sun’s up.” When these words came out, most all-nighters would look exhausted. But today, Thousand Creations didn’t seem tired at all. His tone even carried a hint of lament. Tonight, he had actually played with his idol, God Ye Qiu, all night. Thousand Creations could only feel that this was a dream. He nearly pinched his leg to check.

“Yup, the sun’s up. Go rest!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay……” Thousand Creations was reluctant to part: “God, when are you going to be on again?”

“Uh, I don’t have an exact time. Whenever I wake up!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, I do that, too!” Thousand Creations felt excited, knowing that he shared a common habit with his God.

“Nice. Have a good rest.” Ye Xiu said bye to Thousand Creations.

Thousand Creations logged out from the game. Tang Rou was still fighting a monster. Apart from killing monsters, completing quests, and hoping, Tang Rou naturally consulted Ye Xiu for help on water battles. Ye Xiu didn’t hold back, teaching what he could and helping to devise a training regimen for Tang Rou to use in the water. It couldn’t be said that she had made a huge amount of progress, but she was, at least, taking another step towards her goal to be pro. Besides pro players, normal players wouldn’t specially study how to fight in the water, unless they were really interested.

“How’d it go? How’d it go? How’d yesterday night go?”

Chen Guo had already woken up and appeared in the Internet Cafe. The first thing she did was run over and ask about this. These days, even if she wasn’t there, her heart was pretty much set in the tenth server. She wasn’t a part of the development of Guild Happy, but she felt happy or sad for it as if she were. Last night, if it wasn’t because she didn’t have an account to use, she would have pulled an all-nighter, too.

“Nothing much. We killed a few dozen players. Yeah.” Ye Xiu said.

“A few dozen!” In Chen Guo’s eyes, such a number was frightening.

“A few dozen and you’re not worried? Do you have a red name?” Chen Guo said.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu looked at his screen. Lord Grim’s name was bright red. This was very common after PKing. It was quite troublesome to have a red name. Most NPCs would not trade with a red-named character. When a red-named character died, the experience and gold loss would be greater, and the chance for an equipment to drop would be much higher.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had PKed the most. Tang Rou had also killed four players. But after nothing had happened for a long time, her red name was pretty much gone. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was different though. He didn’t even know how many he had killed and had no idea when his red name would go away.

“You’ve got to be careful!” Chen Guo said. Ignoring all else, Ye Xiu’s account had a Silver weapon on him. If he died and his Silver weapon dropped, that would be extremely bad.

“Yeah, you be careful. Don’t get killed by the monsters.” Ye Xiu stood up and said.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m going to rest. I’m going to leave my account here. Help me watch it.” Ye Xiu said.

“What! If you’re going to sleep, then log off!” Chen Guo said.

“I can’t do that. The other guilds’ players are still leveling. I have to leave my account there to give them some pressure.” Ye Xiu said.

“Too evil.” Tang Rou had killed off her monster and understood what Ye Xiu meant. As long as Lord Grim’s account was online, it meant that Thousand Waves Lake was unsafe and the guild players had to be careful. Even though it wasn’t actually a threat because Ye Xiu wasn’t controlling it, they would still be looking around them nervously. The pressure from an expert standing there was difficult to bear.

“Don’t. What if they attack?” Chen Guo was too afraid to take up such a task.

“What a joke. Who do you think I am…… They wouldn’t dare to take the initiative to attack me.” Ye Xiu said.

“How could they not dare? They have the numbers advantage!”

“Even if they had dared to before, after last night, they wouldn’t anymore.” Ye Xiu laughed and then added: “Just don’t go out of the water.”

Chen Guo sat nervously at Ye Xiu’s spot and controlled Lord Grim a bit clumsily.

“You don’t need to play on him. You can do your own thing. Just don’t let the monsters scratch me to death. At other times, you can just have him floating.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s too fake! I’ll control him!” Chen Guo took Lord Grim and began fighting monsters in the water. She was very unfamiliar with this character, but unspecialized characters had Launcher skills, too. At the Christmas event, Chen Guo had learned how to change the forms on the Thousand Chance Umbrella. After switching to the Gun form, it felt pretty much the same. The Thousand Chance Umbrella was extremely powerful, so clearing monsters was easy. Chen Guo wasn’t a beginner either. Her water-fighting skill wasn’t good, but the monsters were stupid, so even if she couldn’t move or dodge, it wasn’t a problem.

Chen Guo killed a few monsters and discovered that it was an easy task, so she relaxed and waved her hands to Ye Xiu: “Okay. You can go ahead!”

“Should I also have her stay and float?” Tang Rou asked.

“Sure. If you die, you die. It doesn’t matter.” Chen Guo didn’t turn her head. She was focused on controlling Lord Grim.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed as he left. Tang Rou obviously knew that Chen Guo was joking and wouldn’t be angry at her. She messed up Chen Guo’s hair and then left as well. After a few steps, she looked back and saw that Chen Guo was still focused on controlling Lord Grim. Her hair was all messed up, but she didn’t seem to care.

The guild players didn’t know about Ye Xiu’s little trick. Their characters were leveled on shifts. After playing all night, someone else took their place. Of course, they were told the current situation. The most important order was that if they encountered Lord Grim, they were to run as far away from him as possible.

After hearing about the nightmare that night, the people who took the next shift didn’t dare be negligent. The people who went off their shift had looks filled with envy. They felt that Ye Qiu had to rest, so while Lord Grim was offline, everything would be peaceful. How beautiful was that?

All of those experts understood what it meant to be lucky at this moment.

The people who took up the next shift continued to play and stay alert. They also thought that it was about time for Lord Grim to go offline, so they asked about it from time to time.

One hour, still there;

Two hours, still there;

Three hours, still there;

The new players were also constantly rotating their cameras in circles to be on the lookout. Their heads were going dizzy and their hands had turned sore, but Lord Grim was still there.

“Has anyone seen where he is?” They continued to ask each other.

“I haven’t!”

“If you see him, you’re probably already dead!” another said.

“Yeah, not seeing him is a good thing……. If you see him, how could he not see you?”

“That’s not necessarily true, no?”

“You can go check then. Go look around and maybe you’ll find him.”

“Uh, nevermind!”

That morning, even though they didn’t bump into Lord Grim, Lord Grim was still the main topic of every guild.

The players who had taken up the shift were all waiting impatiently. Even when they changed shifts again, Lord Grim was still online. After resting, the guild leaders began working again and also froze when they heard this news.

After exchanging information, they knew that no one had been attacked, but they couldn’t tell if it was because of luck or because of something else.

“Maybe he’s already gone to sleep and his character is just floating there.”

“Could it be a bluff to give us pressure?”

“How despicable!!!”

“And it’s about time that he’ll be getting up, too……”

Everyone fell silent.

“F*ck ….. He really is up …….” Guild 301 sent a sad face, “One of our players just got killed by him.”

“There’s nothing that we can do…… We can’t know whether he’s actually playing or just sitting there.”

“Not moving might just be a trap to lure us in.”

“Oh great Gods, help us subdue these devils!!” The guilds all cried.

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