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Chapter 381 – Remote Control

“They have the numbers advantage though. What do I do if they split up and continue to move forward?” Tang Rou asked.

“This is just a way of getting more time. Once you get rid of the Cleric, you’ll be good to go, no?” Ye Xiu said.

“Got it.” Tang Rou suddenly understood. During this time, her hands never stopped. The Cleric was practically tumbling nonstop. Even if he succeeded in using a Quick Recover, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist could still catch up in time to send him flying again. All of the attacks she used were able to push him a quite a bit of distance away in a circle around the small island. It looked as if he were only a few steps away from jumping into the lake, but he could never find the opportunity to do so.

The Cleric hoped for his allies to help him, but none of them were able to do so. They were always just a bit too far. Battle Mages had a faster movement speed than the other four classes after being buffed by Neutral Chasers. She was running while attacking him, but her movement speed didn’t slow down. The Cleric immediately understood that her playing style was quite quick, being able to complete all of these attacks while still moving.

“You two, cut her off from that side!” The Knight also realized that if they continued chasing like this, they wouldn’t be able to catch her. It was fortunate enough that this was a small island though. If not for that, the other side would have simply be able to continue pushing the Cleric forward. The others knew of their Cleric’s skill level and they knew that he wasn’t weak. But right now, he was being kicked around like a football and was unable to do anything to resist. The others already had a good idea about Soft Mist’s skill level. If they didn’t have their numbers advantage, they would have turned tail and ran by now.

“Persist for a bit more,” the Knight shouted.

“Hurry up!” How could the Cleric not be worried?

Tang Rou was constantly turning her camera to observe the field. She saw that the other side had split up into two groups of two players each. The two groups were running in opposite directions and were obviously planning on cutting her off. Tang Rou was currently thinking of what to do, when Ye Xiu said: “Don’t be in a hurry. Wait for my command.”

“Okay……” Tang Rou replied. She honestly didn’t know what to do in order to break out of this predicament.

After pushing the Cleric around another three times, Ye Xiu suddenly said: “Turn left for the next attack.”

Before he finished speaking, Soft Mist had already rushed in front of the Cleric. When Tang Rou heard Ye Xiu’s words, she hastily changed her push forward to a push to the left. The Cleric immediately tumbled to the left and Soft Mist continued to chase after him.

“Falling Flower Palm him once.” Ye Xiu followed. Tang Rou heard the order and used a Falling Flower Palm. The direction that she had chosen had been accurately grasped. Too far, and the Cleric would have enough time to get up by the time she closed in on him. Too close, and her cooldowns might not be up in time. As a result, every one of her palms had been done with just enough power, just so that the Cleric had no way of getting up. Her grasp on this technique might not be very good yet, but she at least wasn’t blindly letting loose. Her moves were starting to become more and more flexible.

“Sky Strike, jump, Circle Swing!”

Tang Rou didn’t bother thinking too much about Ye Xiu’s orders. She simply did as she was told.

The Cleric was hit by the Circle Swing and was smashed onto the top of the cave.

“Jump, Dragon Tooth, go around!”

Tang Rou was having a very comfortable time with Ye Xiu’s commands. The four players, who had just barely been about to pincer her, were now heading in the same direction.

“Stop for a bit and give him a good beating!”

This time, the Cleric didn’t get pushed away immediately. Instead, he received a violent beating.

“Good. Continue pushing now and head towards the water.” Ye Xiu called.

The battle spear thrust forward and the Cleric was driven to the edge of the water. He had healing skills, but he didn’t have the chance to use them. As a Cleric, being forced to use potions to heal was the same as if he had lost his identity! In addition, his health potion was currently on cooldown. From the damage he had taken, the Cleric knew that he didn’t have enough time to wait to down another potion. He would either die or be saved by his friends.

In any case, anything he did was for nothing, so the Cleric could only message: “Hurry! I’m going to die soon.”

“She’s so cunning! We were so close to trapping her just before.” The other four were trying their hardest to catch up.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! I’m about to die!” The Cleric was extremely agitated.

In the time it took for these few messages to be exchanged, the Cleric had already been pushed into the edge of the water.

“Hurry up and kill him. If your hands are fast enough, it’ll be no problem for you.” Ye Xiu said.

These sorts of words were very effective for Tang Rou. No matter what, she didn’t want Ye Xiu to say that her “hand speed wasn’t fast enough”. She knew very well that her greatest strength right now was her hand speed. If she was looked down upon even in this area, then she’d truly feel too ashamed.

“Pa pa pa pa pa pa…….”

The sounds of repeated keyboard taps and mouse clicks mixed together. Basic attacks and skills chained together onto the Cleric. The Cleric hadn’t thought that his opponent could attack even faster. He had originally held great confidence that he would be rescued in time. But as his health quickly dropped, his hopes gradually died out as well. He saw his four friends getting closer and closer, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to hold on until they arrived.

“Hang on!” The Elementalist was a long-range attacker. As soon as he was in attack range, he immediately cast a spell.

Tang Rou’s camera quickly glanced at the Elementalist and saw that he was chanting. Ye Xiu’s voice could already be heard: “He’s using Ice Wall. Go forward two units!”

Tang Rou hastily attacked and moved forward. Right as she completed Ye Xiu’s orders, she heard a crack as three ice walls stood erect in a triangle formation. If she hadn’t gone forward two units, she would have been trapped by the Ice Wall. For the Elementalist to instantly put up an Ice Wall accurately was quite impressive.

“D*mn it! Just barely!” The Elementalist shouted in a depressed tone.

“Stop talking!!” The other three were just as depressed.

In truth, if the Elementalist hadn’t yelled out a “Hang on”, Tang Rou wouldn’t have turned her camera to look at them. And if she hadn’t seen them, Ye Xiu wouldn’t have known that the Elementalist was going to cast an Ice Wall.

Tang Rou was feeling quite guilty, too. She knew that if it weren’t for Ye Xiu, there would have been no way that she would have been able to make that sort of split second decision. She would have most likely been trapped by the Ice Wall. With her fast hand speed, she would have been able to get out of the Ice Wall very quickly, but she needed all the time she could get to kill off the Cleric. That small amount of delay could have been enough to turn the whole situation around.

“So dangerous…….” Tang Rou celebrated, but her hands didn’t stop moving. The sounds of repeated tapping and clicking continued to sound out. The Cleric saw that even his friends could not do anything to stop the opponent. In the end, his last shred of hope disappeared. While the Elementalist was chanting another spell, he saw Soft Mist suddenly leave. She took her spear and made one last strike on the Cleric. The Cleric’s body finally fell over.

The Cleric’s name on the team list had faded away. He was now dead. However, because he hadn’t chosen to revive back at the city yet, he was still with the team.

“Into the water!” Ye Xiu gave Tang Rou a new command.

“Ah?” Tang Rou was startled. Wouldn’t going into the water expose her weakness? Could he be wanting her to practice fighting in the water?

Tang Rou was unsure, but had her Soft Mist go into the water. The four players chased closely after her as she was already in their attack range.

“Go down, turn around, swim back, flip over!” Ye Xiu continued to give orders. Tang Rou finally realized that with this prompting, there was nothing she needed to worry about. It was kind of boring to play though!

“Don’t play so mechanically! Be more attentive and find your tempo.” Ye Xiu saw Tang Rou controlling her Soft Mist as she was commanded to do.


“Dragon Tooth!”

“Dragon Tooth? Right now?” Tang Rou questioned, but still did as she was told.

She had originally thought that using the Dragon Tooth was completely wrong, but it turned out that it accurately hit one of the Ghostblades.

Tang Rou followed up with an attack. But when she used Sky Strike, she missed because of the water.

“Whether you hit or miss, pay attention to them!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, I understand.” Tang Rou understood what Ye Xiu was saying. Afterwards, she didn’t stop following Ye Xiu’s orders. Her line of sight was no longer on the enemies. That capability had been completely given to Ye Xiu. With Ye Xiu observing the opponents and giving her directions, she focused on observing the timing for her strikes and their effectiveness.

“F*ck me! This…… what’s going on…..”

The four players weren’t stupid. After exchanging a few blows, they felt that something was off. This sister didn’t seem like she was clueless about water battles. It could be said that she was an expert! If they kept on fighting her, the four players wouldn’t stand a chance. None of them had much skill in water battles. They just had the numbers advantage and wanted to go down to bully someone. How could they know that their opponent was actually extremely good in the water?

“F*ck! Too crafty.” The four felt like they had fallen into a trap. They didn’t dare fight in the water anymore. They only wanted to get back up onto shore now.

Tang Rou was listening to Ye Xiu’s orders, so she was slower. Completely trapping the four of them wasn’t very likely. However, she had still been able to successfully catch two of them. Under water, these four players were pretty much dead weight.

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