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Chapter 380 – Key

This important strategy was very basic. Anyone with a bit of game knowledge understood this. Whenever there was a team battle, the Clerics would always be protected. Even though this was only a small-scale battle right now, with many against one, the five players didn’t dare be careless, since they knew of Tang Rou’s history and immediately went into a team formation. Four players formed a square with the Cleric being protected in the middle.

Soft Mist was charging head-on. If she wanted to reach the Cleric, she would have to break through the two players in front.

One of these two players was a Ghostblade, while the other was a Knight. The guild’s elite team coordinated well together. The Knight moved forward with his shield raised to meet the attacker. The Ghostblade stayed behind and sent up a Ghost Boundary.

Apart from reducing damage, the shield was also important for reducing effects from attacks.

For example, the Battle Mage’s Falling Flower Palm was a Blow Away attack that would cause the player hit by it to be sent flying and knocked down to the ground. However, if the Palm hit a shield, the Blow Away effect wouldn’t appear, and instead it would be reduced to a Knock Back. The character would be forced back a few steps, but he wouldn’t be knocked down to the ground.

This sort of basic knowledge was something that Tang Rou already knew. But she still sent out a Falling Flower Palm as if she didn’t know this, and it hit the Knight’s shield.

With the shield protecting the body and a Cleric to heal, the Knight ignored the hit. After being hit by the Falling Flower Palm and staggering backwards, the Ghostblade had to dodge. Crashing into each other would at least interrupt his Ghost Boundary’s cast.

This slight dodge forced him away from the Knight’s protection range and caused a slight change in position. A cold light slashed across. The Ghostblade was caught unprepared and was flung into the sky.

The Ghostblade hastily adjusted his camera and saw Soft Mist stand up from a crouching position. Her position was extremely brazen. She was actually right next to the Knight’s shield. After pushing the Knight back with a Falling Flower Palm, she rolled forward to stay close and seized an opening that wouldn’t have been considered one to a normal player.

“Shield Attack!!!” the Ghostblade roared. Because he was a member of the team, he knew that when Knights had a shield, it was true that the larger the surface of the Shield, the better the protection. However, if it was too large, the shield might obstruct his line of sight.

His teammate Knight’s Maple Leaf Shield had an extremely large surface. In a dungeon, Knights loved to use this type of huge shield. However, in a PVP battle with many variations, Knights had to be careful when choosing a shield. The best examples could be seen in the pro scene. The self-made shields in the pro scene were never large because large shields weren’t suitable.

Right now, this Knight had suffered from his large shield. Soft Mist’s roll had been very precise. She didn’t bump into him and used the shield as a cover to stick close to the Knight without him knowing.

The Ghostblade in midair saw this and naturally gave a warning.That Knight hadn’t completely realized the situation, but when he heard his brother shouting, he didn’t hesitate and immediately slammed his shield forward with a Shield Attack.

However, Soft Mist had already rolled to the side. She stabbed forward with her spear and pierced through the Ghostblade. Targets stabbed in the air would be blown away a bit. The Ghostblade was sent flying by the attack to the others, who were still studying whether there was someone waiting to ambush them in the cave.

Under his warning, the brothers were able to dodge this human meat bag. Tang Rou ignored them. With just a few moves, she had circled around one of the two characters in front and sent the other one flying away. The Cleric that had been originally been protected was now completely exposed.

Clerics weren’t so powerless that they had no means of surviving in battle. However, he was still too slow compared to Tang Rou. Tang Rou’s fingers flew across the keyboard. The spear in Soft Mist’s hand danced around, sticking to the Cleric. Ye Xiu also felt very gratified seeing this. There was finally some skill in her moves. She at least understood how to link her normal attacks and skills together. For players with fast hand speed like Tang Rou, these types of combo fighting styles should be better.

Void Walk’s five-player team consisted of two Ghostblades, one Knight, one Cleric, and one Elementalist.

The two Ghostblades were completely imitating Team Void’s Ghostblade duo. One was a Phantom Demon, while the other was a hybrid.

At this moment, the two Ghostblades were on one side and the Knight was behind her. Tang Rou observed her surroundings. She comboed a few strikes on the Cleric and, not waiting for the Knight and the Ghostblade to come rescue the Cleric, she used a Falling Flower Palm to blast the Cleric in the direction of the Elementalist.

The Elementalist wasn’t just sitting there doing nothing. He had been casting magic attacks at Soft Mist the entire time.

But to his dismay, it was as if she wasn’t looking at his magic. All of his magic attacks landed on her.

None of the magic attacks were able to interrupt Soft Mist’s attacks. And it was only now that she seemed to suddenly realize that there was an Elementalist there. The hit flying Cleric shot towards the Elementalist. At this instant, the Elementalist even felt gratified that he was no longer being regarded as air.

Not just the team, but even the pro Ye Xiu was shocked by Tang Rou’s strategy.

This girl was always this bold and fierce. Ye Xiu understood what she was thinking. She wanted to take down the Cleric at all costs. This was because she believed firmly that if she couldn’t take down the Cleric, her efforts would be for nothing.

The Cleric was flying towards the Elementalist, who obviously avoided him. At this moment, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist already had all of her Chasers buffing her and she quickly chased after them.

Elementalists didn’t have much close combat ability. He immediately cast an Ice Wall in order to try and block her. In the end, Soft Mist went directly towards the Ice Wall. She didn’t feel that it was a pity using her hard to come by Chasers on the Ice Wall. The Ice Wall shattered in the blink of an eye, causing the Elementalist to go wide-eyed in shock.

He couldn’t tell if this was being quick, being fierce, or both.

Soft Mist dashed through the shattered Ice Wall. It was already too late for the Elementalist to widen the distance. He was launched into the air by a Sky Strike and then sent flying towards the two Ghostblades with a Falling Flower Palm.

Ye Xiu was still watching on the side. Tang Rou’s play style was copying his.

In the battle at Line Canyon, where Ye Xiu was fighting several opponents, he had the opponents flying around like pinballs. Tang Rou’s intent was the same.

Ye Xiu could only sigh, seeing this. It was pretty impressive that Tang Rou could think of using this, and with her mechanics, it was certainly possible to do it. However, she was still a new player, so there were still areas where she didn’t know what to do.

This type of strategy was something that Ye Xiu could use, but she couldn’t.

It wasn’t an issue of mechanics, nor an issue of experience, but rather her class.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was an unspecialized. At level 20, he had access to 120 skills. Because of all of these skills, Ye Xiu had incredible controlling ability. However, Tang Rou was using a Battle Mage. Even at Level 70, she wouldn’t have that many skills.

In other words, that type of control over the field by Ye Xiu couldn’t be done in any normal circumstance. In order to copy his strategy, besides unspecialized players, it could only be done with several players. Only several players could have enough skills to create such a pinball scenario.

Tang Rou wanted to do it with just her alone. She would soon discover the problem: she didn’t have enough skills to use.

“That’s no good.” Ye Xiu had seen the problem and he wouldn’t not point it out, so he went up to tell Tang Rou.

“What?” Tang Rou was too busy to turn her head.

“You can’t control the field like this. You don’t have enough skills to use. Plus, if you keep on spamming your skills, you’ll run out of mana.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I’ll just kill however many I can kill!” Tang Rou said.

“Huh?” Ye Xiu stared blankly. This sort of compromise didn’t seem like this sister’s style! When did such a sudden change happen?

“I’ll just do my best.” Tang Rou said.

Ye Xiu began to sweat. Sure enough, this sister continued to fight with everything she had.

The Elementalist transformed into a missile as Tang Rou pounced towards the Cleric again.

Void Walk’s team completely saw through Tang Rou’s intent. Their team’s leader was the Knight. Seeing this, he suddenly shouted: “Into the water.”


This word had left a deep mark in the elites’ hearts. They hadn’t thought that they were that bad in the water, or at least so much so that two players were enough to wipe out dozens of them.

“She can’t water!” The Knight couldn’t find the right words to use.

For a successful team, listening to the shot caller was very important. Even though the Cleric’s mind was still in a mess, he still heard his captain’s orders. He hastily sprinted towards the water, as Soft Mist chased after him.

Tang Rou didn’t think that her opponents would have realized what her big weakness was. The water……. She really couldn’t do anything in the water. She was fast enough to catch up and stop the Cleric from entering the water. But if she did that, the others would be able to catch up to the Cleric and the distance that she had taken great efforts to widen would be gone.

“Rotate.” At this moment, a calm voice suddenly sounded out. Tang Rou was startled for a bit, but she quickly understood. She sprinted to the Cleric and pushed the Cleric out to the side.

Everyone had already understood the key to this battle. With the Cleric sent flying to the side, they went to chase after him. However, the Battle Mage had the speed advantage with the Chasers and was faster than them. When the Cleric climbed back up, he was still thinking of going into the water, but Soft Mist had already arrived. Her Falling Flower Palm was still on cooldown, so she used a Sky Strike into a Dragon Tooth instead, to send the Cleric flying.

“If you calculate the direction and distance well enough, you can do it so that the others won’t be able to catch up.” Ye Xiu said.

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