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Chapter 378 – Separate Attacks

“Misty Castle’s players might stop coming for now……”

Ye Xiu received reports from the guild members that were assigned to Congee City. This time, after reviving, Misty Castle’s dungeon team didn’t seem to have any plans for leaving the city. Two of them were taking a stroll in the market, another two had gone to the Arena and one was just standing there, staring blankly into space.

“Hahaha, they’re smart. They at least know what fear is.” Steamed Bun Invasion was delighted.

“Steamed Bun, you and Concealed Light go and train. You can leave Thousand Waves Lake to us.” Ye Xiu said. Steamed Bun Invasion and Concealed Light were more than five levels lower than Thousand Waves Lake’s monsters, so even if the two possessed the ability to beat the monsters here, the experience they would gain would be reduced because it was over the five level range. Leveling here was absolutely no good.

“Senior, will you guys be okay without us?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked in a serious tone.

“We’ll be fine. If not, we’ll call for you.” Ye Xiu said.

“No problem. You can call for us whenever you’d like.” Steamed Bun Invasion gave out a mighty expression. He turned around and looked towards Concealed Light: “Let’s go, little bro. Say bye bye to everyone.”

“F*ck off!” Concealed Light was sad. Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t stop treating him like a little bro; he was treating him like a little kid.

The two went off to their own suitable leveling areas. Ye Xiu and the other three were at the perfect level for Thousand Waves Lake, so they returned there. The guilds were no longer attacking together. If it was just a five-player team, let alone four players, Ye Xiu alone would enough to beat them. The reason they were in a group was for carrying out Ye Xiu’s usual battle spirit: if he was going to kill, then he would kill them all.

Thousand Waves Lake was as calm as it was before. There was no one in sight. Ye Xiu looked at the time; it was 1:17 A.M. Even if the guild dungeon teams started at 12 o’clock sharp, there was no way they’d be finished with their three runs already. The guilds that had participated in the Christmas Event had each sent out eight players. In other words, three of them were left out.

For newer players, it wasn’t possible for them to clear Thousand Waves Lake with just three players. However, these were all veterans from the Heavenly Domain so Ye Xiu reckoned that it would be possible for them. The top guilds were still competing for the dungeon records, so an elite team consisting of a complete five players was necessary. The three that left out would have a harder time or perhaps they might look for other guilds to form parties with?

Ye Xiu guessed, but he couldn’t be certain.

In truth, Misty Lock’s thoughts weren’t wrong. Thousand Waves Lake was too huge and the number of players Ye Xiu could use were way too little. If he had wanted to cover the entire lake and make it so that it was impossible for the other players to enter, it would be impossible with just Ye Xiu’s small group. They could only continue chasing and killing the other guilds in order to threaten the guilds to give in. For example, Misty Castle had been a successful case, where they had to give up because they were too afraid of the dangers.

“What now?” Tang Rou asked after seeing that there was no one left to fight at Thousand Waves Lake.

“Would you be fine with a 1v5?” Ye Xiu asked.

“In the water?”

“On land.”

“I could try. But if they run, there would be nothing I could do.” Tang Rou said.

“Of course, if they split up and run, there’s nothing anyone could do, but you could at least kill one of them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“What about you, Thousand Creations?” Ye Xiu asked Thousand Creations.

“God, don’t joke with me……..” Thousand Creations wiped away some sweat.

“But getting their attention shouldn’t be any problem, right? I remember you being very good at taunting!” Ye Xiu said.

Thousand Creations was speechless. The past had come back to haunt him! At the time, he had taunted because he was too weak when compared to the God, which was why he had been preyed on because the other side thought he was easier to deal with. However, that was completely different! He hadn’t known of Lord Grim’s identity at that time. Thousand Creations had felt extremely annoyed at that time. But now that he knew of Lord Grim’s true identity, there was nothing he could say. Compared to God Ye Qiu, being a worse player was a given.

“God, what do you want me to do?”

“If you can’t beat them, then lure them to where we are.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, I’ll do my best!” Thousand Creations said.

“That’s good. Next, we’ll be camping at the dungeon entrance. We don’t know which entrance they’ll be coming from, so each person will each take one! The more you can kill the better. Thousand Creations, you can just report your position and then we’ll find a way to meet up.” Ye Xiu planned.

“Understood!” the three affirmed.

“Horse Shooter, you’ll be the same as Thousand Creations.” Ye Xiu suddenly called.

“Okay.” The voice came out from the grove near the shore. The Launcher, Horse Shooter, came out from there. He had been hiding there the entire time and had killed some monsters onshore, while keeping an eye out. Horse Shooter had been the one to discover Misty Castle’s dungeon team the first time. It was too bad that his observation range was limited because he was by himself. He had only found Misty Castle’s tracks. He had continued to wander around after that, but he hadn’t been able to find anyone else.

Soon after, the five players went into the lake and split up. After each of them chose an entrance, they landed and reported to each other. Then, they began to study how to ambush the teams coming from the entrance in front of them.

In the dungeon, teams from twelve guilds were fighting hard. Amongst these, nine of them had made an alliance in order to resist the threat of Guild Happy. However, they had suffered losses in the previous water battle.

Among these nine guilds, Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had paid materials in order to ensure their safety. Misty Castle was too scared and they didn’t dare show up at Thousand Waves Lake for now. Right now, six guilds were Ye Xiu’s targets. Ye Xiu had obviously told the other four beforehand.

Herb Garden, Howling Heights, Blossom Valley, Royal Heritage, 301, and Void Walk.

Six guilds backed by Clubs. Herb Garden didn’t need to be said. They had the champion team, Team Tiny Herb, behind them. The other five might be a bit weaker on paper, but they were all strong competitors as well. As long as they got into the playoffs, there were endless possibilities. The next champion team was never fixed.

And only these types of competitive teams would even have their guilds bicker over every gain or loss. The other three guilds who had participated in the Christmas event didn’t have that much ambition. They were satisfied with simply having their own place in the Alliance. Their thoughts weren’t to win, but rather it was to not lose. They would still try hard to compete for the dungeon records, but they didn’t have that sort of ambition to go all out like the top guilds.

They hadn’t participated in chasing and killing Lord Grim, so when Ye Xiu counterattacked, they wouldn’t be his targets.

Outside of the game, Ye Xiu created his own group chat on QQ. He called for the others to go on QQ and then sent them a complete list.

The others looked and saw that it was the predicted time for when the six guilds would finish their three runs.

“Where’d you get this from?” Thousand Creations was astonished.

“It’s just a guess!” Ye Xiu said.

“A guess?”

“The dungeon strategy they’re using is from my guide. I can look at the eight characters from each guild on the level standings and I can figure out which team composition is the most optimal. Then, I make a good guess on how long it takes for them to clear the dungeon. That’s not so hard, is it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, so it’s like that…….” Thousand Creations wasn’t too amazed. He had already reminded himself that he was currently playing with one of Glory’s top experts. He couldn’t keep on looking at things like he had in the past or he’d die from shock sooner or later. His view on things had to be very wide.

“Everyone, pay attention. Remember these six times.” Ye Xiu said.

The six times were around the same. The elite teams were putting in all of their efforts into the dungeon and so their characters’ strengths were around the same. The only differences were the players and some luck from the dungeons.

Before the time came, the five players killed some monsters around the lake in order to not waste any time. When the time grew near, they immediately went to the spots they had chosen beforehand.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng weren’t afraid of battles in the water, so they could choose any spot. The other three were different, however. They wanted to finish matters on land. Tang Rou was looking for a battle, but Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter were only planning on luring their opponents to where God was. They weren’t fighting a battle on mechanics, but rather, a psychological battle.

“How are things going?” The time had jumped into the range that Ye Xiu had predicted. Ye Xiu was already asking for information in the team channel.

“Nothing here.”

“Nothing here.”

“Nothing here.”

“I have…… Blue Brook Guild here……”

Thousand Creations was hiding to the side of the dungeon entrance, waiting for a character to exit out of the dungeon. But the character he saw jump out had a “Blue Brook Guild” tag on him.

“Don’t worry about Blue Brook Guild.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I know.” Thousand Creations said. He didn’t need to be concerned about Blue Brook Guild, but it was a bit awkward. Thousand Creations didn’t show himself and instead shrunk back as Blue Brook Guild’s five players left the dungeon.

“Ah! What good luck!” Su Mucheng suddenly said.

“What is it?”

“I have two teams!” On Su Mucheng’s side, one dungeon team came out. Before she could make a move, another team came out.

Herb Garden and Royal Heritage.

These two guilds’ teams had appeared in front of Su Mucheng. Su Mucheng was alone so surrounding them was impossible which meant there wasn’t any point in being sneaky. As a result, she chose not to hide and directly stood outside of the dungeon entrance. The first team was still astonished, when suddenly the second team came out and saw Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist fire a shot from her cannon.

“F*CK!!” The curses from the ten players were nearly in perfect sync as they scattered to dodge the artillery shell. The fear in their hearts only magnified Su Mucheng’s attack. It made the attack seem like an atomic bomb rather than an anti-tank missile.

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