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Chapter 379 – Two Types of Intimidation

Thousand Wave Lake’s dungeon entrance was a cave. The echo from the cannon shot was extremely frightening. The ten players had dodged it, but they all felt that they were going to die very soon.

They didn’t think about too much. As soon as they saw Su Mucheng’s character, they immediately thought Ye Qiu would be nearby. As for any others…….. They weren’t that important. Those two were enough to wipe them all out.

None of the players had been hit by the artillery shell, but they had immediately scattered as if the shock wave from the explosion had pushed them away. Aside from the direction directly facing Cleansing Mist, every other direction had a splash sound.

“There’s no way they can kill all ten of us!”

All of them had thoughts like this. They weren’t wrong though. However, they would certainly have to sacrifice a few in order for the majority to get away.

There really was nothing that Su Mucheng could do. No matter how good she was, it wasn’t possible to catch ten players with just one person, so she chose a random one to chase after.

One poor player won the lottery. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist flew over and fired a shell while in midair. Running as fast as he could was the only thought he had in his mind as the shell exploded above his head.

It was only one hit. His character was far from dead, but not his heart because he knew that no matter what he tried, it would be of no use. This player was already similar to that of a corpse, floating on the surface of the water in a daze.

However, this pitiful behavior actually made Su Mucheng make a mistake. Su Mucheng thought that at this moment, no matter what he tried, whether it be hiding, continuing to run, or counter-attacking, the player would definitely dive into the water. Temporarily escaping from the opponent’s field of view was the most optimal choice. As a result, Su Mucheng dove into the water predicting this.

But how could she know that this brother would have given up so decisively and would stop moving? Cleansing Mist dove all the way down into the bottom of the lake and missed the player.

However, Su Mucheng quickly realized this and adapted. In a pro player’s eyes, this mistake was just a mistake. But for a regular player, they wouldn’t even have known what had happened.

In the water, Su Mucheng turned around and didn’t take notice of how poor this player’s reactions were. While she comboed several attacks, she had already begun looking for where the others had run off to and prepared to hurry and try to kill another one.

Since the player wasn’t resisting, he quickly turned into a real corpse and didn’t even revive after a long while. The player probably wasn’t even in front of his computer anymore.

Su Mucheng didn’t think about it too much. While she had been attacking, she had chosen her next target. She fired a shot under water and used the recoil to propel her character. The water swirled as Su Mucheng shot towards her next target.

Aerial Fire could be used in the water, too, and it was faster than swimming. From far away, it looked like Cleansing Mist was bobbing up and down repeatedly, leaving behind ripples after ripples. She had quickly closed in on her target.

This player had discovered that Su Mucheng had been chasing him long ago. He was so nervous that his keyboard’s up button was practically broken by now. He hated how the game wasn’t like a car. No matter how hard he pressed, his speed wouldn’t increase.

Su Mucheng had obviously chosen her target very well. Her target was neither a Gunner nor a Witch since those types of classes with high movement speed skills. She knew that even if his mechanics were ten times better than hers, if she continued to chase, she would eventually catch up. Sometimes in the game, there was nothing you could do.

In the blink of an eye, she had caught up. This target wasn’t as pitiful as the previous target and had already dived into the water long beforehand in order to escape from her line of sight. But in front of a pro, he was simply displaying his slight skill in front of an expert. It was obviously useless. Su Mucheng accurately caught up in the time that she had predicted and fired. The target tried to resist, so it took Su Mucheng ten seconds longer to kill him.

Of the ten players, Su Mucheng had successfully killed off two of them. There was no longer anyone in her line of sight, but Su Mucheng still went towards a direction to search for more.

With the ten players running in this manner, killing three of them was the limit. The third relied on luck, too. Su Mucheng remembered which direction they had initially gone off to, but whether or not the player changed directions midway was something that she had no way of knowing. After all, quite some time had passed since they had scattered.

“How’s it going on your side?” Ye Xiu asked in the team chat.

“It’d be great if pro matches played out like this.” Su Mucheng sighed in lament.

“What is it?”

“As soon as I appeared, they scattered……” Su Mucheng said.

“Ha ha, how many did you kill?”

“Currently, two. There’s still one more that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get.”

“That’ll depend on your luck.” Ye Xiu had already guessed the situation.

“Yeah. What about you guys?” Su Mucheng asked.

“I’ve got nothing here.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Nothing here either.” Horse Shooter said.

“None.” Tang Rou said.

“None.” Thousand Creations was the same.

Because Glory had so many players, characters couldn’t pass through one another, which was why dungeon entrances were often packed with players. One entrance wasn’t enough for everyone. As a result, no matter which leveling area it was, there would always be several dungeon entrances. In Thousand Waves Lake, one dungeon entrance was an island.

Su Mucheng encountering two teams was already extremely lucky. In comparison, not finding anyone was even more likely.

“It seems like it’s about time……” Thousand Creations looked at the times that Ye Xiu had calculated.

“That’s just in theory though. It’s not that rigid in reality, so we can afford to wait a few more minutes.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Got it.”

“I still remember where a few of them were heading. Do you guys want to try and stop them?” Su Mucheng asked.

“I’ll go then!” Ye Xiu replied. Finding them would require going into the water. Only he could do that. For the others, it was hard to say whether they would win or lose.

“Oh! I have some here!” Tang Rou suddenly said excitedly.

The other three could only hear this, but Ye Xiu could see it. Ye Xiu turned his head and looked at Tang Rou’s screen to get an accurate first-hand report.

It was Guild Void Walk’s team. They were influenced by their team’s style since Void Walk had a lot of players playing as a Ghostblade.

Even though class composition was important to the guild, this sort of characteristic from fans would still be revealed. After all, these types of loyal supporters were the Club’s foundation.

As a result, Void Walk had many Ghostblades, Blue Brook Guild had many Blade Masters, Excellent Dynasty had many Battle Mages, and Tyrannical Ambitions had many Strikers. These were not coincidences.

At this moment, Void Walk’s dungeon team had two Ghostblades, who were naturally imitating Team Void’s classic Ghostblade duo. Of course, an imitation was still an imitation. If they could reach Li Xuan and Wu Yuce’s level, then they wouldn’t be here running dungeons.

Tang Rou wanted to fight though, so she didn’t hide and immediately appeared outside the dungeon entrance. As soon as the five players came out, the two sides faced each other.

The five players were all surprised, but Tang Rou wasn’t as shocking as Su Mucheng. The ten who saw Su Mucheng had immediately scattered, but the five who saw Tang Rou looked for a bit longer, thinking over what their situation was.

Besides Soft Mist, there were no signs of anyone else.

“What type of conspiracy is this!!” The five couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“There’s something strange!” one said.

“I agree!” another agreed.

“Let me say something……” another interjected and then followed: “The other side has Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng. They wouldn’t need anything strange to deal with us, right?”

The listeners stared blankly. The two who had thought that there was something odd immediately felt embarrassed. That’s right. What was their identity? The strongest duo in all of Glory didn’t need any tricks to beat them. They were overestimating themselves too much.

“Could she be alone?” One person was still unsure.

“Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng definitely aren’t here though. If not, then she’d have attacked long ago.” one player said.

“With those words, it’s still strange!”

The five couldn’t come to a conclusion. Soft Mist raised her spear and rushed forward to attack.

“Don’t go in the water. Stay on land. Let’s see if there really are any tricks.” Knowing that there was no Ye Qiu or Su Mucheng, the five thought about fighting. They immediately got into position. Each player took a direction, guarding against the charging Soft Mist and looking towards their surroundings.

The island with the dungeon entrance was very small. If you stood on top of the rock at the cave entrance, you would get a sweeping view. In truth, there was nowhere to hide. At best, they could only be hiding behind the cave.

Even so, the five were very careful. From time to time, they would raise their heads to look up at the sky to see if there was anyone behind the cave climbing up to ambush them.

In the end, their worries were for nothing. There was only the spear in front of them that was stabbing towards them.

Soft Mist charged directly towards the Cleric on the team. Tang Rou was no longer that noob who didn’t know anything. After playing for some time and learning this and that from Ye Xiu, she at least had this sort of basic knowledge.

In a one against many, if the Cleric wasn’t killed off quickly, the opponents would be able to heal up. Even if they couldn’t kill her directly, they would be able to slowly whittle her down.

Killing the Cleric was the first step for battle.

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