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Chapter 377 – One After Another

The majority of the guild players were around Level 30 and were relatively inexperienced, which meant they weren’t able to actually go to Thousand Waves Lakes and fight in the leveling area. However, they were good enough to stay on watch on the road from Congee City to Thousand Waves Lake.

Most of the players in the tenth server were around Level 30. If they hid their guild tag, it would be impossible to recognize who they were if they stuck within a crowd. As for those Level 35 and above players who had just joined, Ye Xiu didn’t maneuver them because he knew that there were spies hidden amongst them. He couldn’t be certain that those players who were around Level 30 weren’t spies, but the risk for that was much less. Even more so, Ye Xiu wasn’t ordering every member of the guild to move. Instead, he only picked a handful of them, asking them to take note of certain players.

If a spy got in, then he could only blame his bad luck.

From the looks of it, none of the ones he had chosen were spies. In addition, they had completed their mission very well. After all, they had only just recently joined the guild, so they were still enthusiastic about the guild’s errands.

Misty Castle’s dungeon team had been noticed this way by these inconspicuous low-level players, who then notified Ye Xiu. From the direction they were moving in, Ye Xiu could easily figure out which route they were taking. Misty Castle’s team hadn’t thought about this possibility and had only thought about being careful around the lake. How could they not have been mopped up by Ye Xiu?

Even more tragic was that Misty Castle’s players still hadn’t noticed the problem yet. They simply thought that their luck was just bad. The dungeon team was once again completely defenceless when they came out of Congee City. They rushed out onto the main road and were being watched the entire time by Guild Happy’s players, who excitedly notified their guild leader. Ye Xiu looked at their reports and figured out their route once again.

“This time, let’s be a bit more active!” Ye Xiu didn’t underestimate his opponents.

“How?” the others asked.

“We’ll just ambush them on land and be done with it.” Ye Xiu said as he led them out of Thousand Waves Lake. They found a random hiding spot along the main road from Congee City to Thousand Waves Lake and hid there.

“How are we going to attack this time?” Concealed Light asked. Even though this guy was quite useless in actual battle, he was always the most serious player when it came to preparations before the battle. Concealed Light was the type of person who, if you said one was one, then one was one. There was no changing it. When a plan was carried out, his firmness to stick with it would already be approaching stubbornness.

“Even though wiping them out isn’t that hard, we can’t be too careless either. Concealed Light, when the time comes, summon your creatures and do your best to fill up any gaps in our encirclement.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Concealed Light said solemnly. In reality, Ye Xiu had already said this numerous times today. However, every time, when a new battle started, Concealed Light would always ask again. Hearing the same arrangement over and over again didn’t make him feel tired of it.

“Everyone else do the same as always. Pay attention to coordinating with each other.” Ye Xiu said. With him and Su Mucheng there, wiping out a five-man team wasn’t a problem. It didn’t matter whether or not the others were there. However, since this was on land, Ye Xiu hoped to let Tang Rou and the others practice and gain some experience.

“If we hide here, even though they can’t see us, we can’t see them either!” Steamed Bun Invasion said. The six of them were currently hiding behind a big rock.

“Hm? This way works!” Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly started jumping up and down.

“Don’t do that.” Ye Xiu hastily stopped him.

“By taking into account their movement speed and their distance, we can accurately calculate how long it will take for them to arrive.” Concealed Light explained.

“Correct.” Ye Xiu said, “How’s your grasp on the other team’s situation? Can you calculate it?”

“I can try.” Concealed Light was feeling rather confident in himself at this moment.

“The last report had their coordinates at 3654, 2865; time – 0:54.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Concealed Light immediately began calculating it. After a short moment, he gave out his answer: “If nothing unexpected happens, they should arrive in 7 minutes and 21 seconds.”

“Wow! Not bad.” Ye Xiu praised. Concealed Light’s mechanics might be awful, but he was quite keen in this area, and was especially good with the game’s numbers. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion, on the other hand, were very lacking in this area.

“If we have so much time, we can go up a bit and kill them earlier!” Tang Rou said.

“After killing them, we have to go back to Thousand Waves Lake! In terms of time, this place is the best location.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou heard this and appeared to understand, even though, in actuality, she didn’t. Concealed Light, on the other hand, knew that this was another calculation that had to be considered. Even though it was only a small amount of time, if it could be grasped accurately, then it would still save them some time.

Seven minutes of waiting wasn’t that long. They had found some random stuff to do to pass the time and when it was almost time, they immediately switched back to the game.

“Switch to using messages to speak.” After returning to the game, Ye Xiu messaged the team.

“Are they almost here?” Everyone switched to messaging.

“Yeah. Listen carefully. There’ll be footsteps. By listening to how loud or soft they are, it’s possible to figure out how far away they are from us.” Ye Xiu said.

As a result, the six of them crouched behind the stone and began listening intently.

“They’re here!” Ye Xiu suddenly messaged.

“Where?” Steamed Bun Invasion was completely unaware.

“Around…… 20 units away?” Su Mucheng said.

“It’s 20 now. It was 22 before.” Ye Xiu said.

The two pros had the ability to determine distance from the sound of footsteps. Even though the others had no idea whether or not the two were right or wrong, from Ye Xiu’s confident voice, they could tell that Su Mucheng wasn’t as good in this area as Ye Xiu.

“Careful. Focus on one set of footsteps.” Ye Xiu didn’t waste his teaching materials and helped everyone out.

“Crouch and go around!” Ye Xiu suddenly messaged.

Thousand Creations was very experienced in this area. Crouching while walking wouldn’t produce any footsteps. It was a necessary movement for sneak attacks from behind. He immediately crouched down and went around the big rock. He heard the sound of footsteps pass by. When his body circled around the big rock, he just happened to see the figures of five players. Thousand Creations continued to worship.

Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Concealed Light followed closely behind Thousand Creations. Quietly, a line of players had formed behind Misty Castle’s five players. The four looked at one another. They didn’t hear any orders from Ye Xiu, so they didn’t act.

Suddenly, they heard a gunshot. The first one to move wasn’t Ye Xiu, but Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist. They were already accustomed to this situation. In the majority of the battles, Su Mucheng’s Launcher pulled the monsters from far away.

When monsters were pulled, they would rush over. But players were different; this gunshot had been too sudden. The five weren’t noobs and immediately scattered. After seeing Cleansing Mist’s name, they almost started crying on the spot. They already knew who they had run into.

The five didn’t have any intentions of fighting. They immediately wanted to turn and run, when suddenly, they saw four characters crouching behind them stand up! The right side became their only escape route. The five didn’t need to communicate with one another and rushed in that direction. But then a character suddenly appeared in front of them with the terrifying ID floating above his head: Lord Grim.

The five players’ hands trembled and almost crouched down like the four behind them…..

Against top-tier pro players, the five truly didn’t dare to fight them head-on. The four players that were behind them seemed less scary than the pros on their sides. As a result, they turned around and charged at the players behind them. However, when they turned around, there were no longer just four of them. That Summoner had summoned all of his creatures, who now stood by the four players to form a great wall.

The five fell into despair as the other side began to attack.

There’s no need to describe the battle. Their defeat came swiftly. Afterwards was another roar by Misty Lock in the group chat: “WHAT? AGAIN!?”

“They ambushed us on the road. We didn’t think…..”

“You couldn’t even think of that! Did you guys forget to bring your brains with you when you left?” Misty Lock was truly furious and he denounced them savagely.

“This Ye Qiu is too excessive! Why isn’t he looking for Tyrannical Ambition to attack? Why is he set on our Misty Castle?” Misty Lock was unbearably depressed.

Hazy Mist wanted to say that Ye Qiu probably didn’t have any special hate towards them. It was just that their Misty Castle was showing openings and giving the other side the opportunities. Though in the end, he wasn’t able to say it and called Ye Xiu shameless along with his guild leader.

“What now?” After dying three times, the five players’ cheeks were streaked with tears. They hadn’t gone to the dungeon this entire night and their experience had already fell by 30%, and that wasn’t even including the previous massacre. In that massacre, one of them had been among the dead, so he had lost a total of 40% of his experience today. That loss was too great. An entire day wouldn’t even be enough to get it back.

“Hazy, what do you think?” Misty Lock asked.

“I think……. That the other guilds’ teams are already in the dungeon, so Ye Qiu only has our team to attack. Let’s not fight with him and hide for now. When the other dungeon teams come out, there will be new targets for him. At that time, we can take that chance to get to the dungeon!” Hazy Mist suggested.

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