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Chapter 374 – Watching a Fire From the Other Side of the Shore

“Beating the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50……..”

If a normal player did this, all of the guild leaders would flip their tables in shock. But because they knew that Ye Qiu, the top-tier pro player, was going to do it, they weren’t as shocked at the news.

But in any case, this was something that had never been done before.

The Heavenly Domain Challenge consisted of many difficult battles and achievements that required a lot of time to obtain, such as a certain amount of wins in the Arena.

When the Heavenly Domain Challenge had first started, it wasn’t impossible to complete the Challenge at Level 50. The reason that no one did it then was because there were too many tasks to do, so if the player started it at Level 50, they would have leveled up several times from doing it and it still wouldn’t have been finished.

As the level cap continued to increase, the difficulty of the Heavenly Domain Challenge continued to increase as well. Nowadays, the level cap was Level 70. Completing the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50 would naturally be seen as impossible. However, for someone like Ye Qiu, this task would have to be viewed at in a different light. They were all still shocked, but they didn’t feel like it would be impossible for him to do. If they had began planning now what they would do once he rushed to the Heavenly Domain at Level 50, they would have quite a bit of time to prepare.

“This is what I wanted to say.” Blue River closed the curtains. In the end, this was the problem he had analyzed. As for the problem of how to resolve it, he simply proposed to “retreat” in the new server, a suggestion that everyone else disliked. Although, for Blue River, after telling everyone what he had analyzed, he suddenly felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off of his shoulders.

The discussion in the group chat continued.

“Honestly speaking, I think that if Ye Qiu’s might is that great, then our best option is still to deal with him in the tenth server. If we’re able to stop him from reaching the Heavenly Domain, then that would be way too perfect.” Jiang You said.

“It’s easy to say that, but how are we going to deal with him? Right now, he’s the one who is dealing with our elite teams.” Arisaema said.

“Blue River’s words are reasonable. With our current circumstances, there’s really nothing we can do.” Misty Lock expressed.

“For water battles, unless we use pro players, we really can’t do anything since we don’t have enough manpower…….” West Riding Wind said.

“Are we really going to retreat in the new server and wait until he gets to the Heavenly Domain to deal with him?” someone muttered.

“Sweat, if Ye Qiu’s identity was announced publicly, his guild’s influence will instantly skyrocket to the top ten guilds!”

“To tell you guys the truth, I really like Ye Qiu. If I can actually start up a guild together with him, I’d be pretty happy…….”

“F*ck!” everyone disdained.

“If Ye Qiu really does develop his guild, form a team, and then return to the Alliance, that’ll have a big impact on the pro scene, no? Maybe if we report it to the higher-ups, they might send us pro players to interfere.”

“This…… From what I saw during the All-Star Weekend, the majority of the pro players were looking forward to Ye Qiu returning! Even Han Wenqing did.. and he’s Ye Qiu’s mortal enemy!”

“That’s on the program, though. It’s for the public to see, so of course they’re going to show their support. How do you not know this?”

“Piss off. Our Team XXX definitely isn’t like that!!” Many other similar words were said at the same time. The guild leaders jumped out to support their respective team’s pro players. They believed that their pros were definitely honest, while the others were all just posers.

Right at this moment, everyone in the group chat became their team’s number one fan and disputed in order to protect their team’s reputation. After several minutes, because Changing Spring, who didn’t like to chat, fortunately didn’t participate in the dispute, he was able to keep a clear head and quickly typed something to keep the chat in control.

Seeing that Changing Spring had typed out several messages, they respected it and quickly stopped their banter.

“The Clubs’ stances are what’s important.” the clear-headed Changing Spring typed out after waiting for everyone to calm down.

Everyone immediately understood after seeing this. A pro player’s attitude only represented an individual. If they were going to need pro players to come into the game, this would have to depend on what the Clubs wanted.

“The Clubs’ stances……..” Jiang You repeated these words. Everyone else immediately felt like he was going to say something and quieted down.

“I’ve decided. Our Herb Garden will accept Blue River’s proposal. We will choose to retreat in the new server. We’ll….. be leaving first.” No one had thought that Arisaema would be the first to speak up. They hadn’t even finished discussing it yet, so why did he suddenly make the decision already? The others didn’t really understand and wanted to ask, but Arisaema had already left the group chat, along with Herb Garden’s tenth server guild leader, Plantago Seed.

“That was kind of weird?” Misty Lock said after seeing Arisaema leave.

“It was. For him to suddenly make a decision like that, what is he planning?” Others began to ponder.

“Uh, maybe…….” Jiang You, who had been interrupted by Arisaema, finally spoke.

“Right now, it’s the second half of the season. The teams are all busy. Bothering them right now would distract the pro players and would make them lose the focus which is needed to deal with these in-game matters. Let alone the Clubs not being happy, I don’t think you guys want this to happen either, right? After all, all of our efforts in-game are for supporting the team and not to drag the team behind. If we really did rely on them to deal with these matters, that wouldn’t be a victory. I’m sure everyone knows how much effort has to be put into chasing and killing. If the Club take the initiative to interfere, then that’s fine, but if we request it, then it would be our mistake.” Jiang You concluded.

“Right!” Everyone agreed after hearing it.

“Arisaema probably thought about this. What a sneaky guy, though! He didn’t want to do it, but he didn’t say why so he left it to us, hoping we would ask the Clubs for help. That way, he would reap the benefits without doing anything and therefore, his team wouldn’t be distracted!” Jiang You said.

“How evil!” Everyone looked down on Arisaema.

“He really didn’t need to be like that.” Jiang You sent out a sly smiley face.

“Oh, go on, go on.” Everyone supported Jiang You. This was because they were very confident that Jiang You had a good proposal to make. If not, he wouldn’t have revealed what Arisaema had been planning. If he didn’t have anything to say, he wouldn’t have said anything about Arisaema’s leave.

Everyone understood the relationships between guilds however, they just never spoke about it. Previously, they had cursed at Arisaema, but in reality, there was nothing wrong with what he did.

“There are definitely people who don’t want to see Ye Qiu returning to the pro scene.” Jiang You said.

No one said anything and waited for Jiang You to say it.

“Did you guys forget about Ye Qiu’s strange relationship with Excellent Dynasty?” Jiang You finally said the answer.


Messages expressing their sudden understanding of everything immediately filled the screen.

The relationship between Ye Qiu and Excellent Dynasty was extremely strange. With Ye Qiu’s identity and ability, if he left the team and was put into the game, he could easily take over the guild as the overall guild leader. Even if he didn’t stay in the Club, he should at least have some friendly feelings for his own Club, right?

But in reality, he didn’t.

Before all this, since they didn’t know of Lord Grim’s identity, it could have been ignored. However, after they knew it, they felt that it was very strange. Some had even directly asked Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader, Chen Yehui, but the other side wouldn’t respond. There was clearly something that was going on inside.

They couldn’t guess what the exact situation was, but it was clear that Ye Qiu had some sort of fight with Excellent Era and it wasn’t just an ordinary one either. His retirement might have been forced. If this was so, then Excellent Era definitely wouldn’t want to see Ye Qiu returning. If it was not, they wouldn’t have forced him to retire.

“That’s why I say that if we take a seat and ignore Ye Qiu and Happy’s development, there will definitely be people who will be even more uneasy than us.” Jiang You said.

“And don’t forget, Excellent Era’s achievements this year are quite terrible! From how they are doing right now, staying in the Alliance won’t be a problem, but their chances at making it into the playoffs are almost zero percent. That’s why they have the capability of putting in more effort to deal with Ye Qiu in the game!” Jiang You said.

“That make sense….. But…….” The others were clearly hesitant.

“It’s not like we can do anything right now. It’d be best to just take a step back and see what Excellent Era is going to do. After that, we can react depending on the situation. If they really don’t do anything, we can think of something when that time comes.” Jiang You had clearly thought about this thoroughly. As Excellent Dynasty’s arch enemy, he was more sensitive to their matters, which was why he had been able to think of this.

“Watching a fire from the other side of the shore.” Changing Spring concluded.

“Correct.” Jiang You was very pleased. With those two guilds fighting each other, it didn’t matter which side won. He’d be happy all the same. Although from a larger point of view, he hoped that Ye Qiu would be suppressed. After all, his skill in the game was too terrifying. He felt that dealing with him was even more difficult than dealing with the entire Excellent Dynasty team combined.

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