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Chapter 373 – Blue River’s Analysis

With Blooming Blossom as a model, Misty Castle’s guild leader, Misty Lock, felt too embarrassed to go into a rage because of his team’s wipe out, so he calmly replied: “What’s the situation?”

Hazy Mist felt quite puzzled over this question. After a long while, he still couldn’t think of any other way of saying it, so he repeated what he felt that everyone should already know: “They were killed by Happy’s players at Thousand Waves Lake.”

“Of course we know that.” Misty Lock continued, “But didn’t we already warn everyone? Why weren’t you being careful?”

“We were careful……. But they somehow got close to us.” Hazy Mist had also asked the five who had been wiped out about this issue, so he simply passed on what those five had said.

“With God Ye Qiu there, the things they can do will definitely surpass our expectations.” Arisaema said. Many others agreed. They had all experienced the water battle previously. At the time, none of them had seen how Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng had gotten into the water without them noticing. Other than their opponents’ ability surpassing their expectations, how else could they explain it?

And now, even while being careful, they had still been closed in on and killed without them knowing. The guild leaders appeared very calm in the group chat, but they were actually very worried when they were speaking to their own guilds. They hastily confirmed that their teams were, in fact, being careful.

Apart from this, what else could they do?

After understanding the circumstances, the group was once again at their wits’ end. None of them could think of a solution. The guild leaders hated how this was happening in the new server. If this had happened in an old server, they could immediately transfer players over from the Heavenly Domain there. No matter how great Ye Qiu was, there was no way he could fight off a sea of people. But in the new server, there were only 100 players that could reach this leveling area. All of the others were too underleveled. Plus, the majority of them were new players, so many of them would have their doubts and couldn’t be used for much yet.

The group chat was in complete silence. West Riding Wind and Misty Lock, who had been talking about their situations in the Heavenly Domain, felt that it was too inappropriate to chat. None of them could come up with any countermeasures. All they could do was warn their teams repeatedly to stay careful.

After several minutes of worrying, the overall guild leaders were finally notified by the tenth server guild leaders that their teams had entered the dungeon. Only then were they able to heave a sigh of relief.

“What about Ye Qiu? Where are they right now?” Everyone was once again discussing this question.

“He’s probably wandering around in the lake……..” someone replied. No one could see how he was gnashing his teeth in anger, though.

“Are they actually planning on wandering around all day?”

“Why does that question sound somewhat familiar?”

It was true. That question had already been asked about before, except it was from a different perspective. Before, they had thought that the other side were staying in Thousand Waves Lake to protect themselves. But now, they knew that staying in Thousand Waves Lake was a form of attack. Not only was the dungeon in the middle of Thousand Waves Lake, but the monsters for leveling and the main quests were all located in this leveling area. If they were forced back to Sin City in order to level because of this threat, their leveling speed would definitely slow down a lot.

But what if they didn’t retreat? Every time they were killed, they would lose 10% of their experience. This loss would be even worse than retreating back to Sin City.

“Should we gather up everyone? If we have 100 players, Ye Qiu’s group might not be brave enough to attack.” Misty Lock suggested.

“Are you sure that he won’t be brave enough?” The main speakers in this group chat were the overall guild leaders, while the tenth server guild leaders were mostly there to convey the orders to the guild, so they rarely made any suggestions. But Blue River, Blue Brook Guild’s tenth server guild leader, suddenly opposed.

“Oh? Brother Blue River, what do you think?” Misty Lock didn’t look down on this guild leader because, after all, Blue River was a famous player in the Heavenly Domain. Apart from not having as many responsibilities as an overall guild leader, he wasn’t any worse in any other area.

“I came to the tenth server early on and I came into contact with Lord Grim or Ye Qiu very early. Our big guild was on the losing side in every interaction ever since we first met. He had always been in control. I think Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night knows this very well, too.”

“…….” Cold Night was gloomy. He had prolonged experience with him, but his was different from Blue River’s. He was from Tyranny, the team whose mortal enemy was Ye Qiu. Against such a rival, even if he was convinced in his heart, he couldn’t say it out loud, especially when there were so many players……

“I do……” After a moment of hesitation, Cold Night decided to reply honestly.

With a human testimony, Blue River continued: “I don’t think I need to talk about how skilled Ye Qiu is. The most important point is his style. At the very least, I’ve never seen him choose to retreat or surrender. We might have the advantage for one moment, but he’ll always have a backup plan and in the end, the ones who lose out are us. Who knows how many times this has happened before. I’m sure Cold Night also knows this, too……”

“Hey, hey!!!” Cold Night privately messaged Blue River: “Don’t keep dragging me along! Don’t you know Tyranny’s position? It’s very shameful like this!”

“You think it won’t be shameful if we continue fighting?” Blue River asked back.

“What exactly do you plan on saying?” Cold Night asked.

“What exactly do you plan on saying, Blue River?” a guild leader asked in the group chat. Many of them were already frowning. This was because Blue River sounded as if he were from Ye Qiu’s group. Even if this guy was a God, how could a guild leader have such a weak will? It was too inappropriate. When talking about an enemy, you should be despising him!

“What I’m trying to say is…….” Blue River typed and then paused for a bit.

“Don’t regard Ye Qiu as simply a top tier pro player. In reality, even within the game, his experience is incomparable. There’s nothing that he isn’t familiar with in the game. In addition, his individual skill is something that none of us can deal with. It’s by relying on all of this that he’s able to create such a huge movement in the tenth server. His overwhelmingness has always been like our current situation: we know that he’s waiting in Thousand Waves Lake. We know what he’s doing, but the problem is, what can we do to stop him?”

“That’s why I’m saying, against such an opponent, retreating is the choice for the greatest victory…….” Blue River concluded.

No one spoke back in the group chat. Blue River had no way of telling what they were thinking from looking at the empty chat. After staring for a long while in silence, Blue River took the initiative to speak once again.

“There’s one more thing that I think we need to pay careful consideration to.” Blue River said.

“I doubt any of you think Ye Qiu is making a guild simply for the fun of it, right? I’m sure you’ve all watched the All-Star Weekend. All of the pros saw Ye Qiu’s Dragon Raises Its Head as a declaration of his return. By observing his movements in the game, I think that his intent is to create his own pro team with Guild Happy as the team’s foundation in the game. That’s why I’m saying that there’s no way we can avoid having Guild Happy competing with us…….”

“This is where I don’t understand what you’re saying Blue River.” Misty Lock typed.

“You said that there’s no way we can avoid competing with Guild Happy. But before that, you said that our only option was to retreat. So what you’re saying is that we should just sit still and watch as Guild Happy takes the throne and then let him eat us up?” Misty Lock said.

“Hold on, I’m not done talking yet.” Blue River replied calmly.

“This isn’t the point I wanted to make. The point I wanted to make stems from what I can deduce from Ye Qiu’s intent, Happy will continue to develop and will definitely enter the Heavenly Domain and Ye Qiu already has a huge advantage. He hadn’t used it in the past, but he’s started to use it quite a bit……”

“This advantage is his identity! In the new server, the usefulness of his advantage is limited because most of the players here are new to Glory. However, in the Heavenly Domain, if he exposed his identity, what do you guys think? How many players would follow after him?” Blue River said.

The hearts of every single guild leader there shook wildly. They immediately realized the severity of this issue. Just awhile ago, Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain showed up online just for a bit. However, his brief appearance gathered a huge amount of spectators. If such a God went to create a guild with the intent of developing it, the amount of appeal the guild would have would be world-shaking! They had no way of imagining how many followers he would have.

“You’re right.” Blue River’s senior, Changing Spring, stood out and supported him.

No one could make any objections to this. In the end, Misty Lock said: “Your words make even less sense than before. He’s so terrifying, yet you want us to retreat……. What do you mean by this?”

“My reasoning is very simple. In the new server, we have very limited manpower. I believe that we have no way of winning against him, so retreating will allow us to keep any benefits we’ve already gained in the new server. If we continue fighting, our level advantage will be lost. As for when he gets to the Heavenly Domain, if he makes any big moves like this, I remind everyone to be careful. If we’re going to resist, we all have to do it together.” Blue River said.

“So you’re saying that in the end, we’ll have to resist in the Heavenly Domain?”

“Correct, but there’s one more thing……” Blue River said.

‘Still more…….” Everyone was clearly a bit scared. The issues Blue River brought up made them all feel uneasy.

“Our fight in the Heavenly Domain won’t be as far as away as you guys think. Don’t forget that Ye Qiu’s character is unspecialized. Unspecialized aren’t able to level up in the normal server once they reach Level 50. This means that he’ll probably complete the Heavenly Domain challenge at Level 50. In other words, he won’t be entering the Heavenly Domain at Level 70, but rather at Level 50!”

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