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Chapter 375 – Cede Territory or Pay Reparations?

Jiang You’s solution might not be certain, but right now, they still had no way of dealing with Ye Qiu hunting their guilds at Thousand Waves Lake. It might be best to do as Jiang You said and retreat from this obstacle for now. Later, if they had to do something, they could turn hostile. In any case, battles between guilds were common occurrences. Everyone had a tacit mutual understanding.

Blue River had been sitting idly, but who would have thought that he’d be fired at while lying down? The group decided that Blue River would be the one to negotiate with Ye Qiu and settle this matter.

“You’ve come into contact with him the most often, so you understand him the best!” The words that Blue River said himself had been used against him by the guild leaders.

“Go.” Even his own comrade, Changing Spring, had declared his position. He clearly thought that Blue River was also the most suitable for this task.

Blue River was naturally very depressed because this task wasn’t as simple as just talking for a bit.

When you want to kill, you go kill. But when you can’t kill, you ask the other side not to kill……. The world wasn’t so convenient like that. Even though Blue River didn’t see Ye Qiu as a bad person, the problem was that, this time, retreating may only be a temporary measure, but since they were leaving behind helpers, Blue River didn’t think that Ye Qiu wouldn’t be able to see through their future preparations. Even if Ye Qiu couldn’t see through their schemes, he should definitely be able to anticipate them delaying for time. After all, his terrain advantage at Thousand Waves Lake wasn’t something that he would have at every level stage. After getting past this level stage, there would be a new leveling area to go to.

“I can’t guarantee it.” Blue River admitted.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing that’s 100% in this world. Just do your best!” the guild leaders told him sincerely. Blue River wanted to curse at them. The words coming out of their mouths sounded pretty, but if he wasn’t able to succeed, he didn’t believe that these guild leaders would still be so good-natured. In the future, they might take revenge on their Blue Brook Guild because of it. Blue River didn’t think that Changing Spring wouldn’t know of this. He couldn’t understand why Changing Spring would let him do this errand.

“I can’t guarantee it.” Blue River persisted. He gave his opinion and refused to let go.

“Brother Blue River, this isn’t right. We aren’t telling you that you must succeed. We just think that you have a better chance at doing so. You have to at least try. You’re hurting our hearts too much.”

Blue River laughed grimly. In the Heavenly Domain, they were all trying to kill each other and constantly poked holes into one another’s hearts. The deeper the hole, the happier they would be. Now they were telling him that their hearts were hurting. Blue River could only laugh at this.

Seeing that Blue River wasn’t responding, they switched targets and began peddling to the Blue Brook Guild’s leader, Changing Spring. They were clearly trying to get Changing Spring to persuade Blue River to go.

Changing Spring didn’t say much either and simply sent Blue River a question mark.

“I can’t guarantee it.” Blue River didn’t hesitate.

“I can’t guarantee it.” Blue River saw his own words get typed out into the group chat by Changing Spring. He was quite sure that his guild leader had just copy and pasted it.

This guy refused to let up. No matter how angry they were, there was nothing that they could do, except ridicule him in secret. They weren’t from the same party, so how could their remarks do anything? They did this often, so none of their words had any effect. After a bit, they felt like there was no point, so in the end, they had to choose someone else.

“How about we have Brother Cold Night go? In the tenth server, besides Blue River, Tyrannical Ambition has interacted with Lord Grim the most, so you should understand him well, too.” Blossom Valley’s tenth server guild leader Backlight Bomb suggested.

Cold Night’s expression turned dark. His senior, Jiang You, came out to support him, though: “Everyone…… With our guild’s background, our interaction with him will be filled with tension. If you have us go, I doubt we would be able to succeed.”

His words made sense. But in truth, even if Cold Night now knew that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, Ye Qiu had known that they were Tyrannical Ambition from the very beginning. After so many interactions with each other, Cold Night had never felt like the rivalry between their backgrounds had meant anything to Ye Qiu, so even if their reason made sense, it wasn’t actually true.

Of course, Cold Night wouldn’t say anything. In truth, his thoughts were the same as Blue River. He knew that this was difficult to guarantee and didn’t want the guns to be pointed at him.

As a result, he refused to let up as well. There was nothing that they could do. In the end, they directly mentioned Jiang You’s name: “Guild leader Jiang You, you made this plan, so you choose someone. Don’t say Blue River. He’s already expressed that he won’t do it.”

“How about we do a vote?” Jiang You suggested.

“Vote? If someone gets picked, will no one refuse?” someone said.

“Refuse.” Blue River wasn’t being vague. He directly objected. Everyone gave out helpless expressions.

Jiang You saw that his brilliant plan was actually being stopped at this place. He couldn’t point at the other guilds’ members, and Blue River refused to go. If they voted, Cold Night would definitely be chosen. Since things were like this, Jiang You decided to take it up like a man.

“Cold Night, you go! If you don’t succeed, we won’t blame you. We’ll make an agreement. If Cold Night doesn’t succeed, no one will blame him. How about it?” Jiang You said.

“That’s fine. That’s fine.” Quite a few guild leaders agreed.

“I took a screenshot for proof.” Jiang You said.

“The screenshot will be proof.” The others agreed. There was no point dragging this on. No one wanted to delay anymore. The faster they got this done, the better.

As a result, Cold Night was forced to do the negotiations. He was sent online to talk with Ye Qiu and make peace.

“God…….” Cold Night wasn’t as stubborn as Blue River. After being sent by Jiang You, he could only agree.

“What’s up?” Ye Xiu replied quickly. He was clearly taking it easy.

“Cough, cough. Can we discuss something?” Cold Night said.

“Go ahead!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Can we not fight? We surrender this time!” Cold Night thought about it for a bit and decided that he might as well get straight to the point! He probably wasn’t a match in speaking in a roundabout way anyways.

“Oh? Sure!”

“Thanks!!!” Cold Night didn’t think that the other side would be so quick. He was so happy, his eyes were sparkling.

“Cede territory or pay reparations?” Ye Xiu replied.

“What?” Cold Night replied, but after pondering over it, sweat began to drip from his head.

“The territory you have to cede is Thousand Waves Lake, so that we can level up. The reparations are the same. I’ll send you guys a materials list!” Ye Xiu replied. Cold Night had already anticipated this reply. He had already run out of sweat to sweat.

“This, this, this, it shouldn’t go to that extent…….” Cold Night didn’t have any thoughts of negotiating. He was just saying nonsense at this point.

“It’s a surrender, no? Don’t you have to cede your territory and pay reparations? I’m letting you guys choose one of the two. Aren’t I nice!” Ye Xiu said.

Cold Night was depressed. Even though he was in charge, if he had to accept these conditions, the promise that the guild leaders had made might not be enough. Thinking of their promise, though, Cold Night had his own idea. He directly copied down his chat with Lord Grim and sent it over to the group chat.

“Everyone, what are your thoughts?” Cold Night acted tactfully. He wouldn’t be their negotiator. He would simply be passing on their messages.

Lord Grim’s material list……. The tenth server guild leaders knew about this, but the Heavenly Domain guild leaders didn’t know, so they asked: “What is this?”

“It’s very simple! It’s his condition!” Blue River wasn’t busy, so he explained it to everyone.

The others clearly didn’t have very good opinions of Blue River and ignored him. They listened to a different tenth server guild leader explain it.

“Give Thousand Waves Lake to him? F*ck, their guild only has five Level 40s. Two of them can’t even join until five days later!” One guild leader was furious.

“Maybe we should have a look at the materials list.” West Riding Wind said.

“Yeah, let’s take a look at the list!” Misty Lock agreed.

The tenth server guild leaders chose to stay silent. They wouldn’t say to look at the list because they anticipated that the list would also be brutal and inhumane. The main guild leaders would definitely have their eyes opened.

Cold Night didn’t dawdle and immediately asked Lord Grim if they could take a look at the materials list.

Ye Xiu had clearly anticipated that they would talk it over. After fighting with them previously, he knew which guilds had participated. He swiftly sent them a long list. The speed made Cold Night believe that he had prepared for this long beforehand.

“F*ck me! How can he be so heartless!!”

Sure enough, after the list was sent to the group chat, the main guild leaders all went crazy.

“His way of getting materials has always been far more efficient than looting……” Blue River mocked.

“This…… this……” Misty Lock looked at the list and kept saying, “This….”. He couldn’t seem to find any words.

“Though if you guys think about this carefully, if we split this up evenly among everyone, the list is in our acceptable range.” Blue River said.

“Blue River, which side are you on!” Someone began to doubt Blue River’s position.

“I’m just helping you guys understand his style. He’s always been like that. He’ll make your heart hurt, but he won’t go past what your heart can’t take…… I’m not the only one who has experienced this before, right?” Blue River said.

The majority of the tenth server guild leaders were already used to it, but the main guild leaders clearly couldn’t bear it.

“It doesn’t matter!” Misty Lock finally said after saying, “This…..” many times: “I don’t believe it. Thousand Waves Lake is so large. They only have those few people. How can they control the entire field?”

“Brother Misty, you’re right!” West Riding Wind, who was always quite close with Misty Lock, expressed his approval.

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