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Chapter 372 – Another Team Wiped Out

“What’s going on?” The person who replied to Backlight Bomb was Blossom Valley’s main guild leader, Blooming Blossom. With so many guild leaders in the group chat, he didn’t want to appear like he had lost his temper. As a result, even though the bad news was about his guild, he replied calmly, as if he were used to these sorts of gales.

“It’s Lord Grim’s group! They hadn’t left Thousand Waves Lake and when they saw our team, they went up to kill us.” Backlight Bomb said.


Hearing this news, Blooming Blossom hadn’t spoken yet, when Jiang You leaped up.

“This is troublesome!” Arisaema said.

How could the others not understand what he meant by this? The others immediately became worried.

Thousand Waves Lake. After wiping out Blossom Valley’s team, Ye Xiu and his other friends popped up out of the water.

“What do you think? This is more fun than stealing monsters, right?” Ye Xiu said to Thousand Creations.

Thousand Creations didn’t know how to reply, so he sent out a sweating face emoticon. When he stole monsters, it couldn’t be said that he did it because he liked bullying others. As long as he was interested, he wasn’t afraid of stealing from anyone. It was just that stealing monsters from these types of guild elites wasn’t easy. For one, these players wouldn’t be any worse than Thousand Creations and two, these players didn’t usually level alone; they usually leveled together in a group.

In Thousand Creations vast amounts of experience, there had been times where he hadn’t been able to steal a monster and there had also been times when he had been killed after stealing. Of course, he had successfully escaped, too, but that was relatively rare. As for killing all of the players after stealing from them, that was something that he had never done before.

And now, with the God behind him, they didn’t steal monsters. Instead, they directly went to kill the players. Even though it wasn’t without reason, the quality of the players being killed wasn’t normal! The elites from the top guilds could be considered as the top experts of the tenth server. Yet their team of five might not have even been able to tell which direction they were in or when they were killed and turned into corpses.

Thousand Creations, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion had wanted to help. But they hadn’t been able to find a chance to. They simply couldn’t get used to the water yet.

There were two main differences between the battles in the water and the ones on land. First, there were more choices to move. And second, the movement speed in the water was affected.

Getting used to this type of environment was mainly done through experience. As a result, even players with strong mechanics like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion weren’t much different than Concealed Light in the water.

Tang Rou was currently fighting with a monster in the water. They were basically hitting each other back and forth because, after all, monsters weren’t players. The majority of them only used simple attacks. Tang Rou wanted to dodge as if she were on ground, but because of the water resistance, she wasn’t able to grasp the timing correctly. Tang Rou didn’t give up though. She continued to try, while still sending attacks at the monster.

Her attacks could still hit, though. After all, monsters didn’t have very good awareness for dodging. As for the monster’s attacks on her, Tang Rou was very aware of them, but she just couldn’t dodge them.

And with this back and forth, she did finish. Her appearance afterwards wasn’t pretty though.

“I can never dodge it!” Tang Rou said to Ye Xiu.

“Your movements in the water are much slower, so your judgement and timing will be different than they are on land. Telling you the numbers won’t help you. You just have to slowly get used to it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Tang Rou replied and continued to look for monsters.

“Use the limited practice method.” Ye Xiu said, “Most monsters won’t dodge. Use limited practice and see whether you can predict correctly where your attack will hit.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou nodded her head and continued to practice.

Ye Xiu didn’t call them into the water with any hopes that they could help him, but rather to use this chance to have them practice battles in the water. If their goals were to be pro players, they couldn’t have such a large weakness. If not, the opposing team would simply choose a water map and win with ease.

Steamed Bun Invasion and Concealed Light were too low leveled. Hitting back and forth with the monster wouldn’t be very good. As a result, these two players attacked a monster 2v1. For now, Ye Xiu couldn’t say anything to Concealed Light. However, from the looks of it, Steamed Bun Invasion’s ability to adapt was much better than Tang Rou’s. After a short while, clear progress could already be seen.

“Fight while walking with me!” Ye Xiu said.

“Senior, it should be swimming.” Steamed Bun Invasion corrected.

“Okay, swimming. Fight while swimming with me.” Ye Xiu had his Lord Grim aggro monsters. Their team leveled in Thousand Waves Lake while they were wandering around.

After hunting down Blossom Valley’s team, Thousand Creations already knew what Ye Xiu’s goal was. The top guilds wanted to chase and kill him. But now, they were guarding Thousand Waves Lake and killing any guild dungeon team they saw.

The hunted had become the hunters and the hunters had become the hunted. Thousand Creations thought about this and felt quite happy. This really was more fun than stealing monsters. The others swam while fighting monsters, while he was focused on searching for any signs of other players.

“Over here!” He suddenly heard Ye Xiu call out. Thousand Creations turned around to look. He had gotten a bit far from the team. As he swam over, he felt that it was a bit strange. Weren’t they just blindly searching? Why did it matter what route they took?

But not long after, several silhouettes appeared in front of them. After taking a closer look, it was a team of five players.

“Players!” Thousand Creations exclaimed excitedly.

“Yup. Everyone, be careful. Keep the same pace as me.” Ye Xiu said. His Lord Grim had already plunged into the water. When players dove underwater, they would have to come up for air eventually, so when they needed to hurry, they would usually swim above the water. When they saw their targets, they immediately dove into the water, so that they wouldn’t be discovered.

“Is it really necessary, God? It’s just five players…….” Thousand Creations also dove into the water, while carefully sending Ye Xiu a message, expressing his doubts. In his eyes, with this God’s skill, wiping out these five players would be too easy. There was no need for them to hide.

“The other side is definitely on guard against us. Only by hiding can we make sure they won’t run away.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh……” Thousand Creations understood. The God was saying that if they were going to kill them, they had to kill them all.

They followed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, changing their pace or going up for water from time to time. As expected, those five players didn’t show any signs that there was something amiss.

Changing pace wasn’t new to Thousand Creations. At that time in Line Canyon, he had learned from it and knew that it was a way to efficiently use stamina and improve their average speed. Now that he knew the person in front of him was God Ye Qiu, Thousand Creations wouldn’t doubt him and immediately followed behind to learn it well.

After playing with him that time, Thousand Creations had tried studying this technique. After all, for someone who was often running away because of his kill stealing, such a technique was very useful.

His studying hadn’t gotten much results, but he could tell that their current pace was somewhat fast. With their current pace, their stamina wouldn’t last for very long. It seemed a bit different than what God had done at that time.

Thousand Creations was about to ask, when suddenly he recalled that they were in the water. Perhaps this had something to do with the difference in movement speed between in the water and on land? He pondered over this and didn’t ask for now. He continued to observe the distance between them and the five players, while making his own assessment.

As the distance between the two sides shrunk, Thousand Creations was beginning to understand their stamina usage. He discovered that their pace might not be the most efficient usage of stamina, but it was enough to chase down those five players.

And since this still allowed them to chase down those five players, it meant that this was the fastest way to chase down those five players.

Thousand Creations finally realized this after thinking about it for awhile. He immediately had even more respect for this God. Just how much experience and calculating ability did he have?

Reality turned out to be just like Thousand Creations had predicted. The distance between them grew closer and closer. When Thousand Creations could see the splashes from those five players, Cleansing Mist lifted up her handcannon.


A burst of bubbles blasted out from the cannon. Cleansing Mist was also pushed back by the recoil. In the water, even normal attacks would cause the character to be pushed back from the recoil.

Three Anti-Tank Missiles shot out. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim also flew through the water like a torpedo.

The missiles exploded and violent waves rolled out. The three Anti-Tank Missiles were in a triangle formation. Not a single one of the five players fell as the waves pushed them into the air. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim quickly swam a bit. He suddenly lifted his weapon and a burst of bubbles blasted outwards. Just as the five players fell back into the water, another wave lifted them up into the air.

Thousand Creations looked on with wide eyes. They truly deserved to be called the golden duo!

After two rounds of Anti-Tank Missiles, the five players dropped down as Lord Grim went up to kill them. These five knew what was happening. But they didn’t have any thoughts of resisting and only thought of running away. But as soon as they hit the water, they were attacked on all sides. Lord Grim was already in front of him. How could they even have any thoughts of attending to the others?

Even though the others were complete noobs in the water, they were still useful as blockades, especially Concealed Light. His summoned creatures were running around all over the place. The five players looked around wildly, but they couldn’t find any escape routes. With Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng attacking, the five players didn’t have any chance of escaping.

After a short moment, in the group chat, Misty Castle’s tenth server guild leader Misty Haze said with a sullen expression: “One of our teams has died, too.”

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