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Chapter 371 – No Results

“There was nothing we could have done.” Tang Rou was helpless, “Those were all that we could chase down.”

“Chase?” Ye Xiu was concentrated on his battle in the water, so he wasn’t too clear on the situation that was happening above the water. He still had a general idea on the number of players, though. Their opponents were the guild elites. They had dozens of players and they were up against Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion as well as Concealed Light, who could pretty much be ignored. They actually ran?

“Ha ha ha, how smart of them.” Steamed Bun Invasion laughed.

Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s characters walked out of the lake. Thousand Creations followed behind them. After making their landing on the shore, they looked around and realized that they could still see the silhouettes of players who hadn’t completely escaped yet. As for Thousand Waves Lake, besides them, there was no one else. Steamed Bun Invasion and Concealed Light were underleveled over here. If they aggroed any monsters, it would be troublesome for them. It could be said that Concealed Light had been very nervous the entire time.

“What about Horse Shooter?’ Steamed Bun Invasion headed to the grove to look.

“I told him to leave first.” Ye Xiu said.

In the grove were players from the top guilds. After escaping from the lake, they didn’t actually run very far. Instead, they went into any hiding places they could find. There was a bit of distance between here and the lake, so they wanted to continue observing Happy’s plans. If there were any actual dangers, there would still be enough time for them to run away.

At the same time, they took note of the hidden Launcher in the groves. Misty Castle’s players had already confessed, saying that this person was most likely the player who had recently left their guild, Horse Shooter. As a result, after rushing into the grove, the players searched for this player, but there were no signs of him.

A great battle had taken place. There were those who were tossed into the water and those who ran away. Notifications soon popped up repeatedly in their team channel. Not a single player who had been tossed into the water had survived.

None of the guild leaders had died, but their moods were even worse than those who had died.

Their operation at Thousand Waves Like had officially come to an end. Not only did they not obtain any results, but 29 players had died in the water, which was almost half of their troops.

The remaining half were currently hiding in the grove brushes near the lake. The reflections from the computer screens revealed expressions of constipation from these players. They quietly watched as Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, and their target for this operation, Thousand Creations, walk out of the water unharmed. The six players on the shore were chatting with each other happily.

They then looked at themselves and saw the ones who hadn’t been chased down by Steamed Bun Invasion’s group of three join them in their miserable states.

“Too mean!” The players that came gave a detailed account of what had happened to them.

“Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng were hiding in the water and told the guys onshore to push us in!” one player said.

“You guys have so many people. There’s only three of them. How could they just push you around as they pleased?” someone asked.

“Uh….. that…….” The players who had just escaped were at a loss. Right? What was up with that? They couldn’t think of an answer for it.

“What now?” another asked.

No one said anything. The guild leaders were all here. There was no need for them to discuss with one another.

What now?

The guild leaders were nervously discussing this issue.

“With only these few players, if we fight with them head to head, we might not be worthy of being their opponents.” Jiang You said. He had some experience fighting against them and each one had ended in a complete and utter failure. Even with their entire squad dying, they hadn’t been able to take a single one of their lives.

“Even if we can, we can’t. If they go into the water, what can we do?” Arisaema said.

“This is the perfect leveling place for them, too. If they stay here and level, five days later, they can just swim over to the dungeon……..” Changing Spring had predicted what everyone didn’t want to hear.

“F*CK!” All the guild leaders cursed.

“Let’s leave for now. From a long-term perspective, there’s no point in sitting here, waiting like idiots.” Arisaema said and turned around to leave the grove.

Once he moved, the other Herb Garden players naturally followed. The others didn’t have any other suggestions, so they left, too.

“It seems like killing them here will be difficult. We can only have our players in other leveling areas be aware and see if we can catch them somewhere else.” The guild leaders continued to discuss as they retreated.

“The problem is if they stay here to level and refuse to leave. What do we do then?” Changing Spring said.

Everyone was silent.

Issues, such as their supplies and repairing their equipment, weren’t brought up. If they were lone heroes, they might be forced to return to the city because of these difficulties. However, since they were all in the same guild and the same team, these wouldn’t be an issue for them. They could just ask someone else to do it. Although they wanted to completely cut off their supply, no guild had that type of control, no matter how big they were.

The players left the Thousand Waves Lake leveling area. They had walked for awhile, but they still hadn’t come up with any ideas. Someone suddenly asked: “Where are we going now?”

The guild leaders at the front heard this and all stared blankly. After pondering for a bit, they said in a not so confident voice: “The city?”

“Why the city? Is there something we need to do?” someone asked.

The guild leaders’ faces were almost about to fall off. The operation resulted them in returning to the city in tatters. They had nothing to show for it. It was truly quite embarrassing.

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” The guild leader of the curious player immediately shouted at him in private.

“Nothing for now.” Changing Spring said quite calmly. They hadn’t come up with any plans after discussing this entire way. He believed that even if they continued discussing all the way back to the city, they still wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

“If there’s nothing to do , then why don’t we go level?” someone suggested.

When the guild players leveled up, they usually did so in teams. If they went to go and level, they would obviously leave from their current team. But if they left now, it would reveal which players were from which guilds.

“Go ahead. We’ll disperse first.” Changing Spring was too lazy to argue. He was this team’s leader, so he immediately dispersed the team. As a result, the parties began to separate with each unit being from a different guild.

With this dispersion, each team had two or three players. They then scattered and the place turned empty.

“That can’t just be it, can it?” The team had dispersed and everyone had scattered. But the group chat outside of the game was still there. Arisaema went over there to talk.

“If you have any methods, say it.” Jiang You was clearly agitated.

Arisaema was silent. If he had any methods, he would have said them earlier.

“Tell us if anything happens.” Changing Spring concluded. He was saying that they should discuss again after something happens. If not, then there was no point in wasting their time.

As a result, the group chat went silent. After the team dispersed, the players that had scattered were quiet, as well.

Time went by quickly. Nighttime was the game’s peak with players everywhere. This was also the time when the guild had the most players online. As the guild’s elites, although they had been gathered together previously to be soldiers, in the guild, they were all of high status and had their own responsibilities. They quickly got busy.

In the blink of an eye, the early morning came and the number of players online decreased.

After the guild developed, the guild leaders and elites couldn’t only level. There would always be a few guild tasks that they had to take care of. For example, killing Thousand Creations. Even though they had completely failed, it was still a task from the guild that they had to take care of.

During these early morning hours, these players could finally have time to concentrate on leveling. The dungeon counts refreshed. They formed parties and began to head to the dungeons to begin.

Changing Spring and others like him had run over the new server to handle the issues here. They obviously wouldn’t do any leveling. They weren’t online in the tenth server right now and were on their main accounts in the Heavenly Domain.

“How depressing!” Jiang You suddenly yelled in the group chat.

This group chat had even more people online than before. Jiang You and the other Three Great Guild leaders weren’t the only ones there. Guilds like Misty Castle had also joined in after hearing the news.

“Even if you’re depressed, you still have to work!” Howling Height’s guild leader, West Riding Wind, replied. Right now, the Heavenly Domain’s guild leaders were heading to the dungeons.

“Which dungeon are you planning on tackling today?” Misty Castle’s guild leader, Misty Lock asked.

“Floor within a Floor……. We’ve only advanced to 37%.” West Riding Wind said. The Floor within a Floor he was talking about was the largest scale dungeon in the game and would refresh every week. A team, which was a hundred players, could enter each time. The dungeon was extremely difficult. In addition, the battle line was extremely long. Whenever a team tackled the dungeon, they would usually advance to a certain percent each day and save it before continuing on the next day. This was one of the features that was provided by the system for these types of large-scale dungeons.

“37%……. That’s not too good. You’re probably going to be playing the entire night then, no?” Misty Lock said.

“Sigh, even with that, it’ll be difficult. This time, most of our players are from the reserve unit. 22 players have already died at only 37% progress. It would be already be good if we can get to 75%.” West Riding Wind said.

These two guild leaders didn’t care at all about Jiang You’s sigh about the tenth server and went on to discuss about the dungeon in the Heavenly Domain. Even though they were competitors, aside from their arch rival guilds, none of them would turn in disgust when they saw each other. This was more and more like the style in the pro scene. On the field, it was either you die or I die. But outside of the competition, they all looked like friends.

“You two. This group chat isn’t for you to discuss this.” Jiang You clearly wasn’t happy.

“Ha ha, the Three Great Guilds’ leaders are all here! As long as we give you guys our support, it’ll be fine. What can we do!” Misty Lock said.

“Hmph……” Jiang You wasn’t able to say anything and could only type out his emotions.

There wasn’t anything to say. Suddenly, someone gave out a curse. It was only a tenth server guild leader, though, Blossom Valley’s Backlight Bomb. He had typed out an angry face and then followed: “Our dungeon team has been killed!”

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