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Chapter 360 – Steady Development

Five days.

Blue River immediately understood after hearing this.

Most of the high-level players had already joined guilds, especially the old players, who knew of the importance of the Guardian, and would usually join a guild early on. But some of them might be moved by the fiery opening of Lord Grim’s guild. Though if they wanted to join, they couldn’t do so immediately. They had to wait five days after leaving the guild.

As a result, after five days, Guild Happy would have a batch of useful players join, whether that was a lot or only a few. When that time came, he might not be the only spy though, since it would be a perfect opportunity to get high-level spies into the guild.

Blue River had thought of a lot of things, though he was still stumped for words when Ye Xiu causally told him that as long as he wanted to stay, he could.

Was God Ye Qiu really not on guard against him?

He didn’t even know whether or not to be on guard against him because, right now, he didn’t know what was going on with himself. He had accepted Ye Xiu’s task for some strange reason. When he was busily typing in the guild chat, he really didn’t have too many thoughts. He was simply doing what Ye Xiu told him to do.

But if this was his normal self, would he have used this opportunity to gain trust and become an actual spy?

Blue River stared blankly. He felt like he was stuck at a crossroad. Should he go left or should he go right? It seemed like he would need to choose soon.

One person, two accounts, managing two guilds.

Blue River suddenly thought of what Ye Xiu had said previously. That had obviously been said as a joke. A normal player might be able to do something like this. But he was a professional with Club Blue Rain’s name. With Club Blue Rain paying him, how could he help someone else do their work?

Whatever! There’s no point in thinking about it so much! I’ll just go along with it for five days and then go from there!

Blue River shook his head. He wouldn’t think so much and just continue being busy in the guild chat.

Five days. It couldn’t be considered as a long time, but it couldn’t be considered as short, either.

In Glory, five days was enough to set many dungeon records.

This was something that many guilds cared about, especially after the creation of Lord Grim’s Guild Happy. Rumor has it that many of the guild leaders had woken up during their sleep from nightmares.

In reality, what everyone feared didn’t happen. After five days passed, when the level of Guild Happy’s players increased another stage, Guild Happy didn’t take down any records. There were even some who were initially filled with high expectations for Guild Happy, thinking that there would be lots of exciting gossip to hear, but were all disappointed after five days had passed.

Day five. Guild Happy leveled from Level 5 to Level 12.

For a guild that always had the maximum number of players possible, this leveling speed wasn’t actually anything impressive. And after getting past Level 10, the excitement from the new Guild Happy members had died down a lot. The main thing was that Guild Happy had already already reached Level 12, but they still hadn’t challenged the Level 2 Guardian.

A lot of talk, but no action!

There were already many criticisms of this type from the outside world. But for top guilds like Tyrannical Ambition, this situation was quite rage inducing. Not challenging the Guardian at Level 10, could it be because Guild Happy wasn’t strong enough to do so? Could the reason Guild Happy had been able to beat the Guardian at Level 5 be because of the spies they had sent out?

When the top guilds thought of this, the guild leaders didn’t have any other thoughts than kicking people.

But it was currently a good time to send out spies. Five days. The players who had left their guilds to join Guild Happy could finally do so. This was something the top guilds were certain of. This was because there was no lack of players that had left their guilds to do this.

Among these, Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition stood out. These two guilds had been crushed by Lord Grim before. Quite a few new players in these guilds had begun doubting their guild. These new players didn’t have that sort of fan loyalty yet. Seeing what seemed to be an even better Lord Grim create a guild, many of them immediately thought of running over to him and quickly left.

When they discussed whether they should send out spies or not, the guilds couldn’t help but think of the guild members that had left and felt unbearably sad.

The spies had to be sent out. This time, the top guilds didn’t need to worry about whether their spies would become their enemy’s free labor force. Even if they weren’t there, the other side could still create a high-level 20-player team.

On Guild Happy’s side, the new wave of new players had been predicted five days ago. Most of the new players this time had left their guilds to join Guild Happy.

Not fighting the Guardian after Level 10 had made Guild Happy become worried. This was the truth. However, the reason that Guild Happy’s numbers weren’t growing as fast after Level 10 definitely wasn’t because of this. Even though the guild members’ excitement had waned, ensuring that they could reach the max limit of players with every level up wouldn’t be difficult. There were still many many players on Guild Happy’s request list.

The reason that the numbers weren’t growing as fast was entirely because of Ye Xiu. It was preparation for this batch of players.

The players who joined hadn’t hesitated to leave their guild. Some of them were from top guilds as well, so it was very easy to see how passionate these players were.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon’s group had switched over from Full Moon Guild and had even dragged a few of their good friends over as well. They might not be experts, but they were certainly experienced veterans.

These players did not have high levels, but Ye Xiu welcomed them kindly nonetheless.

Their levels fit together perfectly with everyone else. Having them level up with these new players would be a big help.

As for those players with levels around Lord Grim’s level, having them carry the low-level new players to beat dungeons would be okay once or twice for a few days. But after awhile, they wouldn’t be happy.

The veterans like Seven Fields who were at the same level as these low-level players could carry this burden. Their leading would be better than having these new players looking at guides and stumbling around in the dungeon until they passed it.

Though the one who had worked the hardest was still Blue River.

During these five days, Ye Xiu almost never saw Blue River on his main account. He saw him with his open account every single day, helping Guild Happy with everything.

This experienced manager quickly made the players who didn’t understand a guild’s value, see the advantages of a guild.

They had organized themselves for leveling, dungeoning, and questing purposes. All of these increased their efficiency and reduced the difficulty.

Feeling these benefits, the impression towards guilds by the players who had liked to play alone naturally increased.

A Level 12 Guild could have a maximum of 1,200 players. On the sixth day since Guild Happy’s creation, they finally reached that maximum. Ye Xiu then locked the guild requests.

“What are you doing?” Chen Guo didn’t understand Ye Xiu’s actions. These days, she had been even more attentive towards Guild Happy than Ye Xiu. Whenever she played, her attention was on Ye Xiu’s screen half the time.

“We have enough players.” Ye Xiu said.

“There’s still a lot on the request list!” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu shook his head: “It’s enough. We’re still only a normal guild. Our players aren’t as loyal as those guilds backed by Clubs. Our development can’t be too quick. We actually have a bit too many players right now. Without Blue River’s experienced managing, who knows what would have happened.”

“It can’t be that bad, right?” Chen Guo thought differently. Guild Happy’s development had made her very excited. In her eyes, Guild Happy getting to a maximum of 10,000 players wouldn’t be difficult. When the time for the Heavenly Domain challenge passed, ten thousand players joining the Heavenly Domain would create a huge scene. She had been expecting this scene to happen, but then Ye Xiu suddenly closed off the guild request list.

“You’ve played the game for so long. You should have seen a big guild fall many times!” Ye Xiu said.

“There were reasons for those.” Chen Guo said.

“If we don’t control it, those sorts of reasons will pop up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what do we do?”

“Right now, it’s still in my range of control. We’ll slowly grow in this way! After we officially create our team, participate in a few matches and win some fame, the nature of our guild will gradually change.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh……” Chen Guo nodded her head and didn’t argue. She really didn’t know enough in this area to discuss things with Ye Xiu.

“Then what now?’ Chen Guo was concerned over this.

“We’ll beat the Guardian first!” Ye Xiu said and began pulling in people. Quite a few high-level players had joined.

“There will definitely be spies from the top guilds among these, right?” Chen Guo said.

“Of course, but it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing we can do about it.” Ye Xiu said casually. The 20-player team was quickly created. After saying what they were going to do in the guild chat, no one objected. The Guardian’s blessing was something that everyone wanted to have.

With Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng’s aggro control, the difficult Guardian challenge transformed into an easy and relaxed battle. And this time, not everyone could be a spy. Everyone listened to directions and tried their hardest. The Level 2 Guardian seemed to be even easier than the Level 1 Guardian and it was quickly defeated.

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