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Chapter 361 – Lacking Characters

Beating the Level 2 Guardian naturally meant that they would receive a Level 2 Guardian’s blessing. The guild members online celebrated in the guild chat.

Blue River was one of the players that had participated in the Guardian challenge. When he saw the great celebration that was going on in Guild Happy’s chat, he suddenly felt a huge sense of accomplishment. He hadn’t felt such an emotion in a very long time with Blue Brook Guild. Over there, he felt like he was only doing work. The number of new guild members and their satisfaction felt like performance reports. He hadn’t shared such simple joys with the new guild members in a very long time. He had always walked with the top players and would fight for dungeon records with a bunch of old birds every day. For these old birds, the fun in the games had turned monotonous.

“Good work, everyone.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim said to everyone who had participated in the Guardian challenge.

Everyone replied back politely.

Some of these might be spies from other guilds…… Blue River thought quietly. Even though he hadn’t logged into his Blue River account very much these past five days, he still knew what was going on in Blue Brook Guild. He had others beside him in the guild. They didn’t understand what Blue River was doing, but they didn’t ask him any questions. Nothing really happened during these five days either. Should they send more spies into Guild Happy? Changing Spring had personally dealt with the issue. No one had run over to ask Blue River though.

As for the character Blue River was playing on, his position in Guild Happy was very high. Apart from the extremely famous Lord Grim, he was certainly the second most recognized character in the guild.

Blue River managed the guild neatly and orderly. Whether it was for leveling in the wild, for dungeoning, or for doing quests, Guild Happy already felt the effects from his management.

Even Blue River was having trouble adapting with Guild Happy’s rapid development. Every time they leveled, another hundred players would immediately join.

The fame for the guilds backed by Clubs came from old players who loved Glory’s competitive scene. They supported their teams and players and would naturally support their guild.

The guilds backed by Clubs still had to follow the game’s rules though. But in reality, in gathering places for old players such as the Heavenly Domain, there were branches of Blue Brook Guild. These were obviously fans of Team Blue Rain as well. In-game, it was a very convenient way of gathering fans together. Their cohesiveness depended on the team’s existence while the benefits from guilds weren’t necessary.

As for Guild Happy, they were still a normal guild. Even though their guild leader was actually God Ye Qiu, this truth hadn’t yet been revealed. And in reality, in the new server, his identity would only be the same as the Clubs’. His name wouldn’t actually prove to be too useful.

New players had only just touched Glory. Teams? Pro players? They had only just started understanding them and so it would take them awhile to get interested.

The reason Guild Happy could expand so quickly was entirely because of Lord Grim’s fame, which had come from him having crushed the top guilds. However, the cohesiveness from this type of fame couldn’t compare to the loyalty of team fans. Even for a guild created by a famous player, Blue River wasn’t too optimistic about unrestrained expansion.

He had originally planned on reminding Lord Grim, but after the guild reached Level 10, he saw that the number of players who joined had slowed down. At Level 12, after the last batch of players joined, Blue River saw that the guild closed off any other requests to join the guild.

Blue River hit his head. These sorts of things didn’t need to be reminded of by him.

Some of the management matters had been given to him simply because Lord Grim didn’t have that much time on his hands. But for this God with ten years of experience, as expected, he didn’t make such a mistake for the guild’s general direction of development.

The five days had already passed. He couldn’t actually stay with Guild Happy or maybe he should……

Just as Blue River was thinking about this, he suddenly received a message.

“Old Blue!” The message was from Lord Grim.

“I’m younger than you!” Blue River coughed up blood. Ye Qiu’s age was well-known. He wasn’t as old as him, so why was he called “Old Blue”?

“Oh, Little Blue!” The message returned with a change in the name. But even so, Blue River still felt that it was weird. He endured it though and didn’t argue.

“Let me introduce these guys to you.” Ye Xiu gave Blue River the names of Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, Drifting Water, Sunset Clouds, and their four friends that they had brought along from Full Moon Guild.

“What’s this for?” Blue River asked.

“These guys aren’t new players. But their level isn’t very high, which means that they can play together with the new players. How do you think they should be organized?” Ye Xiu replied.

“I…… I’ve still got a lot of stuff to do back in Blue Brook Guild!” Even though there really wasn’t much going on in Blue Brook Guild recently, how could this old brother just call on him so naturally like that! He was still a spy! A spy!

“Oh, then you can do it after you finish that stuff.” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River almost fell off his chair. He didn’t know how to reply, when the other side followed up: “I suggest you use two computers with two accounts open. What do you think? Would that be too hard?”

“……” Besides ellipses, Blue River didn’t know what to say.

Several system notifications popped up. Blue River opened them up to check. There were eight, the eight players that Ye Xiu had referred to him wanted to add him as a friend. Ye Xiu had clearly told them to say hi to him.

Blue River couldn’t do anything but accept them. They were all old players, so they knew what they needed to do. After saying hi, they directly went to the main subject.

Blue River had managed the guild for the past five days, so no one was more clear than he was on what to do with these eight old players. After getting to know their schedules, he quickly assigned them to a suitable position.

As for the significance of these eight players, Blue River and Ye Xiu both knew that they were the same as them. They were basically babysitters for the new players. If the size of the guild was slightly smaller, anyone would do. But with Guild Happy’s terrifying development, Blue River had to work hard by himself. Now that there were eight others with suitable levels too, Blue River felt very grateful for them.

“They can’t be the only old players who have joined, right?” Blue River could tell what Ye Xiu was thinking. When the guild reached Level 10, he stopped adding players, but didn’t close off the guild requests either. From this, Blue River knew that Ye Xiu was preparing to accept the players who had left their other guilds. The new batch of players clearly had higher levels than the others in the guild too. When Blue River swept across the names list, he could even see a few names he had recognized. They were originally from their Blue Brook Guild and had switched over to Guild Happy. Blue River didn’t know what to feel about these players.

“Yeah, there should be quite a lot. You can slowly feel them out!” Ye Xiu replied.

“…….” Facing someone who asks another to work but didn’t actually work himself, Blue River couldn’t feel happy.

“Are you planning on competing for the dungeon records?” Blue River switched the subject. In truth, this was the reason why the top guilds were hostile towards Guild Happy. From a common sense perspective, Guild Happy didn’t have a reason not to compete for the dungeon records. But after managing the guild for so long, he discovered that Guild Happy didn’t have the conditions necessary for competing for the dungeon records.

Level! This was their main problem.

In the entire guild, only Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, and Soft Mist had levels that could compare with the top guilds’ first string players. They could compete with the top guilds in the forefront tenth server dungeons.

But aside from them, they didn’t have a fourth person.

Lord Grim originally had Steamed Bun Invasion, but right now, his level was too far off. As for that Ghostblade, One Inch Ash, Blue River couldn’t find him in the guild’s name list.

No matter how good God Ye Qiu was, with only three players, it wasn’t possible for them to compete for dungeon records. And there was no way that they’d be able to find any accounts at this level in the new server. Blue River could even say how many players were at this level: 99! At that time, there were 99 players who were cooperating in Sin City. In addition, Blue River could even write down all 99 players’ names if given enough time. They were all elites from the top guilds. These players definitely wouldn’t help Guild Happy out.

“There aren’t enough players who meet the needed conditions. Our levels aren’t high enough.” Ye Xiu’s reply told him of this problem.

“Can your Blue Brook Guild lend me two accounts?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Don’t even think about it!” Being a babysitter in Guild Happy was already weird enough. He really had no way no way of explaining about letting him use two accounts. His Blue Brook Guild friends thought that he was just addicted to being a spy and didn’t know what exactly he was up to.

“That Blue River account hasn’t been on these past few days right?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah, it hasn’t…….”

“What a waste. How about I use it?”

“F*ck off! That’s the guild leader’s account! Guild leader account!!!” Blue River couldn’t endure it anymore. In the past, he had always taken note of God Ye Qiu’s professional identity, so his tone had been respectful. But the more he came into contact with him, the more he felt like there was no reason for his respect.

There really is no reason to respect him…… After Blue River shouted at the God, he suddenly felt quite good.

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