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Chapter 359 – Babysitter Blue River

Blue River froze for a good while before finally replying back: “…… why should I help you manage your guild?”

“Because you’re bored…..”

The other side responded with the same answer as before, making Blue River grab his hair in frustration. In this strange situation, he reckoned that if news of this spread, everyone would think that he was mentally insane. He was a spy who had lost faith in what he was doing and even had his true identity exposed, but the other side had unexpectedly handed him an important task. If he didn’t know that the other side was a God and that he was just a little shrimp in comparison, Blue River would have suspected that there was some sort of conspiracy theory revolving around him.

“There really isn’t that much work to do.” Ye Xiu began to say, “If you look at the guild chat, you’ll see that some of these new players are super nooby!”

“I saw.” Blue River hadn’t really paid too much attention to the guild chat, but once Ye Xiu finished what he had said and Blue River looked, he saw that there were actually a lot of noob discussions going on. Ye Xiu had worked hard these last two hours trying to correct them, but even after correcting them, the new players continued to let loose with their noobish thoughts. Ye Xiu’s knowledge and theories were being corroded by these noobs.

The person leading these bunch of players wouldn’t really be considered a leader, but more like a babysitter…..

This was something that Blue River was very experienced with. This was exactly the type of work a guild leader in a new server would do. It was just that when he came over to the new server, he also brought along a few helpers, so that they wouldn’t be like Guild Happy, which didn’t have any experts at its core.

Well, it did have experts, but only having God Ye Qiu teach a bunch of noobs was a bit too much.

When Blue River thought about how there were five hundred noobs, he also shivered, but he quickly slapped his forehead: Why am I even thinking about this? I’m the Blue Brook Guild’s tenth server guild leader! How could I run over to another guild and be a babysitter?

Blue River thought, while cautiously looking left and right.

Blue River couldn’t let his co-workers know about this weird event.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Lord Grim continued to send messages one after the other. His messages were very clear. They were clearly explaining to Blue River how he should begin his task.

“Hey, hey, I never said I’d help you.” Blue River replied.

“Oh, then hear me out. Doing this can help you manage your Blue Brook Guild as well.” Ye Xiu said.

“One person playing on two accounts and managing two guilds. That’s got to be a first.” Ye Xiu messaged once again.

Blue River immediately began imagining the scene, but he quickly recovered. What the heck? Why does it feel like I’ve agreed with him?

“How much does Blue Brook Guild pay you every month?” Ye Xiu messaged.

Money was a touchy topic, but it had to be mentioned. In truth, players like Blue River could be considered as someone who played games for a living. It was just that, when compared to pro players, their jobs were more stable. They were basically Club Blue Rain’s employees with their work being to play Glory.

The entire industry in Glory was maturing, including both the Pro Alliance and their professional guilds. Guilds that were backed by Clubs were one of the types of professional guild, but apart from those, there were also other types of professional guilds that didn’t rely on a Club backing them.

Some of these might actually be workshops that existed as guilds in the game. Substitute leveling, trading items, materials, etc. would all be covered by this business.

As for guilds backed by Clubs, they weren’t as professional as these work studios. The only ones that were paid by the Clubs were its upper level core members. The rest were fans that gathered together to support and contribute to their favorite teams through the guild.

Blue River was one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts and the guild leader in the tenth server, so Ye Xiu was very certain that Blue River was paid for by Club Blue Rain. As for how much their salary was, Ye Xiu could only make an assumption. Each guild had different rates, but there wouldn’t be too big of a difference between them.

Blue River didn’t expect Ye Xiu to ask this question, but from this, he was able to see the other side’s ambition. Only a guild with a pro team could hire employees to manage their guild.

Not waiting for Blue River’s answer, Ye Xiu sent another message; “Well, it doesn’t matter. We don’t actually have any money, so go work first and then we’ll pay you back later.”

Blue River coughed up blood. In the end, he just wanted free labor! Blue River trusted that Ye Xiu would keep his promise though. Even though this guy sometimes made him want to grind his teeth, Blue River always felt that he was a trustworthy person.

“I think that’s it? Is there anything else?” Ye Xiu asked again.

“Hey, hey. What the heck! I never agreed!” Blue River struggled.

“There’s no need to be polite!”

“What? Polite!? I’m the guild leader for Blue Brook Guild. I don’t have time to help you manage your guild!” Blue River said.

“But you have the time to play on a different account and blindly stroll around in my guild?” Ye Xiu replied.

After a short pause, he added: “And you’ve already been exposed too.”

Blue River couldn’t answer back. He didn’t really care about anything right now. He even implied that when he spoke to Changing Spring. As for how the Club would react when they found out he wasn’t doing any work, he unexpectedly hadn’t thought of that. After all, he wasn’t just some random fan who was working for fun. He was taking their money and it was his responsibility to put in effort. The words that he had said to Changing Spring hadn’t been a resignation. It was just that Blue River felt very tired and wanted to take a break and wander around without having to care about anything.

But it hadn’t even been two hours since he had started and Lord Grim had already handed him a bunch of stuff to do as if he actually was Guild Happy’s manager. Lord Grim had even given him the power to add and kick people from the guild. Blue River had no idea what to do at this moment.

“Look, look! These two noobs have started arguing and neither of them is right.” Ye Xiu messaged.

Blue River opened the guild chat and looked. Two Elementalists were discussing which path to take. Both were sticking to their own views and it turned out that both views were complete nonsense.

Blue River’s knowledge of the game obviously couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu’s and he certainly wasn’t proficient in every class like Ye Xiu was, but he was more than qualified enough to correct some noobs. Blue River glanced at it and in the end, he couldn’t help but speak up and instruct the two noobs.

When the two noobs saw this “Peerless Looks” talk, they thought he was another noob who had joined in on the debate, but then they saw that he had said that both of them were wrong and quite impolitely too.

Though after seeing Peerless Look’s level, they immediately became obedient. In game, being high leveled didn’t necessarily mean you were an expert, but that was what a lot of noobs thought.

Once Blue River started, he couldn’t stop. He began organizing the members who were still online to do quests and run dungeons, assigning everything clearly and orderly. Blue River was clearly much better at this than Ye Xiu was. After all, playing in a guild was something that Ye Xiu had done before he joined the pro scene. It was something that he hadn’t done in many many years.

“Who’s this?” Su Mucheng and Tang Rou asked curiously. At this moment, Chen Guo had already gone to sleep.

“Blue River. Blue Brook Guild’s tenth server guild leader.” Ye Xiu told them.

The two heard this and had weird expressions on their faces.

‘Why would someone from Blue Brook Guild help manage our guild?” Su Mucheng asked.

“I don’t know why, but this guild leader ran over to our guild to be a spy and was caught by me. In any case, I know who he is, so we can just let him work. See, he’s very good. Much better than I am.” After seeing how Blue River was handling things and that the guild chat was now neat and orderly, he could only feel inferior.

“So is he a deserter?” Su Mucheng asked.

“No idea! But I reckon that something’s up with him. A guild leader running over to be a spy is already very unusual. Even when everyone else left, he still stayed. When he was called over to fight, he didn’t even try to hide that he was a spy. When I asked for his identity, he just said it. We’ll see.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey hey!” Ye Xiu received a message from Blue River.

“What’s up?”

“What’s up with this guild title you gave me? I’m not a babysitter! Get rid of it! Get rid of it!” Blue River had been talking in the guild chat the entire time! Then he suddenly discovered that his character had a title on his head that said “Guild Happy’s Number One Babysitter”. Every guild member by default had the title “Guild XX Member”. To those who had the power to, the word “member” could be changed. A lot of guild experts gave themselves impressive titles. Ye Xiu had changed Blue River’s title to “Number One Babysitter”. Even though it was quite fitting, Blue River was clearly unhappy with it.

“Hm? You don’t like it? Then what should I call you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Nothing! Just use the default!” Blue River liked to stay lowkey.

“Okay……” Ye Xiu didn’t make it difficult for him and immediately switched the title back to the default title. Blue River began talking in the guild chat again.

“Keep up the good work! After a few days, there’ll be more people here to help you.” Ye Xiu messaged Blue River.

“After a few days?” Blue River didn’t understand.

“Around five days!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Five days…… so it’s like that. No wonder you’re at ease with me being here. I’ll only be working for five days!” Blue River replied.

“How could that be? As long as you’re willing, you can keep working for as long as you’d like!” Ye Xiu replied.

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