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Chapter 358 – Getting Straight to the Point

Blue River asked as he returned back to the city from the wilderness. He headed straight for the Arena. When he found the room that Lord Grim had set up, he found that Lord Grim and the other Level 36 player were sparring.

It only looked like a battle though. After taking a closer look, he felt that calling it a “battle” would be too praiseworthy for Chicken Feather. It was a completely one sided match. With Chicken Feather’s skill, Blue River couldn’t bear to watch anymore. In his eyes, this Chicken Feather really was someone who had just started playing Glory.

And his opponent? God Ye Qiu with ten years of experience…….

Not long after Blue River joined the room, Chicken Feather fell to the ground, defeated. He even sent out a sad face emoticon afterwards. Blue River reckoned that this Chicken Feather probably couldn’t even recognize how terrifying his opponent was or perhaps even thought that he was just slightly worse. It was similar to how Tang Rou was initially. She wasn’t good enough to tell how large the skill gap was.

Ye Xiu was very disappointed too. He had fought with Chicken Feather very diligently, but after three rounds, he was already certain that this Chicken Feather truly was a new player at Glory.

A new player pretending to be an expert and an expert pretending to be a new player, it couldn’t be hidden from Ye Xiu’s experienced eyes.

“Again?” Chicken Feather had already lost three rounds in a row, but was still eager to give it another try.

“Take a rest for now! I’m going to fight with Peerless Looks for a bit and then we’ll see.” Ye Xiu said.

Peerless Looks was the ID of the account that Blue River was currently using. The class was a Blade Master. He knew Lord Grim was God Ye Qiu, so he didn’t have any hopes of beating him in a fight. He simply continued on with his “go with the flow” attitude. If Lord Grim had wanted him to fight, then he’d fight!

Blue River accepted Ye Xiu’s invite and the two entered the stage.

“Start?” Blue River asked after entering.

“Go ahead!” Ye Xiu didn’t say too much.

Blue River didn’t hesitate. At this moment, he didn’t want to ask like he was a new player. He wasn’t staying on this account in order to be a spy. He was simply using it to mess around.

His blade light flashed and Blue River began with a simple Sword Draw.

Lord Grim was taking it very seriously too. He begun moving before the blade light flashed and easily dodged the attack.

“How quick!” Blue River gasped in admiration. When he had used Sword Draw, Lord Grim had definitely been within range, but by the time his sword strike had flown out, his sword strike had missed Lord Grim by two full units. This couldn’t be done solely through his reaction speed. He had clearly predicted that Blue River would initiate with this move.

Blue River wasn’t surprised that this had happened though. He didn’t think that he had any chance of winning, so he was very relaxed. Sword Draw missing wasn’t anything to sigh about. He moved one unit to the side and then sprinted forward with a stab.

“Dong!” Lord Grim had taken out a sword and Guarded against Blue River’s attack. After Guarding, he retreated backwards. The sword in his hands shifted back into an umbrella and as he slid back, three Anti-Tank Missiles fired out with a bang.

“Too quick……” Blue River was helpless. His opponent was better than him in every way. He didn’t have any time to react to the three Anti-Tank Missiles. He tried to dodge, but he was too slow and was pushed back by the explosion from the missiles.

Blue River rolled on the floor, an experienced maneuver.

“Oh, not bad!” Lord Grim suddenly said.

What was not bad? Blue River didn’t see anything praiseworthy. Could it be because his roll had been done beautifully?

In truth, Blue River hadn’t predicted that Lord Grim would use a method to continue attacking. His roll had simply been done out of habit. Whenever he encountered a situation such as this, he would instinctively do a roll.

How could he now? This type of instant reaction made Ye Xiu feel that the person in front of him might not be a new player.

Though if he wasn’t a new player, it was very likely that he was a spy from some guild.

Ye Xiu thought this as he attacked.

Overall, against a God level player, Blue River’s situation wouldn’t be too much better than Chicken Feather. However, Blue River still had more knowledge. Even if he lost, he would at least know how and why he had lost. He wouldn’t be like that Chicken Feather, who didn’t understand the difference in the skill levels and only knew that he had somehow lost.

Not long after, Blue River was sent flying and unable to stand back up.

The first round had ended. It hadn’t even been a full minute since the match had began and Lord Grim hadn’t lost a single drop of blood yet.

Blue River felt his face burning. Even though he knew that he was up against a top God, he had still been confident that he could hit him a few times and at least prove himself to be better than that Chicken Feather, but from the looks of it, he seemed to be the same as that Chicken Feather and had gotten beaten up too. It seemed that he had overestimated himself.

“Again?” Ye Xiu asked.

Ye Xiu already felt like he had seen enough. This person definitely wasn’t a new player and was quite familiar with the Blade Master class too. Some of his moves had clearly been out of habit. In game, he would definitely be considered an expert.

But apart from that, Ye Xiu was somewhat puzzled. He had been able to see all this in a mere one minute and the reason he was able to was because this person didn’t hide anything. This was what Ye Xiu couldn’t understand. If he was a spy sent by another guild, wasn’t he afraid of being exposed? Or could he have been employing a reverse psychology tactic?

“What do you think?”

Ye Xiu was still thinking, when the other side replied.

“That’ll be it then. Let’s leave!” Ye Xiu said and left the Arena.

Blue River was baffled. Why had he been suddenly called out to play a round of PvP?

After exiting the Arena, Blue River quickly received a message from Ye Xiu: “How many years have you been playing Glory?”

“Uh, quite a few years.” Blue River replied.

“Which guild?” Ye Xiu asked.

So direct…… Blue River coughed up blood, but he was too lazy to hide himself. Since he was going with the flow, he might as well answer the question: “Blue Brook Guild.”

“Blue River?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No way? How’d you know???” Blue River was shocked. He was quite sure that Ye Xiu had the ability to tell that he was an experienced player from his previous performance, but being able to actually identify him was truly too terrifying. Even though he was also an in game expert, he was still only a measly character compared to a pro. He had a hard time believing that such a God would care so much about him and even recognize his style.

“I didn’t……. It was a random guess.”

“Such an accurate random guess…….” Blue River was speechless.

“Blue Brook Guild…… There are only three Blade Masters there that I know and that Poplar Bleach doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be a good spy.” Ye Xiu said.

“So he knows Poplar Beach.” Blue River corrected and asked curiously: “Then who’s the last person?”

“Huang Shaotian……”

“Oh……” Blue River wiped a bead of sweat from his face. Huang Shaotian obviously couldn’t be a spy.

“What’s up with you? What type of spy acts like that?” Ye Xiu had already begun scolding him.

Blue River’s cheeks were streaked with tears. This was such a weird conversation. He didn’t know how to reply.

“You’ve already been caught, so why did you stay in my guild?” Ye Xiu continued to ask.

“I was bored, so I just stayed.” Blue River replied.

“Bored, hm? Then I’ll give you some stuff to do!”

“What stuff?” Blue River asked.

“Help me manage my guild.” Ye Xiu said.

He instantly froze.

Blue River pinched himself to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming. He then opened up his chat log and looked carefully again to see that he hadn’t seen wrongly. He then froze again. He couldn’t understand where such a weird thought came from.

“Hello? Hello?” Ye Xiu was still urging him.

“Help you manage your guild?” Blue River asked back.


“Why?” Blue River was very curious.

“Because you’re bored!” Ye Xiu’s response made Blue River want to slam his head against the wall.

“Not that!” Blue River typed, “You know who I am and yet you want me to help manage your guild?”


“What do you mean ‘Yeah!’? What’s your reasoning behind this?”

“Look.” Ye Xiu began to help Blue River analyze, “My guild has just been created and everyone is a new player, so they don’t understand a lot of things. They very much need a qualified veteran to help them out.”

“I’m a spy!” Blue River stressed. With this line, Blue River felt that he might be the weirdest spy ever.

“Mm, but you’re a spy who’s been caught.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River stared blankly. He suddenly understood a bit of what the God was thinking.

He…… was getting straight to the point!

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