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Chapter 357 – A Lone Log Can’t Prop Up a Tottering Building

The event with the Guardian and spies had come to an end. On the surface, Ye Xiu didn’t seem to care too much about the remaining two players in the guild, but in his heart, he still paid a lot of attention to them. A single outstanding spy was enough to destroy a guild. Before a guild was backed by a Club, they would be extremely weak. Sometimes, what would seem like a very trivial matter could cause a guild to collapse, let alone, when someone had infiltrated specifically in order to destroy them.

Even though Ye Xiu didn’t say anything to the two characters that hadn’t left, he took note of their names.

This was because he still lacked a way to completely reveal all the spies in his midst. Ye Xiu also had no idea whether or not there were any spies amongst the low leveled players. Though when he had made the guild, Ye Xiu had made preparations for this, especially since his goal was to eventually form separate teams within the guild. This sort of struggle would never end. If they needed to, they might need to use these types of methods too. There wasn’t any right or wrong, just or unjust in this. This was basic strategy in a fight between guilds.

For now, Ye Xiu decided not to think about these matters and looked over the guild chat. The majority of players had gone offline to rest after seeing that the Guardian challenge had been successful. The ones who were still online were pretty much the all-nighters. There was no way they could be like the top guilds and have their accounts played on by multiple players as a type of work. These all nighters, who were willing to spend this amount of time in their lives, could very likely be their guild’s main force.

The guild chat’s discussion topic was naturally about the Guardian’s blessing that they had obtained after the completion of the Guardian challenge. Players of all kinds of classes were talking over how they should allocate these extra points. Quite a few were browsing through various guides on the web, while debating with others.

This sort of low level talk was beneath Ye Xiu, although for these noobs, Ye Xiu still felt like he should help guide them so they wouldn’t go off on the wrong path. After seeing just a few minutes of their discussion, Ye Xiu already saw several flaws in quite a few of the players’ arguments. He had no idea where these noobs found such trash guides, yet they were treating them like treasures and spreading them around.

“Hey hey, the one called Prideless!” Ye Xiu couldn’t bear it any longer and finally called out a name.

“Here!” Prideless was one of the very active players in the discussion. When he saw that he had been noticed by the guild leader and had even been called out by name, he felt extremely happy and immediately replied.

“Where’d you find that guide? It’s wrong!” Ye Xiu was quite direct, simply because the nonsense Prideless was spouting was too far off. It didn’t even seem like it was right.

“Ah?” Prideless was startled.

“Most Ghostblade skills are magic based, so adding Intelligent isn’t wrong, but whether you’re a Phantom Demon or a Sword Demon, putting points into Intelligence can’t be the only choice. Sword Demons have a few Physical Damage attacks. In addition, a lot of the time, you’ll be using normal attacks to connect combos, so adding a few points into Strength is a must. Now as for Phantom Demons, they have several skills with crowd control effects. Spirit increases the effectiveness of these crowd control skills, so Phantom Demons also need to add a few points into Spirit. The guide that you posted doesn’t even consider the basic characteristics of your class. If it’s a magic based class, then put everything into Intelligence? It’s not quite that simple!”

“Ah……” Prideless stuttered, but wasn’t able to say anything to defend himself. He was having trouble understanding what Ye Xiu was saying.

“And that Battle Mage guide……” Ye Xiu switched the topic and pointed at a different guy who was also spouting nonsense. Ye Xiu knew even more about Battle Mages. With just a few words, he had made the guy go speechless.

“There’s more! There’s no point in saving up your extra points from the Guardian’s blessing. If you add it wrongly or want to change it, you can just leave the guild and then join again.” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw that these guys were telling everyone to not randomly allocate their points. When the player left the guild, these extra points from the blessing would be automatically taken away, so they could basically reset it whenever they wanted to.

“And the team that’s going to dungeon. What type of party composition is that?! You’ll definitely die from exhaustion. Get two magic classes in there!” The more Ye Xiu looked, the more problems he discovered. Some of these players saw that their dungeon count had reset, so they immediately went and formed a party with their new guildmates, but didn’t pay attention to the party composition and just added whoever wanted to join.

There were many classes in Glory. Different matchings had different strategies for them. For different dungeons, there would always be the most efficient, safest, etc. party compositions.

For new players, being able to easily beat a dungeon was quite impressive. In Glory, every time you entered a dungeon, the dungeon count would decrease whether you succeeded or failed.

Ye Xiu had only been playing with experienced experts. Even without them, by having him in the party, they would never fail a dungeon. But for new players, dying in the dungeons was a very common occurrence. This was also one of the main reasons why the players from top guilds were so far ahead of normal players in levels.

With experts carrying the party, beating a dungeon would be much quicker and easier than having those who were studying it for their first time. Even if these dungeons all had detailed guides, if new players wanted to turn the guide into a reality, they would usually die several times trying. And every time they died, let alone not receiving the dungeon rewards, they would lose experience. With this back and forth situation, how would these experienced veterans not level faster?

In the past, Ye Xiu had only the few around him to care about. He could carry Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, or whoever else was on their team to beat any dungeon with ease, but now that he had a guild, there were several hundred members. Thus, he could only talk and talk in the guild chat and fix any problematic areas.

Ye Xiu was too preoccupied with this to do anything else and spent a good two hours talking in the guild chat. And this was when the guild only had a small number of players, yet there were still so many issues. When all five hundred players got on, what would that be like then?

Ye Xiu thought of this and felt his head go numb. Creating a guild in itself was already troublesome. This was why pro teams always had someone else specially deal with it. How could pros personally run over to do this sort of work?

Ye Xiu didn’t want to do it either, but he didn’t have anyone else to help him. Tang Rou was skilled, but she might not be any better than some of these new players in this area. Steamed Bun Invasion was more familiar with games, but letting him manage a guild? That would only happen if his head got smashed against a tree. Su Mucheng and Chen Guo could help, but because they had their own work to do, the amount of help they could offer was limited.

After thinking and thinking, Ye Xiu’s gaze stopped on the two Level 36 characters in his guild.

These two hadn’t gone offline yet. They seemed to be all nighters.

When they were fighting against the Guardian, Ye Xiu had actually been paying attention to everyone’s movements. Those cheap tricksters, who weren’t trying or weren’t following orders on purpose, couldn’t get past Ye Xiu’s experienced eyes. This was what made him even more confident that they were spies. The huge rush of high-leveled players coming in all at once wasn’t the only reason.

However, even though Ye Xiu had perceptive eyes, he had still been fighting, so there was no way he could have caught everything that they tried to do. For example, Ye Xiu couldn’t remember how these two characters performed. This was another reason why he couldn’t be sure of these two players’ identities.

“If they really are spies, could I maybe use them?” Ye Xiu pondered. Spies were always extremely loyal to their guilds and were definitely experienced Glory veterans. Even though they might not have the ability to manage a guild, Ye Xiu didn’t need such an experienced manager yet. He just hoped that they’d help him share the responsibility in guiding these noobs. This was something any Glory veteran could do.

But this assignment would be very different from the Guardian. Assigning them such a task would be the same as making them a core member of the guild. This was something that any spy would want to do. Once they entered the inner circle, they would be able to set up a reputation in the guild. If they really were spies, then it’d be very dangerous.

How should I do this? Ye Xiu quietly pondered. In the end, he clicked on the two names and requested to add them as friends.

One of them quickly accepted it, while the other didn’t respond, even though he was clearly online.

The one who didn’t respond was Blue River. Right now, he didn’t know what he was doing. He was using an open account and wandering around randomly in Glory. When he saw the notification and opened it, he was surprised to see that it was a friend request from Lord Grim.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Blue River discovered that life truly was hard. All he wanted to do was run around and daydream, but something always had to pop up.

He thought about it and then in the end, he decided he didn’t care anymore. He accepted the friend invite and then sent a message: “What’s up, guild leader?”

“You busy? If you’ve got nothing to do, why not come to the Arena and compare notes with me?” The other side responded as if they were good old friends, making Blue River surprised again.

“Could he have recognized me? No way!” Blue River mumbled and then replied: “Alright, where to?”

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