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Chapter 354 – Firm Decision

However, without any definitive proof, thinking that a normal player in the game was a top-tier pro player exceeded their imagination, especially for the more experienced players of Glory.

Every single one of these spies were experienced veterans though, so in the end, they didn’t dare think to assume two players’ true identities.

Everyone still carried one last line of hope. After all, this sort of precise control was very demanding for the player. A single error could cause the whole situation to go amiss.

And losing control over a monster’s aggro was the main reason for a team wipe, so if something like that really did happen, then pretending to be noobs and dying would be a lot easier.

Only Blue River and the others, who knew of these two’s true identities, felt truly hopeless.

Who were these two? These were the two players that had consecutively won Best Duo in the pro scene. With that type of synergy between them, they wouldn’t deserve that title if they slipped up while dealing with an NPC.

Blue River still received messages from other spies though, who were still patiently analyzing the situation.

Lord Grim’s true identity was knowledge that only relatively high ranking members of Blue Brook Guild knew. When they faced him, they often had feelings of cowardice and fear.

These feelings had already overwhelmed Blue River. However, he couldn’t share his knowledge with them and could only watch as they patiently waited for an opportunity. He strengthened his resolve and decided that he too would hope that a miracle would occur. Correct! In Blue River’s eyes, hoping that this duo would make a mistake was the same as hoping for a miracle.





Those were pretty much the only words that came out of Lord Grim’s mouth. Their attacks were led by him and Cleansing Mist. Their retreats were led by Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion. The two didn’t make any mistakes. He goes, then she goes. Everyone had already gotten used to the routine. Making a mistake now would be extremely embarrassing.

Miracle. A miracle is a highly improbable event.

Blue River was hoping for a miracle, but the majority of the spies held a normal attitude. In their eyes, it would be a miracle if the two didn’t make a mistake.

And the result.

The Guardian’s health continued to drop. Those who were hoping for a miracle didn’t receive one. Those who were afraid of a miracle, watched as the miracle began to unfold.

The spies no longer had the time to continue waiting for the two to make mistakes and began to employ more active approaches. They would go all out in order to force the Guardian’s aggro to go out of control. The spies who tried to do this were initially afraid of arousing Lord Grim’s suspicions because of their unrestrained attacks, but in the end, none of them were called out for it. As a result, all of the spies began to think along the same line: don’t worry about aggro, just put out as much damage as possible.

However, Lord Grim’s and Cleansing Mist’s aggro control wasn’t disrupted. The two continued to pull the Guardian back and forth. The spies discovered that their unrestrained damage dealing only increased the speed at which the Guardian was dying.

Not one spy there wanted that to happen. Seeing that their method wasn’t working, they immediately abandoned it. Attacking resolutely wasn’t good. Attacking too slowly would arouse Lord Grim’s suspicions. The bunch of spies were having great difficulty figuring out what to do. With none of their schemes working, they attempted to do something again. Finally, after seeing that the battle was coming to a close and Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist didn’t look to be making any mistakes any time soon, the spies from the top guilds were now discussing in private and reporting their situation to their higher ups.

Blue River also noticed that their QQ group chat had gone into a huge commotion. With the battle shifting from one side to the other, he had the time to look over at the chat occasionally.

He hastily skimmed over it, but didn’t see anything substantial. Though in game, he received a message and the group chat quickly came to a conclusion.

The notification explained that there were already so many spies. Sacrificing one or two wouldn’t be a problem, but they had to break Guild Happy’s momentum and have the tenth server see that Lord Grim’s guild could also encounter problems.

As for the plan itself, they had to pick which spies to sacrifice, in order to intentionally mess up the situation and create a chance for a team to wipe.

In the end, because Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had four spies inside the guild, the two guilds would sacrifice one spy each. After receiving the message, Blue River told the other three spies, but who would have thought that the three would fight over who would be sacrificed? As the guild leader, Blue River naturally had his own pride, so he didn’t join his subordinates in fighting for the spot. Plus, he knew that he was only temporarily using this account. Two people were not allowed to use the same account at once. He still had to take care of his main account. What guild leader would personally become a spy?

In the end, Blue Brook Guild rolled a die to see who would be the sacrifice. Tyrannical Ambition pretty much did the same to choose their sacrifice as well.They then communicated with their higher ups. The order came down to immediately begin!

There wasn’t much time left. Under the gazes of envy from the other spies, the two sacrifices began to wreak havoc. Even though being a spy in game wasn’t as thrilling as in real life, apart from a few abnormal people, most people didn’t like doing this type of thing. Being a spy meant becoming friends with someone and then selling them out. Whether it was for justice or not, doing it always felt bad.

The two sacrifice just happened to be on the same side, and since the two sides took turns attacking, this allowed them to work together to attempt to disrupt the flow. It just happened that their team was chasing after the Guardian and attacking right now. The two confirmed the command and they no longer hesitated. Anything Ye Xiu told them not to do, they would immediately do. The first thing they had to do was pass the line that Ye Xiu told them not to pass.

Amidst the spies’ hopeful gazes, they suddenly heard two system notifications. Two guild notifications popped up in their guild chat.

Player More Seasoning has been kicked out from the guild by guild leader Lord Grim.

Player Clearly Smooth has been kicked out from the guild by guild leader Lord Grim.

The spies’ attacks clearly turned sluggish all of a sudden. They almost completely stopped attacking.

The decision had been too decisive.

More Seasoning and Clear Smooth had only passed Lord Grim by one unit, but Lord Grim didn’t even attempt to ask what was going on and directly kicked them out of the guild……

The Guardian challenge could only be done by guild members. With them being kicked out from the guild, the two were immediately kicked from the dungeon. They might not have died, but they had been sacrificed for nothing.

The spies calmed themselves down with great difficulty and then immediately reported the situation to the higher ups. Blue River heard the QQ group chat go into a frenzy again. The discussion seemed to be even crazier than before.

“There’s no time left……” Blue River quietly said. The Guardian was almost dead.

Blue River could see it very clearly. How could the others not know? The Guardian would be dead in a short moment and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

“Should we stop?” Another private message came. Some of the spies’ attacks had already gone sluggish, enough to make others suspicious.

“Don’t……” Blue River decided and immediately told them not to.

“There’s no point.” Blue River said.

It’s not that they didn’t know kicking players who were causing trouble would destroy their plan.

They just didn’t think that Lord Grim would be so decisive. They thought it was quite unexpected. Lord Grim always communicated with them when they made mistakes, so the two spies took advantage of this fact to use the best way to cause a ruckus. Who would have thought that as soon as they broke his rules, they’d be kicked. It was something no one expected.

Even if they chose more sacrifices, they would be decisively kicked out in the same way. Since the Guardian had so little health left, they weren’t necessary to beat it. After all, Guild Happy still had four actual members. Slowly whittling down the Guardian’s last bit of health wouldn’t be a problem.

Blue River completely gave up for an even deeper reason. He felt that if Lord Grim could be so decisive, then he might have figured out that they didn’t have good intentions long ago. So many high leveled players joining at once was already very suspicious. This was why everyone wanted to act like new players and get wiped out in order to erase any doubts.

But who could have thought that the two’s coordination would be so good, from their positioning down to the very details. With all of the orders so simple, intentionally breaking them was difficult to do. Even for More Seasoning and Clear Smooth, who had been kicked out in the very first moment, if they had been allowed to rush forward, how much harm could their betrayal do? No one had any confidence in their answer.

It was good now though. They didn’t need to worry about anything anymore. The Guardian’s health was so low and it would soon kneel to the ground.

The goal for the Guardian challenge wasn’t to kill it, but rather to make it kneel. From this acknowledgement, Guild Happy would receive the Guardian’s blessing. When the guild reached Level 10, the Guardian would be stronger and it would not submit to the guild. At that time, they would have to try the challenge again and defeat the Level 2 Guardian.

Amidst the Guardian’s wild laughter, the world and Guild Happy received an announcement, congratulating on the guild’s success in beating the Guardian and were awarded the stat Guardian’s blessing.

The guild celebrated. After understanding the strength of the Guardian’s blessing, the players had already studied what to do with their new points.

Some carefully looked at their extra points, but didn’t want to use them yet. They would put it to one side for now in case.

Some were in high spirits and immediately allocated their extra points.

Blue River and the others! They could only feel depressed, but they had to pretend they were happy. Plus, they had participated in the Guardian challenge, so they should be even happier. After being in Happy for only a day, these spies already needed to display an attitude that was completely different from how they were feeling. Luckily, this was in game. If it had been face to face, they would have already been exposed.

“Guild leader, why did two of our players suddenly get kicked out? It seemed like they were part of your team?” Someone suddenly asked.

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