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Chapter 355 – Who’s Leaving? Who’s Staying?

As soon as someone said this, a lot of people began to wonder as well. Although, for the spies, they all froze as if they had been struck by thunder.

Who would have thought that Lord Grim would be so quick and decisive? Could he have seen through them from the start? If that were the case, then the others who had come in together with them, were in the same position that they were in.

The only difference was that those two had acted out of line and exposed themselves. As for the others, even though they didn’t put on a very good performance, they at least did as they had been told. Had they been detected by Lord Grim or not? This was what made everyone feel uneasy.

The spies once again began chatting.

They had planned on killing themselves from the very beginning. Failing the Guardian challenge was only their secondary objective. Their main objective was to pretend that they were new, inexperienced players in order to avert any suspicions towards them.

But these guys had messed this up. Under Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s lead, where it wasn’t possible to make any mistake, they all still actively looked to make mistakes. That was the complete opposite of their main objective.

The past was the past. They no longer thought about it, but then suddenly, someone raised the question, making everyone once again recall their identities and think of Lord Grim’s decisiveness at that time. It was as if cold water had been splashed on their heads and they immediately woke up.

Messages continued to be typed in the chat and the question had been lost amidst the storm. However, it would never be erased from the spies’ minds. The spies all stared intently at their screens and at the chat to see if Lord Grim would reply. They all hoped that Lord Grim wouldn’t see the question.

Lord Grim didn’t speak in the guild chat, but rather in their party chat.

“Good work everyone.” Lord Grim’s name suddenly appeared.

“It was nothing. How could that have been difficult?” The spies lied. Even though from a killing the Guardian perspective, “it was nothing” was the truth, but from the spies’ perspective, the battle had been very difficult for them.

“Then what now?” Lord Grim said.

“What now?” They didn’t understand.

“Stay or leave. It’s up to you guys :)” Lord Grim even added a smiley face.

The spies stared stupidly at their screens. They understood now. They hadn’t dispelled any of Lord Grim’s doubts. They had been compromised from the very beginning, yet even so, Lord Grim had still bravely brought them to fight the Guardian. Lord Grim had been confident because he had the skills to create a situation where it wasn’t possible for them to make a mistake.

The party chat instantly quieted down. Lord Grim didn’t dissolve the party either. For a short moment, no one said anything.

This time, even the private messages to the spies had quieted down and instead went directly to their higher ups. The QQ group chat set up by the top guilds immediately went into a frenzy again. Blue River was already distraught with anxiety and didn’t want to be involved any longer.

“This Lord Grim! How cunning!!” Samsara’s tenth server guild leader Lonely Drink hatefully spouted. This was the impression that Ye Xiu had left him since the very first time they had met and it would never die. He completely ignored the fact that their plans had been too obvious and went straight for the “It’s not our fault. Our opponent’s just too cunning!” analysis.

“These characters are useless now. There’s no point in keeping them if Lord Grim already knows.” Herb Garden’s head guild leader Arisaema said.

“But there’s one thing that everyone should know.” Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You said.

“Speak.” Blue Brook Guild’s Changing Spring typed in his usual manner, telling everyone that he was still there.

“Even though the majority of the players in the party are ours, there’s still one person who’s not with us. He’s an actual high leveled player who wanted to join Happy.” Jiang You said.

“True.” Cold Night naturally helped his boss and immediately provided proof for it from the chat logs. The proof listed the number of spies from each guild. In that 20 player team, there was actually one person who wasn’t theirs.

“What I want to know right now is whether or not some guild is hiding him from us.” Jiang You asked.

“Definitely not.” Lonely Drink said.

The other guild representatives confirmed that they weren’t hiding anything either.

“If that’s true, then I believe we can have the majority of our characters leave the guild, but have a small portion of them stay and establish a good relationship with this player. That way, if this guy really isn’t a spy, then he can be a good cover for us. If necessary, he can help vouch for us.” Jiang You said.

“Might that be…… a little bit excessive?” Arisaema said, “This time, our biggest issue was that we didn’t consider everything. Our character’s levels were clearly very high for characters of the tenth server. Lord Grim would have certainly anticipated that we would send spies into his guild. And with so many high leveled players coming in at once, how could he not be suspicious? Now that everyone’s been exposed, what’s the point in trying to continue struggling to stay in? I think it’d be better to just have everyone leave and then later on, have more suitable characters infiltrate.”

“Oh really? Then how about you guys have everyone leave first?” Jiang You said.

Arisaema was about to make the decision, when his mind suddenly spun: “Ha ha, if we’re going to leave, then everyone has to leave together. Aren’t we all in this together?”

Everyone immediately understood the hidden details.

Honestly speaking, Jiang You’s plan to win over a cover for them wasn’t necessary, but could he have intentionally put out the plan in order to get others to object?

For example, Herb Garden. After hearing Jiang You speak, he nearly had his characters leave……

Even though the spies had failed, no one knew which accounts were from which guild.

Three open accounts weren’t much to these top guilds. If they really needed to, they could sell them off. However, in the battle between guilds, no one would miss an opportunity to win an advantage. If they hadn’t noticed this detail, then later on, if they used their exposed open account again, it wouldn’t matter too much if others had found out. Even worse would be if they pretended to not find out and then set a trap.

When everyone thought about this, they immediately went silent. After a moment of silence, the most quiet speaker there, Changing Spring, unexpectedly spoke: “Who’s leaving? Who’s staying?”

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