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Chapter 353 – Even If You Want to Die, You Can’t

The spies on the two sides were in complete silence, hoping very much that Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist had been killed by the stomp. But Lord Grim’s fame in the tenth server wasn’t baseless. If he had gotten killed so easily, then the guilds that had been crushed by him would feel even more humiliated.

Those who knew of Lord Grim’s identity, like Blue River, were already quite certain that the Launcher, Cleansing Mist, was Su Mucheng. The synergy between the two of them were considered at the peak, even in the Pro Alliance. So while others were puzzled over their strange strategy, Blue River felt sad. He knew that they were able to use strategies that many normal players were unable to do, or even hope to understand, because the gap between their skill levels was simply too large.

Sure enough, everyone’s worries, hopes and doubts were for nothing.

Amidst the earth waves caused by the Guardian’s stomp, the two characters were high up in the air. Their guns were pointed towards the ground with an Aerial Fire, allowing them to dodge the Guardian’s stomp, as well as the shockwaves brought by it.

The two characters landed behind the Guardian. Even though the Guardian wasn’t slow, its enormous body still made it slightly sluggish. Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist’s attacks in this short moment made all of the surrounding spies wide-eyed with awe. Quite a few of them gasped in admiration, although Blue River and the others, who knew his identity, were somewhat calmer.

The Guardian finished turning around. This time, he didn’t lift his foot to stomp down. He swung his arms and whirled a strong wind. But Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had been prepared. They easily avoided it and then circled around behind the Guardian again to continue attacking.

It went on like this for awhile, making everyone who was watching dumbstruck and in awe. The Guardian’s sluggishness was only relative. In reality, its movements were quite agile. But these two, with their quick fingers, turned what wasn’t supposed to be a weakness into a weakness.

The spies were in an uproar. Even though they didn’t know who was who, they still knew the ones from their own guild, so they began to discuss amongst each other.

“D*mn! Lord Grim’s way better than I thought!!”

“Who is that Launcher! She seems even better than Lord Grim!!”

“Are these guys even from the same world as us?” Even though it was somewhat exaggerated, it was quite close to the truth.

In a short moment, the spies all forgot why they were here and were only gasping in admiration at their brilliant play style. After awhile, they recalled their goal, but with where they were at right now, even if they wanted to die, they couldn’t.

However, everyone noticed that despite Lord Grim’s and Cleansing Mist’s amazing playing, beating the Guardian by themselves wasn’t possible. Even if they didn’t make any mistakes, they would eventually run out of mana. And without mana to use skills, they had no way of revolving around the Guardian like they were doing now.

The Guardian was set up for 20 players to kill. Just from this, it was easy to see that it was much stronger than a BOSS from a five-player dungeon. No matter how exceptional they were at lasting a long time, it wasn’t possible to completely finish the dungeon with just two players. Furthermore, these two’s attack tempos were very quick. Their mana consumption was certainly more than ordinary, so it would be even more difficult to endure for so long.

This battle required everyone’s strength. Thinking of this, the spies calmed down. These two really were incredible. But even so, their goals could still be reached. No matter what happened, as long as they joined the battle, then finding an opportunity to kill themselves should be easy, no?

They were all pretty much thinking like this. At this moment, Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist finally changed up their actions. The two characters used Aerial Fire and landed in front of the line of spies on the left side.

The Guardian chased after them. None of the spies panicked. On the contrary, they were quite hopeful. Feeling good about dying was a very rare experience.

They were all squirming with longing. As soon as the Guardian’s attack descended, it wouldn’t be good if they took the initiative to kill themselves, but they could at least pretend that their reaction speeds were too slow to survive!

Closer. Closer!

The Guardian had already reached in front of them. Just as it was about to attack the line of players, it suddenly turned around.

“Attack!” Lord Grim suddenly shouted.

The spies stared blankly as the Guardian’s back turned to face towards them. With such a large opening exposed, they had no choice but to attack. But the Guardian completely ignored them. It continued to stride forward. The spies naturally chased after it to attack. They hoped the Guardian would turn its head to look at them, but they knew that it wouldn’t.

This was because they could already see that Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist had already begun working separately. Lord Grim stood on one side, while Cleansing Mist stood on the other. Right now, the Guardian was heading towards Cleansing Mist.

Only now did the spies realize that they hadn’t known where the Guardian’s aggro was the entire time. In the beginning, Cleansing Mist had pulled the monster, but then Lord Grim had snatched it away. Afterwards, the two both jumped at the same time. When the Guardian tried to catch them, the only thing the spies could remember was that it was chasing them around. Who exactly was it going for? Impossible to tell! They couldn’t see it.

But now that they separated, it was very clear that the Guardian’s aggro was locked onto Cleansing Mist.

Right now, the aggro wasn’t in their direction. They could only chase and unleash their attacks at the Guardian’s back. But no matter what they did, the Guardian refused to turn around. Soon enough, they all became the team’s DPS and the reflection from the spies’ screens showed their depressed expressions.

Some tried to take the initiative and attempted to create an opportunity for themselves. But who would have thought that as soon as they moved forward, Lord Grim would appear in front to block them. He then gave an order: “Do not go past me.”

It was a very simple order. If they couldn’t even follow this, calling themselves a new player wouldn’t be a good enough explanation. The only explanation would be that they were idiots. It would also make it obvious that they were intentionally trying to mess things up.

Helpless, they could only obediently follow Lord Grim’s directions and attack.

“Stop!” Lord Grim shouted again. Another simple command that they couldn’t disobey. Even though some of them pretended that they hadn’t heard it and continued to attack, Lord Grim called them out by name and even messaged them personally. There was no way that they could keep pretending. And these few extra hits weren’t enough to create enough of a disturbance.

“Retreat back to your original positions.” Lord Grim said.

They could only retreat. Some wanted to pretend that they didn’t remember where they were originally and stand in the wrong spot, but they soon discovered that they weren’t able to fake it. This was because their troops weren’t completely pure.

Soft Mist, the Battle Mage from Lord Grim’s friend group, accurately stood at her original position. And then, those who stood in the wrong spot were immediately corrected by Lord Grim with Soft Mist as the reference.

The spies were very sad! This was because they saw that not long after they retreated, the Guardian unleashed a powerful skill, which would have hit them! Unfortunately, the opportunity to kill themselves passed by just like that.

The spies on the left line looked towards the other side. They watched as the Guardian ferociously charged towards that side and watched as the spies on the right side begin to think the same as them previously. Suddenly, their hearts thumped as they realized something!


Just when the spies were trying to figure out what to do next, gunfire exploded onto the Guardian’s body. Lord Grim hadn’t retreated like the spies on the left line. Instead, he had continued to attack and after the barrage, the Guardian turned around.

And sure enough!!

The spies cried out in their hearts.

And then, the spies on the right line did what they had done previously. They furiously chased after and attacked the Guardian’s back with Cleansing Mist as the person they couldn’t go past. Everything was just that simple. It could be your first time playing Glory, but you had still played for around 30 levels. As long as you were a human being, there was no reason you couldn’t do such a simple task.

The spies were in complete dismay. They discovered that they really had become free laborers. With the situation they were in, there was no way they could die, unless Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist made mistakes.

However, they had already witnessed their skill. And after separating, their aggro control appeared to be even more precise. The two could actually make the Guardian run back and forth between the two teams. If the battle continued like this, the Clerics might not even need to use a Heal……

They were all frightened now. Even though on the surface, it seemed like nothing had changed, but in the chat, they were already in complete disorder.

Right now, even if they wanted to die, they couldn’t. To possess such terrifying control, just who were these two?

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