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Chapter 352 – Each With Their Own Motives

“Then if you clearly knew that these high-leveled players were spies, why did you let them join?” Chen Guo asked.

“They’ll help me beat the Guardian! Higher leveled players are always better than lower leveled players.” Ye Xiu said.

“But what if these guys don’t try on purpose?” Chen Guo couldn’t relax.

“Ha ha, even if they don’t try, they wouldn’t play too badly. If it’s too obvious that they are trying to lose, wouldn’t they be exposed? Don’t forget their identities. They’re spies. Getting exposed right after getting in just for our Guardian? That’s definitely not worth it! Spies can only be used once you know.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo didn’t know what to say. She could only look at those high-leveled characters with sympathy. They probably thought that their infiltration had been successful.

Seeing that Chen Guo wasn’t going to ask anymore questions, Ye Xiu turned his head and asked his team another question: “So that’s pretty much it. Is there anything you didn’t understand?”

“It doesn’t really matter. We’ll just do what you tell us to do!” Steamed Bun Invasion’s reply was as simple as ever.

“Got it. Got it.” The others also replied. They were trying really hard to act the part of new players.

“Good.” After seeing everyone’s response, he clicked. The originally two teams of ten players each were split into seven. Six teams had three players, while one team had two players, Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng.

“We’re going in.” Ye Xiu said and then the twenty player group was quickly sent into the Guardian’s instance dungeon.

This dungeon only had one BOSS. As soon as they entered, they saw the outline of the sleeping Guardian through the thick fog.

“Teams 1, 2, and 3 go left. Teams 4, 5, and 6, go right.” Ye Xiu ordered. Each team had an obvious number labeled onto them.

Thus, three teams went left, While the other three teams went right.

“Stop.” Ye Xiu called.

The six teams had no choice but to stop. These orders were too simple. Even if Blue River and the others were pretending to be noobs, they couldn’t make such a mistake. If they made such a mistake, they wouldn’t be noobs, they’d be idiots.

“Each side make a line. Melee classes in front. Ranged classes in the back. Maintain a 24 unit distance between each other. Do you guys know how to calculate these units? Hover your mouse over the other players and look at the coordinates shown. Then check your coordinates and calculate.” Ye Xiu patiently explained.

The spies didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed like Lord Grim really was treating them like noobs and teaching them every little detail. If they were noobs, this should have been something to be happy about. Except to these players, listening to this sort of extremely basic knowledge only made them want to cry.

“Yes, yes. Just like that. Bamboo Street, move back a tiny bit. The guy on the right, move one step to the left…….” Ye Xiu began instructing them as if he were a kindergarten teacher teaching small children.

The spies were tossing and turning from side to side. They had to continue pretending to not know anything. They couldn’t reveal that they weren’t noobs. How much time should they take to get into position? If they got into position too quickly, it’d be bad if they appeared too experienced, but if they got into position too slowly, wouldn’t they look like idiots?

They were in a knot. Some intentionally acted stupid, but their mistakes were quickly caught by Ye Xiu. After a few minutes, everyone was finally in the correct position.

“Good, no one move. Wait for my orders.” Ye Xiu said.

They were all silent. They were already impatiently thinking of how to get themselves killed by the Guardian and hurry up and get out of this dungeon.

“Pull it!” Ye Xiu sent Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist a message.

“Yessir.” Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist lifted her cannon and fired Anti-Tank Missiles.

The three Anti-Tank Missiles shot forward. The spies on both sides were jumping with joy on the inside. The battle had finally begun. Quite a few were already planning on moving forward.

“Jump back three steps!” But how could they have expected that Lord Grim would give an order all of a sudden?

This order was also extremely simple. If they made a mistake, there would be no excuses they could make. Thus, the spies had no choice but to follow the order and jump back three steps. Players, who had fought against the Stat Guardian before, were very unhappy right now. This was because they knew what these three steps back indicated…..

“Bang bang bang!”

Three cannon shots. The explosions from the Anti-Tank Missiles seemed very miniscule compared to the enormous silhouette of the Guardian. An angry roar burst out and the silhouette stood up. Just by looking at the Guardian’s bodily proportions, it was very easy to see that the Guardian and the players weren’t in the same weight class.


Another angry roar. As if its body was weightless, the Guardian suddenly jumped out from the fog and landed in the space between the two teams. Everyone’s screens shook. This was Glory’s visual effect during an earthquake.

The dust and earth that was lifted up surged throughout the surroundings like waves. However, Ye Xiu had already ordered everyone to jump back, allowing them to dodge the shockwave.

Those who were familiar with the Guardian had wanted to act like they didn’t know what was coming. That way, they’d get swept away by the shockwave and then have the Guardian step on them with its feet to kill them, but Lord Grim had accurately predicted the distance of the shockwave. His super simple orders made it so there was no room for them to make mistakes.

“Wait for my commands before you attack!!” Ye Xiu repeated. The spies couldn’t disobey and had no choice but to sit on the sidelines like obedient children.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim swung his Thousand Chance Umbrella in front of him and began shooting.

These tiny shots made it seem like they were completely ineffective against the Guardian. However, these were just visual effects. The damage that should have been dealt was dealt. Lord Grim jumped back, continually firing. Cleansing Mist also stayed beside him and continued to fire at the Guardian.

Watching, the spies were having trouble understanding what was going on. If Lord Grim was supposed to establish the aggro, then why was the Launcher still attacking? What type of strategy was this?

As they continued to be puzzled, the Guardian rushed forward. With its gigantic body, each step traversed several units. In just a few steps, the Guardian arrived in front of two players. It lifted its foot and stepped down towards them.

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