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Chapter 349 – Rapid Growth

Getting from level one to two would always be the easiest. After about half of the guild quests in the first wave were completed, Guild Happy reached level two.

As long as a player sent a request for an invite, the player would always remain on the request list, unless the player suddenly joined a different guild, in which case the player would be automatically deleted from the request list. When the guild hit level two, Ye Xiu opened up the request list and accepted another batch of members. In the blink of an eye, Guild Happy was now an almost-two-hundred-player guild.

The second wave of players acted pretty much the same way as the first wave. After the guild leader explained the basic information about guilds, they enthusiastically ran off to start doing quests.

Level up, add……

Guild Happy rapidly developed in this way. The system would also make an announcement whenever a guild leveled up. The quick leveling only made everyone more excited, and with the endless list of requests, the guild was guaranteed to reach its maximum capacity with each level-up.

More and more players began bearing the Guild Happy tag and soon, the entire Glory continent had players rushing to do guild quests. All of those big guilds saw the scene. The system making announcements one after another made them feel extremely envious.

If the normal guilds felt envious, then what would the guilds backed by Clubs be feeling? In their eyes, Guild Happy had already become one of their competitors. Seeing their rapid development, saying that “their members all had low levels” as comforting words wouldn’t change anything. They had to take steps to do something about it.

The guilds backed by Clubs had differences, as well. For these types of difficult situations, the majority of guilds were used to waiting and seeing what the Three Great Guilds would do, but this time, the Three Great Guild showed no signs of movement.

The guilds discussed amongst themselves. They knew that Lord Grim had contested with the Three Great Guilds before. Herb Garden could be said to have gotten away lucky, while Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had taken a severe blow. Right now, they were at the Level 40 stage. In the other servers, they were great guilds with powerful influence, but now, not only were they unable to make a name for themselves, they were struggling to defend their reputation. Their pioneering in tenth server had failed quite miserably.

The other guilds weren’t doing much better, either. This was because the momentum during the early stages had been stolen away by Lord Grim. They were only doing better than Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition. Not only were those two guilds not progressing, they were actually declining.

“Could they be scared?” Many of the guilds, who liked to see what the Three Great Guilds would do, had these sort of thoughts. However, they didn’t know that the reason the three guilds weren’t moving was precisely because they knew just how strong Lord Grim was. They couldn’t help but be cautious.

The guild leaders from the Three Great Guilds had actually already convened to discuss what to do. The three leaders weren’t the tenth server guild leaders either, but rather the real bosses of the Three Great Guilds: Blue Brook Guild’s Changing Spring, Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You, and Herb Garden’s Arisaema.

The tenth server’s pioneering had frightened these top guilds. Even worse, with them there, their statuses were nothing compared to the opponent they were facing.

“Sigh, what should we do?” Changing Spring took a random tenth server account to use and met up with the other two. They could only watch as announcement after announcement came, telling them of Guild Happy’s level-ups. Their hearts were filled with anxiety.

“Right now, dealing with Lord Grim isn’t the issue. Our issue is disrupting their guild’s growth.” Jiang You said fiercely. He really hated the guy, whether that be because of his support for his team, or because of the several defeats by Lord Grim’s hands.

“No sh*t! The biggest problem now is how are we going to disrupt their progress?” Arisaema said.

Silence. If they had a plan, they wouldn’t have had to gather together to discuss.

“Kill them and strike terror in their hearts?” Jiang You said.

“It’s useless. We can’t fight them directly. How many open accounts do you guys have in the new server? At most twenty, right? Right now, their guild already has 400 players. With the number of accounts at our disposal, what good would that do?” Changing Spring said.

“And if we do that, it’d be very easy for them to guess that it was us, no?” Arisaema said.

“What to do!” Jiang You was bitter. Since they were backed by a club, they had a reputation to maintain, which restricted them from openly attacking others without reason.

“Hm, maybe we can send some of our open accounts to other guilds and have those guilds clash with Lord Grim’s?” Arisaema said.

“Maybe it’d be better to just directly plant spies into Lord Grim’s guild and stir up trouble from within?” Jiang You said.

“How could it be that easy?” Changing Spring bitterly laughed, “Don’t forget who we’re up against. What type of tricks has he not seen before? Planting spies into Happy to stir up trouble won’t work.”

“Planting spies into other guilds to cause trouble might work, though. When Lord Grim created his guild, a lot of players may have left their guilds to join his instead. There will be a lot of guilds with open spots. Let’s consider using these guilds to cause trouble. As long as we can make Guild Happy an enemy of other guilds, we’ll have good reason to wage war on them.” Changing Spring analyzed.

“We can still send some spies over to Happy and sit there temporarily. When a conflict breaks out, they’ll stir up fire from the inside!” Jiang You said.

“Plus, with Guild Happy’s rapid development, their guild members’ egos will be inflated. If we’re lucky, we might not even have to instigate anything. Their own people might cause trouble for themselves. It’d be even better if that happened.” Arisaema said.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s have our planted spies do that!” Changing Spring said.

The three continued to talk. Their minds began to gradually open up and more and more schemes poured out. They were, after all, experienced players. The reason they were able to develop into the Three Great Guilds was partly because of their team’s strength in the Pro Alliance, but also because of these three players.

In terms of the struggles between guilds, they were absolutely the top of the top experts in the field. They could only step down gracefully against Lord Grim for the dungeon records, so they thought of plans that didn’t involve direct confrontations. After a long discussion, they created the plan and the rest was up to the guilds to carry out. The three stayed in contact, while giving orders to their guilds’ players.

On Blue Brook Guild’s side, Blue River received Changing Spring’s orders. His expression immediately darkened.

“I thought we weren’t going to compete with Lord Grim?” Blue River asked gloomily.

“That was then. This is now. He’s created a guild and has become our direct competitor. It’s not possible for us to avoid him now. Do you really think him creating a guild is just for fun?” Changing Spring said.

Blue River didn’t say anything. He understood very well. It was just that he had a fairly good relationship with Ye Xiu. He had a good impression of him. Fighting and scheming against someone who was originally his friend didn’t make him feel good.

“The Three Great Guilds are all doing the same. We’ll be in touch with other guilds, too, so just relax and do it!” Changing Spring said.

Blue River closed the message in silences. After pausing for a moment, he let out a long sigh and then began doing what he had been told to do.

His first task was to sort out all of the open accounts that weren’t in Blue Brook Guild. His second task was to begin gathering intelligence to see how many players had left their guilds due to Guild Happy’s creation. These guilds would definitely be unhappy with Lord Grim and Guild Happy, which was exactly what Changing Spring and the others wanted to take advantage of.

As for Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition, after receiving their orders, they all began working to carry them out, as well. At this moment, the system made another announcement: Congratulations Guild Happy for reaching Level 5.

From creating a guild to reaching Level 5, their rapid development made the other guilds want to cry.

Guild Happy was celebrating. These new Glory players didn’t really understand much about guilds, but from what their guild leader said, Level 5 seemed to be a very important level. At this level, their guild could have some sort of Guardian or whatever.

A lot of players had already gone to search what this Guardian was and they naturally yearned for it. Seeing that their guild had finally reached Level 5, everyone began waiting for the Guardian to descend.

“You can get a Guardian now.” Seeing the guild’s rapid development, Chen Guo had been watching excitedly the entire time and reminded Ye Xiu when she saw that the guild reached level 5.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

The Guardian couldn’t be obtained just by hitting Level 5. A quest had to be completed.

The quest was very simple: beat the corresponding Guardian. When the Guardian was subdued, the Guardian would give the guild its blessing.

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