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Chapter 348 – New Players

Hearing what Ye Xiu said, Chen Guo didn’t say anything more. She simply sat there and quietly watched Ye Xiu work.

Ye Xiu made a count of the levels and classes of everyone who had joined and then began skimming over the list of invite requests.

Happy was currently a level one guild and could only have a maximum of 100 players. There were 24 classes in Glory. In addition, some classes chose different paths, so they would have a very different style. For example, for Ghostblades, Sword Demons and Phantom Demons could be considered two different types of classes. Another example would be Elementalists. They had access to Ice, Fire, Light and Dark element skills, but usually players would choose two elements to focus on. The number of variations they had were even more than Ghostblades.

These types of variations couldn’t be seen through merely by checking a character’s level and class. Thus, Ye Xiu could only consider the composition of the guild members as a whole.

After Ye Xiu was clear on the class composition the guild currently had, he began carefully accepting requests. New members continued to pour into Happy, but in the end, Ye Xiu didn’t add it to max capacity. This was because Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon and their group had just left Full Moon Guild. If they wanted to join another guild, they would have to wait five days, so Ye Xiu left them a spot.

Though for ambitious guilds, five days was enough time to level up the guild. Guild members could receive all sorts of guild quests. When they completed these quests, the guild would gain experience. When the experience reached 100%, they would level up. With every level up, the guild’s maximum capacity would increase and they would unlock more guild quests and rewards. When the guild reached level five, the guild could choose to acquire a Guardian. There were different kinds of Guardians, but the most common choice was the stat Guardian, which increased the guild players’ stats. From level five onwards, the Guardian would gain one level for every five levels the guild gained.

Players who didn’t want to be involved in guild matters would join guilds because of the stat increase from the Guardian. Top guilds also had stronger Guardians because their guild levels were higher. In the Heavenly Domain, the top guilds backed by Clubs all had their guilds at the level limit: level 100. And as a result, they had a Level 20 Guardian.

As for normal guilds, they weren’t like guilds backed by Clubs, who could easily reach the limit by taking in their fans. In addition, their members weren’t as cohesive or loyal. For these normal guilds, once their development reached a certain stage, there would always be problems popping up because of their large numbers, which would cause the guild to either crumble away or be stuck and unable to progress. Only a very small number of normal guilds were able to grow large and powerful and reach the level of those guilds backed by Clubs. However, in terms of influence, there was still no way that they could compete with the guilds backed by Clubs.

Guild Happy was just starting. The guild had a long way to go before reaching the top, although their starting point could be considered to be quite good. They were only limited by the maximum capacity set because they were still a level one guild. If not, then with Lord Grim’s fame, who knew how many players he could have gotten to join? Guild Happy’s invite request was incredibly long.

Even top guilds backed by Clubs like Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild didn’t have that type of momentum. The entire reason the top guilds were fighting for the dungeon records were to have the sort of status Lord Grim had in the player base’s eyes. The craze brought by Guild Happy showed exactly why these dungeon records were so important to developing guilds.

Ye Xiu finished choosing the members. Right now, the around ninety players were all online and were all extremely excited to be there. The chat in the guild channel was a complete storm. The players were already beginning to get together. Some were shouting to go to the Arena, some were calling people to dungeon together, some were asking others to help them finish a difficult quest…… Ye Xiu really wanted to say something to the guild, but he was having trouble finding a good opportunity to do so.

“Hello, hello.” Ye Xiu typed. He then followed up with a giant wall of emoticons to instantly clear the screen. Everyone else’s messages disappeared. Their entire screen was filled with Lord Grim’s name as well as a bunch of random emoticons.

The guild members were shocked and immediately quieted down.

“How many of you have just started playing Glory?” Ye Xiu asked.

A bunch of replies came out and, in an instant, Ye Xiu was unable to find his question anymore. He could only make a guess based on how fast the messages were scrolling down. It was practically…… 100%.

Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised at this result.

If they were old Glory players, then in the new server pioneering stage, they probably ran over to join the top guilds, which were backed by Clubs. Joining these guilds in the new server wasn’t very hard. Or they might have been like Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, who came to the new server together as friends and would have already decided on a guild to join beforehand.

When he made the announcement, those who were able to request an invite were the stragglers who weren’t in a guild and the probability that they were new players was very high.

Seeing all of these new players, Ye Xiu switched how he would speak.

“Our guild has been created.”

“But because it’s only Level 1, we can only have 100 players max, so a lot of players who wanted to join weren’t able to join.”

“In the guild, everyone can take guild quests. The rewards aren’t bad and, after completing one, the guild will get a certain amount of experience, helping the guild to level up.”

“Only when the guild levels up will more people be allowed in.”

“From Level 5 onwards, we can have a Guardian that’ll help increase our strength.”

Sure enough, this sort of very basic knowledge of guilds was new stuff for these new players. After hearing Ye Xiu speak, quite a few were asking where to get the quests from. For content they had never touched before, new players were always filled with curiosity. They immediately called out to each other to do the guild quests together. The enthusiasm towards the guild’s development was enough to make any guild leader shed a tear.

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