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Chapter 350 – High-Leveled Characters

The Stat Guardian was the most popular Guardian amongst players and it truly did give the best benefit to a player’s stats. It was equivalent to obtaining extra stat points, which the player could then freely choose to use.

The Stat Guardian gave eight extra stat points to players for every level it gained. At its maximum level, Level 20, it would give an additional 160 points. Its impact on a character’s strength couldn’t be ignored. Even for normal guilds, the few extra points were enough to create a noticeable difference in strength between two players with the same level and equipment.

It was because of this that very few players weren’t in a guild. Even for the pro accounts in the Pro Alliance, in game, they had to have the guild’s name tagged onto them. There were not any players that did not follow this rule. This was, of course, done for those extra stat points.

Guild Happy had reached Level 5 and completing the Guardian quest became an urgent priority.

Ye Xiu didn’t try to take on a new and original path. The Guardian he wanted was naturally the Stat Guardian. After receiving the quest, Ye Xiu immediately began to gather people.

Players who wanted to challenge the Guardian for the quest would be sent to a dungeon. Inside the dungeon, there was nothing else there but the Guardian. The dungeon limited the number of players to 20.

Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng and Steamed Bun Invasion would obviously be a part of this team. Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash was still being leveled by someone else, so they couldn’t contact him. Seven Fields and his friends still couldn’t join Happy yet, so they couldn’t be sent into a guild dungeon. Besides them, there was Concealed Light. However, Concealed Light’s skill level in actual battle truly was extraordinarily bad. Even though Ye Xiu had helped him find some ways to practice, he had not been practicing for long, so Ye Xiu had no idea how much he had improved.

Ye Xiu didn’t know anyone else, so he chose the rest based on their class and level. When forming the base for the 20-player team, the higher the level the player had, the better.

“Huh?” Blue River suddenly gave a puzzling look.

After seeing the announcement that Happy had reached Level 5, he immediately called for the open accounts to move out and apply to enter Happy. He had even personally switched to an open account to request an invite from Happy.

The infiltration went smoothly. Not long after requesting an invite, he received a notification from Happy. And almost simultaneously, the other three open accounts also received notifications. Their infiltration had been successful as well.

Blue River immediately checked what the guild channel was chatting about and discovered that most of them were talking about the Guardian. A Level 5 Guild talking about Guardians wasn’t anything abnormal. However, soon after, he received a team invite from the guild’s leader, Lord Grim, causing him to be surprised.

Blue River didn’t know what was going on, so he chose to accept. After joining the team, he found that there wasn’t a single team, but rather two teams, in order to form a twenty-player group. From this, Blue River instantly realized what Lord Grim was planning on doing. He then saw that Blue Brook Guild’s other three open accounts had also joined the team.

One of those three players was very confused. Seeing that all four open accounts were here, he hastily messaged Blue River in surprise: “Have we been caught?”

This question caused Blue River to panic, but he quickly calmed down. He told him not to worry and then went to check the twenty-player group’s structure.

Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Cleansing Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion. These names weren’t new to Blue River. Seeing these characters, Blue River felt a large amount of pressure bearing down on him. He knew that if these players were to compete for dungeon records, no one in the tenth server could compete with them. And now, they were gathered together. Although, one good thing was that Steamed Bun Invasion seemed to be very under-leveled compared to the other first-string characters and Blue River was immediately able to figure out that it was the result of him not participating in the Christmas event. Lord Grim’s team also had a Ghostblade character. Blue River remembered that the character’s name was One Inch Ash, but he wasn’t in the team right now.

Blue River opened up the guild member list and prepared to do a search. But as soon as he opened it, he noticed the default ordering for the guild member list. The first column was by rank. The second column was by level. In Happy, apart from the guild’s leader, Lord Grim, who didn’t have a class, the ordering was done from highest level to lowest level. At the top was Lord Grim, Soft Mist and Cleansing Mist at Level 39. And beneath them were those four open accounts from Blue Brook Guild that had infiltrated Happy.

Blue River understood why they had been invited into the twenty-player group. It was because they were already the highest level characters in Happy.

This type of situation was quite good for them. A higher level meant a higher status. Even though they couldn’t enter Lord Grim’s inner circle, they were still in a higher position than those low-level players.

Blue River did a casual skim over the rest of the names and was stumped for words.

The players’ levels in Happy were unexpectedly low. The character Blue River was using and the other three open accounts were all around Level 36. And the number of guild members in this level range was extremely few in this guild of 500 players. The number of guild members above Level 35 was 19. Everyone else was below Level 35 and, near the end, there were even some Level 20 players.

Blue River was astonished. He had predicted that the average player’s level in Happy couldn’t compare to their Blue Brook Guild, but he didn’t think that there would be such a large disparity. In their Blue Brook Guild, Level 35 and above players held the majority, while players below Level 35 were the minority.

With Lord Grim’s fame in the tenth server and the craze over Happy’s founding, he had the qualifications to compare with their top guilds. But in reality, it seemed like a gathering of a bunch of Level 30 players. What was the reasoning behind this?

“Could he be trying to establish the players’ loyalty to the guild by raising them up from lower levels?” Blue River could only guess. He then opened up Happy’s list of invite requests and discovered that it wasn’t that Happy didn’t want to pick the high-level players, it was that there simply weren’t any Level 35 and above players that had signed up. Those that were above level 35 had already joined a different guild or were open accounts, similar to the one Blue River was using.

Blue River was, after all, an experienced player. After a quick analysis, he was able to quickly understand the situation.

This was because of the Christmas event disaster, as well as a type of restriction due to the top guilds. In Blue River’s eyes, Level 36 players weren’t considered high-level. Right now, if a player wanted to join Blue Brook Guild, the minimum requirement was to be Level 35. The guild members who currently weren’t Level 35 had joined the guild in the early stages, but hadn’t been able to keep up with the fast leveling speed.

However, for the rest of the tenth server, Level 36 was where players would go to Fire Forest and soon graduate to challenge Sin City. For those who hadn’t participated in the Christmas event with Lord Grim, these players were at the forefront.

If Ye Xiu hadn’t used such a valiant strategy for the Christmas event and the top guilds had only leveled the normal way in Sin City, then they would only be at Level 36 as well. These players would already be considered the elites of their guild, the top players in the tenth server.

Because of the Christmas event, such an abnormal occurrence happened. If not for that, then Level 36 would have been the level range where they should be at.

After them were the Level 36 players, who would have been amongst the highest leveled players if the elites from the top guilds hadn’t leveled with Lord Grim with the Christmas event. After the Christmas event, they leveled up once or twice more.

Slightly below those were where the majority of the players from their top guilds were at.

To put it simply, there were very few players around Level 36 in the entire tenth server. In addition, most of them were in the top guilds. As for those without guilds, those who were at this level range probably didn’t want to join a guild, so they obviously wouldn’t have thought much about Happy’s creation.

As a result, in the end, these open accounts from their top guilds, possessing the level of their normal guild members, would immediately stand out in Happy.

After understanding all of this, Blue River was suddenly taken aback after seeing the list of Level 35 and above players.

In the tenth server, there really weren’t many players around Level 36 that sought after Happy. Could it be that all of these Level 35 and above players were the same as him and were open accounts that had been sent to infiltrate Happy?

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