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Chapter 343 – Satisfying Conclusion

When this Satellite Beam came out, Team Two finally fell into disorder.

Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria had been caught directly in the middle of the beam. Let alone flying away, if he didn’t get pressed to the ground, that would have already been considered quite impressive. Furthermore, the four revolving, smaller pillars disrupted the Iron Triangle formation.

How could Huang Shaotian and Zhou Zekai miss this opportunity? They were on the same team as Su Mucheng, so they were immune to her skills. The Satellite Beam wouldn’t do anything to them. As soon as Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain landed on the ground, he used a Triple Slash to close in and make his way into the middle of the enemy team. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer was even faster. He hadn’t even arrived yet and bullets were already being fired.

Their two thoughts were one and the same. They wanted to seize this opportunity to take down Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric.

Clerics weren’t good in combat. Without any support, dodging the Satellite Beam while facing the attacks from two Gods, Zhang Xinjie’s play was as meticulous as ever. But he truly wasn’t able to defend against the two of them.

At the same time, when Yu Wenzhou saw that the enemy team was in disorder, he immediately used a high-level skill. He summoned Chaotic Rain and the skies transformed into a field of chaotic, black smoke, filled with evil intent. Anyone who saw the dark purple rain fall down would immediately feel disgusted by it. This Chaotic Rain’s special effect was that there was a chance to Confuse an enemy target inside the rain. Under the status effect, the character’s movements could not be controlled, which was naturally very troublesome to deal with.

Han Wenqing had originally planned on saving Zhang Xinjie, but as soon as he saw this skill being used, he didn’t dare go up and instead, jumped out from the attack’s range. But then, with a crash, Chu Yunxiu’s Elementalist summoned several Ice Walls in a straight line. She didn’t explode them, either. She was clearly trying to block him.

Team One’s players didn’t need any shot-calling. They naturally coordinated together simply because it was too obvious what they needed to do. Their levels of tactical insight were all very high, so they all made the same decisions.

The audience’s applause never stopped. This year’s All-Star Competition simply had way too many highlights. Almost all of the all-stars had their own astonishing moments, upping the intensity with each play. And this time, Su Mucheng’s sudden gleam of light had turned into the deciding play.

For a moment, Team Two’s four players weren’t able to find a way to fight back. Against Huang Shaotian’s and Zhou Zekai’s combined efforts, Zhang Xinjie was finally unrescuable and became Team Two’s third death in this battle.

Now, the result was obvious.

Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric had originally been Team Two’s biggest advantage. Now that they were at a numbers disadvantage and without their biggest advantage, their chances of winning were very low.
Even worse, not a single player on Team One had yet to die. If they could last until the end, it would be a perfect victory, which would be quite embarrassing for Team Two’s players.

However, this was the All-Star Competition after all. At this point, if this were an official match, they would certainly continue fighting. But for this competition, they wouldn’t take it as seriously.

However, Team Two had Han Wenqing. This veteran would never cowered at any moment.

From Team One’s perspective, they didn’t want Team Two to become too embarrassed, so they charged in and recklessly fought. In the end, Team Two was finally wiped out, but Team One had also lost three characters, so there was no perfect victory.

No one bickered about the end result. Both sides had played quite garishly. Even though no other high tide appeared, the excited atmosphere was still held. When Team Two’s Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust finally fell, the applause and cheers hit its peak. Many of Team One’s fans stood up, yelling the names of the players they supported. Without a doubt, the two words “Zhou Zekai” stood out the loudest.

“Old Han, how fierce……” Yu Wenzhou muttered again. Han Wenqing had fought till the very last moment. If Team One hadn’t taken it seriously at the end, they might have been the ones wiped out.

Amidst the crowd’s applause and cheers, the twelve players came down from their booths and returned to the center, along with the other All-Stars who had played in the individual and group competition. The electronic screen displayed the final point count. Team One had obtained the victory. Team One’s fans were happy and excited. But for Team Two, even though they knew that it didn’t count for anything, it still didn’t feel good to lose.

In the end, the team representatives received interviews and Samsara’s Zhou Zekai went up once again. This was, after all, his team’s home stadium.

The questions asked in the interview were simply courtesy words: the match was amazing, the audience was great, this year’s All-Star Weekend was successful, and he hoped he could come back again next year.

With Zhou Zekai’s style, it had taken a lot of effort to get the answers out of him. It basically went like this.

Did you find the match amazing or not?


Did you find the crowd great or not?


What did you think of this year’s All-Star Weekend?

Very successful.

What are your hopes for next time?

That I can participate.

And so on……

Once the official part of the event was over, the rest was just an event where they gave out souvenirs and there was no lack of souvenirs with the all-stars’ signatures on them. If this was in the past, Chen Guo would have risked her life to get Su Mucheng’s signature. But now? Now that she knew Ye Xiu’s identity, Chen Guo felt a sense of superiority arise. This was because she was very clear that, with her relationship with Ye Xiu, getting Su Mucheng’s signature wouldn’t be difficult at all. As a result, she didn’t feel pressed to get it.

At the same time, her relationship with Ye Xiu also made it difficult for them to get out of the stadium. They were unexpectedly ambushed by a mob of reporters. As soon as they saw the two of them, they took out their pens, notepads, etc. and surrounded them. They were naturally there to ask about Ye Qiu’s situation.

Chen Guo had originally thought of simply replying with “I don’t now.” But Tang Rou stopped her and actually went up to politely respond to the reporters’ questions.

After hearing Tang Rou’s replies, Chen Guo suddenly understood and sighed to herself. She had been way too careless.

Saying “I don’t know” was the same as saying “No comment” to them. She clearly knew something, it was just that she wasn’t going to say it. If she did that, the reporters would certainly begin to dig deeper.

But with Tang Rou’s replies, she didn’t say that she didn’t know anything. She simply avoided all of the important parts. The one part they did make up was that the two of them didn’t know that he was Ye Qiu in the beginning. They had only sat together with him coincidentally and got to know him, thinking that he was just a normal audience member.

This was quite believable. Let alone two normal audience members, if Ye Qiu had swaggered his way over to them, they wouldn’t have known that he was Ye Qiu, either.

Helpless, the reporters could only ask if the two had any photos with him, which they naturally didn’t. And then they asked if they could describe Ye Qiu’s appearance, which came down to Chen Guo to answer. It wasn’t because she was good at describing people, but rather it was because she was one of Ye Qiu’s fans and had seen rumors of Ye Qiu’s appearance on the internet. She simply took one of them and talked about it. As soon as they heard this, they saw that it matched with other reports in the past, so they didn’t doubt it.

By doing this, they were able to escape from the reporters. The two let out a sigh of relief. However, Tang Rou was clearly more vigilant than Chen Guo was. After escaping from their claws, she would look around from time to time to see if they had any dogs following them. Once she saw that there weren’t any of these people, she finally relaxed and returned to the hotel with Chen Guo.

Thus, the All-Star Weekend ended. At the hotel, Ye Xiu had already turned off the TV long ago, once he saw that the competition was over. When the two returned, he was sitting in front of the computer playing Glory.

Chen Guo’s excitement wouldn’t die down so quickly. Now that she knew of Ye Xiu’s identity, she would naturally want to hear a God’s opinion.

“Su Mucheng’s sudden display was the final deciding factor in the team competition.” Ye Xiu picked a comment that Chen Guo would definitely want to hear. Sure enough, Chen Guo looked pleased with herself as if she had gotten the piece of candy she had wanted. She then went to chat with Tang Rou. They had talked all the way until it was time to sleep. Then they shooed Ye Xiu out of their room and turned off the lights.

The next day, they left the hotel early in the morning in order to catch their flight back. At the airport, Chen Guo looked around to see if they would coincidentally bump into any Excellent Era players. Even though Chen Guo no longer felt good about the Club anymore, her support for Su Mucheng wouldn’t fade. As for whether she would be happy if Excellent Era lost? She still wasn’t sure about this.

She would feel bad because of Ye Xiu if she looked forward to them winning. But she would also feel bad because of Su Mucheng if she looked forward to them losing.

“Though for this season with the amount of points Excellent Era has, losing or winning doesn’t really matter, right?” On the plane, Chen Guo finally found something she could accept as a reason.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

After a complicated period since Sun Xiang joined the team, their records have turned around for the better and they were starting to rise up on the standings. However, they were simply too far behind now. If they wanted to make a comeback and make it into the playoffs, trying hard wouldn’t be enough. The teams ahead of them would have to do poorly. Entering the playoffs was already nearly unachievable in theory. Excellent Era’s fans were already talking about the next season and what their future would be then.

On the Internet, Glory’s fans were currently focused on the discussion of this year’s All-Star Weekend. From Day One’s Rookie Challenge to Day Two’s events to Day Three’s All-Star Competition, there were simply way too many topics to talk about. When Ye Xiu and the girls returned to Happy Internet Cafe, some of the more frequent customers looked at Chen Guo and Tang Rou like they were heroes of some sort. They were all Glory fans, so they would definitely watch the All-Star Weekend. The two going onstage on the second day made them very surprised. Seeing someone they knew onstage felt quite miraculous.

Chen Guo easily accepted everyone’s respects. Even after standing eight thousand meters up above everyone, her warmth never faded and she immediately began to chat with them.

“Lady Tang, how incredible! To think that you could actually beat a pro…….” In reality, they paid greater attention to Tang Rou. Normal players weren’t as ambitious as Tang Rou. Beating a pro once was already amazing to them.

“Ha ha ha, of course there are talents in my Internet Cafe.” Chen Guo wasn’t jealous. She said it very happily. Though when she said this, she couldn’t help but glance at Ye Xiu. But Ye Xiu had already snatched a computer station and was browsing the internet, not caring about their discussion in the slightest.

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