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Chapter 342 – The Violent Ladies

In the All-Star Competition, there would certainly be a shot-caller. However, when an individual chose to go on his own, the shot-caller wouldn’t forcefully stop him. After all, this was only for fun. The audience watched it for fun and most of the players wanted to have fun, too. For example, in normal matches where a win or loss mattered, risky strategies might only be employed under very careful consideration, but in the All-Star Competition, they wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Chu Yunxiu’s previous forceful maneuver was something she would very rarely do in an official match. And this time, Chu Yunxiu once again went out heroically on her own. When she saw that her good friend, Su Mucheng, was getting bullied by Wang Jiexi, she immediately mustered up her courage and abandoned the team. Her Elementalist charged forward like a brave war god in order to rescue her.

Yu Wenzhou looked at this and saw that things were starting to get messy.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with this type of scene and he didn’t really care. He was also an old God. He had participated in the All-Stars several times and had taken the responsibility of shot-caller several times as well. When the battle got heated, some players liked to fight on their own. This was something that happened every time in the All-Star match, so no one really cared.

But this time, the first one to get heated up in Team One was unexpectedly Chu Yunxiu. This was something that surprised Yu Wenzhou. The God, who was well known for breaking down at crucial moments, seemed to be having a lot of fun today.

But when he thought again more carefully, in their team composition, Chu Yunxiu really might be the only person who would run out heroically like that.

On their team, Yu Wenzhou certainly wouldn’t and Huang Shaotian was his teammate. If the shot-caller had been someone else, then he might have jumped out to go solo. But with Yu Wenzhou taking the seat, he wasn’t going to sell off his team captain’s face. As for Su Mucheng, she was someone who was accustomed to supporting and coordinating with others. In all her years of playing, she had never displayed any individual style. Besides them, Zhou Zekai’s playing was certainly dazzling, but he himself was more of the quiet and obedient type. Playing flashily was certainly his play style, but his individual personality wasn’t the show-off type.

As for Chu Yunxiu, she didn’t seem like the sort of player to do this, but compared to the rest of them, she was the most likely. And the reality showed this. She was already beginning to ignore everyone else and play on her own.

This was already almost a type of rule in the All-Star Competition. It might be someone starting off making a scene and then get more and more serious or it might be starting off serious and then slowly relaxing…….. This time, the battle started off abnormally intense. And now, someone had finally stepped out in an All-Star Competition style.

No one would complain about this. When Yu Wenzhou saw Chu Yunxiu charge forward, he immediately had the others coordinate with her. Even though this wasn’t the best choice of tactics, no one would actually argue over something like this.

Team Two immediately understood Team One’s intent. Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie and Deng Fusheng grouped together to face them. Han Wenqing was the main attacker. Deng Fusheng would defend. Zhang Xinjie would give support. It was another Iron Triangle formation and the three played exceptionally well. For a short while, they were actually able to block Team One’s four players.

“Scatter.” Yu Wenzhou said.

Facing the Iron Triangle head on wasn’t going to work. The other side had a Knight with high defense to protect and a Cleric to heal. And what did they have? They were all DPS and they could only attack. If they were hit by their opponent, then that damage would stick with them. They didn’t have any way to recover from it.

Under Yu Wenzhou’s orders, the team still followed them like before. They immediately scattered. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain continued to charge forward. On the other hand, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer circled around to their side wing, firing while heading towards Wang Jiexi. Su Mucheng was getting closer now. The only thought on Chu Yunxiu’s mind had been to rescue Su Mucheng. There was nothing to hesitate about. She directly treated the three blockers as air and rushed forward to rescue her. As for Yu Wenzhou, he was beginning to coordinate with Huang Shaotian in order to restrict the Iron Triangle.

Team Two’s three players concentrated on meeting the attack and as they were pushed back, they remained in communication with Wang Jiexi. They couldn’t let Wang Jiexi get isolated by the enemy. Right now, even though they only had four players, because they had heals, they weren’t too worried. Zhang Xinjie was a top-tier Cleric and he was extremely adept at long, drawn-out battles.

“Uh oh….. Uh oh uh oh……” Chen Guo was very worried because the player she most, most, most supported was in a very bad spot.

Chen Guo also played a Launcher, so she was very familiar with the class. Launchers possessed the highest range out of all 24 classes, but their ability in close combat was quite poor. On the other hand, Wang Jiexi’s Witch was a class that had all sorts of different attacks. Wang Jiexi also had the name ‘Magician’. Su Mucheng had nowhere to run and was being suppressed thoroughly.
“How long can I last?” Su Mucheng asked herself. Even though this was only the All-Star Competition, it wasn’t like she’d be happy if she lost. That would be too unprofessional. Su Mucheng tried hard to hang on and saw her teammates coming, especially Chu Yunxiu, who was practically not caring about anything else other than helping her to escape. But she didn’t feel much hope for the rescue. She was even feeling a bit bad because of it.

She couldn’t help but think of someone. If it was him, would she be bullied like this by Wang Jiexi?

Uh, bully……. Using that word was a bit excessive, but her current situation really did look like that. Su Mucheng couldn’t do anything about Wang Jiexi’s attacks.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t have any confidence in her teammates. Yu Wenzhou’s tactics and shot-calling wouldn’t be any weaker than Ye Xiu’s. Huang Shaotian and Zhou Zekai’s mechanics were top-tier. And when Chu Yunxiu rushed forward to rescue her, she didn’t care about anything else but the rescue……. She knew all this, but she always felt that if Ye Xiu was there, it definitely wouldn’t be the same. Even if it was only him, it definitely wouldn’t.

Su Mucheng discovered that, in the end, she wasn’t very tough.

The times when she was tough were times where she knew that even if he wasn’t beside her, he would always be supporting her. Even if the heavens collapsed, he would definitely hold it up and she would be standing in a corner, okay.

But this time……..

Su Mucheng glanced at the audience, but she didn’t see anything. However, she understood that that spot wouldn’t have anyone sitting there. He wouldn’t be coming today, let alone suddenly jumping out onto the stage, playing in the match, and fighting the opponent like yesterday.

What she wanted to happen, wouldn’t happen.

Right now, she could only rely on herself. Yu Wenzhou? Huang Shaotian? Zhou Zekai? Even Chu Yunxiu. Su Mucheng had never thought of relying on them.

She had to rely on herself.

When he left the scene, she had already made this decision. But why did she completely forget it when she saw that he wasn’t far away?

The current him wasn’t in a very good situation. If she kept on relying on him, wouldn’t she turn into a burden?

She liked to be by his side as a helper, but she didn’t want to be a burden.

It was time to rely on herself.

Su Mucheng told herself again. She glanced at her situation and then suddenly Swung her gun.

Swing was a low-level knock-up skill. The cannon in her hands would swing up at the opponent.

It hit.

Even Su Mucheng wasn’t sure if it was because she was fired up or because she had made a lucky hit, but her perception and fingers suddenly erupted.

In any case, when Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria shot towards her Dancing Rain, her Swing accurately connected with Vaccaria.

Vaccaria was immediately launched into the air. Su Mucheng’s fundamentals were solid. She followed up with a BBQ and, even for a God like Wang Jiexi, he didn’t have time to defend.

A Knee Strike hit Vaccaria, launching him even higher into the air. She then used a Gatling Gun and the chain of bullets battered Vaccaria.

This low-level skill’s damage might not do much in the overall scheme of the battle, but after using BBQ, Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria was sent far away.

Using this BBQ, Su Mucheng beautifully performed a Delivery Gun and planned to send Vaccaria all the way to the Iron Triangle formation.

This change was too sudden. Let alone others, even Su Mucheng was surprised that her move actually disrupted Wang Jiexi’s attacks.

“What’s with the two girls today? Why are they suddenly so brave all of a sudden?” Yu Wenzhou muttered, but his hands stayed as steady as ever. Seeing that the situation had changed, he immediately set up a new formation.

“Nice!” Huang Shaotian’s spirits fired up as well. He brandished his blade and rushed forward to welcome Vaccaria.

In the end, BBQ wasn’t a skill with an enforced knockdown effect. The system didn’t enforce it. As for Wang Jiexi, sending his Vaccaria over to crash into his teammates like a meat bullet simply wasn’t going to happen.

At this moment, Huang Shaotian wanted to follow up. Seeing that Wang Jiexi was about to fall, he suddenly drew his sword and used a Falling Phoenix Slash in order to knock down Vaccaria.

Wang Jiexi had seen this coming. He could still do move a bit in the air. He forced his broom to turn and his character swirled around like a snake. The broom attack of his had an extremely long range and, in an instant, it arrived before Huang Shaotian’s Falling Phoenix Slash.

Huang Shaotian was also extremely good at adapting. As soon as he saw that his attack wasn’t going to hit, he immediately changed to a Guard and was knocked back by the broom attack.

Suddenly, a pillar of light descended from the sky, enveloping Vaccaria. The pillar of light crashed to the ground and then split into six smaller pillars of light. They swept across the field and even caught Han Wenqing and the other Team Two members in it. Everyone recognized that this was the Launcher Level 70 skill “Satellite Beam”, which dealt tons of damage.

“Girls today really are quite violent, huh?” Yu Wenzhou mumbled. Without a doubt, this Satellite Beam had been executed by Su Mucheng.

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