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Chapter 344 – Chen Guo’s Determination

After chatting happily with the customers for a good while, the crowd eventually dispersed. A few of the more clever ones, who hadn’t participated much earlier, stealthily snuck up after everyone left to talk to Chen Guo, surprising her.

These customers had noticed that Chen Guo, Tang Rou, and Ye Xiu had gone to the All-Star Competition together. When Tang Rou was in a difficult situation, God Ye Qiu, who had come out to save her, seemed to be someone Tang Rou knew. From this, it was too easy putting two and two together. Chen Guo had already understood what their intent was before they finished speaking.

Luckily, they had already experienced what it was like to be surrounded by reporters yesterday, when the All-Star Weekend ended. Even those crafty reporters had been tricked. How could these customers compare to them? Although Tang Rou did most of the work, Chen Guo had still been a part of it. Using what Tang Rou had said yesterday, she sighed together with them, lamenting their chance to meet the God. As for Ye Xiu, in her eyes, he was just her lackey.

After dealing with those customers, Chen Guo still couldn’t rest. After all, she hadn’t been in the Internet Cafe for three days and, as the owner, there were still a few matters she had to take care of. She wasn’t like Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, who could simply throw their luggage to one side after returning and immediately start playing.

To be more accurate, only Tang Rou had thrown her luggage. Ye Xiu made a beeline for the computer as soon as he had arrived. He hadn’t brought any luggage with him and went with them empty-handed. All of the toiletries he used were the ones provided by the hotel. As a result, he returned empty-handed as well. If she hadn’t seen everything with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that he had just come back from a trip.

For the past three days, Ye Xiu and Tang Rou had gone on, but not for very long. Overall, not much had changed. The top guilds had taken Ye Xiu’s guides for the Level 40-43 Thousand Waves Lake Dungeon to level and compete for the records. Ye Xiu didn’t care who got the final record. After getting online, he checked his friends list to see what everyone’s levels were.

Even though the All-Star Weekend had been extremely exciting, the game had been very normal during those three days. But even if the players didn’t go watch it live at the stadium, the majority of players would still watch it through the broadcast. Because of this, the leveling speed during those three days was a bit slower.

On his friends list, those from the top guilds had all leveled to 41. As for Steamed Bun Invasion and Concealed Light, they were still pitifully climbing at Level 32 and 33! In the Christmas event, the players who hadn’t been in Sin City had been tossed far away. Even worse, Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t participated in that event whatsoever.

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash was doing better than Steamed Bun Invasion, though. Ye Xiu saw that he was still online, so he messaged him. However, the system informed him that it was rejected. Qiao Yifan had been in City S the entire time. There was no way he had the time to level, which meant that he had handed it over for someone to level it for him.

With his background as a pro player, Qiao Yifan didn’t need to learn and understand the game starting from zero like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. Simply getting a max-level account and slowly studying it would be the same. It was just that Qiao Yifan wanted to learn from God, which was why he made One Inch Ash. But because he missed the Christmas event opportunity, he had no choice but to find someone to level it for him. And since their levels were higher, the difference in experience was greater and it was already difficult for him to catch up.

Seeing this, Ye Xiu saw that they wouldn’t be able to play together for now. As a result, only he and Tang Rou went to dungeon together. The huge gap in levels due to the Christmas event hadn’t shrunk much during these three days. The players from the top guilds, who had always been ahead of them, pulled ahead a bit more and were now all at Thousand Waves Lake. Because of this, Sin City was very empty. There weren’t even any signs of ghosts at the dungeon entrance when the two entered.

The two of them were quite familiar with the dungeon and directly finished their three runs of the day. By the time they were done, Chen Guo finished dealing with her matters and logged into the game, as well. Ye Xiu casually glanced at her screen and saw that the first thing she did after logging in was leaving her guild.

“You’re leaving your guild?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah!” Chen Guo nodded her head.

“Excellent Dynasty?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, they’re disgusting!” Chen Guo said. Chen Guo was clearly disgusted by Club Excellent Era now. Their guild, Excellent Dynasty, no longer made her feel proud, either. She decisively left the guild without any signs of reluctance. Apart from this, she also felt worried for Su Mucheng. It was as if she thought Su Mucheng was in some sort of prison.

“Do you really need to go that far?” Ye Xiu laughed, seeing what Chen Guo was thinking.

“I’ll make my own guild.” Chen Guo said, while replying back to messages. She had been in Excellent Dynasty for a long time, so she had a lot of friends there. Her leaving the guild even before saying “hi” to them caused a lot of her friends to ask her what was going on.

“Excellent Era is rotten. I’m going to make my own guild.” Chen Guo replied in this way to everyone. Her friends who received them were confused. They were doing just fine. What did she mean Excellent Era was rotten?

“Sis, is it because of Sun Xiang?” Her friends began guessing. Sun Xiang’s performance in the All-Star Competition truly was too embarrassing. Sun Xiang losing to their rival Han Wenqing made a lot of Excellent Era’s fans unhappy. To their understanding of her, such a shameful event really was enough to make her leave impulsively.

“No!” Chen Guo concluded, “In any case, I don’t want to be in this lame guild. Who wants to join me?”

For a moment, very few replied back.

Developing a guild in the Heavenly Domain wasn’t easy. Here, the competition was crueler and fiercer. The benefits from joining a top guild like Excellent Dynasty couldn’t be compared to those on their own or those in a regular guild.

In the Heavenly Domain, the top guilds weren’t only seeking for more numbers like the new server. The qualifications needed to enter one were much higher. In order to join a top guild in the Heavenly Domain, the player needed to have a certain level of skill. Many of them cherished their status. In addition, those who joined the guild were all supporters of Excellent Era. Their guild, Excellent Dynasty, also had an emotional aspect to it. This sort of loyalty wasn’t something normal guilds had.

Plus, Chen Guo didn’t give a concrete reason to. She simply left for seemingly no reason and then just asked if they wanted to join. Of course they weren’t going to respond.

If they agreed, then that’d be too careless. If they didn’t agree, it wouldn’t be good for Chen Guo’s reputation. For a moment, they pretended they were dead as if they didn’t receive any messages. Some of them even logged out of the game.

Only her most ironclad friends replied back, wanting to know why Chen Guo wanted to do so.

These were the friends Chen Guo trusted the most in game, so she didn’t hide anything, directly revealing to them why she didn’t feel good about Excellent Era. Her friends hadn’t even replied back yet, when Ye Xiu said in surprise: “You know a lot?”

Chen Guo had told her friends about all those things she and Tang Rou had analyzed that night, the guesses they had made about Club Excellent Era. And now that Ye Xiu showed his surprise, Chen Guo turned his head to ask: “Is it like that?”

Ye Xiu forced a smile.

“Hmph!” Chen Guo’s displeasure was obviously aimed at Club Excellent Era. To her friends, these speculations were too shocking. They couldn’t accept them so easily.

“You say Ye Qiu’s condition had been declining? Did you see that Dragon Raises Its Head in the All-Star Competition?” Chen Guo asked.

“Right, he can still use Dragon Raises Its Head. Declining, my ass! It really is Excellent Era scheming!” One of Chen Guo’s diehard friends shouted. This player was also one of Ye Qiu’s loyal fans. He was able to accept it very easily like Chen Guo.

“That…… You couldn’t have made so many speculations just because of one Dragon Raises Its Head, right?” Of course, some of them were more prudent. Truthfully, this was the more logical decision. The previous player had been a brainless fan like Chen Guo and had an easier time accepting news that favored his idol.

“Hmph, there’s more. But I won’t tell you. Anyways, it’s like that. I’ve already left. I’m going to create a guild and overthrow Excellent Dynasty!” Chen Guo said.

“Ridiculous.” Ye Xiu suddenly blurted out.

Chen Guo immediately turned her head to glare at him. The determination glinting in her eyes frightened Ye Xiu. Even though Boss Chen Guo was usually all ominous towards him, Ye Xiu had never seen this sort of determination from her. Topple Excellent Dynasty? Is she serious? Truthfully, for a top guild like Excellent Dynasty, someone like Ye Xiu could cause trouble for them in the new server. But to actually topple them was something even Ye Xiu didn’t dare think of.

After all, the guild was a very important part of the Club’s business. This was because the Glory Pro Alliance and the game weren’t completely separate. No matter how good the pro players’ accounts were, they were still linked to an account card like everybody else’s. In addition, upgrading their equipment and improving their skills required in-game materials, experience, and skill points.

The creation of the guild in-game could be considered as a safeguard for the pro teams, especially for providing materials.

They might be able to set the development of the guild back like what Ye Xiu was doing in the tenth server, but if they were ever in danger of being destroyed, how could the Club just sit back and watch? When that time came, the in-game guilds would ask their pros to help and the pros would come to set things right again.

It wasn’t as if this had never happened before. Pros participating in the battles because of the competition between guilds had happened many times in Glory’s history, especially after the creation of the Heavenly Domain. After all, the Heavenly Domain was a place where all the high-level accounts gathered together.

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