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Chapter 341 – Ferocious Tiger Flurry

Wang Jiexi’s play style was both flashy and quick. On the other hand, most Elementalist spells required a long cast time. Even if you didn’t dodge his attacks, using magic to attack wouldn’t be easy.

However, Chu Yunxiu wasn’t the only person who was fighting. Su Mucheng served as her helper. Seeing that Chu Yunxiu was intent on charging forward, she immediately began firing back ferociously. Artillery shells soared through the air, trying to force Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria to retreat.

Chu Yunxiu seized this opportunity. As long as the attacks that reached her didn’t interrupt her cast time, she wouldn’t need to care about them. A long chain of spells fired towards Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost.

Ice, Fire, Light, Dark elemental spells. Some were main skills Chu Yunxiu’s Windy Rain chose to learn, while others were only learned for use when stalling for cooldowns. Right now, she was using all of them, creating a magic explosion that could flatten the lands. Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost didn’t have much health left in the first place, so when he saw Chu Yunxiu’s map bomb, he immediately felt a sudden surge of despair. On his team, Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric Immovable Rock had hastily run over to rescue him, but in the end, he was one step too late and Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost died under who knew which spell. After a short moment, Carved Ghost’s name faded away from the team list.

Glory Alliance’s famous Ghostblade duo had fallen. Now, Team Two only had three players remaining in battle: Wang Jiexi, Deng Fusheng, Zhang Xinjie.

It had been said that these three player’s classes comprised of the classic Iron Triangle formation with their Tank, Mage, and Cleric. It was true that this type of formation was incredible in PvE, but it was also a very balanced formation in PvP. However, they were unfortunately in a 3v5 situation. Even with this formation, perhaps only a miracle could save them.

The pros wouldn’t give up so easily though.

Team One’s biggest weakness was that they had no heals. Chu Yunxiu’s Windy Rain had forcefully pushed forward to kill off Carved Ghost and she currently had the least health on her team. Wang Jiexi could only watch as Carved Ghost died in battle and switched his focus onto Windy Rain.

Chu Yunxiu had just used everything she had, so the majority of her spells were on cooldown. Her health pool and defense were low as well. If this was a 1v1 duel, then Wang Jiexi could probably take her down in less than 30 seconds. Unfortunately, she still had four teammates. If Wang Jiexi wanted to attack her, how would Team One’s other four players not notice? As a result, Team One immediately rushed forward in order to save her. For a brief moment, it was as if Deng Fusheng and Zhang Xinjie had been forgotten.

Wang Jiexi’s awareness and decision-making were extremely good. When he saw that Team One was coming to defend Chu Yunxiu, he immediately made the decision to give up on the easiest target to kill and switched to Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain as his main focus. Vaccaria swept his broom and shot forward, directly at Dancing Rain.

Su Mucheng didn’t react slowly either. She lifted her hands and fired Anti-Tank Missiles towards Vaccaria. Suddenly, a shadow jumped out. To her surprise, it was Deng Fusheng’s Knight Angelica. He didn’t have enough time to interrupt Su Mucheng’s attack, so he leaped into the air with his shield raised. The artillery barrage was dispersed as he took the attack for Vaccaria.

Deng Fusheng and Wang Jiexi were partners on the same team. This sort of coordination was already like an instinct to them.

Vaccaria blocked the Anti-Tank Missiles and, as soon as his body began falling back to the ground, Vaccaria flew past him. In mid-air, he simultaneously leaped off his broom, while doing a Sweep. Su Mucheng didn’t have time to dodge and was launched into the air by Vaccaria.

Shua shua shua shua!

In the air, Vaccaria’s Broom danced in the air. The arcs left by his broom looked as if the broom were cleaning up the air. Vaccaria’s Broom wasn’t any ordinary item. It was also a famous Silver Weapon with quite a haughty name too, “Stardust Extermination.” Truthfully, his attacks on Dancing Rain were only normal attacks, but the dazzling visual effects looked as if he were using all sorts of skills. Every time his broom swept, it seemed as if the stars were being shattered into glittering dust.

Team One’s other teammates weren’t just going to stand around and watch. They immediately pounced forward to rescue her. Zhou Zekai had already begun firing, but Deng Fusheng once again leaped up to defend. As the bullets were being blocked, Zhang Xinjie’s Immovable Rock didn’t stand still either. He healed and also cast Sacred Fire type skills to restrict the wolf-like pursuers.

With just this, it wouldn’t be enough to block these four Gods, but the battle dragged on……

“He should be here soon……” Zhang Xinjie thought to himself.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Team One had intentionally chosen this place to fight in Team Two’s dead angles. Team One had the ability to see the projection though and they noticed that Team Two’s reserve player had finally arrived.

“Careful!” Yu Wenzhou warned. He saw that Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust was approaching from a rooftop behind them.

As soon as his warning fell, Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust leapt over the rooftop. As he landed, his left fist extended out in front of him, while his right fist was next to his waist as if it were storing energy.

Ferocious Tiger Flurry!!!

As soon as they saw his stance, they immediately knew what Desert Dust was about to do.

Striker Level 70 Skill: Ferocious Tiger Flurry!

His fist shot forward and the strong wind surged into a tiger’s roar as a blurry image of a tiger appeared behind him. His punch exploded towards the right shoulder of Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar.

Yu Wenzhou had known what Han Wenqing was going to do. Even though his hands were slow, it wasn’t so slow that there was nothing he could do. When he punch exploded forward, Yu Wenzhou was able to roll backwards, allowing Swoksaar to dodge it.

However, Ferocious Tiger Flurry didn’t end with just a single punch. Desert Dust landed on the ground and shot forward like a shooting star. His strikes came out from every direction, trapping Team One in his flurry of fists, especially Swoksaar who was in the middle of it all. This sort of chain attack was very difficult for Yu Wenzhou to deal with. After a few exchanges, his methods were blown apart as Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust continued to attack unceasingly.


Amidst the Ferocious Tiger Flurry, a clear bang like a dragon’s roar sounded out. A blade light flashed like thunder, ripping apart the storm, slicing towards Desert Dust.

“OH!!!!” The stadium erupted into cries of astonishment. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain had finally acted. This was also a Blade Master high level skill: Formless Phantom Blade!

The blade light intersected. The flurry of fists howled!

Han Wenqing couldn’t ignore it. He immediately turned the direction of his Ferocious Tiger Flurry to directly meet with Formless Phantom Blade head on. This was his favorite fighting style.

They were both Level 70 skills. It was impossible to say which one was stronger or weaker. It all depended on how the players wielded them.

One was a Sword Saint. The other a King of Fighting. No matter if it was player or character, they both stood at the top of Glory.

Huang Shaotian was at his prime. On the other hand, Han Wenqing was one of the oldest players there. Even if he refused to admit it, he knew that he no longer had the same energy as he did during his prime. He could only rely on his stubborn determination and his everlasting desire for victory to push him forward now. Even if this was the All Star Competition, Han Wenqing’s drive burned as strong as ever. Against such an opponent, Huang Shaotian was clearly feeling enormous pressure. At the very least, he didn’t have time to do any trash talk word bubble attacks.

In the end, the two sides were equal and neither could gain an advantage over the other. However, these types of skills didn’t last forever. Ferocious Tiger Flurry had exploded out first, while Formless Phantom Blade had come after. In any case, Ferocious Tiger Flurry would certainly stop first and at that moment…….

That moment came in the blink of an eye. Ferocious Tiger Flurry’s final fist was a fierce punch from his right hand, but Huang Shaotian had been waiting for this moment. He gently leaped backwards and dodged outside of the attack’s range. His blade flashed like lightning and Formless Phantom Blade continued to slice forward.

This was the scariest part about Huang Shaotian!

His ability to seize an opportunity was what made him tower above others at the peak of Glory. Even for Han Wenqing, there was no way of dodging it. His Ferocious Tiger Flurry was in its ending animation. No matter how exceptional one’s mechanics were or how determined one was, there was no way one could change how the system worked.

However, this wasn’t a 1v1 duel. This was a team battle!

Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain stepped forward and his blade thrust out, but a field of white flames suddenly erupted from in front of him. This step forward had to be made. When he had dodged Ferocious Tiger Flurry’s final strike, he had to jump away one step. If he didn’t step forward, then his attack wouldn’t have hit.

By the time Huang Shaotian saw the flames, it was already too late. Due to the nature of the chain skill, his hands were working faster than his mind was. When he realized he needed to get away, his Troubling Rain had already rushed forward.

Sacred Fire.

The Sacred Fire from Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric, Immovable Rock.

The instant the Sacred Fire ignited his body, the Level 70 skill was immediately interrupted. The support Cleric had only this one pure offensive skill, which silenced the character and the player.

Even with no skills left to use, Huang Shaotian refused to let this opportunity go by. His normal attack stabbed towards Desert Dust, who was still in his ending animation. He then retreated, seeking his team’s protection temporarily.

The battle was now a 5v4.

Team One had the numbers advantage, but Chu Yunxiu’s Windy Rain had lost a lot of health and had no way of recover it. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain was still being burned by Sacred Fire and wouldn’t be able to use skills for three seconds. However, even worse was Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain. Han Wenqing’s sudden attack had disrupted Team One’s rescue mission. At this moment, Su Mucheng was being suppressed miserably by Wang Jiexi’s attacks and it looked as if she wasn’t going to be able to hang on for much longer.

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